Later Logan had lost his suit coat and unbuttoned his collar as Ally danced in his arms. He glanced at the new ring on his finger. Ally placed her head on his chest and sighed happily.

Beast swayed with Alex as they danced past Rouge and Justice on the floor. Alex watched Rogue carefully, 'Did she still have Hayley's traits?' She wondered. Then she noticed Rogue giving her the finger and her mouth dropped open. She must have read Alex's mind. She started to laugh.

Hayley sat on the side talking to Bobby, Storm and the Professor.

"I am happy for them." Storm smiled.

Hayley wondered if she was, really.

Jean and Scott shared a kiss as they danced. Scott was relieved his worries about Wolverine were unfounded. He was also amazed Logan had spoke to Jean after what he had done.

Soon enough he and Jean would be married too. Unlike Logan and Ally there wouldn't be an impending birth to worry over.

Alex and beast were taking things very slow. They were stimulated by each other's conversation. They seemed to push each other farther intellectually and physically. Alex watched his gentle eyes and followed his gaze. She saw was he was staring at. Ally was walking to a chair and sat near Hayley.

"What is it? " she asked him.

"I don't know," he looked confused. "The due date." He sighed. "I know were are not OB/GYNs but it seemed simple enough"

"You don't trust her doctor?" Alex eyed him curiously.

"Honestly?" he met her eye. "No." he said flatly. "He seems fine enough but I am unsure of his skill as a doctor."

"I can get Justice to check into his background." She offered.

"Charles already has." He looked at her pointedly. He was afraid they would always see it as the triplets and Justice against the world. Just the same the doctor didn't seem right to him.

Charles smiled at the students at the reception and at his guests talking to him. The students seemed to be having fun and he knew they would at Scott and Jean's wedding too. Happy moments were something to be grasped on to with both hands. He looked at Hank. He was very happy for him. Dr. McCoy had been scorned, judged and unaccepted by many. Alex did not seem to care, she seem to care about the man who made Hank, Beast or Dr. McCoy. She had a rare gift to see beneath it all too. He heard the hip-hop music as Xavier watched them in awe.

Logan undid another button on his shirt. He wanted to be alone with Ally. He was glad they had so many friends and family but he wanted to hold her right then, not everyone. With her different due date a lot of restrictions were lifted too. Logan was glad they could have a wedding night. Something didn't sit right with him about that doctor. The doctor seemed okay until he excused himself and when he came back there seemed something different about him. Maybe he didn't like him because Hank seemed uncomfortable with him.

Rogue ran up to Logan and hugged him so quick his chair rocked slightly. She blushed lightly. "I am so happy for you, Logan." She smiled. She seemed more herself he thought. Then she tousled his hair and he changed his mind. 'Okay maybe night entirely.' Logan smiled back at her glad her had friends.

'Bust-a-move' started to play the dance floor was crowded again. Ally watched her family and new friends dancing. The reception was only in the gym but it was sweet. She couldn't remember the last time she had been so happy. Everyone smiled. She and Logan were a little embarrassed to have so much attention. Ally laughed as she looked at her puffy feet. She had only wanted to tell Logan about her pregnancy, she hadn't been ready for the mutant war that was going on. She sighed; she and the babies seemed to be the center of it.


"Why did you call us back?" Sabertooth demanded from Magneto.

Eric looked a little bored. "I saw what I wanted to see." He smiled.

They sat in a small dark room as they spoke.

Mystique was still angry and had her leg up to ease the pain. She was still hot over Hayley's attack. "You never told us they could street fight or go hand to hand." She shot at him.

"I hadn't known myself" He raised his eyebrows at her. Then he sat up straighter. "They are indeed strong." He mumbled as he rubbed his jaw. "The stakes have changed. I want it all of it. All of them." He remembered Hayley's hand to hand attack with Mystique. He saw Alex freeze Sabertooth as if she had blinked. Justice's no efforts throw of an extremely large opponent also amazed him. Then there was Ally; she was actually getting throw his magnetic shield. They were still mutating. There was no disguising that Logan and her own siblings were surprised at Ally's flight. Considering there bloodlines, he shouldn't have been shocked.

"You want them to join us? " Sabertooth looked angry now. He pounded the desk in front of Eric. "Never." Eric didn't move he sat perfectly still.

