Wolvie Femmes * Recovery



   Remy sat in Alex's SUV with Rayne curled up next to him and listened to the rest of the conversation in the car. Ty kept up a nonsense stream of conversation to keep their thoughts distracted from the battle. Warren sat in the front seat not saying much of anything but would occasionally look over to Alex and make a comment.


    Remy sighed about the whole incident. He held Rayne tightly to him, thinking of Sabretooth's attack on Hayley. Now, two people he cared for had been brutalized by sadistic bastards and this time it almost happened right before his eyes, he shook his head sharply to get rid of the painful memories and looked out the window.


    Rayne knew he was really upset by the grasp he had on her, as if by taking better care of her would change the past. "She gon' be all right Remy. It‘ll jus’ take beaucoup temp. But she won‘ ever be da same ‘gain." Rayne had meant to lift his spirits up but the darkness she still felt inside came out instead.


    He looked down at his sister all snuggled against him like a tiny child being harbored by a parent, "Yo' came ta help me, little one?"


    He smiled and she nodded seriously, "Ah’d die for yo’ Remy. Yo‘r all ah have an ah don‘ wan‘ anyt‘in ta happen ta yo‘ ever."

    That broke Gambit’s heart and all he could do is hold her close and rest his chin on her head.


    She shuddered a happy sigh and wiggled closer against him glad to be with him for a while. She had missed him so much over the lonely years she was exiled. Not a day went by that she didn’t pray to be by his side again. Now he was back in her life, and she decided that if the assassins dared show their faces she would defend Remy with her life. She shoved the thoughts aside then and listened to Ty rattle on about all the Stucky's he was going to count on the way back. ‘Dere’s somet’in seriously wrong wit’ dat boy.’ She chuckled.


     Remy looked up at Alex in the rearview mirror as she drove her car in silence. When their eyes met he said, "T’anks chere."


     Alex smiled, "For what?" She looked back at them in the back seat and was happy that the brother and sister were together.


    "For finding us and bringing reinforcements," Remy sighed. He was angry with Justice for bringing Rayne out to a serious battle and he would address that later when he could get him alone. He had recklessly believed that the four of them would have fought their way out of the situation easily, but after Hayley froze when she was attacked by Sabretooth he wasn't so sure that was a wise assumption.


    "You are damn lucky she found you too," Warren piped in.


    "Pardonez moi?" Rayne jumped in.


    "No, I mean your brother," Warren reassured her and glared at Remy, "Hayley could have been….." 


   His yelling was interrupted by Alex's slap against his arm. "Cool it flyboy this kind of conversation isn't needed right now," Alex interceded. "Remy didn’t have any control over what happened."


     Warren still glared at him. "Oh? I think he could have handled it better."


    Remy grew angry at the shots Warren was taking, "Me‘se‘f, Gambit t’inks yo' did real good 'gainst Sabretooth, eh homme?"


   Warren turned around completely, "I wouldn't have endangered her in the first place by dragging her out of the mansion. You knew that the brotherhood was after the Cats and you foolishly thought that you could handle any situation. Well, see what happened because of your ‘t‘inkin‘’?"


     "Whoa," Alex stepped in, "Hayley is a grown woman and can make her own dumb decisions. If she wanted to leave the mansion for a while there would be no way of stopping her. Don‘t put the blame on Gambit just because he is a male." Then Alex pointed a finger at both men, "Let's have some peace the rest of the way home. I mean it!"


     Gambit glared at Warren and reminded himself to get Warren alone sometime soon. Then He sighed and gave Rayne a squeeze. He felt so angry right now he felt he could take on all the brotherhood on his own and win without breaking a sweat.


   Rayne looked at him concerned. She could feel his anger and she knew him well enough to know that he hurt very badly inside for not being able to help Hayley. The others just don‘t understand him. She wanted to tell him Hayley wasn't worth this torment, but he seemed to really care for her and maybe even loved her.


    Rayne didn't like the idea of Remy settling down with a woman now, because she was afraid of being left behind. She couldn't remember him ever being this serious with a woman except for Belle and look where that had gotten him. She thought about how he and Belle had to get married to pull the guilds together. ‘Never shoulda happened,’


    Rayne thought about the two carefree young people. They had spent a lot of time together when Rayne was busy learning from Tante’. And she would have liked to have seen them get married and have a family. She grinned at the thought of little Remys but not for the sake of the guilds. That is what killed their happiness.


