Wolvie Femmes *

Scattered Fights:





      Justice, Alex and Hayley, heard Ally's call for help. They quickly ran and flew down the corridors where they nearly collided with Cyclops and the robotic twins.


      Cyclops was pulling up the rear, winded by trying to follow the younger men's robotically enhanced legs. He noted the feared look in everyone's eyes. He sighed, unable to share the telepathic message the rest seem to know.


       "What's wrong?" Scott demanded of the others.


       "Ally's found Rayne," Alex began moving to the garage again as the others began to follow her quick pace.


      "That's good," Scott called, struggling to keep up as Justice, Bonsai and Kamikaze quickened their pace.


      "Rayne's hurt Logan and Remy," Hayley mumbled as she made Scott aware. Scott ran up and grabbed Hayley's arm. "We heard another scream, Hayley."


      Hayley squinted her eyes at him suspiciously. "Where?"


     "The nursery," Scott said quickly but there was a pleading tone that worried Hayley.


     She quickly felt for Aramis's mind and found that there was a great deal of turmoil coming from her. Hayley became afraid for her niece and nephew. Her mouth dropped open from the shock and she started to take to the air.


     "You aren't going alone," Scott insisted as he increased his grip on her arm, which began to get very warm so that he was forced to let go.


    "Then you better keep up, ruby red." Hayley called as Scott gripped his singed hand, and she soon heard his footsteps following her.






      Justice ran into the garage and found Remy slumped on the floor. Logan was balled up and not moving, and Ally was bent over an unconscious Rayne. Ally looked up, grateful to see her brother.


     "I think they are okay but there is no way I could carry Logan plus his adamtium."


    Justice bent over Remy, found a pulse and sighed. He gave Ally a reassuring smile, they had both become a little fond of the Cajun thief.


    Bonsai came in quickly and stopped just short of stomping on Justice and Remy.


     Justice had braced himself over Remy to protect the injured man. Remy groaned and Justice sat up.


     "Hey, I'm sittin' here," Justice, exclaimed in a New York accent.


     Bonsai smiled in spite of himself. He stepped over Wolverine and wondered what could have taken him down.


     "Is he alive?" Tyrone said with a low whistle.


     "He's fine," Ally, said standing up, "where is Tyler?"


       "Alex wasn't moving fast enough for me," A voice called by the door and they all turned to see Tyler holding Alex. Alex wiggled out of his grasp until her feet hit the floor and she ran to the closet injured mutant. Alex pushed Remy's hair from his face and wondered what happened. She found a pulse and sighed as she peered past his closed eyelids.

      Kamikaze scooped Remy up after Alex left him, satisfied with his condition. Alex caught his eye.


      "Why don't you wait Tyler," Alex sighed. "After the attacks, it's better if nobody is alone."


       Bonsai shrugged, watching her quickly finish up with Wolverine. "I'll take Logan and go with Ty."


     Justice chuckled from next to Bonsai and stood back, "Wouldn't you rather take Rayne?"


      Bonsai lowered his gaze at Justice, "Why are you dissing me man?" Then he pushed Justice aside slightly to get a hold on Wolverine.

      Justice sighed at Tyrone and wondered if he had ever been that headstrong? He felt a chuckle in his throat as he watched Bonsai struggle to get Logan off the ground.


     "If you have to drag him like that, I don't want to be around when Logan finds out." Justice laughed.


     "Think you can do better tough guy?" Bonsai set the furry mutant down again.


     Justice puffed his physique out a little then easily threw Logan over his shoulder in a fireman's carry.


     Ally shook her head at the sight. Bonsai seemed to hate being shown up. Alex stood next to her sister and took a breath.


     "Bonsai would you carry Rayne?" Alex smiled, "I am done here and we can all leave together now."


      Justice, still pleased with him, began to moon walk out of the garage until he hit Logan's head against a metal beam with a loud clang. Justice blushed furiously.


     "Carry her carefully, Bonsai," Alex added quickly keeping her eyes on her brother.  


     Tyrone scooped the tiny mutant up easily and nodded but now had a small smile on his face. He made sure Justice saw it as he marched past him with his brother Tyler through the door.


      Justice shrugged his shoulders with a wordless expression.


    "You can explain to Logan how you bumped him about," Ally pointed at him and the chagrinned sibling followed the others out of the garage.






