Wolvie Femmes *  Set Up




    Aubrey walked down the hall with purpose in her stride and rapped on her brother’s door. She knew it was late but she continued to knock until the door was opened, and her bleary eyed brother emerged. Aubrey eyed him suspiciously.


    He stood there in his boxers and she knew she woke him. "Aub I was asleep," he yawned.


    She studied him, "Were you here all night?"


    He shook his head, wandered into his room, grabbed his cigarettes and tapped one from the package, "No, we went to Reg's room, remember?" He found his lighter and sat down in the chair lighting it appreciatively, "You got Alzheimer's or something?"


     "It was the only time you left your room?" She looked at him dubiously, "Then why does it seem like Justice was poisoned?"


      He almost dropped his cigarette, "What?" he stood quickly, "He's alive right? What‘s the problem?"


     Aubrey's mouth dropped, "You did have something to do with it, didn't you?" She began to push him back into the chair and pushed her finger in his face, "I like the Adams’s, and I want the truth."


     "I didn't do it," he squirmed in his chair.


     "What do you know?" she was fuming, "Tell me now, before I go to the X-men."


     "Hey, I didn't know what she was going to do. Alright?"






    "Jump did this?" she sat down, upset by this news. "Yeah, she kind of held it over my head," Josh shook his head at the memory, "I can't turn her in sis. No telling what she‘d do."


     Aubrey nodded a little scared of what Jump would do to her brother if they told on her. "We better let Sassy lead us," She shook her head.


     "Jump is nuts, isn't she?"


     "No, I think she is what you’d call, a woman scorned," Aubrey groaned at the memory of Justice with Storm now, "What have you gotten yourself into, Josh?"







    Ally crept out of her room hoping Logan was deeply asleep now. She pulled her robe on as she began at run down the hall. She needed answers, and when she found Justice's door locked, she gently felt for his mind. She sighed realizing whatever was done to him wasn’t permanent and was almost completely out of his system. She touched the door lightly then left for her next objective, Her uncle's room.


    She knocked but there was no answer. She knocked a little harder and there was still no answer. Finally she tried the door and sighed that the door was opened. She made her way into his room, carefully.


    "Uncle Xavier," she said quietly. She found the light switch and turned it on hoping he would forgive her rudeness. She found him in his bed sleeping and she was concerned that even the light didn't wake him. She touched his head to find him sweaty and warm. He mumbled something in his sleep and she shook him.


   "Uncle Xavier," she shook him harder.


   A noise from the door stopped her short and she turned to see Logan. He didn’t look happy, "this is why you snuck out?" he yawned. He watched her with increased interest as she shook Xavier but he didn't awaken.


   He moved closer to her to help, "I smell alcohol."


    "He's drunk?" She looked around for evidence, but could find nothing.


    "Chuck," Logan pushed him hard and Xavier's eyes flickered open.


    They weren't sure if he was focusing on them but Xavier groaned, "Aramis?" He looked at them curiously. "What can I do for you?" Then his eye’s closed again.


     Logan was concerned now, "Call Beast or Jean," He sighed, "This is how we found Justice"


     Ally pulled the cover up on Xavier as her eyes began to glow lightly. She stood and kissed his bald head and whispered reassuring things to him. Logan ran his hand up and down her back to comfort her.


    "Who would do this?" she sobbed softly. She could almost understand why this could happen to Justice, because her brother antagonized people. But her Uncle was a gentle soul.


     "He’s gonna need to be watched tonight," Logan exhaled deeply and picked Xavier up.


    She followed him as he carried Xavier to the hallway. He turned and looked at her, "Go ta bed, darlin’. I’ll handle this."


    Ally heaved a sigh and followed him anyway. She knew he might be upset with her for disobeying, but she knew something was wrong and now she wanted to know what happened.






        Imp woke early the next morning, ran for her father's room. She used her telekinesis to unlocked the door. She threw the door open and bolted inside. Storm was coming from the bathroom and she quickly pulled her robe over her nightgown.


     "Jordan!" She shouted, shocked at the girl’s entrance.


