Wolvie Femmes * Running Rampant









Remy followed the two women certain they would be lead to Alex at the very least as they crawled on their hands and knees.  He found the passages a little confining due to his bigger frame and looked at Ally for problems but her smaller frame got through without mishap.  He looked ahead at the large rodent that led them and he was still amazed at what his sister had done.

Ally watched Rayne stop against the grating as the large rodent made her way through the grating expertly.  Rayne crawled outside quietly despite the voice Ally heard beyond the grating.

“End of de line?”  Remy asked eyeing the grating Ally now faced.  Then he noticed Ally was in front.  “Where’s Rayne?”

Ally shrugged her shoulders lightly, “she wiggled out of here.”  Ally made sure to whisper to Remy would follow her lead and talk softly.  “There are voices Remy.”

He listened closer and could make out a woman’s voice and Magneto’s.  He felt himself growing angry and Ally touched his face.  He swallowed looking at her eyes, like Hayley’s.  He knew she had done so to let him know she was there and to keep him balance but it only made him miss Hayley to see her eyes.  Ally sat down in the passage and gave him a little smile and he knew she understood how he felt.  He reached into his pocket and grabbed a card.  He tossed her a roguish grin and kissed her head as he gestured for her to get out of his way.

She covered his hand with the card with her own and shook her head.  She mouthed, ‘No’

He glanced at her questionably and she backed up listening to the conversation and watching Rayne from the grate.  Ally began to use her telekinesis to pry at the grate while Remy watched the rodent moving to a small switch without being noticed.

Rayne moved the switch slowly letting the grate move slowly up and Remy and Ally sighed.

Ally slid to the floor quietly as Rayne met them by passage’s end.  Remy pushed his way through the tight fit and landed to the ground without a sound.  Ally pushed him down with her finger to her lips.

They heard Eric moving around and talking animatedly to a woman who kept her arms crossed and listened with a coy look.

“Once I have the other Adams, the surgeries will be final?” he smiled.

“If you mean it will be hard to reverse, yes,” she sighed and began to move to a figure lying on the table unmoving.

Quickly they could tell Hayley from her raven curls laying on a near by table and Remy started to move forward but Ally grabbed his arm shaking her head.

He looked at her hard wondering what more she was waiting for but even Rayne seemed to be waiting for something.

They could see one of the other tables held Alex and both sisters seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Suddenly to door was tossed open and Quicksilver rushed in with Wanda in his arms but it was hard to tell what was what until he stopped moving and they could see she was bleeding.

“What happened?”  Eric demanded.

“Justice Adams,” Pietro said through clenched teeth.  After the things, he could have done to make Alex miserable and Justice left Wanda like this was unacceptable to him.

The woman with the glasses looked at him surprised, “One of the Adams did this?”

Pietro walked over to her with his arms crossed and his look became angrier.  “Not an upstanding thing for him to do?”  He hissed at her.  “Not everyone is what they seem, Deanna.”

Eric looked at her injury, “I take it she made him angry?”  Pietro scoffed and Eric sighed.  “I will take great pleasure in turning him.”  He looked at Deanna expectantly.  “Will she live?”

Deanna had begun to hook up IV fluids and looked at him sadly, “I hope so.”  She mumbled.

“I hope you are also to the task I gave you before,” Eric growled.  “I will have your help in turning that Cajun.  He will be one of us.”

Ally knew Eric had wanted him but Remy had been so much help she forgot to consider his being caught.  She looked at him out of the side of her eye hoping he wasn’t too scared but he only kept the scowl on his face listening to the exchange.

Deanna looked appualed, “I don’t plan to have sex with anybody I don’t want.” She almost yelled at him.  “If you want an incubator I suggest you find somebody else.”

Eric moved to her ear but spoke loudly, “I think you would find him pleasurable enough.”  He laughed.

She turned to look at him disgusted, “Is that why Justice did this to Wanda?”  She looked at Pietro for an answer.

He looked at the ground not answering her.

Ally looked to Remy and sighed, she was worried for him now.  She touched his hand and, ‘Go, I can handle this.’  She told him telepathically.

He shook his head and furrowed his brow.  He mouthed the word ‘No’ and sighed.  He knew they would have to move faster to catch him and he wouldn’t leave Ally alone.  He knew they wanted her child and he wouldn’t let them hurt her or Rayne.