   ‘Damn guilds!’ They where responsible for the death of many a happy life. She had kept tabs on what was happening in the guilds from time to time. Whenever she could manage it. She thought of how she missed Tante’ and her Papa and she buried her face into Remy’s side.


    Remy kissed Rayne's head, "Don' worry petite," he whispered, "Ah love yo’ ta da moon an back."





      Justice had convinced Cyke to let him drive Hayley home. He was paying for it too in that he could hardly keep the car on the road, but he hoped Hayley would open up to him.  


     So far she kept her knees to her chest and stared out the passenger window.


    He sighed he thought if it was just him she might talk. "Hayl, we have been through a lot together," He said sadly as he struggled hard to concentrate on driving his own car.


    She nodded but looked on.


     Justice hated seeing her suffer like this, "Hayl, what happened?"


    The question brought a new batch of tears to her face.


    "I am here for you Hayl, no matter what," he said low, "You know that."


   "I know," she sniffled.


   "When you and I were Captured and taken to Eric's," he didn't get to finish before she began to bawl and hide her face in her hands. "Creed hurt you didn't he?" Justice wiped some of his own tears remembering how powerless he had been to help his sister.


      Hayley looked at him with her face red and swollen and nodded.


     "What can I do?" he reached over and touched her hand but she flinched involuntarily.


     "Nothing Just'," Hayley mumbled, "I just want to be alone."


     "That won't help, Hayl," He sighed. Justice needed to know what happened, and he thought Hayley needed to say it out loud, "Sabretooth raped you didn't he?"


      Hayley turned to him angrily. "I didn't say that," She snapped and cried again.


     "You didn't have to," Justice had wished he had been wrong and now much more made sense. "Hayl, I think I know the rest. I was tortured with you, remember?"


      Hayley looked at him wondering if he had been raped too. She couldn't fight Victor Creed at the battle for the overwhelming feeling of nausea and powerlessness. Only when he started to hurt Justice did she find the strength to fight him. She buried her head in her hands. Remy must have seen everything. She felt humiliated. As long as she had been the only one besides Beast knowing about the rape, it was ok. It made it seem unreal. But now everyone will know.


      Justice sighed, "I love you Hayl." She was the baby of them all and they had always been a little more protective of her and her danger prone ways, "I won't let Creed or Eric hurt you, ever again."


      Hayley's mouth dropped, "How did you know about Eric?" She hadn't planned on everyone knowing Eric had taken the pleasure of trying to create his own heir, and her stomach churned at the thought.


      "I was there," He turned a corner of his mouth ruefully, "If I had been Ally or Alex they would have done the same to me too." He paused and felt sick, "They did push that crystal woman on me though."


     Hayley threw her hand to her mouth at the thought of Justice being taken advantage of too. That Brave heart bitch carrying her brother's child by forcing herself on him!


     The idea made her sicker, "Will you look for her?"


     Justice looked at her puzzled, "Why?"


    "To make sure she isn't carrying your child," Hayley's eyes grew wide.


    Justice turned a little red hoping his embarrassment would help relax her. "Funny thing about male rape, conception, needs the male to be…um…willing."


    Hayley laughed thinking about how frustrating it would have been for the crystal woman when she couldn’t get him to respond to her. She mulled the thought over again and looked at Justice's berry red face and laughed harder.


     She plopped her head on his shoulder, "I love you too, silly brother."


    He pulled her too him and stroked her hair glad she relaxed more under his embrace. "What about your baby, Hayl?" he said softly and he felt her tense up again, "Two out of three chance it's not Scott's kid."


     Hayley cried on Justice's naked chest, "I am hoping that it is Scott‘s Just‘. I don‘t want the baby to be those bastard‘s."


