Rogue's Lonliness:



Ally waked towards the infirmary. She liked its cool cleanness but hated going this way it seemed that she was there a lot. She stepped in and saw Hank at a table working and Alex was sitting up talking to him. They both smiled at her when she came in.

"Hey," she called as she made her way over to Alex, "How are you feeling?"

"Better thanks to you." Alex smiled gratefully.

"I only adjusted Hayley's concoction," she looked from Hank to Alex, "Am I interrupting?"

"Not at all," Hank said, "We have just been talking. I have been informing her of all the latest gossip."

'Well, not all of the latest gossip,' he thought to himself as Hayley's image wafted through his mind.

Ally squirmed as she thought of the plans Justice had in mind for them, "Hey, Alex," she called to her sister as she became more uncomfortable. "We are going after dad."

Alex's eyes grew big with curiosity. "What?"

"Justice has a plan to get us inside so that Dad trusts us and take him down." She smiled weakly.

Alex looked worried.

"She cannot fight, Ally." Hank interceded. He hoped she wasn't entirely serious.

Ally sighed and crossed her arms as she looked at Alex, "I hope we won't need her this time at all."

Alex understood her sister's agenda and was slightly panicked, "You are going to take our father on again telepathically, aren't you?" Alex watched Ally's face and knew she was right. "Last time you tried you ended up in a 2 week coma."

"Is he strong like Charles?" Hank asked quickly, "Is Charles even aware of your plan?

She shook her head as she looked at him innocently, "Does he have to be?" She shrugged her shoulders. "We are not his Xmen and this is family business."

"Which can get you killed Ally-cat." Hank was almost yelling at her now. "When will any of you four accept help."

"Hank" they said together.

Ally slipped towards the door and before she left she looked at Hank. "We have to fix what we have broken." The door shut quickly behind her.

He faced Alex quickly he could see by her fixed stare, she was in, "Please, tell me you are not thinking of going." He knew the answer already.

She faltered, "Hank." She took a deep breath. "Hayley could kill him and might if I am not there."

Hank looked at her with the intensity he felt, "I just got you back, Alex. I found a person more extraordinary, kinder and gentler than anyone I have ever met, then you ended up here and I was afraid I would never have again what we have now." He made sure she was looking in his eyes. He felt a little betrayed. "I know you are going, no matter what I do but accept some help. It's not you against the world anymore." He walked in to the lab leaving her staring at him and leaving her to think about what he had said.



Logan heard music and it brought back memories. It was an old Enigma tune, Sadness part one. While they had been dating Ally had played the record and the song continuously and he knew it by heart now. He didn't mind the peaceful chanting, it was better than the usual rock lyrics the triplets had subjected him to.

He followed the rhythmic beat to the gym and found Ally moving in time with the beat. He watched her skillful gymnastics and dancing, as she held her self on one hand now in perfect control. He watched her beautiful lithe body as he could make out her muscles in her legs and arms through her shirt and shorts. Her body was athletically perfect but she still managed to look very feminine. He felt his pulse quickening at the sight of tiny body and he felt the urge to get her alone. He forget his primal urge as he began to watch her routine change, she began to move too quickly for the beat as her jumps and flips became higher and harder. 'She must be upset.' He thought.

His heart skipped a beat as her foot slipped and she tried to catch herself in mid flip. She caught herself enough to break her fall gracefully but she still just lay there on the hard floor unmoving. Finally he watched her body as she took a deep breath and the next song came on the stereo.

"HAH! Push it!" the female rap group yelled. Ally rolled to her feet and began to move to the music again. Logan noticed that she threw herself with more force into her dancing and it seemed almost angry. He wasn't sure if he should try to catch her and make her sit out for a while. The last time she had been so angry in a routine, she had fallen and broken her arm and later she was heart broken to know she couldn't compete in finals.

He sighed as he watched her push herself harder and wondered again if he should stop her. He walked over so he would be in her sight. He did like to watch her gymnastics, he was agile but her did not have her degree of control that came from years of practice.

She finally caught sight of Logan as she took a deep breath and watched him out of the corner of her eye.

He threw an eyebrow up at her, "No mat?"

"I forgot." She smiled as she walked over to him.

"I talked to Justice," he said pointedly as he lit a cigar. He noticed her smile disappeared at the mention of Justice's conversations.

"Oh," was all she said as she picked up her sandals.

"You are not going, Al." He looked pissed.

