Wolvie Femmes * Punishments





   Pietro stood completely still in the lonely room. He knew his father would make sure he would not repeat his behavior but sometimes he went too far. The room was smaller than the one he had been pinned in before with Sabertooth and the fact that his father added another hostile mutant would make it easier for him to be injured.



     He tightened his fists waiting for his father to tell Sabertooth and Wolf to go after him. He almost sighed thinking of why he was in there, Alex.  Then he almost cried. She was going to marry Beast and probably have his child and he was sure she was smart enough to stay under her Uncle’s protective roof. He worried about the mutants who watched the Xavier Institute, the ones who watched for a mutant his father wanted, the ones who put their fingers on the remote his father had left them to activate the chips in Alex and Hayley’s heads.


     Quicksilver remembered the day he had last been with Alex and the fight that followed. He did consider it ironic that Ally-cat has froze him with Alex’s ability and most of all he remembered his father’s accusing look about being empty handed.



      There was only one door to the room, one to leave and the same to enter. There was a small observation room where his father stood, high atop the rest. Did his father fancy himself a king among mutants to stand so far above everyone else? Or did he just believe that he was better than his children?


      Pietro watched the door as anxious as he was now, he could not regret what he had experienced with Alex. He did not make love to her, not due to his own lack of want, and perhaps that made him want her more. He experienced something with her he hadn’t with others, something beautiful, something slow.  In a world where he could run in nanoseconds he had slowed down for her and for the first time he found it a unique thing, leisurely time.


        Sabertooth stood next to Amber, he towered over her as he did over the Cats and Wolverine. He wanted to tell her she smelled of the runt but they were not supposed to remind her of Wolverine, might set her off. He had known Logan a long time and he had seen Amber a time or two, funny that she ended up with admantium lined bones before he got them. Creed was too familiar with what had happened with those experiments and he would have been pleased to have metal bones. A healing factor, heightened senses and claws were fine but metal bones would have been very nice. He watched Amber from the corner of his eye, she was beautiful and there was no doubt. He wondered, more than once, how a mutant like Amber ended up a punching bag. Her body was small but thin and lithe but he found her fighting style to be deadly. He watched her measuredly, she looked like she would be more at home on a runway than a battle field and the only thing that gave away she was a killer, was her eyes. Her eyes held the truth of her hate, her eyes held the truth of her age and her eyes held the truth of her hurt. She was not one to hide her eyes behind sunglasses and they told many secrets.


        “So we just go in and try to catch, Speedy?” Amber cocked her head an raised an eyebrow, “I don’t get it?” She watched Creed, She didn’t get him. He seemed to be a big kid but when he spoke he had the voice of a man with years of experience beyond hers.


        Creed exhaled sharply, “You aint supposed to get it, kid.” He pointed at the door. “He is.”


        She kept her blank stare, “This is a punishment?”


        Creed nodded, “Go at him for blood,” he watched her set her jaw gearing up for it. “Don’t think it’s that easy, kid.” He failed to mention his anger had helped him lose again Pietro before.


         “We are to kill him?”


         He turned at her exasperated, “don’t think you’ll get the chance, darling.” He watched her balling her fists up and almost laughed. She knew so little because of the experiments that her mind was Swiss cheese by now. He wanted to enlighten her as a wicked smile crept to his face. He was sure the information he held would knock the cocky look from her face all right.


        “Then that means you missed,” She almost chuckled. She considered Sabretooth slow compared to her, clumsy. She felt superior despite his brute strength, she considered it a flaw. To her Sabertooth was a dry boat on land.


       The door opened and she and Sabertooth were ushered in to the small room where Pietro stood. They watched him swallow hard and looked to Magneto for a clue.


       “Let’s see how the three of you fair,” Eric called from the lonely speaker in the corner of the room.


        When Sabertooth and Pietro began to dodge each other Amber took her cue. She took pride in getting a few licks on the speed demon where Sabretooth’s anger got in his way of being effective. She smiled as the fight became heated.












       Wanda sat in the bed as Deanna once again fussed over her, "Aren't you done?"  She made no secret she didn't care for the woman.


       "If you could keep your lightening under control then I would not need to keep replacing the equipment," Deanna sighed thinking of the commotion that had lead to this.  That girl kept floating through her mind as well, the lab rat.  How did she get to be so powerful and what was her connection to Gambit?


       Wanda kicked lightly at the sheet bored, "So the last fight didn't catch dad any fish huh?"  She wished she could have gone.  She felt bad for Pietro and his weakness, the blonde Adam. She had also heard the degree to which their father had left Justice.  Pietro had told her about his encounter with Alex and who bad Justice looked.  She was afraid her father had killed him and worse that her brother was totally in love with Alex.  She thought to the stolen kiss she had gotten from Justice when they had caught him in the adamantium room.  Her mind raced at the thought.


      "Mystique had Imp but she was out numbered," Deanna unknowingly interrupted Wanda’s thoughts.  She was glad the child hadn't been caught; she could only imagine what Eric would do to her. She watched Sabretooth carry in Pietro now bloody and unmoving.


      Wanda began to jump to her feet but her father's entrance and his stern glare at her kept her at bay.  "What happened?"


     Sabretooth chuckled but Wanda recognized some of the claw marks as his and she felt her temper grow, "Kid wasn't fast enough," Sabertooth chuckled at her.  He failed to mention that it was Amber who had countered him by guessing where he would end up. She was a good fighter and Sabretooth had to admit that but she was still too hard to control in the field.  He watched Magneto make his way to Wanda and Deanna and thought of many other things he would rather do.


      "Your brother came up empty handed," Eric glowered.  He failed to add that he thought more of what had happened.


       Chloe moved into the infirmary slowly, having watched the 'punishment' she was curious to see how Quicksilver was doing.


        "Chloe," Eric cooed and everyone gathered she was a favorite now.  "How are you doing?"  She only smiled and moved closer to Deanna dressing Pietro's wounds.  She did not dare talk too much.


      Since she had been approached by Eric to join her, life had been turned upside down and she was almost sorry she had joined but thoughts of Justice and Jordan living with the weather witch made her blood boil.  She knew Justice very well and she knew he would come looking for her now.  Eric had a trap set for the oldest Adam and it was working perfectly.  Eric didn't think he would bring anybody with him and he would be easy prey for the brotherhood.



      "Have we heard anything of how the two cats are doing with their chips?"  Eric asked watching his son hooked to monitors.  Nobody answered but Wolf strolled in with an upset look at Pierto.


       "Is he breathing?"  Amber asked with wide eyes.  Killing was fine but he was one of her team.


        Deanna looked surprised at Chloe's conern because she had not taken her for much more than a cold cur like Sabertooth, "his wounds are superficial and he will heal fine."


        Sabertooth shook his head and looked at Amber, "Thought you were a fighter, kid."


        "Kill off the whole team and see where it leaves you, Susquatch," Amber growled.  She had lost enough families and right now, she seemed to remember it, seeing Quicksilver's injuries reminded her of some she had seen before. They hadn't been her injuries but had healed quickly and she felt she should know whom it had been.


        "We did OUR job," Creed narrowed his eyes at her and stormed out.


        "You are correct, Wolf," Eric exhaled, "teams are important."


        Chloe watched the dynamics and decided to get to the top of the mutant chain.  Wanda began to fall asleep under the medications for her head injury.  Chloe watched her, she didn't know very much about Magneto's children but she knew Magneto was the power and that was what mattered.


