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Rough Starts:




         Justice sighed as he watched Beast looking Jordan over. He felt helpless, sure he had heard his daughter’s call mentally and he ran before anybody else even knew what happened but this was his child, not theirs.

           “Not so quick to snap joked off now are ye boyo?” Dom said as sat next to Khaki. Justice narrowed his eyes at the little man, “Good to know you have a serious side, lad.”

           Rayne sat up straight next to Alex who explained that Justice was Jordan’s father.

           Ally sat on the other side Khaki talking to her calmly as the child clung to Logan’s arm.

           Reggie, Sassy and Minnie sat calmly talking to Aubrey, Josh and Jason, who brought them up to date. Kodiak stayed silent, he seemed happy as a wall-flower in the activity.

          “I could have been quicker,” Justice rubbed the back of his head. “I should have been the one to pull her out.”

          Beast looked up, “Who did?” he asked as he placed a protective plastic piece over his thermometer.

          “Gambit pulled her out before I got there.” Justice admitted with a smile to Gambit’s sister, “He Also got to Hayley before I could.”

           Rayne’s eyes were wide and her pride was evident, “Gambit pulled yo’ out?” she said to Jordan with a smile. It wasn’t the first time her brother had been none to do something to gallant. He had put his life on the line for her many times already.

         “He pulled Aunt Hayley out by her hair.” Imp nodded.

         Despite the fowl mood that had entrapped the infirmary, everyone laughed. Even Rayne stifled a giggle at the thought of her brother grabbing a woman by the hair like a caveman.

         Rayne settled back into her bed a little exhausted by all the commotion. Her whiskers twitched as she mulled things over in her mind. How should she talk to him? They needed to make decisions and she needed to make sure that he was safe.

        Rayne sensed her brother’s return, and looked at the med-lab doors.  Gambit walked thru the doors with a dark haired, drenched woman in is arms.

        Jean looked at Hayley who was dripping wet.  "Don't you think your being a little careless, with that baby your carrying?"
        Hayley’s eyes flashed a warning at Jean, "It's really none of your business, Dr. Grey." She felt helpless in Gambit’s arm but she knew she was weaker on her feet. Justice shot her a quick look as did Ally and Alex, and she sighed because she knew when to pick her fights. She and Jean would have to have a talk later.

      Dom and the new mutants eyed Hayley with their curious stares. With her raven locks stuck to her head, her identical features to Ally and Alex stood out even more.  Hayley’s normally olive skin was pale again the harsh contrast of her dark tresses, and made her blue eyes jump out.

      “Saints preserve us, the ARE three of you now.” Dom exclaimed taking in the three sisters together.

       Alex laughed at the little man and Hayley’s eyes shot open wide at the site of the little man.

       “What the hell is that?” Hayley said pointing at Dom.

         Gambit smirked as he set the wet woman down on the bed next to Rayne.  He flashed a smile at his sister, and waggled his eyebrows, "Did ya miss me, petite?"
        Rayne looked at her soggy brother skeptically. "Looks like yo' been workin' real hard, Remy."
        Gambit walked over, and gave his sister a peck on her cheek.  "Ah wan' yo' ta meet someone, chere.  Her name's Hayley."
        Rayne looked at Remy's foolish grin, then at Hayley, who she had just heard the doctor say was pregnant. She frowned, and looked to her brother.  "Your chile, Remy?"
        Gambit chuckled at her question.  No petite, not dis crafty cajin boy. He too good ta get caught, non?"
        Hayley didn't want to get into this kind of conversation, so she tried to change the subject.  "I need, to get out of these wet clothes."
        Ally walked over and tossed Hayley a hospital gown.  You also need to get some bed rest."
        Hayley sighed, she knew that was true, she was drained and needed some down time.  Especially after nearly drowning her niece.  As quickly as possible, she peeled off her wet attire under the clothing Ally had given her, and leaving her with a single thin gown. She took the sheet from the bed she was on and wrapped up in it against the sudden chill.  "Why do hospital linens always have to be so, inhospitable?"
       "From where I’m standin', chere, Yo' look like an angel."  He said with a cocky grin.
       "Huh?" Hayley tossed her head and gave him a coy smile.