The door flew open again as Justice pushed in taking in his surroundings but it gave Magneto enough time to react.

Scalpels and other sharp things from the lab started flying at him and he began to duck them but some stopped in mid-air and he began to look for Ally.  Until one missed and struck his shoulder hard and he grabbed his shoulder instinctively in pain.

“Justice!”  Ally stood and ran to her brother worried and tossing the projectiles back at Eric.

Remy stood grabbing at her to stop her from running in but couldn’t catch her.  He sighed and looked at Rayne whose eyes began glowing.  He stood and began to deal cards at Eric and before the first one exploded, he saw Pietro heading Ally off for her brother.

“Quicksilver on you, chere,” he yelled worried for her but he could see Ally’s telekinesis was pushing back the other metal objects away from her and her brother.  She didn’t seem to catch all of them and began to dodge them and to everyone’s surprise, she began to catch some of them as well.

Eric’s mouth dropped as he watched Allyson stand in front of her injured brother and began to mentally and physically block the sharp objects. He raised an eyebrow wondering if she had any martial arts training and he lowered the attack to allow Pietro to come at her.

Quicksilver rushed at her knocking her back into Justice on the floor.  He smiled at the speed and Justice’s closed eyes and bent down to her ear.

He rubbed his hand against her face with an evil grin and touched her belly.  “If you don’t turn as your sisters did perhaps your child will.”

Ally scoffed and tried to push him back watching Remy tossing cards to help Ally as he tried to make his way to Hayley and Alex.

Justice opened his eyes quickly with a wincing look and he knew Pietro took him for dead.  He slammed his fist in Quicksilver’s face before the silver haired mutant could react.

Pietro jumped up grabbing his nose and finding his hands covered in blood.

Ally almost laughed but the growling figure looming over her by the door stopped her to catch her breath.  She watched as Wolverine hauled Pietro up by his shirt and fought back a smile.

Logan snorted in his face, “Picking on women?”

Eric threw Logan back with his magnetism and his son was along for the ride.

Ally jumped to her feet and helped Justice up as well.

“How are we doing?”  Justice grunted as he flinched against the pain.

“Same as usual,” Ally said setting her sights on Eric.

“That bad, huh?”  Justice said eyeing the projectile still lodged in his shoulder.  Ally touched it gingerly and grabbed a plain piece of cloth from a table to stop the bleeding.

Ally shook her head at the wound and worried about the position.

Remy watched the distraction the others had caused and found the other two sisters sleeping quietly.  His heart jumped looking at the mess they were and he pulled Hayley to him.

He spied the window nearby and wondered how far from the ground they were now.  He was pleased his thieving skills had help him to get to her quietly and Eric was none the wiser.

He felt Hayley stir in his grip and he stopped to look at her brushing the hair from her face.

Hayley’s eyes fluttered open and she wasn’t sure but she thought she saw the red eyes of Remy and let a small smile.

“Chere,” was the very quiet emotionally filled voice she heard and her heart jumped.  ‘Was her nightmare over?’

“Remy,” She choked and forced her eyes to open wider and clung to his neck.

“Shhhhh,”  He said hoping to quiet her but he was too late and Eric’s attention was on them now and she didn’t seem to take the warning. She smiled assuming all was well in her sleepiness, nuzzled against him, and shut her eyes.

“I don’t think so thief!”  Eric hissed at Remy throwing him off balance with a ball of magnetism.

Remy saw Hayley’s content look and didn’t want to disturb her but as the master of magnetism threw his power at them he and Hayley both spilled to the floor. They hit the ground with a loud thud and he looked at Hayley’s still closed eyes.

He shook his head noticing a woman hiding under the table staring at them wide-eyed and afraid.  He threw a charged clipboard at Eric and looked to the woman earnestly.

“Don’ worry.  We get you out of here too, mademoiselle,” He whispered to the woman in glasses.

A screech told him differently as Rayne pounced between him and the woman as if to protect him.  If looks could kill, the woman under the table would be dead a thousand times, by the way his sister glared at the female cowering under the table.

Remy’s mouth dropped open and he was about to hold Rayne back when his attention was directed back to Eric who was floating now and closing in on his position.


