Wolvie Femmes * Reaching Out





      Ally sighed as Logan carried her. She finally floated from his grip and reached for her.


     "I don't want to be extra weight." She said pointedly. He let a little growl at the idea. "I want to check on my uncle," She smiled knowing strategy and well wishes weren't his best tactic. "Can meet you with the kids?"


     He sighed and rubbed his jaw thoughtfully, "Ten minutes.”


     She nodded and kissed his cheek and floated away before he could change his mind. He shook his head and walked off towards the nursery and suddenly it dawned on him and he began to run for Xavier's room.






     Justice walked quickly away with Storm's hand in his and Storm struggled to keep up. "Why did you run out of the infirmary?" She demanded as she stopped.


      "Al's up to something and I don't want her to leave us behind," he said quickly and encouraged her to move along with him.


      Storm nodded, 'Ally could be a lot like Hayley at times, stubborn to a fault.' She thought to herself and began to look for Ally around the halls and once again tried to keep up with Justice.









      Ally sighed and knocked on the door quickly hoping she wasn't spotted going to the man's room.


      The door opened hesitantly and Reg's head popped out, "Yeah?" Reg eyed her warily floating there with one of her pants legs cut off. He knew she was one of the busier mutants and part of the group that had been holed up there a while.


      Reg raised his eyebrows at her, "This can’t be good."


      Ally smiled at his casual nature and heavy Australian accent, "Can I step in speak to you?"


       Reg chuckled and opened the door wider to allow her in, "Step or float in, whichever you prefer?" He shook his head as she glided into his room.


      Ally smiled at the like-able guy. She sat heavily in the chair next to his bed, drained from using her ability to transport her from place to place. "Reg, Can I ask you a favor?" She bit her lip not really sure she should ask, because she didn’t know him very well. On the other hand, she desperately wanted to be included in the rescue.


       Reg narrowed his eyes and looked at her and her torn pants, "Depends on what yer got in mind, Shelia" He joked.


       "Can you heal my leg?" She asked with pleading eyes, "My sisters are in trouble and they need me."


        Reg had heard the students talking about the captured mutants and he nodded, "Sure, no worries." He wanted to do something to help the people that had rescued him from that nightmare.


       "Wait!" Ally said quick and levitated a towel and scissors to her hand, "Let me get the stitches out first."


       Reg quietly watched her work her stitches out and exposed the wound she needed him to close. She had a doctor’s touch and he knew it must be painful pulling stitches out of a fresh injury. He cringed at the ugly wound but got on his knees to fix it right away.


       Ally watched his eyes glow bright white. He healed it very quickly and with little effort. "Wow," Ally said amazed, "Did that drain you much?" She worried remembering the tale of what he had done for Rayne.


      "Nah, not a problem," He smiled, "I did have a devil of a time with that other sheila. That one hurt like hell. Thought I was gonna turn inside out on that one." He produced a cigar and lit it with a wry smile. He knew she would be going for her family now and was glad he could help some. He wished he could go with them to help out in the field but he knew he wasn’t a tremendous fighter like they were.


     "Need anything else? Would you like me to come along?" He said in a low voice.


     "Thank you, Reg, I think we can handle this alright," Ally smiled standing on her feet securely and marveling at what he had done. She bit her lip when she saw a slight downcast look on his face, "You seem upset."


      "I’d really like to help yers," He sat on the bed.


      "You can't fight against Magneto and Sabretooth but perhaps you could help the wounded there," Ally suggested, "You could mean the difference between life or death out there. We don‘t know what kind of shape Hayley and Alex will be in when we find them."


       Reg nodded thinking he would really like a good scrap, only he knew he would be a sitting duck if he did though.


      "Sure, if I am allowed to go." He had heard how stubborn most of them were about having help.


      "Perhaps you could hold a triage onboard the blackbird," She smiled, "You would be a life line."


      "Good then, I’ll go," He winked at her then wondered why in bloody hell he just volunteered on a mission that might get himself killed. Or worse yet, captured.


      Ally moved to the door, "Thank you, Reg." She opened the door and looked out for anybody. "I have to meet the others quickly. I‘ll send for you soon."


      Reg watched the red head run off, shook his head and closed the door.



      Alex winced as she felt her head was on fire and her wrists and ankles burned. She opened her eyes to see a ceiling staring back at her from the bed she was pinned to. She turned her head and could see Hayley next to her, bloodied and wearing a helmet.


     'Her healing factor isn’t working with that power suppressor helmet on,' Alex thought as she struggled against her restraints. She began to worry that Hayley might die from her multiple wounds.