      Chloe watched the demeanor in which he stood; he kept a noble grace about him.  She cocked her head watching him leave.  She smiled inwardly and followed him from the room.


       Deanna chuckled watching Jump pursue the Magnetic mutant and shook her head.  Amber sat down looking at Pietro's wounds.  She wasn't familiar with these things because she healed with in minutes of the injury; it was an enigma to her.


      Amber tilted her head at Deanna, "how long will it take this to heal?"




       "Pietro," Amber sighed.


       "A couple of days," Deanna had done all she could for him and wanted to get back to her research and her own personal agenda.  "I am going," She watched Amber nod.  "You don't understand his being hurt do you?"


       Amber looked up slightly as if to challenge Deanna to mess with her.


      "It's ok, Amber," Deanna touched her shoulder, "Compassion is not a weakness."


      Amber nodded and Deanna gave her a smile.  "This will never happen to me."  She almost whispered.  "I was born to take abuse wasn't I?"


     "Only if YOU want to," Deanna winked.  "If you stay do not touch any machines."


      Amber watched Deanna go with a sideways glance, 'compassion?'  Was that what she felt?  She couldn't hide her fascination with the brotherhood and how everyone pretended not to care about the others. Amber felt outside and she knew she always would but Magneto and his children were an odd mix.  She sighed and watched Pietro move.


        He tossed his head and mumbled incoherently until one word was unmistaken, "ALEX!"  He almost screamed and jumped into a sitting position.  He looked around a little spooked.


       Amber felt a superior grin overcome her face and watched him squirm, "don't care about anybody huh?"  She crossed her arms, "Nobody but Alexandra Adams?"


       He narrowed his eyes, "What?"


       She sat down on the bed, "You poor, poor boy."  She touched his cheek lightly.  "Are you also nursing a broken heart in that bed?"


       He turned red, "get off me."  He smacked her hand from his face.


      "You called for her loverboy," she taunted.


      He looked a bit worried now, "you lie worse than a rug, Wolf."


       "Deanna was going on about how overwhelming it was for a male to have the 'want' to spread it's seed," she leaned into him barely an inch from his lips, "if you did your job it's already spread, big boy."  She found him looking at her confused and she brushed her lips to his as gently and sweetly as child would.  He didn't turn away so she pushed her hand behind his head and pulled him closer.  When she pulled away a little breathless, she found he was the same way.  "Loser," she taunted with a coy smile.  "Like anybody would want your pathetic seed."  She stood watching his confused glare at her.  "No wonder daddy had to have a woman held down for you to have sex with, nobody would want you."


       He sat there bewildered and wondering why she had been so nice then she began to laugh at him.  Was she trying to lull him into a sense of security to laugh at him?  "I suppose no more than anybody would want a freak with claws," he shot back.


     She narrowed her eyes, "it's not the mutation here, little man," she backed away from him but her lips were still warm from the kiss, "it's the guy."


    "Why did you kiss me?"  He finally demanded.


    She scoffed, "Pity."


     Pietro sat up straighter, "I don't believe you."


     She shrugged and walked out slowly and once out of the she touched her lips, 'I don't either.'  What was happening that she kissed Quicksilver. She shook her head as if to clear it and sighed thinking of avoiding him for a while.










       Storm sat outside not sure how to approach the whole thing about Jump.  She pulled her knees to her chest as she sat on the bench and sigh.  How should she approach Justice about Jump?  She loved Justice, there was no doubt about that but how would this affect their relationship?  Why hadn't he contacted her about it yet?  Did he need time? 


      She got to her feet slowly, stretching every knotted muscle with a deep breath but every thought was for Justice.  She needed to find him and speak to him about the issues she had.  Would he be upset over this or happy?  He certainly seemed to be excited enough when he thought she was pregnant.


       She could hear a lot of commotion from the school and wondered what was going on.  Considering it was mostly girls screeching like a boy dropped a frog down their backs, she wasn't too concerned just curious.


       She spied a lonely figure sitting by the pond, Warren.  She touched his shoulder lightly and he looked at her with much humbler eyes.


      "Hello, Ororo," he said with very limited enthusiasm.  He noticed her own troubled eyes and looked her up and down slowly; "I'd thought you would be sitting with Justice until you were tossed from his bedside."


      "Things are not prescribed on how we should live," She sat next to him on the metal bench.  She felt the cool breeze on her face.  Autumn made her feel alive and she wished she was here with Justice now. "I will be with him soon enough."


       "I see," he mumbled.


       Storm watched him confused about his demeanor, "I had thought you would be inside with Hayley and her sisters."


       Warren sat up straighter, "Hayley has made her choice, Storm."  He met her eye.  "I am not certain how much longer I will stay on here anyway."  His dejected voice wasn't easy to spot.


       "You are an asset to the team Warren," Storm's eyes widened.  "I am sure the professor would like for you to stay on, especially now."


       Warren sighed, "I mean no disrespect but I need to be alone," He stood abruptly and flapped his long billowy wings without waiting for a response.


     Storm watched him go, she had the love of somebody special.  She watched Warren who seemed to long for it and thought of how dear Justice really was to her.  She stood quickly realizing as long as she and Justice loved one another that were all that mattered.  When her heart skipped a beat thinking of him, she was sure she was right.








      Justice felt like a fool, he felt like more than a fool.  Not only had somebody, namely Chloe, pulled the wool over his eyes but now he had upset Rayne greatly.


     Ally met his eye, "Perhaps, we should remember that it's not just the four of us right now and be a little more cautious of our telepathy."


     Justice nodded, "that's putting it lightly, Al."


     "We are so used to being in one another's head without permission," she sighed.  "I know it seems natural but to people who are not telepathic it's not."


      Justice nodded but was watching Beast and Jean readying Alex and Hayley for surgery, finally he turned to his sister, "Can I NOT have a lecture this minute?" He stopped Beast before he made it out the door with Alex.  "Where you going Beast?"


      "Justice this is simply not the time for you antics," Clearly Beast's voice wavered showing his own stress.


       "Your garuntee that Alex won't freeze you both in surgery is what?"  Justice understood all too well what his sisters had done while he had been out of it.  Ally's mind told him a lot, even that she was looking forward to moving away from her uncle and his school; she wanted to live as normally as she could.


       "It is a chance we must take Justice," Beast began to push him out of the way.


       Justice eye's glowed threateningly, "Let me help Hank."


        Jean was intrigued, "How?"


        "Give me 10 minutes," Justice ran from the room at top speed and showed back up with the metal skull cap that even he had once adorned.  "This will keep them from using their powers."


          Beast sighed heavily wondering why he hadn't thought of it.  He watched gratefully as Justice hooked the helmet on his sister.  When he was finished, Justice stopped and kissed Alex's head whispering soft words that Jean could not make out.


          "What did you say?"  Jean asked him slowly.


          Beast smiled, "He told her today was not a good day to die."


          Justice cooked an eyebrow amazed Hank understood but smiled, "take care of her huh?"  He touched Alex's hair lightly relishing the texture, the same hair as children he would grab as he ran from her.  He hardly remembered his mother and his father was sketchy in a lot of the better times of their lives and it reminded him, "We are all the four of us have in life."


          Hank wheeled her out as Storm came running in.  She caught the sight of Alex going and her eyes widened seeing Justice fully on his feet.  She gave Jean and Hank a sad smile as the left.


