Wolive Femmes * Procrastination:






            Ally spied yet another strange car leaving Paris’s house and she sighed making her way into her house a little faster with the twins now. She knew what would happen if she didn’t get in there soon but she was too late.


             “OH, ALLYSON!” A voice broke through the trees and the peace. Ally stopped and put on her best face to her loud neighbor as she saw him closing in on her quickly.


             “Good afternoon, Paris,” Ally unlocked the door. She knew the procedure by now just the same. Another new car left and that meant so did Paris’s new boyfriend. At least, he called them boyfriends but Ally had thought one night didn’t make a boyfriend. She pushed the twins into the house. Now, she knew Paris would ask for a martini stirred not shaken and hold it gingerly while she chased the twins down. He always seemed to choose the times when Aramis was gone too so Ally seemed to have twice the work. “Can I get you a drink?” Ally offered but knew the answer already. The twins rushed in to the table obviously hungry or thirsty.


             “A martini sweetie,” Paris batted his eyelashes, “Stirred not shaken.”


             Ally nodded as Paris seated himself at the table with the children. He never seemed to notice the time because alcohol at 12:00 PM just seemed to be his way. “I saw a stranger leave your house.”


            “Yes, Marcel,” Paris sighed; “that BITCH!”


            Ally rolled her eyes, “Paris, please don’t use that language in front of the children,” she scolded lightly.


             “I’m sorry, Ally,” he sighed in a whiny tone, “it’s just that we seemed to have so much in common.”


             It was Ally’s turn to sigh, “Paris you do seem to have a lot of friends.


            Paris was taken back, “Oh darling,” he rested his hand on the tips of his fingers swirling his olive in his drink, “I’ve never had problems meeting men,” he sipped the drink thoughtfully; “It’s keeping them that’s the bitch.” Ally gave him and exasperated look. “Oh! I’m so sorry it just slipped,” then Paris looked at the twins sternly, “Don’t ever say ‘bitch’ children.” He looked at Ally hoping it would be forgotten soon.


             “I hope you find somebody who lasts,” Ally said quietly as she began to gather the condiments for a sandwich for the Michael and Amber’s lunch. “Paris how many sandwiches would you like?”


            “Oh, I’m not hungry sweetie,” he sipped his drink daintily; “This should hold me over.” He winked at Ally who couldn’t help but smile at her animated friend. “Do you watch the soaps?” He asked as quickly as he remembered, “Did Hope find out that isn’t her baby yet? I hope that damn Stefano gets his.” He furrowed his brow.


             “Sorry, Paris,” Ally sighed putting the children’s sandwiches together, “I just don’t have the time for soap operas.”


            “Oh, that’s right,” Paris chuckled, “You have friends who chase each other with whipped cream.”  He lifted his eyebrows teasingly and Ally laughed heartily.


            Ally silently wished her eyes wouldn’t glow when she used her ability so she could find out how her siblings were right away. She sighed and thought of what Justice always said, “Let’s not scare the straights.”   She smiled and wondered if that applied to Paris who was waving his hands over his martini to show the children how he made an olive disappear.












            Justice opened the door to his apartment and smiled thinking of the little family he had there. “Luuuuuuuuuuuucy, I’m home!” He exclaimed playfully wondering where Jordan and Storm were.


      He heard the soft sound of footsteps and soon saw Jordan running at him. He bent down and scooped her into his arm, “How are you doing, Pud?”


     Jordan squinched her nose up, “Do I have to listen to Storm all the time?”


    “Yes, you do young lady,” He looked surprised and. wondered how she could be so ungrateful, “Storm is here to help you and I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate hearing you like this.”


     “I have heard it all day,” Storm said as she silently made her way into the kitchen to gather the meal and bring it to the table.


     Justice put Jordan down with a scolding look, “Were you unkind to Ororo?”


     Jordan didn’t meet his eyes, “Not a lot.”


     “It is fine,” Storm said simply from the kitchen.


     Justice ran his hand through his hair wondering when the adjusting would be over with, “I think you should apologize to Storm.” He whispered to Jordan.


     Jordan nodded and marched right up to Storm, “I’m sorry you’re so bossy to me!”


     Justice’s mouth dropped, “that isn’t what I meant.” Then he looked to Storm, “I’m sorry ‘Ro.” He gestured for Jordan to try again and Storm merely laughed.


      “Two things seem to be true,” Storm sighed and walked into the kitchen and to dinner, “First of all, you have to call Rayne. Hayley called and spoke of her anxieties might keep Rayne from attending her own date.”


       Justice nodded leaning on the kitchen counter as he stole a carrot from the salad watching Storm getting things together for dinner, “What’s the second?”


      Storm stood taller and looked eye to eye with Jordan, “This is my battle with Jordan and not your own.”


     Justice smiled. He knew there was a reason he loved this woman.


     “I’m sorry, Storm,” Jordan finally looked sorry as tears formed making her eyes looks glassy.