    "Hayley, the father doesn't always matter," he smiled trying to comfort her, "Look at our mom and dad." He almost cried at the thought, "Mom took care of us enough for five fathers and we turned out all right." Hayley shrugged. "Think about it," Justice sighed, "When you come to terms with this, I think you should find out who the father really is." She relaxed knowing he was right. "Don’t leave Scott thinking it is his if there is a chance it isn’t. He deserves to know." Justice went on, "Right now though, you just worry about healing."


     "Justice, What Sabretooth did out there today," She cried wetting his strong chest more, "Everyone saw. Remy saw. They all know now."


    "I don't think Remy cares," He breathed deep, "He seems to be a better guy than that." He thought of how angry the X-men and the rest were at what had happened.


    He smiled thinking of how even Rayne was upset. That girl sure was a puzzle. He waggled his head and chuckled.


      Then he looked at Hayley. He knew she would try and cocoon herself now.


     Scott watched the other two vehicles pull up and as Ally and Logan stood next to him looking at what his eyes were pulled to. Justice walked wobbly as he picked Hayley up. They could hear her mumble she could walk but he held her to his chest and staggered on.


     Scott looked to Ally, "When will you stubborn Adams let people in?" He half joked with her.


     "This has nothing to do with that." Ally reassured him and the others began to make the out of their vehicles.


   Ally watched Remy's head turn watching Hayley disappear in her brother's arms. He took a deep breath and looked at her.


   "What can I do, Chere?" He looked down at the eyes that matched Hayley.


    "I don't know Remy," she sighed, "I am not even sure what I can do."


    "We all want to make it easier," Logan grabbed his cigar, "But she'll tell us when she's ready." Ally smiled at her husband who seemed to understand and love each Adam deeply, even nutty Justice.


    Rayne made her way to Remy and touched his back. He gave her a smile and hugged her and carried her towards the infirmary.





     Beast and Jean heard Alex's heads up about bringing everyone in. They began to move around gathering things that were needed.


    They heard the doors open and Justice came in shirtless with his sister clung to him. Beast ran over and put his arms out to take him but Justice shrugged off placing her on a bed.


    Beast looked her over for injury but unlike her brother she looked fit. "Hayley, my dear what is it?" She found a new wave of tears and Jean moved away realizing this was an emotional injury. She grabbed Justice's arm and began to tug him to a bed. He shrugged Jean off but she looked in his face forcefully, "How can you take care of Jordan if you can barely stand?"


    Hayley looked up, "Just' I am all right."


    Beast's face fell realizing what had happened, "Sleep Justice, I think I can help your sister."


      Justice moved on realizing Beast knew something all along but then being a doctor he would have to. He nodded and followed Jean groggily. He barely saw the pillow and he fell asleep.


     Hayley looked at Beast, "Will you do a DNA test for the child's father?"


    He nodded, "Are you all right?" She nodded but buried her face in his shirt. "Were you tossed around?" He said readying the baby monitor. She nodded slightly and he gave her a hospital gown. He stepped out to let her change and shook his head.


    Jean looked over at him and swallowed hard, "Raped?" she mouthed to him and he nodded and looked to the ground.


    Remy carried Rayne in and his eyes went to the bed with the curtain pulled and an already asleep Justice. He found Rayne a bed and placed her on it gingerly.


    Rayne knew he was worried because he didn't say a lot and she knew he would aim that worry at her and taking care of her. Ally came in with Logan, Scott, Ty, Warren and Alex. Most carried the face wondering how something like this could happen to one of them.


    Alex and Ally looked at the pulled curtain and they went for their sister.


    Beast stopped Ally short guiding her to a bed and pointed to Logan as well from the cozy seat he found by the beds.


   "I'm all right," Logan grunted.


    Henry nodded seeing no marks on him, "you will still need rest."


    Then he looked to Ally, "I am sure you were tossed around," he pointed to the baby monitor by a bed and pulled the curtain so she could change.



    Alex found her sister in the gown now and Hayley looked at her upset. Hayley could hardly face her and hopped up from the bed.


    Alex pointed a finger at her, "You are not going anywhere."


    "I need to shower," Hayley wiped her tears.


    Alex snatched the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around her and walked her to the adjoining showers with her arm around her shoulders.


   Jean began to look Rayne over and smiled, "You look great considering you shouldn't have been out," she teased.


   Remy looked at Justice's pathetic form, "Good t'ing he not awake," he growled lightly.