         Justice felt his heart jump at the sight of her and he touched her hand lightly, "'Ro, I have to know," he said very softly.  "I've been fooled and been a fool but do you still want me?"


        Storm teared up and threw herself into his arms forgetting his injury.  Justice flinched involuntarily grabbing his still sore chest and hugged her tightly, "I HOPE that is a yes."


       Storm chuckled and nodded but kissed him before he could speak again and once again, she felt love.


       Ally sat by Hayley glad Justice had come up with an idea for their surgery and she smiled, "We are all going to be fine, Hayley."  She laughed.  "Even you."





      Justice turned back to his sister, "Call me as soon as you know something," He winked.  "I need to see Jordan."


      Ally gave him a shake of the head but then nodded, "all right, just heed warnings that were given."


      Justice nodded but as soon as he and Storm got outside of the door, he looked at Storm longingly.  She returned the stare and hugged him but pulled away to look in his eyes.  She touched his face.  "It does not matter what has happened, we shall face this together."


      Justice inhaled sharply, "you do understand just what happened?"  He was restraining himself from kissing her as his heart leapt.


      "I understand what Chloe did to you in that attack," Storm looked to the floor.  "I still love you and if you still love me that should be all that matters."  She touched his face and pulled his head to her until their lips met.  She almost laughed that he seemed so surprised but Justice touched her deeply, so that she couldn't remember a love a great as he was.  She was one of the leading forces of the X-men and always kept her head but found it very hard to so now next to this man.  She pushed herself hard against his body and let a small sigh as he deepened the kiss.  She could not explain the emotions and the passion she found when he touched her and right now, she did not want to.


       Justice was the one to pull away as he looked at her breathless.  His eyes were also full of emotion.  "I love you, Ororo."  He let his hand travel from her cheek down to her shoulder and neck.  "I need to see Jordan."  He could not hide the want to see his daughter was truly safe, he knew she was he could feel her but he needed to see it.


       She nodded but was reluctant to let him go, "Do you mind if I accompany you?"


       "You two need to find a room if your gunna have sex," Logan called with his stogie in hand.


         Justice and Storm both turned a little red, as they broke apart, "We were just going to see Jordan."  He cleared his throat.  "Alex is in surgery and Ally is waiting with Hayley."


        "She awake yet?"  Logan asked as he came closer.


        Justice shook his head, "I won't be long."  He scooped Storm into his arms and cocked an eyebrow at her.  "Hold on to me."  He took a deep breath and disappeared with an astonished Storm.



         Hayley thrashed about in her pain and Ally watched her sadly.  "Hayley, you will be fine."  She sighed.  "I am sure it's not much longer."


        Hayley blinked awake, "Remy?"  She found her own eyes staring at her.  "Alex?"


        Ally smiled, "You get one more guess."


        Hayley smiled, "hey."  She looked around at he now quiet infirmary.  "What did I miss?"


         Ally looked at her seriously, "Alex is in surgery because those chips have to come out."


         "Why aren't you in there helping then?"  Hayley challenged.  She knew they had much more experience with the chips than anybody else did.


         "Pregnancy," she sighed.  "I doubt Hank would let me, so I didn't offer."  She shrugged.  "Things affect you differently during a pregnancy."


          Hayley didn't see it and simply sighed, "Where's Justice?  Where's Remy?"


         "Justice went to see Jordan," Ally smiled when Hayley did, "Yeah, he's better."


         "That's a relief," Hayley smiled but she couldn't wait to see her brother's eyes.


          "And Remy," Ally looked to the roof.  How could she explain it?  " He's still feeling the effects of a headache."  She sighed, "In my guess, he's had it since Magneto stole you from the house."


          "Still?"  Hayley didn't think to mask her worry and it seemed to amuse Ally.


          Ally's eyes grew wide, "You are that in love?" She smiled tauntingly at her sister.


           Hayley gave her a cross look, "So is he all right?"


           "He did ask to be called when you woke," Ally exhaled deeply.  She found he hadn't gone to sleep yet and told him Hayley was awake and like Hayley the love wasn't hard to spot.


            "He's coming," Ally only hoped Rayne would be in a better mood if he brought her, or at least better looking.  She knew that Rayne had no choice of what she morphed into, but she never liked rats.




            The doors snapped open and Logan came in with a big smile seeing Hayley awake.  "Look better, kid."  He made his way to her side, held her hand, and kissed her head.  "Try not to fry anything else around here, except maybe a Cajun, alright?"


            "LOGAN!"  Ally sputtered but Hayley giggled a little.


            "Leave him alone, Lo'," Hayley sighed.


            "How's the kid?"  Logan asked them both.


             "Kicking!"  They both answered in unison and then they smiled at each other surprised.


             "I would have never guessed that we would share this kind of experience," Hayley arced an eyebrow at Ally.






            Justice felt better once he was outside's Jordan's door and turned the knob slowly. He could make out her little silhouette in her bed against the slight evening night that poured in her open window.  He sat on the bed as Storm made her way in behind him, just as quietly.  He touched her hair as she moved ever so slightly to her father's touch but didn't waken.  He sighed but felt like crying, the thought of a child he wouldn't know plagued him.  He moved away slowly as Storm pulled him to the door.


          "She needs sleep," She whispered as they stepped into the hall. “She has been through a great deal today.”


           She felt him hold her tightly to him and smiled hoping they would get some time to themselves but she could see he was angry. She could only imagine what turmoil he must be going through right now. Had she taken a lover and been put in his place, she was sure she would want to face them and resolve problems. Was it only a matter of time before he searched Chloe out? Would he go to any stakes to find out more about the child she carried? Or would he want her to explain herself? Storm didn’t want him to go after Chloe but she was certain he would and she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop him. She felt his grip on her and the possessive nature that he seemed to have over her at the moment. She kissed his neck lightly intoxicated by his scent being so close and she felt she knew him very well. He didn’t respond and she looked to him very slowly.


           He stopped gritting his teeth and let his breath go, "I am trying to talk myself out of yelling at Chloe."


          Storm hugged him back. She was sure she knew him very well now and if she was right he would go after Chloe and their unborn child. Suddenly, she didn’t feel the need to bring him back to her room and she felt a little sad.






         Pietro watched the ceiling as he waited for Wanda to wake up.  He would be glad when he got out of here, it gave him the creeps. He wasn't sure what to make of Amber or if he wanted to explore it.  He was still left wondering about Alex.  The thought of her had him growing warmer and he had never felt like that.  Amber's kiss was nice but it wasn't worth the head games it came with.  He was sure Amber was trying to cover her insecurities that she might have had about kissing him and he wasn't sure that it wasn't worth him doing the same back.  He chuckled to himself, 'can't a guy have some fun too?'


        Wanda was now watching him with very alert eyes, "Care to share the joke."


         He rolled his eyes thinking of Amber, "No," he looked at her seriously, "Let's get a way from here.  Seems like a hassle lately."


       "Are you brain dead," Wanda sat up.  She felt much better but was sure she was delirious now.  "Not to mention dad would have us both skinned but we have work to do here," she eyed him curiously, "besides where would we go."


       He flopped back against the bed, he knew almost said to see Alex.  He was sure that was where his heart was lately.  Instead, he looked at her with a challenging look, "mutant hunting."


