Dr. Henry McCoy looked at Alex with mixed emotions. He was finally alone. Hayley had finally retreated for some sleep and when Justice woke up wet from drooling on the table he went to bed as well.

Allyson had woke up early that morning looking stronger and more refreshed than Henry could remember ever seeing a person look. She immediately ran for her babies and Logan. His friends were a family again and he couldn't be happier for them. Every part of his being longed for Alex to wake so he could hold her. ' Why hadn't She told him about her virginity?' He felt like he had robbed her of it. He loved her enough to marry her. That he was sure of but what if she didn't live?

'What of Hayley's pregnancy?' He thought to himself. Magneto would surely come after her. His pulse began to quicken as his anger began to rise. He knew of Eric enough to know that there was some calculated plot to Hayley's rape. Hank began to take deeps cleansing breaths to calm down. If Alex woke he didn't want to be upset. His mind began to wander to Hayley again. 'This child could very well be Scott's'. He sighed. Hayley carrying Scott's child would cause more trouble in the XMEN but it would insure that the child had a better chance of being somewhat docile. Beast shuddered at the idea of any woman being forced to carry Creed or Eric's child.

He began to ponder about the triplet's father. He was still experimenting on people. Hayley wanted him dead, she made that abundantly clear. How would Ally or Alex feel if their father died at the hands of one of the XMEN?

He found a chair so that he could watch Alex sleeping. She looked so peaceful it was almost hard to tell how sick she was. He hoped Alex would forgive him for keeping secrets. Hayley had trusted him enough to confide in him something so personal and he couldn't walk away. He knew that he knew more than he wanted to know.








Logan sat down next to Ally on the bed while she ran a brush through her curly red locks. He marveled at how much better she looked. Privately he wished she would be able to keep his healing factor. She felt his gaze on her and she gave him a little grin as she continued to brush her hair. He gave her a return grin but he had a bone to pick.

"Why didn't you tell me about Amber?" He asked her slowly.

Her eyes grew wide with worry, "What about her?"

"My sister Amber, Al."

Ally gasped loudly at the surprise, "What? You remember her?" She faced him but didn't quite met his eye.

Logan kept an uncertain stare at his wife, "Justice told me."

"He has a big mouth," she said quickly as she stood.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Logan followed her and grabbed her elbow gently to stop her retreat.

He could her saddened expression when she finally turned to face him, "Do you really want your heart broken?" She moved away from him to get retrieve the cigarettes she had gotten from Hayley.

His eyes followed her. "What?"

"You don't want to know, Logan." She said plainly as she stepped away from him to light the cigarette, "You told us so. One of the times your memory was taken we did tell you about Amber. You told us so and then you left for a month." She sighed as she took a drag on the cigarette.

He could see she was upset but he needed to know. He tried not to get upset at Ally, "Well, I know about Amber now, so finish." He hadn't sounded as friendly as he meant too.

Ally shot him an angry look, " It hurts for us to talk about her too, Logan." Then she took a deep breath as she met his eyes with concern. This was a lot for him to digest, "We were all friends."

He relaxed as he sat back down on the bed. "Al, I need to know."

Ally walked over to him and kissed his head sweetly, "You will, don't rush it," She had a soothing tone to her quiet voice but she kept her eyes on his lips. She had missed him and the feel of his arms around her. He must have sensed it because he pulled her down into a hard kiss.

A low growl escaped his throat as he pushed his hand into her hair pushing her mouth against his hard. She responded fully and moaned at him lightly. He pulled her into his lap as he let his tongue explore her eager and familiar mouth. He could feel the pulsating throbs against his pants. She pulled away to look at him and touched his face as if memorizing it. When Logan saw her sweet gesture his heart jumped. He let his hand drop to her back and pushed her lightly against him as he began to kiss her neck. He knew this was Ally's cheap way to get out of a conversation with him and it usually worked but he missed her too. He began to move his kisses down to her collarbone making his way south. He didn't want to have sex, he wanted to make love to his wife. He wanted to take all night becoming reacquainted with the curve of her breast and the gentle feel of her hands in his as they both rode waves of passion.

The baby monitor jumped to life as an infant's voice rang throughout the room. They flew apart as if they had been discovered by one of their parents. Ally's face was slightly crimson. Logan laughed at her embarrassment and pulled her back to him.





Logan and Ally were clad in bathrobes as they rummaged through the refrigerator for something to drink. Hayley sailed in quickly and stopped short when she saw the couple.

Hayley scowled at the sight. She moved slowly towards them with a guarded mood.

Logan didn't seem to catch her mood. "Hey, any news on Alex?"

She seemed to sink deeper at the mention of Alex. "No." she said flatly

Ally walked over to her, "What is it?" she whispered.

Logan slipped out quickly to leave the sister's alone. Ally faced Hayley and place a hand on her arm. Hayley jerked away.

Ally lowered her gaze, "Is it Logan?"

"No." She scoffed. Then she laughed a little, "Not this time." She knew she would have to appease her sister or Justice would be next with a lecture. "No Ally, I am fine." She managed a little smile as she turned to go. She decided a beer in the basement was a better idea than a soda with Ally. "I will see you later."

Ally looked at Hayley's back as she began to move faster now. "Don't forget the benefit." She called quickly.

"Are you doing this one?" Hayley turned enough to look at Ally's concerned face.

Ally just nodded.

Hayley smiled genuinely and walked out.

Hayley heard the door close behind her and felt a familiar presence in her head. 'I love you'. Ally interrupted Hayley's thoughts. As Hayley began to climb out of the window by the kitchen, she felt tears sting her cheeks but she wasn't sure why. As she fell from the window and into the air she felt herself lift up with a small air current and she wiped the tears away.