She ignored him as she walked over and kissed him. "Where is your shirt?" she smiled slightly as she tilted her head at him.

"Hayley dumped me in the pool."

She laughed at the thought of it.

He forgot his battle with Ally as he thought about Hayley, "Ally what is it with her? Is t it me?" he almost whispered afraid it was true.

"No, but I don't think you help." She teased with a little smile.

"You really want to face your father again?" he looked at her cautiously.

"No, but I have to." She started and took a breath. "You would too if you were me."

He shook his head and didn't met her eye, he knew she was right, " I am not okay with this, Al"

She held her ground against her husband. "You are going to have to be." She crossed her arms, "This is something I have to do." She started to push past him out the door but he grabbed her arm lightly.

"Let me in, Al" His eyes were searching her calmly.

"You could blow everything if he sees you"

"I don't need to be seen"

She sighed because she knew he could be invisible back up but that was depending on Logan keeping his temper. "Let's discuss it with Justice."

He wanted her to make the decision now but all he said was, "OK."

He shrugged and kissed her. 'So this was compromise?' he looked at the wall. 'It sucked.'








Justice was still sitting by the pool. He was worried about the benefit tomorrow. Rogue watched him from a distance evenly. He caught a glimpse of her and gave her a smile. He thought she was a good kid, sweet. "Where is your friend?" he asked her with out meeting her eye.

"Who Bobby?"

"Yeah, the other ice mutant."

"He went to bed early." She smiled at Justice. "Everyone is excited about the park benefit."

"Huh?" he looked at her wide-eyed. Had he heard her right? "The students are going?"

She nodded.

"You just keep them out of our way if you can." He laughed.

He sat still in his chair as he looked down at Logan's things drying fast in the heat of the night.

Rogue pulled a chair up to him. "What is it like to be so close to them?"

"Who?" he asked. He had been deep in thought and hadn't been paying attention to her.

"Your sisters."

"I don't know." He mumbled as he looked over to the abandoned basketball courts.

"Do you play?" he gestured towards the courts. He felt like he should entertain her because he wasn't sure what it was she wanted to know.

"Sure, what? Now?" she jumped up.

"I just need some exercise before I end up fat and lazy." He smiled

She giggled at the idea of him 400 lb.

A little into the game she noticed she was making some easy shots on him. 'He was holding back.'

She stopped and held the ball still. "You don't have to hold back." She said offended.

He sighed. "You are not as tall as I am or have half of my experience "If my sisters play they use their powers and it almost evens out." He smiled as he took the ball and began to make some foul shots.

Her face brightened and he never saw her take her glove off. As he turned to say something to her and she touched his face. He jumped back once she broke the touch, "What the………..?" He stumbled back slightly.

She jumped with a surge of Justice's speed and strength, she even noticed his slight telepathic link. She took a deep breath to control it. Unlike absorbing Hayley's powers it wasn't as overwhelming for her to touch him and control his ability. She tried running at Justice's speed and flew around him to quickly for him to make out her shape.

His mouth flew open, "Whoa," 'Was that what it looked like when he used his speed?'

She eyed him as he watched her and she laughed at his astonished glance, "NOW, you have competition."

"Are you acting like me?"

She laughed at him and sped towards the basket and put the ball in the hoop with ease.

"Your height is still a factor." He pointed out.

"Get over it Plus, I took your strength so that handicaps you." She had a smile playing on her lips.

The game was close. Rogue made such and easy transfer of powers that Justice found that it was hard for either of them to score. "Let's take a rest," he offered with a friendly smile as he lay down. "I really have to get some work done with Ally soon."

"Awww." She looked at him a little sad. She couldn't remember when she had so much fun playing basketball.

He laughed at her. She smiled at him with a look of awe as he sat on the ground. "You are a nice guy, Justice."

She was interesting, "How come you couldn't control Hayley's powers but you seem to be controlling mine?"

" I don't know. Her power was so…" she used her hands to try to convey what she meant as she gestured madly. "Much. It was so much so fast." She sighed at the memory. "Maybe I held on to her longer. Or maybe because one of your abilities is your strength. How can we be sure?" She smiled his smile at him.

"Hank is still doing studies on me." She sighed and sat down next to him.

Justice rolled his eyes at the idea of all those tests and he threw himself into the grass. "Let Alex find out and she will want to study you too." He looked at the ball behind his head then to Rogue. "You were a good match, Rogue."