       "What do you have in mind?"  Wanda sighed.  She was sure there wasn't too much they could do from here though.


        "I just thought you might want another shot with Justice Adams," He taunted her.


        She considered it and laughed, "It wouldn't work."


        He smiled coyly, "Well if you’re afraid."


        "No," she scoffed.  "I just don't want to get caught at the X-mansion because you want to get laid."


        He turned a bright red and mumbled, "that's not it."






       Remy came into the med lab quickly as his eyes went right to Hayley sitting up in bed talking to Ally and then he spied Alex's empty bed.  He rushed to Hayley’s side as Ally moved respectably away.  He opened his mouth to talk to her but Hayley shook her head for him not to speak and hugged him to her.  Remy felt some of his tension melt away as he held her, he could smell her hair against her neck and sighed.  He pulled back and looked at her and Hayley looked as if she might cry.


       "Don't cry, chere," Remy said sweetly.  "Remy’s here."  He watched her smile but she raised her eyes at him slowly.  He slowly dipped his head to hers and kissed her long and hard.  He knew she probably needed this as much as he did.


        She pushed him away, "What about that Belle chick?"


       "Dat was a long time 'go," Remy shook his head, "Ah don't love Belle anymore den you love Logan, hein?"


         Hayley sighed with a teasing stare, "No, but it’ll do."  This time she kissed him in a sweet butterfly kiss and he scoffed.


       "What Ah'm Ah gon' ta do wit' you," He wrapped a hand around her waist letting the kisses trail along her neck.


        "Remy," She pushed him back a little to see his eyes, "they're going to do surgery on me."


         He sighed and sat down, touching his head lightly, "Ally tol' me."  He held her hand meaningly.  "Ah want ta ask yo’ somet’ing chere."


         Hayley lost her breath, was he about to propose?  She wasn't ready for that yet.  She was sure she went the same color as her bed sheet.  "Marriage Remy?" she choked.


        He chuckled, "Gambit ain’t ready for dat yet, petite."  He swallowed hard at how she took the idea; didn't she love him that much, enough to marry him?  He had talked to Rayne about a wedding in the bayou.


         Hayley stayed on guard, "What is it?"


        "Ah thought we might move in together," Remy looked at the med lab with a sour gesture, "Away from all dis."


        "Really?"  Hayley's smile broadened.  "Just us?"


        He was taken back, "Well, Ah can’t leave Rayne behind."  He smiled roguishly.  "She's family an' she doesn't have any other place ta live."  He set his jaw, "Ah love you both but Ah can’t leave her behind, chere."


        Hayley thought of the situation as if it were Justice, Alex or Ally, "Remy she and I would kill each other living under the same roof."


       "Ah think you both could learn to get along," He smiled.


        "Remy," Hayley said quickly before he began to get upset.  He looked at her with raised eyebrows.  "She has to agree, and her room has to be far away from ours."  She pointed her finger.  "Wait, where are we going to live?"


        Remy was all smiles as he produced keys from his pocket, "Justice said dat your old house isn't gon' be used."  He watched her smile and when on.  "He an' Storm are going to stay in his apartment and Ally and de Wolverine got some place up North."




      Remy smiled, "De Professor t'inks she an' Hank would want to stay here," he shrugged.  "He IS de doc."  He shrugged.


      "Wow," Was all she could say, she had never had a guy try to take care of her like this, "I guess it's all set then."


       He nodded, "Justice got a cleaning lady going dere to get it all clean and a room ready for de bebe'," he smiled and touched her belly.


       She wanted to run they’re now with him but instead she said, "leave it to Justice."  She looked to Remy, "Why are you doing this?"  She almost cried again.


       He simply smiled, "Je t'aime, ma chere amore."  He held her hand and almost wished he had proposed.  He was sure she was the one for him, even if Rayne wasn't.  "vous avez mon Coeur," He hoped she understood how much she and Rayne meant to him. He touched his head lightly as his vision went slightly out of focus.


      "Remy?"  Hayley squeezed his hand, "You're still sick aren't you?"


     "Ah'm fine, chere," He beamed, "yo' just need ta get better so we can leave here, alright?"


     "Only if you sleep while I am in surgery," She folded her arms.  He didn't fool her any.


     "Jus' a headache, Hayl."  He smiled.  "but, Ah am goin’ ta rest 'cause we both goin’ need de energy ta move, neh?"


        Justice ran in with Storm in his arms and set her on her feet.  He smiled quickly seeing Hayley awake.  He looked to Remy, " 'I' didn't call you!  Where’s Rayne?"  He looked to see if she was going to pounce on him again.


        Remy chortled, "Don' mess with a Cajun femme, eh?  Dey full a hot spice dat’ll burn yo’ shore ‘nough."  He patted Justice on the shoulder, "Just as soon as Hayl’ is better."  He sighed looking at Hayley's happy face.  "We’ll be leavin’."


        "What?  Are you getting married?"  Justice's mouth flew open.


        "No!”  Hayley shouted and Remy looked a little hurt.


        "Not yet, homme."  Gambit said slowly watching Hayley's reaction but she gave no clue as to what she was thinking.  "Jus' one sibling needs ta get hitched at a time."  He teased trying to save some face.


       "Who Al?"  Justice shrugged wondering if Remy was really going to Marry Hayley.


        Remy laughed, "Alex an' de Beast," Then he notice Hayley's and Justice blank stares and knew he stepped in it again as his mouth hung open, "Ah t'ought dey would have tol' yo’ by now."


         "Alex is getting married?"  Hayley gasped, "We really are breaking up!"  She looked like she would cry.


          Remy sat down next to her, "You have Remy, chere.  Dat’s all yo’ need," He pulled her to him.


          "Hayley we're always going to be close but this had to happen sooner or later," Justice sighed hard, "We ALL grow up."


         Hayley nodded but only looked at Remy while Justice talked, "Remy, I love you too."  She let herself fall into him and kissed him hard.


        Storm pulled Justice away from gawking at his sister as he mumbled, "how could Alex keep that secret?"


       Remy let Hayley lose herself in his kiss but pulled her away slowly, "Hayley, you don't want to get married?"  He almost felt rejected by his lover.


       Hayley watched his lips as he spoke entranced by his charisma, "You mean to you?"  She teased him letting her hand trail down his neckline to his chest and abs as she searched for a way into his shirt.


       "Oui!" he almost screamed, ‘why was she making this difficult?’  "You afraid of getting married or not with Gambit, hanh?"  He grabbed her hands as they went into his shirt.  Like Rayne she was causing his headache to compound.


       "Ask me sometime when I am not about to go into surgery," Hayley kept a deadpan stare.  She ran a finger along his chest.  "Want a different answer, ask another time."  She looked at the sheets on her bed, "or another girl."


       "Dis still about Belle?"  He was exasperated.  "What Ah got ta do ta show Ah don't love her anymore?"


        She folded herself into his arms, "I guess I am just not ready."  She felt the tears she hadn't known she had shown and lowered her voice, "I love you more than any guy I have been with, but ask me another time."  She wasn't sure either way but she hoped it didn't show.


       Remy looked past her to the downcast face of Logan who had obviously heard her words and was struck by them.  He wasn't sure if he should enjoy the look of hurt on his face or feel sorry for him.