   Rayne found her brother's eyes, "Chere, he didn' kidnap me."


   Remy was angry, "Yo’ shouldn't have been dere, Rayne girl." "Ah know Rem, but ah had ta come an help yo’" Rayne watched his eyes travel to Justice again.

    "Yo’ not ta do dat again, yo’ here?" He snapped his head back to her and waggled his finger in front of her face.

   "Careful Gumbo, she bites," Logan piped in.

    Remy removed his finger and looked over at Justice again, "An ah’m gonna have a serious talk wit’ dat red-head later on."

      "Pouah!" Rayne waved her hand at him, "Yo‘r not dat mad at him. Mostly yo’r angry 'cause she," pointing to where Hayley went, "gon' have dat monster's baby."


    Many eyes fell on Rayne.


     "Excuse me?" Beast said lightly and made his way to her.


    "Dat monster, dat Sabretooth,  said it's his baby," Rayne pointed at the curtain where Hayley had been.


    "Sabretooth isn't a very reliable source my dear," Beast sighed.


     "Nah, ah can smell it‘s his too," Rayne said, "Jus’ like ah can smell de' poison on him." She pointed to Justice.


    Beast had thought there had been a poison but he couldn't be sure. All the tests turned up negative for poison. He looked to Wolverine who shook his head no.


     Beast looked back to Rayne curiously. "How is it you could smell this and Wolverine and I couldn't," He enquired politely.


     "Not jus' da smell," She sighed, "Ah get a feeling for t’ings and mostly dey turn out right." She looked at Remy, "Lik' when Remy was in trouble. Ah could feel it. An," She pointed to Xavier, "He has the poison too. Only he more sick cause he has more in him. He needs ta be cleaned out." She looked at Beast.

    Beast cocked his head at Rayne’s unusual description, "Pardon my ignorance memselle, but what do you mean by cleaned out?"

   Rayne scoffed, "Yo’r a doctor an yo’ don’ know?"

  "You have me at a disadvantage I’m afraid. Perhaps if you gave me an example."

   Rayne thought about it a minute, "Yo’ know. He has toxins in his body dat needs ta be cleaned out. Yo’ give him some chickory coffee wit’ a bay leave in it an it’ll fix him right up."

    Hank didn’t know what to say. He was quite puzzled by this young woman.

    Remy cleared his throat, "Rayne is a traiteur an she studied some wit’ da guild healer as well."

   "A traiteur?" Hank was very intrigued.

    "Some people are born wit’ the gift of healin’," Remy elaborated, "Rayne’s one. Ah saw her take da sickness out a many people."


   Scott sat with his eyes open wide at the exchange, "Is that possible? Anyway," He shook his head sadly, "You’re saying that Sabretooth is the father of Hayley‘s baby?"


   He looked at Jean who gave no indication of thought or emotion. But she watched Scott intently as she hooked Ally to the monitor. Scott stood and walked out mumbling an excuse me.


    Logan cocked an eyebrow, "Guess junior was set on being a dad."


    Jean finished with Ally and left to find him. She was a little surprised to find him with his head in his hands and a few tears streaming past his visor. She touched his back for support.


     "I guess I got used to the idea," He smiled ruefully.


     "Scott, it's for the better in the long run," she sighed. Scott nodded but he couldn't so easily shut off his protective nature for the child. He felt like the news killed his own child.


    "It will take some getting used to," He sighed. He knew he would have to talk to Hayley and finalize things, giving him a sense of closure. He felt bad for her carrying Sabretooth's child and he could only imagine how she must feel. He wished it was really his child, not only to make Hayley feel better but to keep a child that had Sabretooth’s genetics from running about unchecked.




     Alex watched Hayley stand in the shower dumbfounded. She kept her stare straight ahead. She scrubbed but without looking at her body and couldn't seem to get clean enough.


    "Hayley, you are going to scrub your skin off," she joked lightly but Hayley didn't stop, "Come on Hayl, let's get you checked out and on the monitors."


     Hayley stopped at the mention of the word. 'Monitors for the baby. HIS baby,' she collapsed in tears and let the water spray her and hoping it would hide them from her sister. She couldn't bring herself to face Alex, the perfect sister, the one who would never get herself in this situation. She felt Alex’s hand on her back and she shut the water off.