     “It is all right Jordan,” she hugged the child and handed her the salad bowl. “You may be in charge of the dressing again if you would like to.”


      Jordan nodded and ran to the fridge looking for the vinegar and oils. Storm handed Justice a carrot that wasn’t part of the salad he had been picking apart.


      Justice gave her a rueful smile, “I’m sorry.”


     Storm merely smiled, “You do have time to make that phone call before dinner is served so perchance Rayne can keep you out of the salad before it is server.”


      Justice smiled, “I can take a hint.”  He bit his carrot loudly for effect as he wandered off whistling “what’s up doc” by Bugs Bunny.


      Storm shook her head and laughed to herself. Despite the feud Jordan had chose, Storm was very happy.







                         Rayne was a nervous wreck.  The others would be coming in a few hours.  She had been pacing in her room off and on all day.  Despite Remy’s attempts to distract her she felt sick and wanted nothing more then to call off the date and crawl in a hole.  She heard the phone ring and Hayley call out that the phone was for her. Hesitantly she picked the receiver up, “Hello?”


              “Honestly young lady,” Justice’s voice rang out, “I can hear your pacing all the way over here, and to be honest, my legs are starting to ache in empathy.”


             At that Rayne snickered, “Well then chere, put your hands over your ears an’ stop listenin’.”  She cleared her throat, “and Ah’m not pacin’ anyways.”


             “Oh nooo; not at all;” He couldn’t help but jab her a little and hoped it helped her calm down some. “I guess I’ll have to have the carpet replaced in your room after tonight. You’ll have worn some pretty deep groves.”


              “Don’t you have somethinta do chere?” She chided, “Like read a book. Or play with Jordan, or snuggle with Storm?”


              He sounded hurt, “You mean you don’t want to talk to me, petite?”


             Rayne sighed deeply and was quiet for a few minutes. Justice finally broke the silence, “Are you ok?”  He heard a slight shuffling sound but couldn’t make out what its source was, “Rayne?”


              “Justice?”  She said almost too low for him to hear. “Ah’m afraid.”


              “Afraid of what?”  He wished he was there to see her as she talked so he could understand better what was going on. He also wished that she would let him contact her telepathically. That would help.  He felt helpless just listening to the dead air coming through the phone; “the date tonight?”


               Oui, Ah’m afraid I won’t fit in.  Ah’m not used ta dis kinda thing.”


              “Everyone’s scared on their first date. You should have seen my knees shake when I first took Storm to dinner.”  He lied.  Justice was always a cool cucumber when it came to dating.




              “Really, really; listen, just pretend that you have Remy there with you, maybe that will help.”


              Rayne snickered nervously, “Yeah, dat’s right. I’d give Poor Jason heart failure if Remy were sitting next to us de whole time. You shouldn’t pick on him, you an’ Remy.”


              Justice snorted, “Moi? Pick on Jason? Perish the thought mon ami. Why I wouldn’t give him the time of day.”  He gasped, “Hey! I know what will do the trick. Just picture Jason sitting there naked. Then you won’t be nervous.”


             Rayne squeaked, “Oh no Justice!  I’d be ten shades of red de whole time.”  She started giggling then, “Thanks a lot chere, now dat’s in mah head. He’s gonna wonder what Ah’m thinking of when Ah keep looking his way and tryin’ not ta laugh.” She slapped the phone, “Dat’s so bad.”


              Justice laughed and was glad to hear her lighten up some. “Well, you just have a good time. Don’t worry about fitting in. Just be yourself. And remember, he became interested in you and you didn’t have to do a thing.”


              S’at supposed ta make me feel better?” The thought of him watching her without her knowing was unsettling. Then a thought hit her. “Justice! He was at da lab!” A wave of panic coursed through her and she felt like she was going to pass out.


              Just as he could pick up on her nervousness he now felt her panic. They had developed a strange bond together and sometimes he could tell how she felt without using his powers. Or was he using them on a level he didn’t realize? “Rayne, don’t think or worry about things like that. Doesn’t matter anyway; does it? I mean really.”


              “Ah guess not, but…” Her mind reeled.  Vague images of the lab drifted through her thoughts. “But what if he saw me there?”


             “What if he did? So what? I’m sure others saw you there as well, just as you must have seen them.” He heard silence again; “Right?”


              “You don’ understand.”  She shuddered as more images appeared unbidden to her conscious mind. She couldn’t tell him what she recalled of being in the lab, and she felt sickened to think of what the others knew about what had happened there. “Ah can’t go. Ah can’t do it.” She gasped out.


             “Yes you can. And …”


             “Daddy!” Rang out interrupting Justice’s train of thought and Justice covered the mouth piece lightly, “Yes, Pud;” he whispered.


             “Miss Storm wanted to let you know that dinner was done.”


            Justice sighed, “I know you had a fight but you don’t need to call her ‘miss’ to make up for it. “Please tell her I will be there momentarily.”


