Poems for the Lost Souls


Wolvie Femmes hadn't meant to start an outreach program on web site but how can you not display everyone's thought feelings and gestures dealing with the twin tower tradgedys, Please take a moment to enjoy another's views on these senseless acts.

A Cry For Strangers……

A dark day people cry,

Cry for strangers who never got to say goodbye

People fought so others would survive,

So for them we must strive.

Heroes are gone that I will never meet,

But we are strong and for them we will defeat.

I cry for strangers that I will never know,

The tears down my face let my feelings show.

I shall cry until justice comes in the end,

I cry for strangers, I cry my friend.

Pray for the lost innocent now,

Pray for peace worldwide someday, somehow.

Cry for stranger and my friends,

Cry soon for this nightmare ends.

Pray for those who cannot cry anymore,

Pray for strangers……..Forevermore……


This was written by Tracy who lives in Baltimore, not far from the Baltimore World trade Center, which WAS another target for terrorism. Thank you very much for sharing this. It is very touching. We hope to see more.

911-Home of the Brave



Four flights


Craven warriors

assault peace

1 scheme halted

by freedom's champions

Martyrs of America's Dream

Everyday heros fight

their exhaustion and grief

search for hope

amidst piles of debris

In the Land of the Free

and Home of the Brave

hearts are broken

but America's spirit lives!

Red, white and blue fly proud!

by Kimberly DiPaula

Well put, GO KIM!

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