     Justice heard the commotion and turned until he saw them. He sat up very slowly hoping this headache would go away. He looked at them through two tiny slits for eyes. Jordan ran for him quickly.


     "Daddy!" Jordan threw herself in his arms. Justice moaned, and as he caught his daughter full in the chest. He quickly checked to make sure he had some clothes on. He sighed with relief seeing some fabric, then pushed his legs out of the bed.


      He caught sight of the time and almost dropped Jordan. "Is that the time?" he panicked, "I have to get to work." He stood and the room began to spin so he fell back into the bed. Jordan watched him curiously.


       "Alex called your associate, Robert, and told him how ill you were," Storm said pulling the cover back on him. "He said they’ll look forward to your arrival next week and will be sending some work for you to do at home."


     Justice wasn't happy missing work but his pounding headache made it hard to argue the point.


    "May I do anything for you, Justice?" Storm asked as she touched his forehead.


    "Yes ma’am. Don't blink too loud," He moaned and began to shut his eyes.


    "Justice, what happened?" Storm asked him quickly and his eyes flickered open.


     He gave her a wry smile, "I was hoping you could tell me."


     "I only saw you after your injury," She was concerned that his arm was still bleeding. "I am not a doctor but it looks like you may need stitches."


    "Daddy's got blood!" Imp cried, spying her father's injured arm.


    "How did this happen?" Justice looked at the blood soaked bandage.


    "You do not remember?" Storm sighed. She grabbed the first aide kit and began to change his bandage.


     "No," he sighed, "But right now I wish I did."


       Jordan's eyes didn't leave her father's injury, "Can you fix it?" she asked Storm quickly.


     "Jordan has the correct idea," Storm said as she pulled him slowly to his feet, "Let us get you to Beast to have look at it."







    Scott ran to the sick bay when he heard that the professor was there. He was out of breath when he bolted through the doors. He found the professor lying silent in a bed. He turned to Jean and Beast for answers, "What happened?"


  "Alcohol poisoning," Jean shrugged.

   Scott looked at her angrily.


      Beast elaborated, "We suspected otherwise, but all the test indicate that he had one too many."

      "He’s drunk?" Scott furrowed his brow in disbelief, "That’s not possible." Scott shook his head, "He wouldn't do that."


      "Yes, your right my friend, considering he is not a habitual drinker. This is unusual indeed. And very unsettling," Hank crossed his arms in wonder. "Ally said she couldn't find any sign of Alcohol in the room, but when Logan went back to look around he found a brandy flask and a glass," Jean said quietly.



    "What?" Scott growled, "This doesn't make sense."


     "I think it's best we don't mention this to the younger members," Hank said quickly. 

"Good idea," Jean agreed. If the students heard this they might take a more relaxed attitude towards the school policy on drinking. No sense telling anyone about this until we know what is going on.


     They heard a slight shuffle and saw that Rayne was awake and watching them.
Justice came stumbling in with Storm trying to steady him, and Jordan followed closely. They could see the bloodly bandage on his arm and he looked like he had gone 10 rounds with Sabertooth.


     Scott ran to the door to help Justice in, "Are we under an attack?"


    "Big Mac attack," Justice mumbled.

    "You’ll have to forgive him Scott, he is still under the effects of what was done to him," Storm said as she handed Justice over to Cyclops.


    "What happened?" Scott said feeling a swell of pity for him.


    "Wish I knew. Oh, how I wish I knew," Justice groaned while Storm filled them in on what she did know.






          Logan dressed quickly while Ally ran out of the bathroom. She cut him a hard look which, said hurry up.


    "I'm movin’," he chuckled. He knew she was anxious to see her uncle. She began to tug her shoes on and sat on the bed waiting for him. Finally he grabbed her hand and pulled her from the bed.


    They shut the door and she set a brisk pace but halted at the sight of Justice, Storm and Jordan coming up the hall.


    Ally ran to them and hugged Justice looking at his arm, "Henry does good work. It looks like you‘ll live." She smiled and then lowered her voice, "What happened?"


    He shrugged, "Not sure, I hope I will remember eventually."


