Roads traveled:





Hayley sighed and turned the radio down because of protest in the car. She found a quieter rock station and settled back as Don Henley poured out of the speakers. "Taking you home." The man sang.

Ally listened to song sadly and began to think of Logan as the music continued, "and this love……………….. is stronger than I've ever known."

Hayley began to hum as Alex and Ally gave each other sad stares. They missed Hank and Logan and the song didn't help any. Alex found a book in her bag and began to flip through the pages quickly trying to divert her attention from the radio.

Justice shook his head as he watched his sister, 'This will be a long ride,' he thought and took a deep breath. "Break contact. We need to get used to talking to each other again," Justice ordered.

"Okay," Alex sighed and she kept her nose buried in her book.

"Did you guys meet that Gambit dude?" Hayley said quickly hoping to lighten the mood.

Alex shook her head, "Who?" Ally looked up slightly intrigued.

"Some French guy who snuck up on me." Hayley laughed a little at the memory, "Big flirt too"

"Hank said there was a man, who was Cajun and he would be there a while." Alex remembered suddenly. "What is he like?"

"Well, If I had pockets they would be empty," Hayley grinned.

"Well, Aramis was interesting enough," Ally said still a little upset with Aramis's reckless use of her gift earlier.

"Who?" Justice looked into the rearview at Ally a little confused. Then he remembered the young woman Hayley had told him about. "You mean the Empath? I didn't get a chance to meet her but Hayl said she's cool enough."

"Yes, but she needs to learn to control her ability," Alex said thoughtfully as she remembered Aramis. "I think she has emotions flooding her all time and can control it." She watched them for their reactions, "It would drive me up a wall."

"Most say that about telepaths," Ally sighed, "It's amazing what you can get used to."

"Speaking of, Ally get out of my head already, " Justice said a little impatiently.

"I did," She watched him we her own face full of questions.

"Ally I feel you too." Alex watched her sister for answers.

"Ditto," Hayley mumbled uninterested in the conversation. She watched out the window at the scenery flying past and stretched her feet up on the dashboard and sank back into her seat.

"Ally what's up?" Justice looked alarmed.

"I don't know. I have been picking up people's thought without even telepaths knowing and random thoughts as if they were spoken loudly. Now, you are saying I am in your head and I am not even aware. I am at a loss right now." Ally tossed her hands in the air.

"Let's get it under control before we get there." Justice said sternly, "Work with Hayley and Alex and get it under wraps or we may as well go back to Xavier." He looked ahead a little pissed off at this but he didn't want to discourage his sisters. 'Aw shit, Ally was our Ace in the hole.'



Rogue watched Logan kissing Ally goodbye by the car, as Rogue leaned against the window she had a wonderful view of the sad event between the two. She had never had anybody love her as much as they loved each other. She felt a pang on envy at the closeness they shared at the site of Ally curled into Logan's arms. She quickly brushed the thought aside and thought of the awful thing she had done earlier when she had told Logan about Hayley. She watched them bust apart as Hayley began to blast music from inside of the car. Rogue laughed at Hayley's craziness Rogue was almost glad that Ally and Logan separated but then she almost cried when she noticed Logan's saddened expression as the car pulled away. She felt for them and for Logan. She could see Logan starting back in and she stood up to meet him inside. She turned in time to see Bobby coming towards her.

She smiled at her friend, "I heard you saved Imp."

His face tinge slightly pink, "I hear Wolverine is going to train with some new guy in the danger room," he seemed to want to change the subject quickly enough.


"Some guy with red eyes," he smiled. "Josh and Aubrey left today too."

"How do you know all the gossip?" Rogue teased

"The students know all the gossip on teachers and their friends. They do some exciting stuff and you always seem to with them and in the middle of it." He laughed.

Imp ran in with her eyes dancing and a pretty brunette followed.

"That is Aramis," Rogue whispered to Bobby.

Imp started throwing things at Aramis telekinetically and Aramis countered easily.

"She is like Jean and Ally?" he said low.

"She is but she is also more than that." Rogue said with a grin.

"Aramis" Rogue said louder trying to catch the woman's attention. Aramis looked over quickly. "Aramis this is Bobby,"

Aramis caught Jordan's hand and walked over to them. "Hello." Imp stood now quiet by her side.

"How did you get her so calm?" Rogue asked.

"I gave her a calm emotion." She shrugged as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"You are the nanny?" Bobby asked astonished. He had assumed that Aramis was another mutant that had been found but now watching her with Imp he knew he had been wrong.

"Sort of," Rogue laughed before Aramis could respond, "She is an empath." Rogue turned the word over in her head. 'Was that right empath?'