Rayne eyed the woman she knew as her tormenter when she was held prisoner in the labs.  Deanna slowly started to move out from under the table.  The scientist figured, and rightly so, that this creature in front of her wanted her dead.

“I believe she belongs to me,” Eric hissed as Remy pushed Hayley’s body behind him and his eyes flew to Alex worried about her as well.  Eric’s eyes went to her too and so did he and very threateningly.  Eric pulled Alex up by her hair and held her like a rag doll.  “Surrender her or I will take her sister.”  Eric Emphasized his point by using his magnetism to let one of the sharp objects fly to his hand and held it to Alex’s throat.

Remy didn’t like being between the proverbial rock and a hard place.  Suddenly, a crimson blast knocked the shard out of Magneto’s hand and the other members of the away team joined the fray.


Deanna’s expression went from fear to shear terror when she saw the giant rat close in on her.  Rayne’s eye’s blazed with amber light and she clicked her teeth at the woman who had tortured her and was responsible for her turning into a rat.  Rayne hated the woman and truly wanted to kill her, but she couldn’t.  Despite all she had been through Rayne couldn’t kill this woman.  However, that didn’t mean that she couldn’t exact some measure of payback.

Ally smiled seeing the reinforcements and gestured at Hank to help Justice but Storm’s panicked look stopped them.

Henry knelt down to Justice and his concerned look had Ally worried as well.  She stood up angry and looked at Eric who was holding something to Alex’s limp body and she tossed it hard with her telekinesis.

Ally felt Scott and Storm joining her and she began to channel Hayley’s and Alex’s abilities at the same time.

“Ally, no.”  Scott said to Ally worried her mind was clouded with anger.  He reached for her hoping to calm her but she came off her feet.

Eric turned to her as she tossed the metallic object from his hand and she tossed him against the wall as she kept coming at him.  Eric shielded himself in a magnetic bubble from the woman.

Logan let Pietro go watching Ally’s involvement with Eric and Quicksilver ran for his sister, scooped her up, and ran from the room.  Logan was too slow to catch him once he let him go and when he chased after him he found the towering mutant Sabertooth waiting for him and other mutants were coming.

Deanna backed slowly away from the advancing giant rat before her.  Rayne backed her into a corner of the lab room and a mischievous smile formed on her rodent lips.  Before Deanna could try and talk herself out of the situation, the rat hopped closer to her, landed in a standing position and willed herself to make the same noise that had knocked Logan out before.  Deanna was helpless against the vocal assault and slumped to the floor unconscious.  The rat moved close to the scientist that had caused her untold agonies and pondered what she should do with her helpless prey.

Logan ducked back in and looked to Beast.  “Get them outta here.”  He ordered and turned in time to block Sabretooth’s on coming blow.

Scott heard him and saw the other mutants moving in quickly.  Pyro and Toad filled the room quickly.

Scott began to take shots at them as Storm stood guard.  Beast scooped Justice up carefully and looked for a way our but looked at Alex’s silent figure on the floor with a hard look of longing.

Ally kept her direct attention on Eric as she began to attack at him hoping to break his defenses down.  She soon found the lightening she tossed was joined by Remy’s charges and smiled "Yo' wan' us, Homme?"  Remy yelled angrily as Eric's attention turned to him quickly.  Remy found metal projectiles flying at him and extended his bo staff spinning it in front of him very quickly fending off the attack.  "Den' you come an' get us, homme."  Remy hissed as his staff knocked the last projectile away from him.


Rayne heard her brother’s voice and looked at him just in time to see numerous metal objects hurling at her brother.  Before she could react, she saw that he was easily knocking them aside and she remembered the time she saw him working out in the danger room with Logan.  She recalled how she lost control of herself thinking he was about to be killed and how embarrassed Remy looked when the others saw how she was acting.  She turned her head away from the battle and once again thought of what to do to this monster before her.

Ally moved after Magneto but found something holding her back.  She looked down to see Toad's tongue around her waist pulling him towards her.  She was plunged back to Toad's taunting look and he wrapped his arms around her laughing.

Justice rolled his eyes and looked at Beast as he lifted him like a damsel in distress.  "Put me down, Hank."  He growled and pushed himself from the blue man.