    Logan caught up to them, and lit his cigar, "Feelin’ better junior?"


    "Define better," He smiled ruefully.


    "We are going to stick around until we catch who did this," Ally crossed her arms.


    "You don’t have to do that," Justice looked at her wide eyed, "We will be leaving soon anyway."


    "Justice, somebody is after you!" Ally said.


    Justice shook his head, "We're mutants, Al." He rubbed his temple that ached from all the talking, "Someone will always be after us."


    Storm nodded, "We'll be fine with Jordan."


   Ally's eye registered her surprise, "You are going with him?" She smiled. She was happy for her brother. Storm smiled as Justice gave her shoulder a little reassuring squeeze and Jordan walked over to Wolverine and held his hand.


    "Will you come visit us?" Jordan stared at Logan.


   He pulled her into his arms balancing her from his cigar, "You just try to keep us away."


    Jordan pushed her way down when she saw Hayley and Remy walking towards them, and she ran to Gambit.


    "Where are you going?" she demanded.


    "To Breakfast," Hayley yawned.


    "Out for breakfast," Gambit corrected her.


    Ally rolled her eyes. She knew that it wouldn’t haven’t taken long before Remy or Hayley wanted to get out of here for a while. They didn't like to stay in one place for very long.

     Gambit held Hayley’s hand as they moved closer to the others and smiled, "Come along wit’ us." Hayley looked like she might object, but shrugged instead.


    Logan puffed his cigar, happy with the idea of getting out and looked at Ally, "Sounds good t‘me."


    "I guess we’re going too then," Ally smiled and looked at Justice and Storm.


    Justice held a hand up, "Nooo, I have a pillow with my name on it." He took a deep breath, "Thanks for the invite though."


    Imp ran in front of him, "Can I go with them?"


    "We'll watch her," Ally offered quickly.


    Justice bent down to her and the way his head felt, like it would fall off any minute, that took a lot of effort, "I thought you were going to Kitty and Jubilees for a make over."


     Her mouth dropped open and she gasped, "I am." Then she began pull Storm's hand in the direction of the teenager's room, "Take me there, hurry!"


     Justice gave a small wave to the foursome, "Scare some straights for us," he teased and walked after Storm and Jordan.


     "He looks better," Remy smiled.


    "Better than what?" Hayley quipped.


     "He looked lik’ death warmed over last night, chere," Gambit responded.


     "We were going to visit Uncle Xavier before we left," Ally said quickly and started off to the elevator but Hayley grabbed her hand.


     "His room's this way," Hayley shook her head.


     "Chuck's in the infirmary," Logan grunted, "Got what Justice had."


     "SACRE!" Remy yelled, caught off guard, "Another attack?" He began to worry for Rayne. Were assassins in the mansion? "Ah need ta go see Rayne for a minute too before we go."


      "We don't know for sure what is going on," Ally sighed.


    "Attack?" Hayley said as they pushed her into the elevator, "Why am I the last to know these things?" As the elevator door shut she found three people telling her their versions of the incidents, all at once.



      The foursome walked into the med lab. Logan, Hayley and Ally went to Xavier’s bedside and Remy headed straight for Rayne’s bed.

      She was sitting up with her arms clasped around her knees. Her head popped up when they walked in, "Remy, are we under attack?"

     "Ah don’ t’ink so, petite," He honestly didn’t know, and what he heard from Ally and Logan didn’t substantiate any attack by assassins.

    "People are bein’ poisoned ‘round ‘ere. Dey make it look lik’ dey drank too much," She motioned to Xavier, "If it wasn’ assassins, den it was somebody he an de redhead knew."

    "What makes yo’ say dat?"

    "Cause he’s not da kin’ a man dat’s easy ta get da better of, non?" Rayne then noticed that Remy wasn’t dressed for battle. He looked like he was dressed to go out, "Yo’ goin’ somewhere?"

     Gambit felt like he was caught between a rock and a hard place. He wanted to get Hayley out of the mansion for a while. He felt she needed it, and so did he. On the other hand, he felt bad to leave his sister behind, but she didn’t look well enough to join them anyway, "Ah have ta get outta dis place for a while, chere. S’drivin’ me crazy. Ah wish yo’ could join us but ah don’ t’ink de docs would let yo’."