"You can call me Kim," she smiled, "but it seems everyone likes to call me Aramis."

"They are both pretty names," Bobby smiled and he began to think he would need a mutant name soon too, even Rogue had one. "Do you watch all of the children?"

"Yes. Jordan, Tyler, Justin and the infants but right now Jean is with the others while I chased Jordan down." Aramis sighed impatient to get back to the rest of the children.

"I thought Imp broke her leg." Rogue stared at Jordan.

"Imp?" Aramis tilted her head at the name.

"Oh, Logan started calling Jordan Imp and it just stayed." Bobby laughed, "It fits"

Imp had broken free of Aramis and a mischievous gleam returned to her eye. A pad of paper came flying at Bobby's head. Bobby and Rogue ducked and it hit the window.

Bobby stood up slowly watching Imp. "You think that’s funny huh?" In response her eyes danced at him flirtatiously. Bobby started after her to chase her and she began to run away but hit the ground in a heap. She sat up and looked hurtfully at Bobby as she saw her shoelaces frozen together.

"I think that is funny," Bobby laughed as he scooped her up and they hugged each other. Bobby looked at Aramis as an idea came to mind. "Would you like some help with the kids?" he glanced back at Rogue for approval, he was hoping she would help too because she would need to take her mind of Justice and the triplets. Bobby was aware of how close she was to the adults and he was afraid she would miss them or hang with Beast and/or Logan and mope with them.

Rogue stood up after thinking about it and she caught up with them, "Sure." She grabbed Imp's little hand, "Why not?" with so many people coming and going what was left to do?

Logan was on his way to the industrial arts and he had thought he could give Hayley a hand on the crib. He pulled the pieces of wood from the locker she had put it in he was surprised at the good work she had done. 'She may not want help' he thought to himself, 'looks like she knows what she's doing.' He didn't know she was capable of doing something like this and the work was very good.

He had an idea though as he found a cigar and lit it and he found some wood and snapped it into a vise.

He felt bad for Hayley, she would have to raise a child alone and single parenthood was a hard road for anyone much less a free spirit like Hayley. Aside from Ally she was one of the few he could ever really talk to. He felt like a piece of him left with Ally, like something was missing now. He wasn't really sure how long he would be able to sit and wait, it just wasn't his style. Logan made his future he didn't sit back and wait for it to unfold.

He found a saw and began to work on the untouched wood. He smiled to himself as the thought of Hayley working in her nice clothing drifted through his mind.

Much later Logan was on his second stogie while his project was nearly complete and his stomach grumbled telling him it was time for lunch.

The shop door came flying open as Ty walked through watching Logan curiously. "Hi," Ty called to Logan with a smile as he made his way closer.

Logan grunted as the young man came closer to inspect Logan's work. "What can I do for you, kid?"

"I just wanted to say hi," Kamikaze smiled, "You need any help?"

Logan looked at Ty thoughtfully he wasn't the type who sought somebody out to say hello, something was on his mind all right.

"No," Logan grinned and put his tool down, "Where is everyone?"

"Well, Josh and Aubrey told the Professor they didn't like his toothpaste and they left."

"Come again?"

"They don't want to stay here or become X-men." Ty mumbled.

Logan nodded as he began to put the tools and wood away. He glanced at Ty out of the corner of his eye, "You're still here though?"



"I trust you, Ally and Xavier. I like it here."

Logan smiled at him as he joined him at the door. He knew Ty had a big crush on Ally but he just nodded.

"You finished?" Ty asked as he gestured to the place Logan had been working.

"I'm hungry."

"The professor was looking for you earlier."

"Why?" Logan looked at him.

"There is some new guy, your age, and the professor wants you to work with him."

Logan grunted he knew there was a reason Ty came for him but his attention was to the tall guy coming towards them. He had a staff in hand, he held it as casually as one would hold a walking stick and he could just barely smell Hayley on him. He looked at Logan and Ty and gave them both a cocky grin and Logan raised an eyebrow at the stranger.

"Who dis?" he said in his strong Cajun voice with a smile, "Dis Wolverine?" he asked as he watched Logan.

"Who are you?" Logan asked guarded.

"Gambit," the tall man with red eyes told him quickly before Ty could speak up.

"Cajun?" Logan muttered.

Gambit nodded impressed he figured it out.

"This is Ty," Logan grunted. "Call me Logan."

"We met." TY said as Gambit nodded in agreement.

Gambit looked at Logan expectantly but Logan walked off in the direction of his room.

"I need to change," Logan nodded to the room now only a few doors down.