"Justice, let us not be hasty."  Beast sighed.

Justice grabbed at his wound instinctively, "I won't be drug back to my uncle's like a rag doll."  Justice hoped he sounded convincing but he hurt like hell and wanted in a bed asleep.  He looked at Scott who grabbed Alex and made his way to Hayley.  He spied Ally in Toad's grasp and as Beast ran for them but Justice cut him off.

"Get off," Justice said planting a fist in Toad's face and he grabbed Ally to him stumbling back.  He was grateful to see Beast jumping at him strong and agile because he didn't feel it.

Ally looked at her brother, "Justice, how are you even awake?"  She eyed his wound as she shook her head.

"I am walking out of here."  He set his sight on her pointedly.  "Less to carry the better."  He felt Storm's arms around him.

"We need to get your sisters out of here Justice," Ororo said quickly hoping to prompt Justice to the Blackbird.  They needed to retreat and they needed to do it fast.

Alex stirred in Scott's arms and jumped awake with a tiny scream.  Scott watched her curiously wondering what had happened.

"Alex, are you all right?" He said quietly hoping not to spook her further.

Alex touched her head lightly confused but nodded and wiggled to her feet.  She motioned to Hayley who was still unconscious.

"Hayley, won't be able to get out of here on her own," Alex sighed touching her sister's hair.  "Can you take her Scott?"

"Yes," he quickly looked at Alex's rat bites and injuries, "I hope you are not far behind me?"

"I will be with Beast," Alex nodded to Beast as he knocked Toad back into Logan.  Wolverine grabbed Toad and tossed him against a far wall.

Ally and Storm brought Justice to the window slowly.  "We won't be strong enough to get him out of here."

Ally touched Remy's mind as he tried to make his way through Eric's magnetic shields.  'We need help Remy,'

Ally ran to help him as Beast met Alex and kissed her quickly but supported Justice.

Alex Sighed and threw her arm out lazily to toss an ice ring at Magneto but nothing happened and Beast stared at her amazed.  She shrugged and tried again.

"Hank?" she asked confused and frightened.  She still felt weak and pushed her hand against her head.


Toad saw Deanna lying unconscious with a giant rat standing over her.  He lashed his tongue out and smacked the rat away just as it was about to scratch her.  The rodent squealed as its body thumped against the side of a counter and landed in a heap on the floor.  The impact shifted some equipment on the counter and it fell with a crash on top of the rat.  Toad figured it to be just one of the experimental lab rats and moved to dispatch it.  He smiled thinking how fun it would be to kill the ugly thing.

Eric laughed as Ally joined Remy, "Fire-cat and Ice-cat are no more."  He chuckled.  "I now control when they can use ANY ability"

Remy was about to charge at him but Ally grabbed his shoulder and her hand was ice cold.

"Perhaps Eric you don't know about our link then."  Ally floated up as one hand crackled with flames on her palm ad the other formed a lovely ice ball in her hand.

Eric's mouth dropped, "Perhaps, I caught the wrong cats first." he regained his composure.  "I will not make that mistake again."

Ally didn't take the bait but threw the ice ball at Eric and hitting the wall flat behind him.  Eric's laugh caught in his throat at her miss.  "Can't hit the target?"

Ally began her own sneer as she pushed Eric back into the wall telekinetically and the fireball forced him into the wall as it crumbled under its weak icy form.

Sabertooth had been keeping Logan busy until he heard Eric's scream.  Pyro quickly moved in to help Eric but Toad was unhappy that his fun was interrupted and came grudgingly.

Remy grabbed Ally's arm.  "Dat's our cue to go, chere?"  He looked around for Hayley but didn't see her.  "Where's Hayley?"

Ally began to settle down feeling on fire with Hayley's quick temper, "With Scott," She sighed feeling the toll of the day coming down on her.  "He rushed her out."

Logan rushed to Ally and kissed her quickly.  Remy cleared away the debris from on top of his sister and gathered her into his arms.  He eyed his battered sister and kissed her head as she moaned.  He noticed the woman that he had seen hiding under the lying unconscious on the floor.  Rayne followed his look, growled and struggled to free herself from her brothers’ arms.