"If you can kill them, then you need not fight them." Eric told Sabertooth. "They are with us or they are dead. We cannot afford them to stay with Xavier."

"How do you plan to get them to join our cause?" Mystique asked Eric. She would follow him to the ends of the earth.

"I have ways." He looked ahead at his band of injured mutants.

"We will have another attack." He decided.

"Why?" mystique asked.

"To keep them off balanced. If they think our only attacks are physical, they will not be expecting the real attack."

Sabertooth and Mystique looked at each other as Eric began to formulate a plan. Mystique wondered if he was a complete genius or a raving lunatic. She laughed to herself. She didn't really care either way.

Logan sat outside the gym smoking a cigar. It wasn't that anybody cared if he smoked but he also wanted to think. Ally's bright smile came to mind, and then he looked at his wedding ring. He turned one corner of his mouth up in a lopsided grin and took a drink of his beer.

Hayley plopped down next to him. "I finally got my cigarettes back from Rogue." She took one out and lit it against her hand.

He chuckled. "Next time I hope she gets Alex and not you, she could use a calm attitude."

"Shut up," She puffed her cigarette. "It was nice of X to lift prohibition for the night." Then she turned to look at him. "Brother-in-law huh?"

He stared ahead. "Uh-huh"

"I hope you guys are happy?" she scoffed.

He looked at her a little taken back, "What?"

"We were a team and that is over now."

"No, it's not"

"Yes, it is. Ally is trying to be normal again. And after the babies get here that will be it."

He sighed, "I have the feeling we won't be left alone, Hayl." He took a drag on his cigar.

She shrugged.

"How many times have there been attacks since you got here?" he asked. "They are after them."

"I guess," She mumbled then she got to her feet and wandered off.

'Too much fight in her.' He thought. Then he smiled. The same could be said for him. He looked past the pool searching the darkness for answers. He wondered if he could be a good father. He had a temper like Hayley's if not worse. If the kids could get his skeletal frame would they have his claws too?

Ally looked on as the others danced at the reception. Her siblings were enjoying themselves. Rogue cut her a look and started to walk away. Ally went after her.

She put a hand on her arm. "Rogue, what is it?"

Rogue met her gaze and didn't speak a word. She didn't have to. She still had the gift of telepathy.

Ally lowered her gaze, "Logan, you are afraid for Logan?"

Rogue shifted her weight from foot to foot a little. It was a habit Hayley had when she was nervous. Then she looked at Ally. "Will Logan ever come back?"

"We aren't going any place yet, Rogue" She smiled at her. She guided Rogue to a near corner.

"He loves you." Ally smiled at Rogue. "You have a gift of telepathy and still haven't figured that out?" She held her hand. "He will always be there for you."

"It's not the same." Rogue mumbled. She had a little crush on Logan she always had.

"No two loves are the same." Ally sighed. "Every time you fall in love it will feel a little different. It will never be the same. The hurt and the joy and you never fall all the way out of love. You are lucky. Logan's love for you, it's eternal. He doesn't love many like he does you."

Rogue looked at her. 'Was she inside her head or just that in sync with everyone?' "He will never love me like he does you." She whispered.

"And he will never love me as he does you." Ally smiled. "You will always be closer to him than most everyone else. What you have is special."

Rogue nodded.

'Rogue, we won't take him from you. He will always love you.' She touched her mind gently.

This time Rogue smiled. She felt a little closer to Ally too.

Logan came back in. It was so hot in there. He found Ally dancing with Hank. They saw him approaching and slowed there dancing.

"Hank I think she should get some rest if she is going to be a mother in a couple of weeks." Logan teased.

Hank smiled."Well perhaps if you tell her, I already have."

Logan took her arm gently, "C'mon let's say good night." his eyes said other things. They twinkled at her.

They got to Logan's room and she sank into a leather seat. He noticed how tired she looked. He pulled off her dress shirt, stripped off his dress pants and pulled on a pair of shorts.

He gestured to the bathroom. "Get a shower Al, you might feel better."

She stood up slowly. He reached down to help her up. "Nah," she kissed him hard. "After the babies get here I will be on restrictions again." She kissed him again and they were both on fire. He carried her to the bed.


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