      Logan wasn't sure why Hayley's words bothered him, but she did just admit that everything he and Hayley had been through didn't mean a thing.  Or did it mean that Remy had done what he couldn't have, he had tamed Hayley. He felt Gambit's eyes on him and Ally's hand on his and moved with Ally's pull.  She kissed his cheek and he wrapped an arm about her as she brought him from their sight.





         Beast sighed, again.  He had never felt so despondent and awake at the same time.  He was sure if he were able he would sleep in his own, he wouldn't wake for hours.  That was a dream though; Alex needed him so he would stay by her in the med lab.  He sighed as he let Jean put the finishing touches on. He began to quietly count the surgical instruments to make sure none had been 'lost.'


        Jean smiled as she adjusted the IV on Alex, "We just need Hayley now."


        He gave her a grin in return, "I will switch Alex for Hayley and be right back."


         He whistled as he watched Alex for movement as he wheeled her from the O.R.  The procedure went much quicker and easier than he had anticipated.  He pushed Alex in the med lab to give the good news with a smile.



          He wasn't expecting to find Hayley awake much less in a lip lock with Remy.  "I see you have woken up."  He called cheerfully watching them separate as if a parent had caught them.  He would not have put it past either of them to engage in sex right there.  Remy strolled over to Alex with Justice on his heels.


        He folded his arms as Logan and Ally joined them, "She look good non?"


       "It is actually a very easy procedure," Beast smiled.


        Hayley shrugged, "looks that way all right."  She pointed to her sister's blood on Beast's scrubs.


        Hank chuckled, "Yes, it is a messy procedure but the device was not tied into anything."


        Remy spied the blood, looked to Hayley, and swallowed hard.  He wanted Hayley to get it done but the idea of it upset him.  Hayley was his femme and the idea hurt as much as if it had been Rayne.  He still smart from her answers to marriage earlier, but it did not diminish the love he felt for her.  Maybe Rayne was right, He was moving to fast and simply scaring Hayley.  He smiled a secret smile and thought of how those two could be so sly.


      He kissed Hayley's head, "Don't worry chere," He tapped the bed.  "Ah'll be right here when yo’ get out."


       Hayley hugged him as if he was a lifeline and he knew she was a little nervous.  He tilted her head to him and kissed her lips softer and gentler than any man had done and he knew it touched her.  He knew she would be fine.  He pushed his forehead to hers so they were eye to eye.  "You get better fast so we can leave."  He winked, "an' don't worry none about marriage," he teased her in a soft voice only she could hear as the others kept clamoring around Alex and her vitals.


        She narrowed her gaze, "Why?


        "Gambit ain’t ready yet either," He smiled coyly. He was enjoying this.  'What’s good for de gander is good for de goose,' he laughed inwardly.  "Ah might not ever bring dat up again anyway."  He touched her hair lightly, "You might have to ask me instead."  His eyes twinkled mischievously.


         Hayley hit him lightly, "Remy!"  She laughed and then pulled him into a kiss.


        "Bonne chance, chere," he smiled as Justice moved to her with a wheelchair.


         Hayley shook her head and looked to Justice pointedly, "make sure he sleeps, Just."


         Justice had been about to pick Hayley up and put her in the wheelchair but he looked at Remy concerned, "Your head still bothering you?"


          "It's nothin’, homme," He moved past Justice and picked Hayley up and put her in the chair as his hand grazed some of her nakedness, "Gotta love dese hospital gowns."  He laughed as she pulled the gown around her a little tighter.


          Ally hugged her as Beast pushed her out, "meet you on the other side."  She joked weakly.




         Remy fell into a chair, exhausted.  He hadn't meant to sound cruel before, but Hayley had hurt him with her words.  He was sure Hayley knew he wanted a family with kids.  Rayne was right, he pushed his hands to his head, he was pushing her too fast and she was running.  His sister had an uncanny knack for sizing up situations, and that disturbed him greatly.  What if she was right about Hayley breaking his heart?


         He began to rub his temples slowly and when he pulled his hands from his face, he found Ally staring at him.


         "Remy, would you like something to help you rest?"  She suggested.


         "Ah'm fine," he lied.  His head pounded from even the sound of his own voice.  He needed to be able to filter the ringing out before he screamed.  Rayne was correct yet again; he should have continued to sleep before.


         Ally took his hands in hers, "no," she said firmly but softly, "you're not."  She gave him a smile, "When we all went to breakfast at that inn, you tried to take care of me."  She stood slowly and kissed his head.  "Now, you need somebody to care for you, and Rayne's not here at the moment."  She joked


        She handed him two little pills which he took reluctantly.  He knew she was only trying to help and he didn't want to catch hell from his sister about his headache.


       "I heard what Hayley said," she said softly, "You both weren't very quiet."


       He shrugged, "She de firecracker," he sighed.  She kept him on his toes and he was sure he kept her on hers.


       "Do you want to talk about it?"


       He shook his head, "We jus' gon' live together an' see what happens."


       "Remy, you basically asked her to marry you."


        He turned a little red, "Nah, Ah was jus’ talkin’.”


        "She's just scared," Ally tried to defend her sister, she would hate to see her miss out on the best thing she ever saw her sister touch.  "Give her a few months without everybody around as an audience."


         He felt sleepy and moved to Hayley's bed slowly, "Yeah?"  He was beyond exhaustion and barely heard her.


         Ally watched him climb into the bed and pulled the sheet over him.  "Yeah," She bent to his ear, "She loves you and I am sure she was just playing hard to get."


         He chuckled lightly, "dat’s what yo’ t'ink?"


         Ally sighed, "Give her time."  She watched his face look a little doubtful.  "I know my sister and she’s the happiest she's ever been with anyone."


        He felt happy all of the sudden, "S’at so?"  Then it occurred to him, "What about de Wolverine?"


        "They weren't in love, Remy," She laughed at the memory of their constant bickering, "I think it was just a summer thing."  She winked. 


          Remy closed his eyes, "'course it was.  She with a real man now."  He smiled as his lids finally closed.










         Beast and Jean worked quickly after finally silencing Hayley with medication.  Henry began to hum to himself, 'Why hadn't I thought of the suppressor?' He and Jean moved as fast as their hands would allow hoping to keep Hayley medicated for as little time as possible because of the baby.


        "Had I been so distressed over Alex that I missed the obvious?"  He looked at Jean but she merely pushed her lips together in a tight line not meeting his eye with her hands at her work.


         "We both missed it Hank," Jean felt just as stupefied.  "What I have a hard time believing is that Justice was the one who did remember it."  She giggled.  "I keep forgetting he IS a lawyer and hardly the big dumb dog that I mistook him for when he first got here."


         "I feel the same about Hayley," He sighed.  "True Alex and Ally speak the most intelligent but Hayley crafted the devices we used to disguise ourselves at Magneto's lair."


         Jean nodded remembering how she had done what three other people had been fumbling with.  "She certainly surprised her siblings."


        "I do not understand why she chooses to hide it so," He sighed.


        "Alex said something when they first arrived," Jean smiled but kept her eye on her work.  Hank's interest was piqued, "Alex said that Justice would rather people underestimate him so they didn't expect too much."


         Henry nodded, "I can certainly see that with Hayley."  He sighed.  "I see this is also true of the Cajuns.  They would rather hide their true selves so they may surprise us later."


        "Have you and Alex planned a date for the wedding?"  She asked causally.  Before he could answer they both felt Hayley's electrical shock, it was brief but sent them both back.