“No Rayne, we have to get out of here.”  He fought to keep a hold of her.  Rayne in rat form snarled, hissed, and fought more fiercely to gain her freedom.  Her brother exasperated that she couldn’t talk while in this form and tell him what she wanted, wound his arms tightly around her body and pulled her away from the woman on the floor, “We have to leave Now Rayne.  Quit fightin’ me girl.”  Rayne let out a pitiful squeak and surrendered to her brother’s will.  As they rushed out of the room, she looked back at Deanna and stifled a sob for the vengeance that was denied her.

Storm ushered Justice to the window as Beast grabbed him against protest.  They heard Sabretooth and the rest of the brotherhood, digging Magneto out.

Beast jumped and Ally rushed to guide him down with her heavy brother with her telekinesis.  Remy smiled at Ally, "Yo' did good, chere," He gave her a wink a little impressed and hopped after Justice, Storm and Beast.

Alex stood there frozen and Logan wrapped his arm around her shoulders, He turned to Ally who started to make her way to them, "Get out of here, I got Alex right behind you."  He nodded to the window.

Ally sighed but leapt out knowing Logan wouldn't keep Alex in danger.  He scooped the light blonde into his arms, "You ready darlin'?"

She nodded and Logan jumped from the window a half a beat behind the rest of the group.

Logan hit the ground easily and put Alex on her feet but she seemed in a daze.

"Whatever they did to you, Hank'll fix it," Logan assured her.

She nodded and watched Logan run up to help with Justice who pushed the others away insisting he was 'fine'.

Alex sighed at the welcome sight of the Blackbird and heard it was ready to go but before she could board something had her arm.  She turned to see Pietro and stepped away abruptly.

"Why do you pull away?" he said quickly.  "I didn't hurt you."  Pietro moved closer as she backed against the blackbird.

"What do you want?"  Alex felt helpless for the first time in a long time knowing her ice wouldn't come if she summoned it.

Pietro's look softened, "Just you."  He noticed she wasn't reacting as positive as he had hoped but didn't pull away.  He touched her face and let a hand trail to her waist.

"Why are you doing this?" she whispered as he planted little kisses along her throat.

He let his kisses reach her mouth and found her not responding as she did to him before.  He took her head in his hands and kissed her sweetly. She didn't push him away but responded a little and pushed herself from him feeling his body growing hot.

"I am in love with Hank."  She said quickly putting some space between them.

"I can tell you want me, Alex." he coo-ed in her ear as he closed in on the space between them.  "Your body wants me."  He felt victorious as he had this woman confused about her own feelings.  He let his body run along her body and as it stopped along her breast, he gasped in her ear.

Alex was frozen to the spot not sure what to do.  She grabbed his hand gently, "Why didn't you do what your father told you to?"

He stopped and looked at her eye to eye so she could see his honesty.  "I think that's obvious, Alexandra."

She stayed confused and she hadn't expected Pietro to fall for her.

"I could have taken you back to my father by now," he said softly, "and you could have joined your friends."

"I. I...." Alex's thought was lost quickly as he found her mouth and let his tongue tangle with hers.  Alex didn't pull away feeling she owed him this for not hurting her.  She found it harder and harder to think about Hank.

Logan cleared his throat loudly and Alex's hands on Pietro shocked her too.

Pietro pulled her to him by the waist, "She's staying with me."

Alex looked at Logan as a traitor would and a few tears streamed down her cheek.  Logan grabbed Alex quickly and pushed his adamantium claws in Pietro's face.

"You need something, Speedy?" he snarled.  "Or do we have a prisoner?"

Alex heard the brotherhood coming for them. "Logan," she lowered Logan’s hand.  "No, he kept them from hurting me as much as he could."

Logan didn't feel shocked but considered her dazed condition.  "You ain’t yourself, darlin'."

Pietro didn't notice the exchange between the other two but a panicked look came to his face.  He speed around Logan and kissed Alex again.  "Run, Alexandra."  He looked at his feet not able to meet her face because he knew she was in love with Beast.  "Once the others get here you will be powerless."

Logan grunted a little at Pietro but Alex grabbed his hand and nodded with a tiny smile.

Logan snatched Alex's hand back as Pietro stood there, "Don't think all's forgoten here, kid." He growled and pulled Alex away with him.