She eyed the basketball, she had so much energy now. "I might play some more" she smiled at him and the ball by his head. "I have got so much energy now." She made a mad dive over his shoulder for the ball and fell on top of him. He started to help her up but he wasn't sure where he could touch her.

Rogue turned red as she pushed herself up a little to try to catch her balance and mumbled. "sorry"

She found herself face to face with him as he kept searching for a safe place to help her up. 'He was so easy to borrow from before……….' Before he could move she brushed her lips against hers. She relished the warmth of another person's skin to hers and she let her kiss linger. She felt him become rigid and stiff and she looked at him.

He regained a little bit of composure, "Hey, uh Rogue," then she did it again. Justice could feel something was wrong and he used his knee in to her clothed chest to push her off of him. Then he tried to scramble to his feet, he found balance difficult now as he stumbled to get to his feet.

Rogue looked at him surprised at being tossed back, then she saw how weak he looked and she swallowed hard. She held out a gloved hand trying to help steady him.

"What the heck kid? Are all the women around here in heat?" He finally got to his feet.

"I am sorry about your wife." She whispered mournfully.

"What?" then he realized she must have his memories because he could feel hers. "I understand you can't touch anybody and just because I took some of it doesn't mean I can be with you." He hoped to reach her.

"You have my memories too?" she asked him with an astonished look.

"Yeah, maybe we should see Hank or Jean." He turned to go to the house but he turned in time to see Scott's fist in his face. Justice stepped back as he watched Scott as he stood next to Bobby.

"I did it." Rogue jumped in between the older men. Bobby glared at her and walked quickly from the scene. She ran after him trying to explain.

Justice rubbed his jaw as he eyed Scott watching Rogue and Bobby. Justice grabbed Scott by the shirt and looked into his ruby lens. "Jack ass." He hissed. Then he head butted Scott.

Logan came out of no where as leapt at Justice and knocked him off balance. Scott stumbled and fell as he held his head. Ally knelt by him looking at his head. "Don't move, Scott, Justice has a hard head" She smiled at him. Scott shook his head as if he had water in it. He started to his feet with his gaze on Justice and Logan arguing. Ally pushed him back a little with her hand on his chest. "Don't start something huh?" her eyes held a warning.
Justice kicked Logan off of him, "Back off, Brah!" he snapped at Logan. Ally caught Logan mentally in the air as guided him to his feet.

Scott was calmer now as he watched the scene between Logan and his brother in law. A glimpse of something caught him from the corner of his eye.

Hayley landed on top off Justice laughing, "Battle!"

He tossed her and she flew into the air She continued to laugh as she landed.

Ally faced Justice, "What gives?" she demanded. "We still have a lot of work to do and you still need to talk to Xavier not show off with your friends." She crossed her arms at her brother.

'What nerve' Hayley thought as she cut Ally a look, "We still have to nail this routine, Ally" she said seriously.

"I have been practicing." Ally barked at Hayley.

"Half an hour okay?" Hayley winked at her sister, then she lit a cigarette.

Ally looked at the men who now stood disheveled and sweaty. "What happened?" she demanded from them.

Justice told them about Rogue and absorbing his power. He also told them for her want for closeness.

"She must have been pretty lonely to kiss Justice," Logan said half seriously.

"I don't get how you are still standing after she touched you three times," Hayley mumbled, "I was only touched once.

"We played basketball with her borrow of my powers," Justice shrugged.

Hayley tossed her cigarette as she looked at Ally, "You ready?"

Ally nodded and they walked toward the house together.

Logan picked up the basketball and threw it at Justice but Scott intercepted easily and put it in the hoop.

"Sure, after Rogue wore me down." He joked. They started yelling and knocking each other over as a game of basketball began.

Hayley and Ally looked over their shoulders at the men and shook their heads. Ally met Hayley's eye.

"You want to see Alex first?" Ally asked Hayley as she wondered if Hayley had seen their sister recently.

"Stop stalling."

Behind them they could hear Scott yelled at Justice, "Hey, no speed." They laughed as they got further away from them. "Do you think they will ever grow up?" Ally laughed.

Hayley scoffed, "No"

Before they went in the doors, Ally turned. "I love Logan" she smiled as she watched her husband absentmindedly.

Hayley sighed as she looked at her brother in law on the basket ball court. He was indeed handsome and they both knew he was a good man with a high code of ethics and honor. "Does he know it?" Hayley asked. Ally nodded, "Did you notice that Justice is giving off a smell like you do?"

As they disappeared through the doorway Hayley simply said, "Poor Justice."