   Her efforts made Hayley's tears more evident but she still didn't look at her or speak to her. Alex wanted to cry with her. She looked down at the usually strong woman who seemed pale and tired. Her black hair was a strong contrast to the white showers and she couldn’t help but to think her sister looked like a broken porcelain doll. She bent down and hugged her wet sister who did not return her hug but found a new round of tears.




     Beast had Remy on a table looking him over, finding only minor cuts and bruises, "I hope the other guy looks worse?" he joked with Remy. Gambit turned the corner of his mouth up at the weak joke but the solemn faces around him kept the atmosphere dismal.



    Beast hesitated, "Oh dear." He quickly removed his gloves, "Logan would you retrieve Jean for me?" Ally looked at Beast as Logan made his way out of the infirmary, "What is it?" He was momentarily stunned to realize Alex had asked him something telepathically. He had thought she was standing next to him talking to him. Being around telepaths could be very confusing sometimes. He understood why Alex had asked him to summon Jean in the privacy of his own mind. He was asked this way because he and Hayley had kept this secret among them for so long. Alex wanted to try and keep it secret. Little did she know the powers of Rayne and how the girl had a special gift for saying things at inappropriate times.


     Hank sighed. "It would seem Alex needs a little assistance with Hayley," Beast sighed again as Jean, Logan and Scott came in.


    Remy moved to get off the bed, "Ah’ll go." Henry held his hand up, "I think she isn't ready to see you just yet."


    "Why?" Remy said but he knew the answer.


    "She's quite upset still and seems to only want to deal with one person at a time," He removed his glasses and looked from person to person, "While I have everyone’s attention. Let us settle something before she comes back in." He crossed his arms and looked at the confused faces.


     He knew everyone seemed to know a little of what had happened already, "I am only telling you this because mixed facts are confusing and harmful."


     He sighed as Alex pulled at his mind again and he promised to be right there. Also he was hoping Hayley would open to Alex a bit more.


    "Several months ago after Hayley and Justice were taken hostage by Magneto and rescued. Hayley was in the labs one night looking for a cure for Josh's poison to help Alex. She became very upset. She said that she had been keeping something secret."


    He sighed knowing some people here in the room had no idea of the incident and some remembered all too well when Allyson had been ripped from them and almost killed. "Uncharacteristically, She told me the entire truth, because she needed help as well as the fact that I had stumbled upon a pregnancy test she had been running for herself."


    Rayne held Remy's hand listening to this but she wasn't sure if it was for him or her. She looked at her brother's eyes and she worried for him. She knew he loved this woman but would he be able to after this.


    Rayne didn’t like Hayley, but the woman made Remy happy and Rayne wanted her brother to be happy. She felt slightly ashamed for her feelings towards Hayley. The woman’s siblings had been nothing but nice to her. One of them even helped save her life. Her eyes floated to Justice who had turned over on his stomach and began lightly snoring and interrupted Beast.


    Beast looked at Justice exasperated and shook his head at him, "Indeed, you all know now that she is pregnant. She did tell me who the possibilities were and what happened, I suppose she didn't want everyone to know and the only reason I am telling you now is because I want there to be no rumors, speculations, theories or conjectures." He looked at them to make sure they understood what he was saying. "She said that she and Justice had been beaten badly while at Magneto's, and she also told me that the encounter with Sabretooth took place not long after her encounter with Scott," He took a deep breath and willed himself to finish.


    He was not happy with breaking a confidence but he knew it would help her in the long run, "She also said that Eric had raped her as well."


   Remy's eyes narrowed and felt his anger grow but he could only stare at the floor. 


   Rayne went pale as a ghost.


    Logan growled lightly and looked over at his wife wondering what had been done to her when she was been captured. She merely pulled the sheet closer to her body and wiped the tears from her eyes. Logan walked to her and raised an eyebrow in question.


    Ally's eyes widened, "They never touched me." Logan regarded her carefully for a minute then hugged her tightly.