     "Dat’s ok Rem. Yo’ go on ahead," Rayne sighed. She knew how easily Remy got stir crazy and couldn’t blame him for wanting to escape for a while. She also knew that he was going with Hayley and that made her angry. But she knew as well that she had no business involving herself with his love life. She sighed again, "One t’ing though, Remy."

     "Yo’ name it, chere," Gambit was happy that she was not too upset.

    "Promise me dat yo’ll try an spend a little time wit’ me, ok?" She looked at him and tears rimmed her eyes.

     That broke Gambit’s heart. He hadn’t realized that they really hadn’t spent much time together. Mostly it was when she was missing or trying to get away, or when she was ill or injured. He vowed to make an extra effort where Rayne was concerned, "Ah promise, mignon. Now yo’ get some rest an do what dey tell yo’, ok?" He kissed her cheek, then took his leave with a bow and a silly grin.

     Rayne nodded and watched as her brother bounced from the lab with the others. When the door closed, she dropped her head on her knees and cried.



      Remy insisted to drive them to breakfast, and enjoyed taking Justice’s car out for a test drive. Unfortunately, that meant Hayley was in the front seat with the radio.

     "Hayl, can you stick with one channel?" Ally groaned.


     "How about just turning that noise off," Logan suggested and let his hand rest on Ally's knee. They found a small place to have breakfast, an elegant place with a pond and larger building in the back.

     "A bed and breakfast joint," Logan grunted as he got out of the car. As Remy took Hayley's hand to help her out of the car, Hayley let her fingers dance across his tight abdomen and he flinched as she tickled him a little.


     "Maybe we should try this alone some day," Hayley whispered in Gambit's ear.


     He laughed and kissed her neck quickly. "Plenty of time, chere," he grinned but caught Logan's disapproving look and wondered what he had done wrong.


     Logan grabbed the doors of the restaurant before Remy could. He had to admit it felt good to get out and this experience made him want to move away sooner.


    Hayley took a deep breath taking in the atmosphere of a place that wasn't her Uncle's house. She longed for home and a place to come and go as she wished but she looked at Remy as he grabbed her hand and then she wasn't so sure.


     She smiled as Remy pulled her gently following behind Ally and Wolverine. Logan had his arm around Ally's waist as they followed the hostess. He bent down to say something to her and she laughed. Hayley sighed a little, they were really in love and they both deserved it. She knew going up North would be Ally's dream. She could pretend she wasn't mutant and raise their children in a normal setting. She bit her lip as they came to the table.


     Remy turned and gestured to the chair he held out for her and he noticed her far away look. He turned his back to Ally and Logan and faced Hayley. 


     He touched her face lightly, "Chere?" He dipped down to her height and kissed her cheek. He noticed a look of doubt across her face. Did she regret him? The thought made him feel like a sledgehammer slammed him in the chest.


    Hayley turned her face up to him when he put his hand under her chin lightly. "It's not you," she smiled at him, "I’m just wondering where my sisters will be going from here." She sighed and touched his chest gently.


     "Problem, Gumbo?" Wolverine called.


    Ally slapped his arm lightly, "Hush."


    "Nothing's wrong," Hayley said as she sat down.


    "This swamp rat coercing you?" Logan glared at Remy.


    "No, Wolverine," Hayley hissed before Remy could answer, "Violence isn't everyone's solution.


    Ally kicked Hayley under the table for calling him Wolverine as the waitress arrived.


     Logan and Remy traded a curious look at them. The waitress let her eyes take in the handsome men and didn't bother to look at Hayley or Ally, even when she spoke to her.



     She kneeled down to meet Gambit's eyes, "What can I get for you, hon?"


    Remy started to laugh at the waitress, "Well now, how about dis?" he pointed to the special and looked at Hayley, "dat wha' yo’ wan’ too, chere?" Then he kissed her hand hoping the waitress would catch the hint that Hayley wasn't his sister.


