AGE:  18
EYES: amber
HAIR: medium brown
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: currently 95 lbs

MUTANT ABILITIES: Rayne has a full range of heightened senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and intuition. She has a knack for getting in tight places and she can climb almost any surface.  She can see very well in low light levels.

LAB CREATED ABILITIES: At Adams lab the insidious scientist, Deanna, experimented her on.  Rayne was captured at the lab while looking for information about the place for a client.  Adams gave Deanna free reign and she decided to turn Rayne into the lab rat that Deanna considered her to be from then on.  Rayne now sports sensitive whiskers, pointed ears and claws on her fingers and toes.  Rayne was rescued before Deanna could add a tail!

Rayne is Gambits sister from New Orleans. She was brought up around the thief’s guild but she did not become a master thief like her brother Remy. She was brought up and an apprentice to Tante' Matte', the guilds healer and advisor.  She has knowledge of how to heal and can heal herself or others to a certain degree, but it takes preparation and concentration. 
Rayne was on her own for many years and had lost contact with anyone from New Orleans including her brother. Now they are re-united in Cat's Eye. What follows only time will tell!  <: 3 )------------------------

Great background art and in depth profile were done by the same talent. A special Thank you to Ratty for her excellent effort


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