     She then eyed all of the machines attached to her sister, 'What are they planning?' A strong hand on her mid section caused her to freeze her thoughts and she looked to see


     Pietro was smiling at her broadly. He was clad only in a robe. "Awake now?" He smiled. Alex didn't bother to answer but glared at him wondering what he wanted. "I hope your sister lives to see you again," He sighed looking over at Hayley.


     Alex grew angry at his callous words, "If she doesn't, I will get you, first!" Alex eyes narrowed and she struggled to get free.


     Glad his taunt worked he smiled, "So you do have the fiery disposition shared by your other sisters?" He drawled, "That's good, but it won't help you in this case I‘m afraid."


     Alex held her words for fear of them being used against her again.


     "You will comply and do as we tell you, soon enough," He smiled to her, "Just as your sister will. If she survives, that is."


     Alex heard footsteps by Hayley's bed and turned to see what was being done. She saw a woman with glasses perched on her nose, and she began to administer something while she shook her head at the sight of Hayley.


     The woman glared past Alex to Pietro, "I thought she could heal herself?"


     He nodded, "She can. I saw it firsthand."


     She scoffed, "Well, it's not working and I am doing all I can to stabilize her."


     Alex panicked and wrestled with her bonds feverishly.


     Quicksilver narrowed his eyes at the woman, "Should I tell my father that you are failing to keep his prize alive?"


     "Take the helmet off her," Alex finally screamed, "It's keeping her from healing herself."


    Deanna nodded and began to loosen the metal hat but found Pietro beside her grabbing her hands to stop her.


    "You would blindly follow her lead?" He gave her a small push.


     "She's probably right. But even if she's wrong, this mutant's no threat to us in this condition," Deanna pointed at Hayley.


     He stared at her knowing she made sense, and then he noted that her face fell as her eyes looked behind Pietro and saw Eric standing there.


     "How long does would it take for her healing power to work?" Eric asked looking at the bloody mess Sabretooth had made of his prized possession.


     "I don't know," Deanna glared at Quicksilver.


     "I saw her healing scratches but it was nothing like these injuries," Pietro sighed.


     "Take the helmet off, but be sure to leave her weakened," Eric ordered and then faced Alex, "We can't have you both leaving before we finish with you, now can we?"


     Alex felt her breath coming fast and ragged as they undid Hayley's helmet. Eric stood in between the sisters blocking Alex's sight but Alex felt Hayley's telepathy full force and she suppressed a smile.









     Hayley wasn't sure what was going on at this point. This all seemed so familiar to her.


     'Remy,' She whispered and suddenly he felt close by and she relaxed some.


     Remy held her and kissed her deeply as they both stayed in her bed with their robes between them and she sighed. Their bodies and minds seemed to be made for one another. He whispered something to her and brushed his lips to hers wrapping his fingers in her hair. She felt his hand reach into her robe to caress her shoulder and nothing more and was touched by the feelings she had of how the simple gesture made her heart race. Remy's eyes weren't the same as she remembered then. He looked sad and upset all of the sudden.


      "Chere, come back to me," He said as if from a dream.


     Hayley shook her head, that wouldn't do. She didn’t like seeing him that way. Then she heard Alex knocking on the door trying to interrupt the private moment and she grabbed the sheet to cover them even though they both were in robes.




      Hayley then watched Remy talking to Jordan in the hall. He was smiling at the infectious child like nature the young girl had. Hayley watched them both amused as Imp tried to understand what Remy was saying. Hayley smiled and walked off with them. Something grabbed her shoulder and she turned to see Alex looking at her, battered and tired.


      "Wake up Hayley!" Alex barked at her sister, "Fight them!" Hayley blinked at her not comprehending. "You're dreaming Hayl. You need to wake up and fight them."


     "I want to stay here with Remy," Hayley said confused and felt him take her hand.


      Remy looked at her, "I'll come for you, chere." He looked at her sadly and then to Alex.


      Briefly Ally and Justice stood there as well. Justice chuckled, "Reached for loverboy first, huh?"


    Alex was getting more and more upset, "Don’t come here. Leave us!"


    Ally shook her head, "We can’t do that!"


    Alex pushed them away, "We will fight our way out of here. Don't put yourselves in danger too."


      Remy now held Hayley tightly but Hayley listened to Alex and pushed him back gently. "She's right, they could kill you," Hayley looked at them, "I… I thought I was dreaming."


      Remy reached for Hayley's fading figure and Alex stood along Ally and Justice. Hayley fell and began to weep cutting Remy off from her slowly. He tried to move forward to Hayley as she cried but was held back by Alex.