        Henry found himself floored and looked to Jean unmoving on the floor, "Jean?"  He ran to her and felt for her pulse.  He remembered Hayley still on the table and began to finish the procedure at his own lightening speed.  He looked at the still sleeping Fire-cat, "Why must you be so difficult my dear?"


        He finished with Hayley, then placed Jean into an empty surgical bed and checked her vitals.  Jean's eyes fluttered open and she looked at Beast confused.


       "How?"  Then she jumped up.  "Is she all right?"


       "She and the baby are doing well," He helped Jean sit.  "Perhaps the suppressor is faulty."


        "The metal table and instruments didn't help any," she rubbed her head lightly.


         Henry watched her get to her feet.  "Let's get her to her family."


         She nodded feeling her ears pop as she stood.







          Remy rubbed his head still feeling tired and he saw Justice sitting on a bed next to him working on something mechanical, "How long Ah been asleep?"


          Justice pressed his lips together as he looked up at the clock, "About two hours," Justice was showing his own fatigue.


          Remy sat up slowly seeing Hayley still wasn't back but Ally was at his side quickly, "you feel a little better?"  She asked quietly.


         "Yeah," he lied again.  "What yo’ workin’ on, homme?"  He nodded at Justice.


          "A portable suppressor," Justice sighed.  "If I can get it to work."  He tossed it at Remy.  "Do me a favor?"


            Remy turned the small metal looking bracelet around in his hands and raised an eyebrow.


           "Put that on and try to charge something."  Justice suggested.


            Ally folded her arms, "you both should be resting."


           Justice scoffed looking at her stomach, "You too, pregger-chick."


           Remy chuckled under his breath, put the gadget on and tried to charge his shoe.  "Looks like dis works."  He was confused.  "Why you wan' dis?"


           "I have a theory," Justice sat back, "if it's wrong we won't need it."


           "For de brotherhood?" Remy tossed it back to Justice.


           "Not exactly," but Remy had given him a good idea.  Justice cleared his throat.  "So, Hayl's finally starting to piss you off huh?"


           "Where's Storm?"  Remy looked around hoping 'Ro would make Justice shut up or go to sleep.


           Ally sat next to Remy, "She and Logan went to get some rest."  She winked, "You're stuck with us."


           "So, what's up with you and Hayl?"  Justice raised an eyebrow at Remy.


            "S'alright," He said quickly, "How about you an' Storm?" He tried to change the subject once more.


             Ally decided to help Remy out.  "Yes, Justice."  Her eyes twinkled.  "Will you be the last to propose?"


           "HAH!"  Justice jumped.  "So Ally heard Remy propose as well. I thought it was just me."


           Remy held his hand up, "Ah didn' propose!"


           “Uh huh,” Ally nodded her confirmation.  "Hayl’ was being an ass though."  Ally directed her attention on her brother.  "You didn't answer my question."


          "I didn't ask 'Ro to marry me."  Justice cocked an eyebrow.


          Remy liked the redirection of the topic, "Yo' gon' to?"


           Justice sighed heavily, "Been there, done that."  He noticed Ally's surprised look.  "I don’t know, maybe in time."  He pushed his hand along his hair.  "I do love her."  He smiled sheepishly.  "A lot, but…”  He couldn't verbalize it.  "I don't know."  He rested on his elbow.  "Not ready for that again, not yet."


          Ally looked at the floor, she was certain he would have had a ring on Storm's finger by now, as she was sure Remy would have been the hard to catch one.  How could she have been so wrong?


            Justice smiled wickedly, "You going to ask her, Rem?"        


            "Storm ain’t ma femme," He quipped, then sighed, "Nah, Rayne was right."


           "How so?"


          "She said dat Hayley needed lots of running room," he stood up off the bed and played with the idea of going to see his sister, "I wish I could talk to Rayne now."  He said looking to the surgical room.


          Ally hugged him, "You will later on."


         "When we see her, you want us to speak to her in Cajun for you, 'chere'?"  Justice laughed.


         Remy grinned, "You ain’t got de same kind of advice dat Rayne does."


         "Sounds like she had Hayley pegged all right."  Ally smiled.


          His face went somber then, "She also said Hayl was gon' break ma heart."


          Ally and Justice gave the other a cautious look, "Nah!"  They both called together but they too had doubts.


         "Well," He cleared his throat, "dis Cajun’s too smart ta end up wit' a broken heart."


         "I wouldn't worry about that," Justice sighed and fell back into his pillow.  "She's happier than I've ever seen her."  His eyes began to shut


           Remy looked to Ally who was merely watching her brother but he wondered if Rayne could still be right.  Hayley hurt him by not jumping at the idea of marrying him.  He sighed squeezing Ally's hand.  "Ah can handle it."  He winked and he was sure he could.


           The doors burst open as Beast pushed Hayley into the room on her bed and Jean followed slowly.  Ally and Remy traded a look and made way for the bed as it came in.


            Beast looked at them with a smile, "She did fine and so did the baby."


            Justice yawned moving to them slowly, "Not a big deal huh?"


            "She did let off an electrical surge that left Jean on the floor," Beast sighed seeing a weary Ms. Grey settling into a chair.


             "I wondered if the suppressor would keep her child's ability at bay," Justice crossed his arms.  He handed the bracelet gadget to Beast.  "I made some adjustments."


             Beast smiled, "I do believe you might have a career at Stark industries if you decide against law."  He laughed.


             Justice kept a blank stare, "Who?"


              Remy watched Hayley, "Do we have to wait for her to wake to see if dis works?"  He gestured to the awkward bracelet Beast was attaching.


              "I suppose it would be a matter of time considering she didn't control the electricity before."  Beast sighed.


              Justice looked at the ceiling, "It will work."  He assured them.  "But it's going to cut her ability too, even telepathy."


              Ally shrugged, "As long as it's safe."


              Jean moved to them, "time will tell for certain."


              Beast began to hook Hayley up to the same monitors he had Alex on as Remy touched her hair.


             To Remy, this was the start of a new beginning.  Now he could take Hayley and Rayne to the grand house he had only briefly seen before, and live some kind of normal life.


            He kissed Hayley's head and looked to the other weary Adams, "Ah'm gonna go talk ta Rayne," He looked at the clock that read 6 am.


           Justice sighed, "At this hour?”  He winced, thinking of what might happen to anyone foolish enough to wake her.  “Good luck."


           "Don’ worry none, like Hayley, Rayne gon' be glad ta see me."  He chuckled.  ‘No matter what Ah do.’


          Justice rolled his eyes as the Cajun ran out the door and pulled the sheet over his head.  "Night."  He yawned from under the sheet.


            Beast watched Ally expectantly, "Your own bed would do you wonders too."


             She began to argue wanting to stay with her sisters but knew her link would inform her to when they woke or needed her.


             Ally smiled and rocked to her toes to kiss Beast on the cheek.  "Thank you, Hank."


             He watched her go and found an empty seat next to Alex, “your family is intriguing to say the least, my dear."







            Gambit sighed entering his old room, 'Guess Raynes gonna be stayin’ here til we get her room straightened out.'


           He looked to the bed and saw she wasn’t there, and his heart skipped a beat.  Then he remembered her new sleeping habit and looked under the desk.