      Hayley found the nursery door locked and lost her patience. She threw a well-placed kick at the door and it slammed open. She didn't see anything threatening, but before she could investigate further she felt Scott's strong hand on her shoulder pulling her back.



     "You mind," Hayley hissed at him.


     He aimed a finger in her face, "Yes, I do. I want to see my child carried to birth and you are running around here like the lone Maverick." He hissed back at her.


     Hayley was ready to mix words but worried for the children and didn't want him to be the one to intervene for them.


    "Sure," She agreed readily, much to his amazement, "but there is one thing…."


    He was losing his patience even though she was intriguing to him. "What?"


    Hayley came closer to him until their bodies met and she pinned him to the wall and kept her eyes locked in his.


      Scott couldn't deny the attraction to her in those close quarters. He was surprised at himself as he gave in and pushed his lips to hers. She was more resistant kissing him. He felt her push his head away from hers. "No," she commanded him.


      "You're right we have to get in there."


      "No," she repeated. "Look at me." She locked eyes with him until she felt their minds meld together and she sorted through his thoughts. She searched his mind looking for what she needed but what she found was that he had an urgent need to be with her. She gasped appalled that he had talked himself into feelings for her.


     "Ok, I’ve tried to be nice," she scoffed then callously spiked his mind and almost chuckled as the man who was twice her size fell to her feet unconscious.


     "Next time stay out of my way," she growled at his sleeping form. She heard something scuttling about in the nursery and she disentangled herself from Scott and ran for the children.





       Jean could feel Hayley. She was reckless enough to probe Scott's mind but to also leave it open for the rest of the telepaths to listen in.


      Jean could feel Scott's mind almost as if she had been right there. ‘He had feelings for Hayley?’ She became angry at the thought.


     All this time Jean had kept the sanctity of Scott's thought alone. She hadn't asked to know what he was thinking and she soon realized what had happened. Hayley had invited Jean in to upset her. Who was she mad at, Hayley or Scott?


     She looked over her shoulder at the noise and saw Remy and Rayne being carried in.


      Justice ran in with Logan and put him on the stretcher in front of Jean. Jean snapped back to life as she took in her unconscious friends.


      "Oh dear," she heard Beast say quietly.


     Ally and Alex brought up the rear as they ran into the infirmary.


     Jean grabbed the stethoscope she had around her neck, "What happened?"


     "Some sort of defense Rayne has," Ally stopped mid track as her eyes glowed softly. "The babies," she said softly.


     Justice had gone to Storm's side again but her burning blue eyes caught his attention and his head perked up as he met his sister's eyes and Imp tumbled into his lap.


      Alex looked about the infirmary, "Where's Hayley?"


     A groan came from Gambit's stretcher and Alex moved to greet him back to the land of the conscious. 'How can he be so strong?'


    Remy opened his eyes to see familiar vivid blue eyes again and smiled. When he opened his eyes further he noticed those eyes were framed with soft blonde hair not brazen black hair.


    Remy sat up and sighed at the sight of Rayne lying next to him but he couldn't ignore Hayley's scream in his head.


    "Mon ami, where is Hayley?" his eyes were full of worry but he didn't have the energy to move further.


     Justice became a quick moving object as he ran out the door and made it hard for the others to make out what he was.


     Imp ran to the door watching her father go but Hank scooped the child up to keep her from following.


     "Justice is on his way," Alex sighed.


     "She in ma head," Remy mumbled but he looked ready to pass out again.


     Alex and Ally looked at each other surprised and they both knew something was wrong.


    "I am on my way," Ally said before anybody could argue, "don't worry Remy, we have it covered. You get some rest."


    Alex felt the grip the Cajun had on her hand and didn't want to move from him.


   "Chere, we can' leave Rayne ‘ere alone or she run away." Remy said groggily.


    "You mean in the infirmary?" Jean interrupted.


     Remy nodded as his eyes closed.


   "Remarkable that this is not a popular place," Beast chuckled as he fumbled with the charts, "Perhaps it is my cologne?" Imp agreed with him whole heartily as he set her down.


     Alex laughed with jean lightly but her eyes traveled to the ceiling and she worried for her siblings. She turned to Hank with an exasperated look, "Hank,…" she said softly as she moved from Remy's now sleeping form.