     "Where you all from?" The waitress cooed, ignoring the sweet gesture between Remy and Hayley.


      "He's Cajun," Hayley's temper started to flare as it became hotter in the restaurant.


       Logan noticed and cleared his throat to get her attention. She turned to him with a bright smile and dared him to stop her antics.


      "What kin I git you, ma am?" She said flatly to Ally and kept her eyes on Logan.


      "We'll have this," Ally answered, annoyed at being ignored by the rude waitress.


      The waitress wrote down the order taking in Logan’s warm brown eyes, "Anythin’," she cooed, staring at Logan's eyes.


      Ally squeezed his hand, "No, Just orange juice." The waitress wrote it down but still would not look at Ally.


       "Excuse me. I’m over here," Ally gestured until the waitress looked at her, "Yeah me. I did the ordering remember?"


       The waitress stood with a huff and then looked alternately at Logan and Remy, "Be right back with the juice."


      Hayley's eyes glowed slowly and the woman began to perspire causing her heavy make up began to run.


     "Hayley," Ally hissed at her sister.


     "Better than setting her on fire," she winked at her sister and put her head on Gambit's shoulder.


       Ally lowered her voice, "Better people don't know we are mutants."


    "What, are we supposed to do? Stay in the closet the rest of our lives?" Hayley picked her head up and almost yelled it at Ally. The words caught the attention of other patrons and the small group got some annoyed looks.


      "Check please," Remy joked.


      "Al's right," Logan grunted, "it’s best not to make waves."


     The waitress came back putting their orange juice in front of them and let her look linger at Logan again.  When she gave Remy his juice she touched his shoulder lightly and winked coyly.


     Hayley stood up, "Um, Flo," Hayley caught the young woman's attention, "Back off him, ok?"


     The waitress turned around, looked offended at Hayley then huffed away. Remy usually would have chuckled, but he worried that Hayley really would set her on fire,


    "Can't take you anywhere, huh chere?" He joked weakly. "Hayl," Ally hissed, "No fighting."


     "So, wonder boy will be up tonight?" Logan attempt to change the subject.


      "Who would do that to him you suppose?" Ally made a sad face, "Yes he jokes a bit much but that attack was a bit extreme."


      Hayley sipped her juice, "With his sense of humor, it could have been anybody."


    "Yeah, what about Chuck?" Logan added. He hated the fact it was pointing to someone on the inside.


     'Flo' came back to the table and placed their food in front of them without conversation. She glanced at Hayley with a quick sneer.


     "Thanks flo," Logan said shoveling some eggs in his mouth.


      Ally squeezed his hand, "Her name's cindy, hon."


     "Then why did Hayley call her Flo?" he wondered.


      Hayley's eyes twinkled, "after that bee-hived waitress from that old television show. You know, Kiss my grits Flo?"


      Remy chuckled as he looked at the waitress who now look much older with her make up caught in tiny wrinkles in her face.


      Ally smiled too. "Let's keep a low profile," she whispered, "please."


     Gambit pushed his fork through his food feeling a little worried and guilty about Rayne. Occasionally he pushed some in his mouth.


    "Your food's dead already, cajun," Logan mumbled with his face full.


    "Are you worried about your sister?" Ally said sympathetically. He gave her a rueful smile and sighed. "It's okay," Ally touched his hand lightly, "I think she has us all a little worried."


      Logan finished his meal and lit his cigar he sipped his coffee and sat back in his chair. "She'll be all right, the kid's a fighter."

     "She has a ways to go though, hon," Ally offered.

     "There’s a lot of people around Chucks to help out. She’ll be fine," Logan flipped some ashes onto his plate.


     Remy agreed and smiled with a nod then lifted his head as the waitress came out. Remy took his pack of cigarettes out.


      "You can't smoke in here," She said roughly, "This is the non-smoking section."


    "We asked for smoking," Logan argued as he raised a brow. She merely walked away as he put his cigar out and Remy tucked his cigarettes back into his coat.


      "Access denied," Hayley sighed and sipped her juice again, "Sorry honey." She smiled at Remy.