           Sure enough, there was his sister lying underneath, naked.  Her face streaked with dried tears.  His heart went out to her as he retrieved one of the few shirts that had still occupied his drawers.  He wrapped it around her with a sigh.  He didn't want to wake her; she looked so peaceful for the first time in hours.  He exhaled and rocked her easily into his arms and to his relief, she didn't wake.  He placed her gently on the bed and pulled the blanket over her.  He was sure she would be cold if he didn't wrap her in the blanket; the weather was growing colder now.


         He began to remove his shirt and sighed as he moved to the bathroom to brush his teeth.  Then he moved on into the shower as he shucked off his pants.


        He enjoyed the spray of the water hitting his face as he caught a few drops lazily with his mouth.  'Hayley an’ Rayne gon' be de death of me.'  He laughed to himself.


        He noticed the water turned colder and turned it off, getting sick now wouldn't do.  As he stepped out of the shower, he wrapped one of the towels around him and wandered into the room.  He found a pair of pants in the dresser, pulled them on under the towel, and began to blot his hair.  He sat in a chair and looked over to Rayne who was still sleeping peacefully.


        He wanted to talk to her but he knew that she would tell him what she had before, 'find another femme, Rem.  A nice girl.' Her voice floated through his head.  Hayley was nice, to him anyway.  He smiled thinking of Hayley and he exhaled wanting to be with her too, when there was a slight knock on the door.


       He tossed the towel over his shoulder and opened the door to see the professor.


       "Remy," the professor greeted him with a smile.  Remy couldn't help but wonder how he looked so spotless so early in the morning.  "I understand that you are tired now and need rest, but I felt I needed to address some issues," he continued,  "I don’t mean to sound unyielding, but there are many of us living here and if a few of are allowed to be untidy the rest are sure to follow suit,"


     "Oh, de kitchen.  Sorry 'bout dat, Professor," Remy felt like he was being reprimanded by his father, "Rayne an’ Ah’ll fix dat straight away."


Xavier’s expression changed to one of concern,  “Speaking of your sister, I heard what happened in the med lab a few hours ago.”


       Remy’s mind spun with thoughts of what had happened, and he was afraid that Xavier was angry with his sister.  “She was just upset.  She won’t do dat again, Ah promise.”


      “I think you might want to consider having Dr. McCoy prescribe some medication for Rayne.”  He continued because Gambit’s face reflected confusion.  “Just something to help her through this transitional phase.”


      “Ah don’ understand,” Remy walked out into the hallway and leaned against the wall.  “You t’ink she needs to be medicated?  Why?”


      “She has been through very difficult times, from what I’ve heard.”  ‘And seen.’  He thought as he recalled the memory that Justice put into his head.  “It might help to bring about some stability for her right now.”


      Remy rubbed his temples,  “Yo’ t’ink ma sister’s crazy?”


      Xavier shook his head,  “No, I merely thought that she might have an easier time adjusting if she had some help.”


      “Ah’m helpin’ her.  She don’ need any shrinkin’ meds.”  He rubbed his face briskly trying to stay alert.  “We’re gonna leave soon anyway.  She’ll be fine den.”


      “It was only a suggestion.”  The Professor smiled.  “I was also wondering if you could help me with something once my nieces are fully recovered."


      "What’s dat?"  Remy narrowed his eyes.


      "I would like to have a little surprise gathering for their departure.  I was hoping that you would help with the planning of it since you and Rayne are very proficient at…”  He wasn't sure how to phrase it.  "Being sneaky."


        Remy snorted.  "Sure," He was amused but his headache was beginning to make him feel nauseated.


       "Fine then."  Charles watched him concerned.  "Please get some rest for that headache, and you might want to have Jean or Hank examine you later."


       "Merci, Professor," Remy pointed to the room, "Ah'm goin’ ta rest now."


        Xavier nodded happy to have made his point as delicately as possible.  When he shifted his chair, he could see into the room and saw that Rayne was in human form again.  “When did she change back?”


      Remy walked just inside the door and regarded his sister.  “T’ink it happened when she fell asleep.”


      Xavier nodded,  “With some training now, she will probably be able to morph at will.”


      “T’ink so?”  Remy thought that would be a great idea at first, but then he thought about how Rayne seemed crazy when she morphed before and was concerned that the morphing might somehow be connected.  He still didn’t know all that was done to her in the labs.  It could be that they conditioned her to attack them.  They would only have to trigger it to make it happen.  Gambit shuddered at the thought and made a mental note to ask Hank to check her out thoroughly before they left.


      The Professor bade Remy good night or day respectively and wheeled off down the hallway.  Remy closed the door, dragged himself over to the bed and looked at Rayne who was sound asleep.  He thought of how lucky he was to have her back in his life.  He would take care of her now and never let her leave him again.  He yawned and carefully settled on the bed next to her.  She was lying on her side facing away from him and he could hear her rhythmic breathing.  Soon, he too dropped off to sleep.











      Rayne woke up and smelled Remy close by.  She rubbed her nose then realized he was right next to her.  She saw that he was sleeping and didn’t want to wake him, so she carefully climbed out of bed.  A broad smile spread on her face as she watched him slightly snoring.  He always denied that he snored.  She stifled a snicker and quietly left the room. 


       After taking a shower in her own room and putting on fresh clothes she wandered back out into the hallway, not wanting to look at the mess for longer then she had to.  As she headed for Remy’s room, she heard footfalls.  She sped up and saw that Justice was about to knock on his door.


      Justice had his hand up to Gambit’s door when he heard a sharp hissing sound come from down the hall.  He looked over and saw Rayne coming at him fast, so he pulled his hand away quickly, and stepped away from the door.  When she got within a few feet of him, he tossed his hands in the air.  “I give, I give!”


      Rayne stopped short of leaping on him.  “Don’t wake him up, yo’ hear!”


      “Actually, I wanted to talk to you.”  He laughed a little when he saw her jaw drop open.


      “Me?  What about?”  She regarded him with caution.


      “Would you like to take a walk?” 


      “No,  Ah’m watchin’ out for Remy.  He is hurtin’ bad and needs ta heal.”  She put herself between Justice and her brother’s door.


      “Alrighty, we can talk here then.”  He saw her scowl,  “If that’s ok with you, that is.”


      He knew he had said the right words and was happy when she nodded her consent.  Justice noted that he was going to have to handle this conversation very delicately.  If he said the wrong thing, she would get upset and that might wake Gambit.  If her brother got up then Rayne would most likely shred him to bits.  He sighed deeply now almost loosing his nerve.  But, he wanted to talk to her so he straightened up and began.  “I wanted to tell you how sorry I was for pulling out your memory.” 


      When she looked at the floor, he continued.  “It was very wrong of me even if I couldn’t help it.  You were right.  Telepaths have no right to contact another’s mind without their consent.” He sighed hoping she would understand. “It’s only been my sisters and I. Just the four of us and we never had the barriers that other people keep. Our lives have always been such and open book that it never occurred us to shield from another telepath.” She kept an even stare at him. “We also use telepathy to keep private conversations and as a messenger service, we get sloppy.” He frowned thinking that Hayley was the worst with her telepathy and it sounded like she would be living with Hayley and Remy soon. “What I did wrong, ill or not.”



      “S’at it?”  She put her hand on the doorknob, refusing to look at him.


      “Rayne?”  Justice put his hand on top of hers and she snatched her hand away quickly.  “I am truly sorry.”  He fumbled for what to say next.  He really felt terrible and wanted so much to clear the bad blood between them.  “Hey, you can hit me if you want to.  You know, get out your anger on the ol’ Justice punching bag.”  He grinned hoping a little comedy would release the tension. “My sisters do.”


