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Reg Grundy





Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 165 lbs

Occupation: N/A

Ability: Healing






          Reg Grundy a native Australian had always been a good fellow. He took great interest in the war on mutants and his peaceful nature beseeched him to take actions.

With his varied military skills, he tracked down the war on mutants to Magneto and Oliver Adams. He was quickly found by the strong telepath Oliver and put to Deanna’s mercy.



          Reg was found by a mixture of mutants consisting of the Xmen and varied mutants from the project. Found in nothing but a surgical gown his last memory was of Deanna’s face. He soon found he had the ability to heal people. Although he still has problems controlling his ability he is working with Xavier and the empath Aramis. Branded the “healer” by Logan, Reg fits it nicely with the motley crew of the Adam’s siblings, Xmen and the new mutants. Logan and Reg became fast friends finding the both shared he love for beer and cigars. Reg also found his quiet nature and air of mystery intrigues most of the younger mutants, and he usually needs to keep his distance from the “seppo sheilas”

        This V.B. drinking mutant can be found as early as Cat’s Eye. Follow him in his eternal struggle for peace and a jar a vegemite. J