Rayne's frown deepened.  She didn't like her brother giving that kind of attention, to a pregnant woman.  She had to find outmore about this situation. Rayne reasoned that since Remy was actually pursuing this female, that she was most likely not married.  Her whiskers twitched nervously.  She sensed deception on Hayleys part, and didn't like that at all.  "Pardon moi Madame, but shouldn' da chiles father be helpin' yo' now?"
      Hayley knew the game Rayne was playing.  She wasn't about to let some scrawny little rat tell her how to run her life. Hayley sighed at the younger woman, and then stretched her hand out to her, “Nice to meet you, I’m Hayley.”
       Rayne looked at her hand as if she had a fungus growing on it, “De fah’er of yo’ chile?” Rayne persisted, hoping to get her brother to come to his senses.
       “Occupez-vous de vos affaires s'il vous plaît.” Hayley said pointedly but was losing her temper quickly.
       Rayne was slightly taken back by Hayley’s words, 
and annoyed that she tried to relate to her in French.
       A flustered Gambit, was caught between two highly
volatile women. Ally went to Hayley to help Remy defuse the situation.
       “Dis not de time, Ladies,”  Gambit said, staring hard at the bed sheets before him.
       "Yo' de fool, Remy. Dat femme don' even know who de father is."  Rayne kept her eyes on her brother, hoping that she could get him to see, how he was wrong in pursuing that woman.
       Remy snapped his head to look at his troublesome sister. " 'Nough a dis talk Rayne.  You an Hayley need ta calm down an get some rest."
       “Hayley, perhaps you would be better off sleeping in your own bed tonight?” Ally suggested, wanting to get Hayley as far away from the upset and injured mutant as possible.
         Hayley had to respect them, Gambit saved her life, and his sister only wanted what she thought was best for her brother.  It was something Hayley had done before as well.
         “Not a bad idea,” Hayley said and kicked her feet over the side of the bed. She hopped down only to find she was still wobbly.  Gambit and Ally helped her to keep her balance.
        Ally sighed because Beast gave them a harsh look.  She knew he hadn’t looked Hayley over yet.
         Beast noted Ally’s pleading look as she touched his mind. He became aware of her worry for the more injured of the two.
          “If someone would escort Miss Hayley to her room,” Beast said as he wrote on the chart, “I will be up shortly for a more thorough examination.” 
          “I’ll go” Ally volunteered.
          The sight of Gambit’s set look at Rayne, and Rayne twitching whiskers and low growl, left Ally to rethink things.

          Alex was a step ahead of her though, “Perhaps, Hayley
s rescuer would like to accompany us.”
          Alex looked at Hank as she gathered some materials quickly. “I will give her a quick
once over, so take your time,” She smiled at him and touched his mind, ‘While your at it, take Rayne’s blood pressure, I am sure Hayley raised it.’

          Beast smiled and knew Alex would keep things calm.
          Hayley began to walk on but felt a breeze in the back of her gown.
          “That’s right,” Reggie called, “They have great circulation in those dresses, don’t they?”   He grinned a
wkwardly,  "And an interesting view."

          Gambit snatched the sheet from the bed and threw it over Hayley shoulders. Then he turned to his sister. “Ah'lI be righ’ back, petite.”  He smiled at Rayne who
ses eyes still smoldered from the altercation.

          Xavier shook his head at the scene, “Jean, let’s get our new friends to some rooms.”  He looked at the tired and ragged people, “Tomorrow is a big day and I am sure you would like some refreshments and rest.”

          Khaki picked up Dom with a little smile as they began to file out behind Jean.
          Rayne's eye's locked with Dom's and she growled at him showing her teeth.  Khaki caught on and gave the nasty tempered rat a dirty look.

          “Uncle Charles,” Ally moved past Justice and Jordan, “I am sorry for all the trouble.”
          Xavier gave her a curious glance and looked at Beast.
          “My dear, if not for you and your siblings, we would still be at the deadly grasp of Oliver Adam’s creative force.” Beast said quickly to Ally then he looked at Jordan, “What I meant is your daddy is a hero.”
          Jordan laughed, “I know what you said,” the child snorted.
          “You did?” Hank gave her a towel to dry her hair. “How?”
          “Because I
am really smart,” Imp replied casually and began to dry her hair.

          Allyson, and Justice smiled proudly at the child.
          “Thank you Dr. McCoy, but that isn’t what I meant.” Ally smiled at Beast, “I mean I am sorry for the funerals tomorrow.” She turned her eyes to Xavier but couldn’t hold his gaze.
          “Allyson, it wasn’t your fault.” Charles reasoned.
          “Yes, it was.” Ally began towards the door Solemnly, knowing full well the new comers who knew Willow as their friend would see it that way too. “I didn’t control it.”
           Xavier looked after his niece as she retreated into herself and walked swiftly out of the infirmary.
          Logan was on his feet and followed after Ally.