     Beast looked up, "Please be careful," He said looking over the rim of his glasses. "If you need me…"


    "I know," Alex interrupted and ran out the doors eager to help. Beast stared at the door for a minute. "The Adams certainly livened things around here," he smiled at Jean.


     "That's because we are special," Imp smiled at them.


     Jean began to smile but thought of Hayley, and then she began to push herself into examining Rayne so that Hank couldn't see she was upset. 'What will Scott do when he sees me? Was he aware Hayley linked me to his mind?'


     Jean's mind raced with a thousand thoughts each interrupted by a relating connection. Jean sighed trying to focus on the task of examining Rayne but she kept starting over and once she had felt Rayne was in no danger she moved to Logan.


     Hank knew his friend had internal conflicts and he knew she would rather be alone. "I will return shortly Jean."


    He took Imp's hand. "Would you like a soda?"


    Imp looked at him with crossed arms, "Is this a bribe?"


   "Yes it is," Hank said flatly. Imp tossed her hands in the air and sighed a little.


   "Okay, just checking."


   Jean didn't look up but nodded just the same, "If I need you I will call you Hank." Then she heard his loud footsteps as he left.


    She didn't continue to examine Logan but stared into space at the blinking lights of the medical equipment. A low groan caught her attention and she looked at Logan's opened eyes. He squinted at her without much recognition at first.


   Jean gave her friend a smile. "Hey." Logan's eyes focused on the redhead who wasn't his wife and he looked around the room. A pang of jealousy hit Jean who had half hoped he would look at her like he used to. She gently pushed him back onto the bed when he began to sit up.


    "Maybe you should rest a while."


    "I'm all right," he sighed looking in Rayne's direction, "Rat girl took me by surprise is all." He grinned and then he noticed Jean's melancholy expression.


    "Jeannie?" he asked a little afraid of what was wrong.


    "I am fine, Logan." Logan searched her face and knew she was lying. He still loved Jean. She was as close to him as Alex or Hayley and she always would be. He couldn't bury that feeling so easily. "You need me to speak to junior?" Logan growled as he sat up.


     "No," she shook her head unable to meet his eyes. "I just need to stay busy." She finally smiled at him. She reached over his shoulder and began to disconnect the beeping blood pressure monitor that she had attached to him. She laughed to herself lightly as she realized his pressure had gone up talking about Scott. She pulled the machine closer and lost her balance landing on top of Logan's strong chest as he caught her.


     Jean looked at him to apologize but found herself face to face with those warm cocoa eyes and her eyes traveled to his lips as her heart began to race. She could hear Logan's groan and his hand grabbed her elbow to steady her away from him. Jean enjoyed the fact he seemed to be blushing a bit as he abruptly yanked the rest of the monitors off of him.


    "Where's Al?" he said quickly but not meeting Jean's eye. He got up and grabbed his shoulder as the pain filled him. He had forgotten how badly adamantium hurt and knew it would take hours for the pain to subside.


     "She went to look for Hayley," Jean mumbled not happy with the mention of Hayley's name and hoping he would lay back down when she noticed he was moving slowly.


    "Logan," She started, but she was distracted by him putting his shirt on and found her eyes taking him in. He turned to reassure her and she turned away to grab a miscellaneous chart. He squinted at her curious as to what was really going on in her head.


      "I'm fine," he shot at her mimicking her earlier tone. He wasn't sure what the game was but if she wouldn't let him help her then he would find Ally.


     Jean watched him slip his other arm in the dress shirt they had removed as he made his way to the door and realized she was still a little attracted to him. The sound of the doors swishing open as he left abruptly shook her back into the present. She shook her head and smiled as she thought of not too long ago how she and Scott had shared a special moment.




        Scott raised his head slowly. He heard a groan but was only half aware that it was him who had made the noise. He felt a hand on his shoulder and his own hand flew to his visor in defense.


     "Hey killer, you're alive huh?" the voice said as Scott began to focus on the strawberry blonde hair. He saw Justice staring at him as he started to pull Scott to his feet with him.


     "No thanks to your sister," Scott grabbed his throbbing head.


    "Be thankful she's not a strong telepath," Justice teased. "Where is hot head?"



      Then Scott remembered. "We heard noises in the nursery."


     Justice's face fell and then he left Scott balanced on the wall for support.


    "Wait," Scott yelled then grabbed his head. He felt like he had a hang over.


    Justice disappeared around the corner.