      "S'cool," he patted her knee, "We can wait 'til your done."


     "I’m finished," Ally sighed, "But before we go, I need to go to the ladies room first."


     Hayley suddenly felt nauseated, "I do too," And she rushed away knowing that Ally was behind her. She found the closet stall and heard Ally run into in the bathroom.


     "Hayl?" Ally's soft voice called. "Just let me die," Hayley groaned and flushed the toilet.


    Ally disappeared in another stall as Hayley came out of hers. Hayley took a paper towel and wet it wiping it over her face and then began washing her hands vigorously, "the joys of being pregnant."


    Ally came out, washed her hands quickly then groaned, "There’s no more towels."


     "Here," Hayley pushed the button to the hand dryer but nothing happened, "It's busted! What kinda place is this? Rude help and unkempt bathrooms."


     "So, I guess we drip dry," Ally started shaking her hands free of the water.


    "Nope, I have an idea," Hayley warmed her hands with her powers and held them over to Ally to dry her hands.


    Ally’s face fell when she looked over Hayley's shoulder and saw 'Flo' at the doorway looking at Hayley drying their hands with reddish glowing hands.


     They stopped quickly. Hayley turned to see the waitress, "Um. You didn't have any more towels."


     The waitress pointed at them accusingly, "YOUR MUTANTS!"


    The fright on her face was evident and she picked up a steak knife from her apron and threw it at Hayley. To her surprise the knife stopped in mid air and hung there. Other patrons began to look their way.





      As soon as Hayley and Ally left, Logan grabbed his coffee cup and looked at Remy, "You better take care of her, Bayou boy."


    "I thought I was mon ami," Remy smiled, "Don’ worry, Gambit won’ hurt her."


    "You love her?" Logan knew it wasn't his business and he wasn't even sure why he asked.


     Remy gave him a non-committal smile, "Mebbe so." He wished he had a cigarette for this conversation. He wasn't sure how to verbalize his relationship with Hayley. The idea of being with her was as comfortable as being with Rayne but Rayne was different. She was his sister.


    "She seems to love you," Logan grunted. He knew he was right about this by watching her. He wanted to tell him not to hurt her and that if he did he would be there with a fist in his face but he had already said too much instead he growled, "What's keeping them?"


    A shrieking voice broke the restaurant's silence, "MUTANTS!"


    Logan and Remy looked around wondering if they had done something.


    "Dey after de femmes," Remy said getting to his feet.


   "Aw shit, nice quiet breakfast huh?" He grumbled as he got up.





     Hayley let her eyes glow blue and let the knife hit the floor, "Back up, Flo. We don‘t want any trouble."


    The terrified waitress backed up so they could leave the rest room and Ally's eyes began to glow hoping to erase her memory. But a patron saw Ally's glowing eyes and gasped.


    Hayley grabbed Ally's arm, "Just run." They both ran at top speed through the restaurant. Some of the patrons stood, blocking their way.


    A large man came from the kitchen and looked at them, "We don't like muties in here."


    "So who's a mutant," Hayley smiled innocently.


    Flo came out of the kitchen area, "They are Mutants! I saw that ones hands glow!" she pointed at Hayley.


    They looked at each other and sighed, "air" they said together and became light enough to flip over the heads of the crowd that wouldn't permit them through to the men.


    "That's just gymnastics," a woman sighed as she saw both women land on their feet.




      Remy ran to them quickly donning his shades to avoid the issue of his eyes. He put an arm protectively around Hayley's waist, "Let's go chere."


    He tried to guide her out of there as Logan tried to join them but more people stood in their way.


    A man picked up his knife and tapped it to his palm, "What, are you all mutants?" he spat at them.


    Remy looked towards the floor, "We leavin’, non?"


    Logan was cut off from the other three but started pushing his way through when he saw the knife thrown for Gambit's head.


    The knife paused within an inch of his head and Gambit plucked it from the air, "Time ta leave now, non?" He tossed the shades off letting his eyes glow threateningly.