         Aramis walked in dubiously, looking about at the much smaller crowd.
         Beast looked somewhat annoyed at the older mutant. “Allyson called you hours ago to help us here, Aramis.”
         “Yes, I am sorry,” Aramis looked at Rayne who was a veritable pit of emotions. “I couldn’t be so close to so many others at once, too many feelings.”
         Aramis walked over to Rayne and sat next to her. “Don’t worry about your brother.” She touched Rayne’s hand gently, but Rayne flinched at the empath’s touch. “He is with Hayley cat?” she asked the whiskered young woman, who only nodded numbly. “Then he is in good hands.”
         Rayne narrowed her eyes at Aramis. “How yo’ figure dat?” she sneered at her.
        “The cat's have a strong code of ethics and morality.” Aramis reassured her.
        Rayne snorted her derision, "Yeah, dat's right. Dey are jus' full a morality, aren't dey?"  Rayne cocked her head and her whiskers twitc
hed nervously.  "An who are you? Dere spokes person?"
        Aramis thought better of continuing that conversation, and she changed the subject. “I am Aramis.” She whispered softly. “I was wondering, why would you want to leave here, when your brother loves you so?”
        “Yo’ in mah head?”  Rayne shouted. “Is dat yo’ code an et’ics?”  She threw the sheet off of her and stared at the woman
accusingly. Her eye's glowed fierce amber.
        “No, I wouldn’t do that,” Aramis said quickly, but before she knew it Rayne was leaping at her.

         Justice wasn’t close enough to be effective as he saw Rayne leap for Aramis. Rayne landed her mouth across Aramis’s arm but Aramis seemed to counter by letting off a strange glow.
         Aramis began a soft white glow that kept Rayne from drawing her blood. Instead, Rayne moved back to the bed as if she was in a trance.
        Justice and Beast stared at Aramis, and Jean went to Rayne.
       “What did you do?” Justice asked as Rayne sat docile.
       “I changed her mind.” Aramis said nonchalantly.
       “How?” Charles asked.
       “I traded her emotions.” Aramis explained. “I brought a calmer emotion forward, but aparently she doesn’t have very many of them, so it won’t last for long.”

        Beast looked over Aramis’s arm for evidence of the attack. “Well, it looks as if you may forego a rabies shot this time.” Beast sighed and crossed his arms at Aramis, “Perhaps you are not ready to help other mutants?”
       “After the service’s tomorrow Aramis,” Xavier cleared his throat, “we will begin your training, with your permission.”
        Aramis nodded and could only wonder what she had done wrong, she only defended herself.

      Storm sat by the basketball courts, and she could only imagine what Justice was going through right now. She felt for Imp, the child she had known even before Justice.

       ‘His daughter,’ she mused to herself silently.

        She let her mind wander as she looked to the pool, and she remembered not too long ago two people who shared a tender moment there. Perhaps, they would have shared more if he hadn’t gotten that phone call. Fate could be cruel to lovers because Shakespeare proved that.

        She sighed thinking of the funerals the professor had scheduled for the morning. She knew this would be hard on the Adams and would keep her distance. The last thing she needed was to confuse and already confusing man.

       A gentle touch on her shoulder made her jump, and she looked up into the blue eyes of Justice Adams.

      “I didn’t mean to scare you,” He smiled and sat next to her.

      Her smile overcame her unhappy features, “I was just wondering how you were.” She said trying to stay cool and not overwhelm him

     “I will be fine if Hayley and Jordan can stay out of trouble for 20 minutes,” he smiled.

     “I am glad your daughter is all right,” she said hoping to remind him of his obligations to his wife and daughter, and hoping to find out where she fit in now.

      He swallowed hard, “Storm,” he mumbled at a loss for words. “I thought she was dead.” Then he shoo his head. “I was lead to believe she was gone and I didn’t know about Jordan.” He looked at his feet as if they would help him in his loss for words. He sighed, “You have known my girl longer than I have.”

      Storm nodded knowing how truly sad that sounded. “Are you still in love with Chloe?” She regretted the words, realizing it sounded like a choice between women.

      “I don’t know,” Justice mumbled and tried to meet Storm’s eyes but she turned away. “I do know I feel a lot for you. Ororo.”