    'Aww, shit.' He thought as he pushed off of the wall and began to stumble after Justice. He was still the X-men leader and couldn't stay behind.


    Justice fell over something at the threshold of the nursery and the adjoining playroom. 


      He was astonished to find the lump was Hayley. 'Explains why I couldn't find her telepathically,' he mumbled to himself.


     He found a pulse on her and sighed but what caught his attention was Aramis who made her way menacingly towards him. '


     ‘What the,’ he moved from Aramis's grasp quickly and then looked her over. She looked like a wild beast. She had drool coming from her mouth; primal rage across her face but tears rimmed her eyes.


     "Aramis?" Justice asked but she made no response. He looked past her to see the children cowering in a corner. The babies were not screaming but looked very frightened.


     "Leave me, Go away!" Aramis growled. "Aramis, I won't hurt you," Justice said as he inched his way closer to her. He watched as she became distracted by the appearance of another at the door.


    Ally stood there almost enraged at the site, and she wasted no time in acting. Aramis went flying against the wall with a loud thud and quickly tried to get up. Ally concentrated and felt her way through Aramis's mind as she lulled the empath into a deep sleep.


    Justice looked at Ally with his face full of questions but Ally ran to her children. Finally after looking the children over she sighed and turned to address her brother.


    "She had Sabertooth's thoughts and feelings in her mind." She grabbed Michael and placed him in his crib and Justice grabbed Amber and promptly handed her to Ally.


      "I don't get it." Justice mumbled.


      "Did we miss something?" Alex teased from the doorway of the nursery with Scott balanced on her and the doorframe slightly.


     "I don't think we want to know," Scott said ruefully. Alex let go of Scott and ran to Aramis while Ally was bent over Hayley.


     "She's okay," Alex said upon inspection of the now sleeping Aramis.


     Ally sighed, "Hayley too." She chuckled lightly. "I guess it's a good thing she has a hard head."


     Justice scooped Aramis up carefully, "She should be watched?" He raised an eyebrow at his sisters and Scott.


     "Just until its only Aramis in there." Alex mumbled.


     Breathless sounds from behind Scott caught everyone's attention and they turned to see Kamikaze and Bonsai standing there.


     Justice handed Bonsai Aramis, "I thought you were right behind me." Justice eyed them both quizzically.


     "We got lost," Bonsai fibbed quickly but Kamikaze's guilty expression didn't seem to agree.


     Alex caught on quickly, "Can you get her to Beast, please?" She hoped to change the subject.


     Kamikaze's playful nature filled him as he looked at Scott's weak eyes, "Need a ride boss?"


      Scott toyed with the idea of shutting his eyes and letting Tyler carry him to his room, but the idea of Justice Adams having more ammunition to tease him with didn't sit well. "I am fine," he lied.


      Justice picked up his unconscious sister and Hayley stirred slightly in his grasp.


      Alex looked her over. "She would be better in her own bed I think."


      "I'll run her there," Justice said dutifully and he speed past the rest of the people as they began to file out.


     Ally stayed behind with the children as she produced baby Tyler from behind Amber's crib.


     Alex touched Scott's shoulder as she walked past him, "I am really sorry how Hayley treated you Scott," she whispered.


      Scott turned up a corner of his mouth, his face full of embarrassment and nodded.






      Gambit stirred slightly in his sleep until he became aware of the bright light that was assaulting his eyes. He opened them quickly, blinking at the light being flashed at his face.


       "Hey," Jean said lightly.


      "Where's Rayne?"


      "Hank took her to her room." Jean smiled her dazzling smile at him.




     "With her enhanced hearing and senses she seemed to jump around a lot with every move we made." She sighed at the thought as she clicked the light off. "She should sleep better there, and a couple of the younger mutants said they would listen for her since their room is next door."


       Gambit nodded and sat up wearily. He saw Bonsai rush in as he ran Aramis to a nearby bed, and then he remembered Hayley's scream for him in his head.


    "Chere, where Hayley?" Gambit caught Jean's attention by grabbing her hand before she could go to Aramis. Jean was upset at the question itself. It was as if she had been slapped on the face.


     "I don't know Remy." Jean felt like adding, 'and I don't care,' but couldn't disappoint the weary man.


      Imp ran over to see Aramis's pained face, "Is she okay?" the child looked up to Henry with pleading eyes. She had become fond of the nanny who could best Imp's telekinesis.


