Rogue's New Look

Ally was falling fast. Logan moved quickly and caught her before she hit the ground. Her eyes were completely shut and her breathing faint now. Justice ran up him grabbing his side.

"Let me get her to Hank." He looked at him for approval. Logan gave her to her brother and watched as he disappeared.

Alex put a hand on Logan's shoulder. "You need to see Hank." His side hadn't stopped bleeding yet.
"I am fine." He was worried about Ally and the babies right now. He made his way to Storm to see how she was doing. She had burns on her and looked uncomfortable as she lay there.

He looked at Jean, "She okay?" Jean nodded absentmindedly. Alex went to Storm too, she was used to Hayley's burns and could help.

Hayley picked Rogue up from where the ground where she lay near Hayley. She cradled her head, feeling for the child. She remembered when she received her gifts from her father's experiments. It had hurt a lot and she had problems controlling it too. Rogue had received gifts, her powerful fire gift and her telepathy at the same time. Hayley looked at her she looked peaceful enough. She wasn't sure which gift it was that overwhelmed her to this state. She put Rogue in her lap to get a better grip. She wrapped an arm under her knees and the other behind her back. Then she jumped into the air. Rogue's body was hot to touch and she doubted anybody else would be able to carry her. Hayley's body and mind ached from the car crashing and Rogue's touch seemed to weaken her a lot. She took a deep breath and pushed past it. The girl was hurting and was the innocent one in all this. She glanced from the air at the people on the ground. She would have a chance to rest but now it was time to move. She looked at Logan and smiled.

"Hey, you want to get those bags while you are down there." She called to Logan. He glanced at her as he stood up from Storm's side. Hayley winked at him and flew off.
Logan shook his head and ran off towards the infirmary.

In the infirmary Logan found Ally lying on a bed with Justice next to her. Beast was bending over her examining her. Then he noticed Professor X and a gray haired man. Logan eyed him cautiously. 'Was the man even mutant? He did not believe the man to be a threat.

Beast noticed him and looked at him with a slight smile. "She is fine, Logan" he sighed a little, "She is 'recovering'."
Logan walked over to her. She did look a little better. He found her hand and squeezed.
Justice caught Logan's eyes. Logan could tell he hurt too. What scared him was the look he had. Justice was a strong guy and very stubborn and right now he looked very pissed. "That shit is mine." Justice hissed quietly under his breath.
"You will have to get in line, Just." Logan mumbled.
"Logan," Charles began, "This is Dr. Fletcher. He will be able to help with Allyson's pregnancy." Xavier smiled at him.
Logan shook the hand Fletcher held before him. "He has helped many mutants and is an obstetrics Doctor." Charles told him carefully. He noticed his eyes didn't move far from Allyson.

Hayley ran in with Rogue. They both looked haggard and worn. Logan had to wonder how it was that Hayley was still standing. She must be weak to have been so far behind him. Rogue was now conscious and looking around at them.
"Rogue swears that she is all right but I thought you would still want to check her out." Hayley said slowly as she walked Rogue over to the bed and sat her down easy.

Charles ushered the Doctor to the other room. He knew that the wounded and weary would be in. He also wanted to go over Hank's results to help get him started on Ally and the pregnancy.

Hayley sat on another bed and caught a big breath. She looked at Ally, then to Beast. "Is she okay, Hank?" she asked.
"Yes," Beast answered as he studied Rogue. She had always fascinated him.
Alex and Scott came in quietly. Scott carried Storm. Beast ran to Storm quickly and ushered Scott to a ready bed.

Rogue began to cough violently and everyone looked at her quickly. She had one of Hayley's cigarettes. Logan snatched it and put it out.
Beast looked up a little amused, "Who did she absorb Hayley or Logan?"
Logan looked at him and cocked an eyebrow; "Did she have a lighter?"
"I have the telepathy thing too. I can hear Ally's thoughts." Rogue chimed in.

Beast looked at her as she smiled at him with a very seductively playful grin. He knew he would have to examine her carefully.

Hayley pointed a finger at her. "Get outta her head, kid. She could over load you head if she gets in pain." They had done this to each other many times before and Hayley knew how much it could hurt. Alex and Justice had pulled from her head already.
Scott looked at Rogue. "Somebody should stay with her for a while or she could be drinking and smoking."

Jean looked at him "I am sure we will need somebody to help her with the abilities. Maybe we should confine her to her room." She said quickly.

Justice and Alex exchanged a quick glance. "Bad idea." They said together. The more they confined Hayley the wilder she became, plus Hayley could pick locks easily.
"I want to stay here." Rogue protested. She also seemed to have Hayley's concern for Ally and the babies.
Beast laughed, "It would seem that Hayley has a twin for the time being."
"I already have two," She sighed

Logan had been watching everyone a little amused. It was never dull. Ally's eyes fluttered open slowly. She felt the baby monitor on her belly and could hear the familiar thumping of their heartbeats. Logan smiled at her.
"Hey Hank," Logan called to Beast. Ally smiled at him. She looked fine now. A little winded but fine.
"Now that she is awake are you two going to get married." Rogue called happily.
Ally and Logan exchanged a stare and looked at everyone's surprised gaze.
Hayley crossed her arms and faced Rogue. "Exactly what did you get from my head?" she asked her.
"A lot." Rogue cocked and eyebrow at her. She used a tone very similar to Hayley's and her face was in perfect imitation of Hayley's smart-ass personality.
Ally laughed lightly. Hayley could have been arguing with a mirror.
Married? Everyone exchanged glances. Justice and Alex just smiled. 'It's about time.' They thought in each other's minds happily. They almost laughed a little as they realized Rogue was a part of that link right now.

Charles had been listening quietly at the door to the lab. Scott and Justice walked over and smiled at Logan congratulating him.

"When will it be?" Xavier asked the couple.
Logan cleared his throat. "Actually," he looked at Ally as he began. "I picked a suit today."

"Can I help?" Rogue asked eagerly.
Ally smiled at them, "We never set a date but we agreed it would have to be soon." She gestured to her belly.
"I think Scott and Jean can appreciate your want for marriage," Beast smiled. He knew it was a lame attempt to get Scott and Jean to make up but he had to try it.

'A wedding,' Alex and Hayley thought as they went to help Beast with Storm's burns as her eyes opened slowly. Alex knew they could help, they had enough experience with burns now. They exchanged excited looks at each other. They wanted to tell Storm right away but she looked too weak to appreciate the good news.
Everyone began to talk excitedly. Rogue had another cigarette and as Beast took it from her he pulled the curtain to Ally's bed to give Logan and Ally a little privacy.
Ally looked at him with a very serious expression. "I am not sure about getting married this soon," She tilted her head slightly. "What about your memories? Are you sure about this? I mean it could be hard on you"
He had never been so sure about another person or the decisions. "Al, I will be fine."
She looked at him hard almost wanting to read him to make sure but the look he wore convinced her. He kissed her tenderly and it was like the old Logan holding her again. Her memories of him came to her like a wave.

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