Seperate Ways

The Journey Continues....

One: Painful Reminders.
Rayne's hard past.

Two: Taking Off.
Hayley gets away to think.

Three: Lost and Found.
Finding a new blue friend.

Four: Stubborn.
Creed doesn't give up easily.

Five: Diversions.
Feeling too safe.

Six: Captive Hearts.
Catching a cat by the tail.

Seven: Nightcrawler.
Kurt awakens and rescue and the injured are tended to.

Eight: Reaching Out.
Hayley's able to touch minds.

Nine: Step Up.
Justice mutates further.

Ten: Stowaway.
Pietro Does as told and the others leave for their friends with a tag-a-long.

Eleven: Torment.
Suffering inside and out under Eric.

Twelve: Trap.
Alex & Hayley found but at what stake?

Thirteen: Transformations.
Rayne joins the fray.

Fourteen: Killer.
Wanda tries her luck with Justice.

Fifteen: Running Rampant
Everyone tries to escape but Magneto has different ideas.

Sixteen: Faint of Heart
Justice goes beyond call of duty.

Seventeen: Mutant No More
Are they normal now.

Eighteen: Swept Away
Alex's confusion and Remy's heart on the line.

Nineteen: Between Brother & Sister
Remy confides in Rayne about Hayley.

Twenty: Skittish
Justice's world is still unsure and Alex begins to feel better.

Twenty-one: Visitors
Justice's telepathy is rampant.

Twenty-two: Trial & Error
More about the experiments.

Twenty-three: Inquiries
Remy and Rayne cook up a storm.

Twenty-four: Epidemic
Alex & Hayley reap the effects of having been captive.

Twenty-five: Traitor
Pietro says goodbye to a friend.

Twenty-six: Cajun Cookin'
Remy & Rayne are not the only ones who have a mess.

Twenty-seven: Home Base
Trying to catch a mutant or two.

Twenty-Eight: Misguided
Some people have the wrong ideas.

Twenty-nine: Conceivable
Justice's misconception.

Thirty: Accusations
Fingers are pointed.

Thirty-one: Cerebro
Ally's mistake and plans to leave.

This ends SEPERATE WAYS! Continue to follow their hectic lives in LOST!