      Tears welled up in her eyes and she stifled a sob.  She knew he was trying to be nice and that touched her heart, but she was still very hurt by what had happened and that wound was still fresh.


      “Uh oh, tears.  I hope they’re tears of joy, mon ami.”  He leaned in to try and get her to look at his face.


      Rayne tried to say something to him but she choked on the words.  Her nerves were shot.  She tried with every ounce of strength she had to keep from breaking down, but she failed and dropped in a heap to the floor. What to say to him? She knew he wanted to help but after what he had done it was hard to face him.


      Justice was used to his sisters crying and knew what to do with them, but this wasn’t his sister and so he panicked.  He looked around for help at first, hoping to find Storm or someone that could help him.  A brief thought came to his mind to wake Remy, but he quickly dismissed that idea.  Finally, he knelt down and put his hand on her shoulder, which he quickly removed when she bit his hand.  His heart sank, now that he understood why she didn’t like people touching her, especially men. He wouldn’t let her feel as alone as he had seen her look in that memory, he couldn’t.


      Rayne curled herself into a ball and continued to cry.  Justice was frantic now so he grabbed her up and held her to him.  “Go ahead and bite me if it makes you feel better, but you need to have someone hold you.”


      At first panic washed over her and she struggled against his embrace.  When the wave passed through her, she shuddered.  She felt him gently rocking her and she laughed nervously.  “Your crazy, yo’ know dat?”


      He felt her body trembling and wanted to take away her pain.  He rested his chin on top of her head,  “Crazy like a loon, chere.” She reminded him of his sisters, very strong but very alone in a lot of ways. He hoped she understood he was her friend.


      “Justice,” She said in a cracked voice,  “You don’ speak Cajun very well, chere.”


      He chortled, “Non?  Ah t’ought Ah was doin’ Cajun really good, hein?”


      She shook her head and slightly sniggered.  He was such a sweet and silly person, and she thought again, how he reminded her of Remy.  Not many people knew her brother like she did.  She recalled what her brother had said about them all moving into a house.  She knew that tensions would be very high between herself and Hayley.  Would it work out?  Or would she have to leave so that Remy could have the family he wanted.  The tears came back only this time she buried her face in Justice’s chest and cried.


      Justice gently rocked as Rayne sobbed.  “That’s good, let it out.”  He once again rested his chin on her head,  “You’ll feel better, now.”  He was a bit puzzled by his affection for Rayne.  Was it that he felt responsible for what his father had done to her?  Was it pity?  He shook his head, ‘No, I don’t feel sorry for her.  I feel like she’s just a kind person that needs a friend.’  He thought it amazing, how kind and compassionate as she was, considering her harsh background.  ‘Is that from Gambit’s influence?’  He began to have a whole new respect for Remy.  ‘There’s a lot more to these Cajuns then meets the eye.’ 


      Rayne stopped crying and felt completely drained.  She rested her head against Justice and wiped her eyes.  She felt somewhat foolish that she had broken down in front of him, but somehow she was also comforted by his presence.  Before, only Remy, Papa or Tanti had been able to comfort her.  She wondered why it was that she felt so comfortable around him.  A final shudder coursed through her and she moved out of his arms.  “Ah need ta check on Remy.”


      Justice rose with her and stretched, “So, do you forgive me?”


      Rayne reached out and made a sign in the air in between them as she spoke in Cajun French.  Then she quietly opened her brother’s door and moved to go inside. 


      Justice stood there crushed.  What did that gesture mean?  He watched as Rayne turned to close the door behind her, and then he smiled when she winked at him.  “You best get some rest, chere.  Don’ make me keep worryin’ about yo’.”   He knew then that he was forgiven.









      Remy felt like he was being smothered.  Fear gripped him as he tried to move but couldn’t.  No, it was not him.  It was Rayne.  He felt her agonized pain and heard her scream for him in his head.  His heart pounded and quickly sat upright in bed,  “Rayne!”


      His scream caused Rayne to fall out of the chair she had been curled up in.  She hopped to her feet and ran to her brother.  “Remy, what is it?  What’s wrong?”


      He hung his feet off the edge of the bed and grabbed her to him.  “Can you ever forgive me, chere?”


      “For what?  Did you have a nightmare, Rem?”  She looked at his eyes that seemed far away in a dream.


      “For everythin’.”  He hugged her tighter.


      Rayne thought in silence for a minute then concluded, “You saw the mem’ry again.”  When his eyes averted from her own she knew that was it.  “Ah wish Ah could take dat outta your head.”  She pushed hair away from his eyes.  “Listen, Ah never blamed you.”


      “Ah never shoulda let Belle talk me into goin’…”  His heart thumped once then felt like it stopped.  Had Belle been in league with Edval?  Did he have her keep him busy while he went after Rayne?


      Like many times before, Rayne seemed to read his thoughts.  “Ah don’ think Belle would have willingly helped Edval.  She hated him just like everyone else did.”


      “But what if it was a guild contract and she had no choice?”  Had the assassin’s guild marked her for death?  He considered all the possibilities.  Why would anyone want his sister dead back then.  It didn’t make sense.  She was apprenticed to the healer for both clans, and the Traitures were highly respected.


      Rayne shrugged and backed away from him.  “You need ta eat, let’s go to da kitchen.”


      Gambit got the impression that she knew something she wasn’t telling him.  “Ok,” He stood up and was glad that the headache was now mostly just a bad memory. 


      As they were walking down the hall he rubbed his chin then stopped,  “Um, D’ other day you said somethin’ about a man here that was at de labs.  Who were yo’ talkin’ about?”


      She fussed with her shirt a little,  “De little man.”


      “Dat Leprechaun homme?”  He felt a strong urge to go and choke the life out of one of the persons responsible for hurting his sister.  He took a step back towards Dominic’s room but Rayne caught him by the arm.


      “Leave him be Remy.” She almost laughed at the idea of Remy’s hands around the two foot tall man.


      “Why?  He hurt you Rayne!  No way am Ah gonna stand here an’ let him get away with it.”  He tried to pry her hand off his arm.


      “He is payin’ for what he did, Remy.  He used ta be your size.”  Her eye’s dropped,  “He realized dat what was being done was wrong and he tried to help us.  Dey caught him and did dat to him.”


      “Ah don’t care if they castrated him!”  He tried again to get her to let him go.  “Ah’m gonna teach him ta not mess wit’ people like dat again.”


      “Look at him Remy, he’s like a shrunken head all over.”


      Gambit was frustrated.  “How can you not want to see justice done?”


      “Don’t t’ink Ah haven’t thought about it.  He know’s Ah know who he is and he hides from me.” She scrunched her face up,  “But he’s not even a man anymore.  ‘sides, Ah’m not a killer Remy.”


      “Never said anyt’ing about killin’, girl.”  He put his other hand on her shoulder.  “You’re right, you are a healer at heart.”  He smiled at her and he was proud of her,  “Don’t be anythin’ but de sweet person you are mignon.”  He made a mental note to confront the Leprechaun later.


      Rayne snorted in laughter,  “Yeah, dat’s right!”  She shoved him in the direction they had been heading,  “Let’s go to de kitchen before Ah start chewin’ on your arm.  Ah’m starvin’”