      Justice bent to help Hayley too but Alex pushed him away as well, scooping Hayley to her.


      Hayley knew Remy had seen this and she looked at him as he disappeared, "Survive." Was all she could think to tell him as her siblings and Remy faded from view and she sank back into darkness.







      Eric watched them remove the helmet and the smaller cuts quickly faded. Hayley began to move a little and he didn’t want her too strong, "Replace the suppressor, quickly."


     Hayley's eyes flew open and began to glow lightly. Eric exhaled hard wondering if she was coherent. He could only assume what she was doing at this point.


     Deanna watched Hayley, amazed as the helmet extinguished her glowing eyes, "Do her eyes always glow when she heals herself?" She asked as she looked at Alex as if Alex was going to answer her.


     Alex held her stare, "Kill us while you can." Alex looked at Eric next, "Because if you hurt our other sister or one our loved ones, we will come for you first."


     "I knew you would come around in time," Eric smiled, "We will only kill you if we need to. I suggest you be co-operative and do as we say," Eric made a sad face, "Otherwise, you will pray for death, Alexandra.


     Alex narrowed her eyes at him with anger she didn’t know she was capable of. Then everything went blank.






     Eric had watched Sabretooth run over and punch Alex in her face knocking her unconscious, He became angry at the assault but only watched curiously as Creed didn't attack her further.


    "She can contact her sister even with the helmets on," Sabretooth growled.


     Eric nodded, he had forgotten they could do that but Hayley's serious injuries had side tracked him. "I forgot that you have a history with them," Eric said in a demeaning manner.


     Sabretooth grunted running his hand along Alex's face.


      Eric marched next to him, "You will help move her away from her sister." Then he turned to Deanna, "You will give her drugs to keep her out until the surgeries." He looked at Deanna's face and half expected her to argue but she just nodded. He walked out glad she was in line again.


      Pietro was right behind his father, "What's next?" He didn't bother to mask his concern,


      "If Alexandra contacted somebody we will need to be prepared. Which is why we will need to step up our plans and work quickly," Eric said pointedly, "Alexandra needs to be broken quickly and fall in line with us, and Deanna needs to keep her that way with the surgery."


      Pietro looked at the floor not sure he could do it but then he thought of how easily his father caught the cats and realized that he could do it if he really set his mind to it.


      "If they come for those two at least one will be ready to fight against them," Eric chuckled and met Mystique as they began to discuss plans.








      Ally was running down the hall to find Logan when she saw Justice and Storm. Justice picked up his pace to meet her. Ally smiled and slowed her pace.


      "Ok, you're walking?" Justice groaned hoping to leave Ally behind.


      Ally smiled, "Yes I am."


      "What's the plan?" Justice demanded.


       "To leave as many behind as possible," Ally sighed, "We can't let people put themselves on the line for us."


       "Then it is suicide," Storm said angry, "I will not let this happen."


        She let her gaze pass between the siblings.


         Justice squeezed her hand, "Ororo," He sighed. He wanted her to be safe.


         "I don not need to remind you that you both have children to come back to," She argued.


         Ally crossed her arms, "We know, Storm." Ally stared into space.


          "Al?" Justice asked knowing her look.


         "Alex is awake," She smiled, "Unharmed and I have a location."


        "Then we leave," Justice exhaled.


        "I am going Justice, and so are the others," Storm stood her ground.


        Ally held her hand up, "We leave Remy though."


        Justice gave her a confused look, "Because of his injuries?"


       "Magneto wants him too," Ally reasoned, "I saw the other helmet Scott had and it was for him. I am sure of it."


       "No more than he wants you or Justice," Storm sighed and she realized they weren't listening and their eyes started a tell tale glow.


        Justice swallowed hard, "Hayley's helmet was off and she's hurt."


        "We need to help them, now!" Ally said quickly as she darted off knowing Jean might have caught the message too.


        Storm watched Justice for clues but he looked as upset, "How badly is she hurt?"


        "I'm not sure," He whispered and pulled her into a hug and kissed her head. He didn't want to scare her with Hayley's condition.








       Remy sat on the bed listening to the news with Rayne. She had sat on the same bed with him chattering on in Cajun French trying to keep his mind off of things. He watched Beast going through the emotions he also felt. He sighed again feeling helpless and tried to listen to what Rayne was saying but his mind kept wandering.


      "How long Ah got ta be here?" He asked Jean and Hank.


       Hank stared at him over his glasses, "Is your head ache gone yet?"