             “Okay,” Jordan smiled and bounced off but then began to yell at the top of her lungs, “Storm! Daddy’s still on the phone with that ‘cagen’ rat but he’ll be there in a momentary!”


            He suppressed the chuckle as he heard Storm laughing too and shook his head returning to the phone.  He cleared his throat, “Ok, where was I? Oh yes, I want you to go and have a good time. Don’t think. Don’t worry. Just have a good time being out there with some friends. Ok?”




            “I’ll expect a full report on Saturday.” He grinned at his being witty.


“Ok, mon ami.” She heard him hang the phone up and listened to the humming tone until it became an annoying recorded message.  She set the receiver down and decided to go outside for a walk to think things over.














            Hayley picked the phone up and heard giggling on the other end. Her first inclination was to hang up but then she heard a voice, “Hello? May I speak to Rayne?  Hayley stifled her own giggle, “Is this Kitty?”


            “No Miss Adams, this is Rogue, uh, Marie.  We are coming over now and just wanted to let Rayne know.”


            “Ok, I’ll tell her you’re on your way.” Hayley recalled that she hadn’t actually seen Rayne for a couple hours now and wondered where she was. “I thought the dinner wasn’t until 2 hours from now.”


            Rogue giggled, “Some of us are coming over to help Rayne pick out what to wear and do her make-up and stuff. The boys will come by later to pick us up.”


            “Ok, we’ll see you in a few then. Bye.”  Hayley heard more giggles then a click before she hung the phone up herself.  Those were the days,” She thought, remembering her own first date.  She found Remy with his feet propped up on the back of the couch with his head hanging down over the edge of the seat cushion. “Isn’t it easier to watch tv sitting up on the couch?”


            Ah’m thinkin’ about somethin’.” 


            “Oh kay,” Hayley was temped to tickle his feet while they were dangling in the air so close. “Where’s Rayne? That was some of the girls from the school. They are on their way over.”


            Gambit brought his arms over his head, swung his legs overhead, landed on his feet and stood up. “She’s probably in her room.”  He walked down the hall and saw that her door was open. Chere?” He searched the room and found no trace of her. “Damn!” Panic gripped him as he thought about the possibility of her going to find Essex. He ran back down the hall and caught up with Hayley in the kitchen. “She’s not in her room.”


            Hayley pointed out the kitchen window, “There she is.”


            Both of them marched to the French doors to the patio. Hayley called out, “You’d better get in here and take a shower. Marie called and they are on their way.”


            Rayne shrugged, “Doesn’t matter. Ah’m not goin’.”


            Hayley couldn’t believe her ears, “What? Excuse me? What do you mean your not going? Did you tell them you weren’t going?”


            “No.” Rayne knelt and pushed some leaves off the pathway.


            Hayley huffed, “You can’t do that! That’s rude. No one will want to do anything with you if you pull that crap. I don’t know who you think you are to treat them like that;” She put her hands on her hips and looked at Remy. Hayley failed to mention how many times she had stood people up or ran away for no reason, even with Remy.    


Gambit sighed at being in yet another confrontation between Hayley and Rayne. He pleaded with his sister to do what Hayley said and go get ready, but Rayne stubbornly refused.


            If Hayley hadn’t had the wristband controlling her powers on it would have been as hot as the sun at that moment. She was livid. She jerked her arm and pointed inside the house. “Get inside and get ready. You ARE going.”


            Rayne hissed and glared at her, “You can’t tell me what to DO!”


            “Yes I CAN!” Hayley reached for the bracelet that suppressed her abilities but Remy’s gentle touch stopped her from removing it. She held Rayne’s eyes waiting for her to move.


            Gambit tried to think of a way to diffuse the escalating feud but nothing would come to mind. Normally he wouldn’t have even bothered to try and break up a fight between any females. He valued his life too much.


            Hayley marched over, grabbed Rayne’s wrist and started dragging her towards the house. “You don’t have much time.”


            Rayne squealed and writhed in protest and before they made it to the door Hayley yelped in pain as Rayne bit her hand.  Gambit grabbed Rayne by the shoulders and pulled her away from Hayley and pointed her to the doorway, “Go and get ready, and no more arguments.”


            Rayne stood a moment staring from her brother to Hayley. Finally she growled; “Fine. Ah’ll go.” Then she pointed at Hayley. “But if she grabs me again she’ll get more den a bite.”


            “Oh no, you did not just threaten me!” Hayley wasn’t going to let an uppity kid talk to her that way. It didn’t matter if she was her lover’s sister. She took some steps towards Rayne and pulled off the suppresser but Gambit reluctantly stepped in her path.


            Rayne stuck her tongue out, spun around and walked away. Remy and Hayley heard her grumble and gripe with every step until she was out of earshot.


            Gambit snickered slightly and when Hayley glared at him he pointed to her stomach, “Sure you want dat bebe, chere?”


            “Well,” Hayley sighed, “maybe it’s a boy.”