    Justice ran in a bit winded and his gaze went right to Storm's sleeping body. He noticed Bonsai and looked miffed but laughed instead.


     "I could get Hayley to her room and make it down here in the same time it take you to just get Aramis here?" Justice chuckled at Bonsai.


     Bonsai didn't seem to find the humor. Everyone knew Justice was much faster than he was even with his given robotics.


      Kamikaze was making his way into the room lazily with Alex and Scott and they all noticed the serious tone between Bonsai and Justice.



      Bonsai rushed Justice, grabbing him by the throat and slamming him against the wall. Justice remained passive.


     "Want to see fast?" Bonsai growled as he began to put pressure on Justice's throat.


     Beast made a move to stop Bonsai but Justice shook his head at him to stop him. This was his affair. He would handle it.


    Alex grabbed Scott's hand as it flew to his visor, "He doesn't want any help." Kamikaze heard her whisper this to Scott and gave her a hard look, but she only nodded her resolve.


    Justice tried to tell Tyrone to let go of him, but his warning was but a muffled choke now. He had planned to let Bonsai get it out of his system but instead he found the room began to spin.


     Justice let the rest of his body hit the wall and leaned against it hard. He braced his back to the wall and pushed his legs in between them quickly and pushed Tyrone away hard.


    Bonsai went flying against a bed and got to his feet angrily and ran for the smart ass Adams again.


     Justice could hear the loud crash as he landed to his knees grabbing his throat. He could hear Bonsai coming for him but the footsteps stopped. Justice looked up to see Tyrone fly back again.


     They all looked at Jean expectantly.


    Jean merely threw her hands up, "I didn't do it."


    Imp made her way forward with her eyes glowing and her finger pointed, "That's MY daddy and you need a time out."


     A few scattered giggles seemed to make Bonsai angrier and he shook off Imp's hold as he jumped over the child and plowed into Justice.


     Justice hadn't been prepared for the attack as he watched his child and began to move for her but Bonsai cut him off.


     Justice sighed, "I'm done playing with you." He came nose to nose with the robotic youth.


    Beast's voice rose above the equipment's sounds and broke the silence. "GENTLEMEN, enough."


    Bonsai took advantage of Justice loyalty to his blue friend and landed a powerful blow on Justice's jaw. Justice's hand flew to his jaw to find blood and he grew angry. It was hard to catch Justice long enough to draw blood. He hit the ground quickly and threw his leg against the back of Bonsai's knees and watched him come down.


     They both hopped back to their feet but Kamikaze flew in between grabbing his brother by the shirt collar.


     "Stop," he ordered his twin. Bonsai's eyes flashed a warning but he didn't strike at him.


      "I see where your loyalties lie now."


    "What?" Kamikaze let go of his brother, "You’re acting like an asshole!" He threw his robotic hand at Bonsai and pointed his finger. "You, don't make me choose."


     "You already have chosen." Bonsai straightened his shirt and huffed past Alex and Scott who still stood at the door.


     Kamikaze glanced at Justice and then the ground, "I’m sorry, man."


    Alex spoke up, "Did Justice start this?" She knew her brother had refused help and in the past that meant that he had started it. She saw the crimson tones in his face and that confirmed her suspicions.


     Imp strode up to Kamikaze with her arms crossed. "How old are you?"


    Kamikaze almost laughed at the question, "I'll be twenty before you know it."


    Imp pointed to the empty chair, "Then twenty minutes time out because you said a bad word."


     Kamikaze laughed but Beast gave him a hard glare trying not to laugh but to back the little child up to her belief.


     Kamikaze sank his head down ashamed and sat in the chair waiting for them all to laugh but nobody told him no and he realized he had gotten punished by a four year old.


     "I really have to sit here?" he looked hurt. The others nodded trying to hide smiles.


     "No talking or you get another minute," Imp ordered.


     Gambit snickered loudly it reminded of something similar Rayne had done to him.


     Alex grabbed Imp's hand and led her to the door.


    "I can't go," she protested, "I need to watch him."


    "I will make sure he doesn't move."  Beast smiled at the child.


     Imp was quickly pacified and made her way out.


     Gambit remembered two sleeping women and made his way silently from the med lab.


     Justice watched as the infirmary returned to normal.  He made his way to Storm and touched her hand hoping she would open her eyes.