       “Justice, that doesn’t help us,” Storm stood, “Maybe we should keep our distance, until you understand your feeling for Chloe. You need to work them out with out distraction.”

       Justice and Storm both looked at the window that the movement was coming from. The strong colors caught their attention quickly, Hayley’s Dark curls and Remy’s auburn short crop moved closer together in front of the window.  Remy made a sweeping gesture to Hayley and she laughed at him. He made the move to leave but found Hayley eased him back to her by his collar, and pulled him into a kiss. The two seemed not to notice anybody else lost in the embrace, but it was Remy who gently pushed Hayley away. Remy kissed her cheek and opened the door for Hayley and she disappeared into the room. Remy was left standing in the hall and shook his head at the door once it shut. He crossed his arms and smiled broadly, and then he ran off down the hall in pursuit of something else.


       Storm couldn’t help but to feel a pang of jealousy for the carefree nature Hayley embodied. She turned away feeling a voyeur.

       “Hayley doesn’t waste time huh?” She joked with Justice.

        He laughed, “She never did,” then he looked at the door Hayley had gone into. “I just hope she knows what she is doing.” He sighed at the thought of Hayley’s recklessness. He hoped she wasn’t in this for just for fun. ‘Remy seems cool and broken heart wouldn’t suit him with all the trouble he has now.’ 

      “Hayley doesn’t have problems because she doesn’t want problems.” Justice laughed. “Does that make sense?”

      Storm laughed despite the fact she wanted to cry, “Yes, it does.” And she couldn’t help but to think she would love to loose responsibility for a day and be care-free, like Hayley.




         After the professor told Ty Aubrey had left the infirmary, he had met Rayne, and he went to find Aubrey in the guest rooms.

         He took a deep breath and knocked on a door hoping he had guessed right, he feared using his telepathy because he had been reckless with it earlier.

         The door flew open and there stood Josh hopping as he was putting his sock on. Josh gave Ty a wry smile and backed out of the way so Ty could come in.

        “Hadn’t expected you,” Josh said, and sat down on the bed next to his nightstand with his cigarette. 

        “I stayed around.” Ty laughed.

        Josh grabbed his cigarette, “Nah, I meant tonight.”

        “Oh, well. I was looking for Aubrey.” Ty blushed a little.

        “Yeah?” Josh flicked his ashes quick and gave his friend a stern once over. “Why?” He challenged him. He knew all to well what Ty wanted, but he wanted a confession. Josh was Aubrey’s only family and he owed him that, an explanation.

         “I was hoping to talk to her, see if she wanted to go for a walk or something.” Ty smiled.

         “Just say it man.”


         “You want to date her.” Josh nodded. “You found out she mixed you and your twin up, and now you are interested.” Josh took a puff on his cigarette. “It sup to Aubrey tho.”

         “You don’t approve?”

         “You left us.” Josh narrowed his eyes.

         “You’re shitting me right?”

          Josh held his stern glare. “We can be friends but after you left us, I hope Aubrey thinks it through.”  He rested his cigarette on the tray. “We thought it was the three of us against the.” Josh pushed his back against the backboard of the bed. “We don’t have anything against you, but we’re both hurt.”

          “Come on living in the open like Huckleberry Fin, it’s not for me man.” He held up his mechanical arm. “I rust.” Then he shrugged his shoulders.

          “Honest we understand, but…..,” Josh grabbed his cigarette and ash tray.

          “Whatever,” Ty laughed. “You gonna join Xavier’s crew?” He wasn’t fooled because Josh looked a lot more comfortable here this time.

          “I dunno,” He smiled ruefully. “Things seem different.”


          “I really believe their cause now,” Josh admitted. “I can see they are trying to make a difference. I can thank Aubrey for that.”

          Ty smiled at him.

          “Or some of these other mutants are talking about forming their own union,” Josh grabbed his cigarette and took a long puff finishing it off. “Could be cool.”

          “I guess,” Ty admitted. “but wouldn’t you like to get your ability down?”

          Josh laughed and pushed his still lit cigarette but into the ashtray until it’s light was diminished. “I am not like you and Aubrey, I just poison people.” He sat up right again. “What do I need to learn a degree of control?”


          “We’ll see” Josh laughed again. He felt much better about being here now. “Aubrey’s room is next door to me.”

           Ty jumped off the bed and started towards the door.

           “I am listening,” Josh pointed his finger at him. “You are not spending the night with her.”

          “Sure.” Ty smiled and ran out.

          Josh shook his head watching him go, “Aw, shit.”

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