       Remy nodded ignoring his pounding head and Rayne scoffed. "He lyin’ ta yo' Beast," Rayne said quickly, "He can' even hear half a what ah’m sayin’." Rayne almost laughed knowing he would be kept here now, and he wouldn't be able to go without her if he did manage to sneak off.


      "I would not let him leave anyway," Beast looked back at the computer, "I know you both by now, and I am fully aware that he is saying the thing that is not."


       "Den mebbe dey won' take yo' either, Beast," Remy countered hoping to bluff him, "Too many patients yo' need ta stay wit'."


        Beast tried to appear unaffected by Gambit’s words but knew the Cajun was probably right. They would need more than Jean to keep these two from escaping. "Then you will have to recover quickly my Cajun friend or we shall both remain behind," Hank said but he had every intention of going, regardless. He heard Remy gasp loudly and hurried to him as Gambit stared ahead vacantly.





        Remy listened to Hank calling his bluff and rolled his eyes but suddenly a familiar female's voice haunted his mind. He heard Hayley's laugh in his mind and he could see into her mind. 'Is she dreaming?' He could almost feel her pain but in his mind she was laughing and calling his name. Images of Hayley in his arms when they had been clad in their robes that special day floated from her mind to his and it quickly changed to the time he had been asking Imp where her 'pah rents' were.





      "Remy?" Rayne asked, but her brother didn't respond and kept his stare ahead at the opposite end of the room.


       "I believe a telepath is contacting him," Hank said but couldn't help but wonder if it was Alex.


       Rayne shook her head with agitation and watched him, "It’s Hayley."




      Remy's heart jumped almost feeling like she was with him and couldn't have been more surprised when he heard Alex as well. He felt Alex's worry, and then he saw Hayley lying there despondent. He swallowed hard also making out the other people around them as they began to do things he didn't understand, and didn’t like.


     'No,' Alex's mind screamed. 'Leave us!' Alex warned the others. He saw scattered images of Ally and Justice there and Hayley seemed to wake up and fell to the ground crying. He moved to hold her but he seemed to be pulled away and she looked at him sadly.


     Hayley may have been talking but he only saw her mouth one word, 'Survive.'


     Remy swallowed at what she didn't say. He made a mad grab for her but the image was fading fast as the four siblings seemed to separate as well.


     Alex and Hayley pulled from Ally and Justice. Justice also grabbed for them hoping to hold on but he and Ally faded leaving the two sisters broken on the floor.


      Remy screamed for them.



       The contact was then broken. Remy looked at Rayne who stared at him wide eyed, "Ah’m alright, Rayne." Suddenly his head ache was just about gone.


      "Who contacted you?" Beast said quickly.


       "Hayley," Remy said still amazed that she had contacted him and could contact him. "Ah t'ink she linked me ta Alex," He swallowed hard again.


      Hank was intrigued, "What did they say?"


      Remy shook his head, "Hayley said ‘survive’, an Alex said ta leave dem dere." His eyes looked at Beast for a clue as to what he thought. "Hayley looked bad, homme," He remembered the true image of Hayley he had seen and rubbed his jaw.


     Rayne draped her arms around her brother and nuzzled his neck trying to comfort him, "She a strong femme, Rem. She be ok."


     He nodded. Hayley had touched his mind before and it had never been like this, "Hayley didn't talk none. It was lik’ she was dreamin’," He sighed deeply, "Ah saw t’ings dat happened a while back."


     "Allyson would know," Hank mumbled and it dawned on him that they must have contacted Ally and/or Justice as well, "I need to find Allyson before she leaves everyone behind."


      Remy got to his feet as Jean came back into the room and he looked for his shirt ignoring the stares. "Yo' didn' see what Ah did," Remy said as Beast came at him, "Ah'm goin'." He looked to Rayne sadly, "Petite, Ah got to go now."


      Rayne looked at the bed as her own ideas began to materialize then she gave him a worried look, "Come back ta me safe, chere." She set the bluff and now she would have to time everything just right if she were to sneak along with them.


     Jean grabbed Remy with her telekinesis, "Remy, you need to stay here. You are in no condition to go where there will be heavy fighting."


     He fought her hold and found it was only the lower half of his body she held still, and before she realized it he grabbed a cup that had been by the bed and charged it and released it at her feet distracting her enough to get away from her.


     Jean sighed watching him run out of the infirmary.


     Rayne sighed, "Dere’s no stoppin’ dat fool, mon ami."


     Beast sighed knowing he would have done the same. He missed Alex and saw her everywhere he looked in the sick bay. He looked at Rayne meaningfully and hoped that Jean could keep the wiley girl here in sickbay. Rayne looked back at him and smiled innocently.