     "Shit, they are all mutants!" Somebody said. "Kill them quick, before they kill us," Another shouted. Logan started to push towards Ally, Gambit and Hayley but was taken for a human and they didn't give way easily.


    Remy inhaled deeply seeing Logan was getting closer and he thrust Hayley to him, "Wolverine, get her safe." And he turned to help Ally but a man grabbed Hayley before she could get to Logan. He pulled her into a head lock and stared appreciatively at her heaving chest. "Too bad you're a mutie," he whispered in her ear.


      "Forgive me Chuck, but we tried," Logan told himself and then shouted, "Let her go," to the man who held Hayley. He didn't listen and Logan pushed the people from him roughly and made his way to her.


     The man leered at him, "Let her go." Logan demanded.


   "Who's gonna make me?" the man laughed. Logan popped his claws out, "I will," he growled. Seeing two pairs of 9 inch knife blades protruding from Logan’s hands made the man relax his grip and Hayley wrestled loose.


    Logan retracted one set and grabbed Hayley's arm but another person pulled at her hair trying to hold her back. Hayley turned to loosen the grip but threw lightening by accident. The man who had her hair flew back and didn't move.


      The people stood watching in fright as Logan ushered her to the door. He turned to see Ally and Remy still stuck in the middle of the crowd. Logan grabbed Hayley's arm and pushed her out the door, "Get you and your kid to the roof until we get outside."




    Remy watched Hayley get pulled to safety then he felt a tomato hit his head.


    Ally backed up to him. "You okay, chere?" he asked over his shoulder.


    "Yes," she exhaled and began fending off the flying foods with her telekinesis. Remy turned her to him and put his arm around her shoulders.


     "Let's try to walk out again," he said as the crowd stopped after watching Hayley's attack.


     They were cut Remy short as somebody cried, "He's not breathing. The mutie killed him."


     Ally shrugged Remy off and ran through the crowd to the injured man where a woman was crying over him.


     Remy panicked, "Ally, no." He ran after her pushing his way forward.


   Ally looked at the man who lay on the ground unmoving and she knelt beside him.


    She gestured to the woman, "Do you know CPR?" The woman continued to cry and shook her head no. Ally began CPR on the man her sister struck down.


    She continued it and Remy knelt beside her remembering the procedure when he helped Justice with Hayley.


       Ally's eyes glowed as she tapped Hayley's ability. Remy eyes grew wide realizing she was taping Hayley's power. He began to worry if she would set something on fire.


     Soon Ally threw the electricity to his heart and felt for a pulse. Nothing. She tried again.


     The man jumped back to life. He looked at Ally's concerned face and saw eyes that were identical to the woman who had injured him. Ally sighed as the woman hugged him.


     Ally felt Remy’s hand on hers urging her to stand. "That's the one that tried to kill me," the man said softly. Then he caught Ally off guard. As she stood, he grabbed her shirt, pulling her back to the ground.


    A male close to the injured man's head assumed he was being attacked again. "Woman or no," He muttered and uppercut Ally's jaw sending her hard back against Remy.


   Gambit felt Ally fall into him and he brushed the hair from her face, "Chere," but he only found her closed eyes and his own eyes became red glowing slits. He produced a card from his coat and charged it and held it above his head threateningly and pulled Ally into his arms.


    He tried standing but had to let the charge go to carry Ally. He grasped her to him and backed into something. He turned to see Logan standing there with his eyes furious and his claws protruding.


    "Get her outta here, Gumbo," Logan growled and looked at the man who struck her as he walked menacingly towards him.


   "That's my wife bub," He pointed a clawed hand at him, "You like pickin’ on pregnant women?"


     Gambit stopped, seeing Logan's anger was going too far. "He not worth it, Mon ami," He called to him, "Your wife needs you. Come on." He kept inching his was to the door. That stopped Logan from slicing the man up.


    "Your lucky bub, very lucky," he growled at him then ran to his wife and friend.



    Remy hit the fresh air of outside and sighed. He noticed there was no Hayley and his head flipped around looking for her, "Hayley?"


    Hayley flew down from the roof and landed next to him, "What happened to Ally?"