   Ty squirmed in his chair. Scott looked ahead at nothing in particular and Warren stared at the floor and shuffled a foot. "Tyler, you were there when Ally was captured," Beast stated, "Is she totally aware of all that 'she' was put through?"


    Ty nodded, "I know what Sabretooth tried to do and what he and Eric would have done if she had stayed," He whispered. He had never told Ally for the fear of what she did anyway and that was cry. "Eric went on all the time about how the Brotherhood should breed with the powerful mutants to create an army of powerful mutants," He sat back, "I pulled Sabretooth off Ally a couple of times and Magneto seemed happy to push himself at her too but they didn't hurt her like Hayley."


     "Why Tyler?" Beast asked. Everyone listened intently realizing that Ally too almost succumbed to the same fate as Hayley.


    "She was almost dead when they got her there," he sighed, "She wasn't strong enough and they wanted her alive."


    Rayne hugged Remy, burying her face in his shirt at the horrible ordeal the two sisters had faced and it brought back bad memories to her mind as well.


   Jean looked at Beast, "She's kept this to herself all this time?"


   "Without a clear recolection of the incident I am sure it was easily pushed aside and she had told herself the father of her child was Scott," he sighed, "There is a chance this child is Scott's or Eric's or Sabretooth's. Though, it has been stated that Sabretooth said it was his own."


     He looked at Rayne then Logan. "Wolverine and I both have a highly developed sense of smell as well as Sabretooth. It is entirely possible that he deduced he was the father by scent though I am skeptical at how accurate such a thing would be."


   He looked at Remy, "I am sure he could smell Gambit on her quite easily and it is entirely possible that Victor Creed deduced that he was the father by the scent of the child. Though he would certainly use the rape and pregnancy as a means to weaken Hayley as an opponent."


    "Consequently, I wouldn't make any final conclusions yet with what was said or smelled," He looked from person to person, "Let us not reason a truth to be so until we have scientific proof of such truth."


    Logan held Ally tenderly, but he wanted to punch something. He knew he had smelled Eric and Victor on Ally and Hayley and he cringed at thought of what happened. He knew he could still catch traces of his scent on Hayley from when they had been together. He sighed and thought of when he had told Remy no matter how hard he scrubbed he wouldn't be able to scrub Hayley's scent off.


     Hank was finished, "Now if you will excuse me I must attend a patient." With that said, he walked out.


   Rayne looked at Wolverine, "if yo’ all can smell so good, den why can' yo’ smell who poisoned them?" She pointed at Justice then Xavier.


   Logan looked at the kid amused, and took her question as a playful banter, "Some alcohol contains formaldehyde or any number of ingredients other than pure alcohol. It depends on what they drank."


    Logan sighed knowing the argument was weak at best, "Plus the kid, had a lot of visitors and it would be hard to pick up a scent like that out of so many."


     Rayne's whiskers twitched thoughtfully and she thought she would like the chance to look over Justice's room herself. Logan sat next to Ally, "'sides until you get used to the that ability of yours, you're gonna find it's hard to distinguish old scents from new ones." He looked at Ally, "It can get very confusing sometimes. I doubt that your abilities would be able to tell the difference. You haven‘t had any training."

    "But why do ah smell all dose other men on her?" Rayne wondered but regretted asking the question when she saw Remy slump a little. She knew he didn't want to know of the men who had been there with Hayley before him, but she wanted her brother to know the truth.


    "Can you smell Gumbo's Ex's?" Logan chuckled knowing he had been with a lot of women.


    She looked at Remy and had to admit there was faint older smells even of poppa and Belle and of course many many others. She nodded lightly and began to speak when Gambit cut her off.

    "Never mind, petite," he kissed Rayne's head, "It don' matter where we been." He sighed hoping it wouldn't matter to him later about Hayley and it hadn't, but if the child had part of the psychotic Sabretooth’s genes then how would he and Hayley handle that. What if the kid turned bad like his father?


     He stopped, realizing he had coupled himself with Hayley like that and he shook his head. Were his feelings for her that strong? He looked at Rayne and wondered if when she took a lover, would he be as fussy about him being with her?


   He hugged her then, knowing he would be very protective. Then a shadow passed over his heart and he wondered if her past experience would prevent her from ever getting that close to someone.