Real name: Jonathan Fitzgerald

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Weight/Height: 175 lb. and 6'

Mutant ability:

Can speak to electronics and control them with brain waves


John Fitzgerald (or Jack) was a well to do youth with a sister family and a lovely girlfriend, until one day his world was changed forever. Jack loved to drive and his passion for racing and cars found him exceeding the speed limit more than once. He eventually became friends with a group of underground racers and the unspoken leader (Ken). Once Jack found his outlet for his passion for the road, it began to consume him. He found himself constantly in the other racer's company and with his car. His unspoken anger towards his parents was taken to the streets in what his racing friends eventually began to call "Road Rage". Soon enough Jack was dubbed "Rage" and spent every free moment in his car. Ken or (Curly) could see Rage's raw talent and eventually talked him into joining a real race.

Rage found he and Curly soon made a common enemy as his car was sabotaged and Rage awoke in the hospital. Rage looked through his eyes with a slightly different view as he learned he received a blood transfusion.

Rage worried about diseases and complications but hadn't been prepared for what gifts the transfusion did give him. Rage finds himself a changed man as his life and friends try to learn to cope and love him as a mutant.

Meet RAGE very soon…………………