    Gambit ignored the question and nodded to the car, "We got to go, now. Dey not gon' be happy wit’ jus' chasin' us out."


     Wolverine walked over and touched Ally's head as Remy held her and he pulled her to him. "Owe ya one Cajun," He grunted.


     Gambit pulled Hayley by the waist and gave her the keys, "Start de car, Chere." She listened to him and realized that he must have had escaped this kind of situation before. He quickly went to work and pulled the cars license plates off.


   Wolverine cocked an eyebrow at the thief. 'Pretty smart kid,' He thought to himself and eased Ally into the back seat and locked her seat belt.


     Hayley jumped the car to life and Logan's eyes widened in horror as Gambit slid into the passenger seat and tossed the plates on the floorboard.


    "Hayley's driving?" Logan growled and quickly fastened his seat belt. Hayley roared the car out of the parking space, scattering gravel as some of the patrons and employees looked out of the windows.


    "Fasten your seat belt Gumbo," Logan warned him.


     Remy's eyes widened and he buckled his belt quickly. "Why?" he asked in general.


    "Ever see what happened to Al's car?" Logan snorted.


    Hayley felt offended. "We were being chased by the brotherhood and then somebody was in the road," She scoffed, "You couldn't have done any better Lo'," she eyed the rear view.


     Once they got to a slow stretch of road, Remy had her pull over and he put he plates on again. He glanced at Ally in the back seat unconscious, and he sighed. He had to admit that of the sisters, Alex had more than his respect with all she had done and so did Ally. Hayley might not be a high standing moral character like her sisters, and in a lot of ways she was like him. She was loyal and he respected that about her. He also respected that they had tried not to use their abilities to level the place. And by not abusing their power, it was something they had done in loyalty to Xavier.


    He found the driver's seat and motioned Hayley out with a chuckle, "Chere, Wolverine’ right."


     She pretended to look hurt but relented the seat. He took the seat and wanted to put some distance between them and the angry humans. He was been in awe of Ally's selfless act to help that man when so many in the place wanted to kill them. It reminded him of Rayne and how she would gave up everything for him. But the man Ally had risked her life to save was a total stranger. He sighed, wondering if they were that good a person, or they were that crazy.







     Justice heard a knock on the door. Storm scrambled to get it in hopes of keeping Justice in bed a few more hours.


     Scott Poured in, "Have you seen the news?"


     "What news?" Justice eye’s widened.


    Scott swiped the remote from Justice and clicked the stations around until he found the channel.


     The man on the screen stood there wild eyed and he spoke quickly into the microphone, "There was four of them, and one tried to kill this guy with lightening."


    "What did they look like?" the faceless reporter said pushing the microphone back in his face.


    "Two women and two men. And I think one guy was a foreigner."


   "Aw shit," Justice mumbled and then he looked at Storm, "Aren't you glad we didn't go now?" Storm hushed him still looking at the television.


    A young woman with caked make up and a big hair do was interviewed next, "The one guy was Cajun or something, and had red eyes. And a woman kept callin' me 'Flo'," the woman complained, "Well, they tried to kill me. Then they attacked this innocent man. He wasn't killed but they hurt him pretty bad." She indicated to the ambulance behind her.


     Scott kicked the bed and pointed to the TV, "What, they didn't stop to have their pictures taken too? With that kind of description they should have just told them their names and got it over with," Scott barked.


     "Hey," Justice yelled, "We don't know everything yet."


     Scott nodded, "The media always shows the worst side of things. They never tell the true story when it comes to mutant involvement." He said a silent prayer they didn't have any Xavier clothing on to identify the school. "I hope they were smart enough not to point them at the school," Justice sighed.


    "I am sure they were. Hayley and Remy both have enough street smarts to throw them off the trail," Storm assured him.


     Justice's hand flew in the air, "Hayley's street smarts are jinxed." He sighed and looked at Scott's worried face, "At least no one was killed."

     "I wonder what happened," Storm mused aloud.


     "Well, before they left I told them to scare the straights for me," Justice shrugged, "But who knew they’d take me seriously."