"Dey Professor is looking for you, no?" Gambit asked as he followed him to the room.

Tyler walked behind them as they went into Logan's room. It was clean, cool and there was a light hint of perfume in the air, Ally's perfume.

Remy spied a picture on the dresser of a stunning redhead with long curls and deep blue eyes. He picked it up gingerly as a flirty smile crept across his face.

"Beautiful, no?" he held the picture for inspection to Tyler after Logan had disappeared into the bathroom.

"That's Allyson," Tyler whispered, "Or Ally cat."

Logan heard Ally's name and appeared at the bathroom door to see Gambit with the photo. He snatched it from Gambit's hand.

"That's my wife Cajun." He grunted.

Perhaps not for long, no?" Remy laughed to Tyler under his breath.

"Don't go there man," Ty said low.

Logan had heard him and pinned Remy to the wall holding him at his shirt tight against his neck. He pulled his fist back to hit him and Ty jumped in between the two using his strength. Ty knew Logan had a low boiling point and with Gambit's glowing red card in hand, he moved quicker. He caught the card in his metal hand and let it go safely inside his fist and then shook his hand in pain. Logan pushed past Ty to nudge Remy against the wall tighter.

"Hey Wolverine chill." Ty called to Logan then he turned to Gambit, "Did anybody mention Logan's lack of patience?"

Logan brought his claws out and Ty gave Logan a warning look. Gambit didn't seem alarmed but surprised at Ty's defense.

Ty used his telepathy to touch Logan's mind. 'Think of Allyson, Logan. She wouldn't want this.'

Logan's eyebrow's shot up surprised as Tyler touched his mind, 'Telepath huh?' he thought and Logan released Remy and Gambit began to fix his shirt.

Remy laughed, obviously he wasn't scared of Logan, at least not yet. "Wolverine, Eh?" He raised his hand and pointed to Logan's still outstretched claws and Logan finally retracted them.

"Yeah," Ty relaxed a little.

"Get yer own woman, Gumbo." Logan snorted.

"Dey was dis tiger." Remy shook his head. "Eyes lik' fire." Remy clicked his tongue.

"What did she look like?" Ty asked curiously.

Logan ignored them he knew who it was, he had smelled Hayley on him but he had no want to identify her for this Romeo. They left the room quickly.

Gambit seemed intent on finding out who she was, 'What did Jean call her?' He sighed, "like dis cat." He smiled and pointed to Logan.

"Ally?" Ty asked guarded.

Logan held a warning in his eyes as he watched Gambit.

"Non, her hair was black," he sighed. "She had dis fire."

Ty howled with laughter and Logan sported a grin at the idea.

"Fire- cat?" Ty laughed. He couldn't imagine it. "She is Allyson's sister."

"Dey both look alike, no?"

Logan was bored of the conversation, "They're triplets." He grunted.

"quel dommage but de is only one Gambit!" He exclaimed with a smile and put a hand in the air for effect.

Ty laughed and Logan growled slightly at him.

As they got outside of the professor's office, Logan looked at Gambit challenging. "Cajun, if you can tame Hayley. Good luck." He grinned at him knowingly as he opened the door without invitation.

Charles looked up at them from his desk. "I see you've met." He smiled.

Logan gave Remy a sidelong glance, "Sorta," but Ty looked amused at them.

"Good," The professor gave them a knowing look but it held a warning. He didn't want the issues in his office. "Wolverine, please run Remy through the danger room."

Logan nodded. "Okay."

Charles sighed, "I want you IN the danger room fighting with him, Logan."

Wolverine's look was clear, he did everything but yell 'ah shit.'

"Beast or Storm can take care of the controls for you," Charles finished.

Logan grunted unhappily and walked out quickly. Ty flashed the professor an apologetic smile and followed Logan with Gambit on his heels.

"Touchy 'bout dis wife, is he?" Gambit asked as they tried to catch up to Logan's brisk pace.

"She is his wife and they have two kids together." Ty said plainly.

Gambit nodded, "Still," he gave Ty a cocky smile.

Ty watched Logan stop and talk to Beast as Gambit's eyes went to the large blue man. Ty grabbed his shoulder, "Look Allyson is a friend of mine" Ty faced him with a pointed finger. "Logan is too and if you try to make waves, I help Wolverine time and put a dent in your head." Ty kept smiling and Remy chuckled. Ty let his grip on his shoulder become stronger and Remy flinched in pain as he pulled away quickly. He got the point.

Ty lowered his gaze at him, as he walked away he finally gave a small wave to Logan but Ty kept his eyes on Gambit.

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