Wolvie Femmes * Out for Blood











           Rayne remained seated in the wheelchair as she watched Remy throw himself into battle. She was proud of her brave brother and she smiled as he rescued a baby.  Suddenly, the hairs rose on the back of her neck and she was aware that someone had quickly come up behind her.  The person's scent was unfamiliar and bad and she assumed it was one of the attackers.  She was in no condition to battle and was very tired, so she just turned and looked straight at the interloper.  The man's skin was a sickly greenish yellow color with warty splotches.  He reminded her of a bullfrog. He was looking at her and grinning from ear to ear.

     Even though Rayne was terrified she asked him nonchalantly, "What yo' wan', crapaud?"

     "Who you callin' crapaud?" He replied and stepped closer to her menacingly.

      Undaunted, Rayne simply stared at him and asked again, "What yo' wan', toad?"

      Toad took a step back and looked at the curious mutant, "How do you know my name?"

      Rayne raised her eyebrows, "Yo'r name is Crapaud?"

      Toad scrunched his face up, "You haven't seen yourself in a mirror lately have you? Rat face."

      Rayne looked at her clawed hands and sighed, "Yes, Ah have."

     "Are you one of the mutants from Adams lab?"

     "Yah, so?"  Rayne was growing weary of this conversation.  She rested her hands on her lap and sighed again.

     "Are you joining these people? Do you want to be one of these X-Men?" He moved up to her face and studied her reaction.

     A whisker twitched as Rayne answered, "No, ah'm leavin' here very soon."

     "Join us then.  Join the brotherhood," Toads eyes lit up at the prospect of having new blood in the group.  He was sick of seeing the same old faces.

     Rayne shook her head, "No t'anks, ah have business elsewhere."

     The green skinned mutant figured that this conversation was going nowhere and this girl was obviously no threat, so he flashed his yellow teeth at her. "Suit yourself," and hopped away.

    Rayne snorted as she watched him hop away towards the fight, "An ah was wonderin' if ma life could be any mo' crazy. Dis whole place be crazy!" She took a deep ragged breath, "Dat was too close." Her hands started trembling.




      Remy saw Toad with Rayne and his heart leap into his mouth.  He was astounded when the evil mutant just hopped away from her.  'What did she say ta him ta keep him from attackin' her?'  He picked up a pebble, charged it and tossed it her way.

      Rayne jumped out of the chair and fancied out of her skin as well when the small explosion went off near her.  She Spotted Remy angrily gesturing to the mansion, then he pointed straight at her.  She nodded and mumbled, "A'right boss, ah be goin'."  And she shuffled away from the fight area.



      She saw a bunch of mutants watching the fight from the door, so Rayne veered off for a smaller complex that was off to the side of the mansion proper.  Inside that building was housed a multitude of vehicles:  A jeep, several SUVs, a couple of sports cars, a limo, other cars big and small, and a few Harley's.  Her whiskers twitched at the site of the motorbikes.  She walked over and touched one of them and quickly recoiled when the scent of Wolverine assaulted her nose.  Rayne walked over to the next one and it smelled of her brother.  She sat on the bike but couldn't get her feet to touch the ground, "hmmm, guess ah won' be riding' dis anytime soon."  She daydreamed about riding on the back with her arms around her brother's waist. Then a tear fell, "Dat's right, heh. Jus' a dream dat can nevah be." Suddenly she felt very tired and ill.  "No sense goin' to ma room.  Don' wan' get in dat mess out dere."  She climbed in the limo, curled up on the floorboard and fell into an uneasy sleep.




      Mystique turned a smile on Logan and Ally, circled cautiously waiting for an opportunity to strike. She feigned an attack to Logan then did a roundhouse kick to catch Ally off guard.

      Hayley dropped to the ground next to Ally and blocked Mystique's on coming attack. Hayley had seen Mystique's foot coming at Ally's head and grabbed Mystique's it. She gave Mystique a devilish smile and pulled Mystique into the air with her.

      "You can't take me, Hayley?" Mystique snarled bravely at Hayley from her vulnerable place in the air. Mystique shot her free foot up at Hayley's hands but Hayley only flinched and held her tightly.

       Hayley looked down at Mystique as she wiggled in her grasp. Mystique must have panicked because she pulled herself to Hayley close enough to kick her in the face.

      Blinded by Mystique's foot in her face Hayley let go. Mystique went flying to the ground and Hayley dove after her. Hayley caught sight of Storm flying to them out of the corner of her eye.

      Hayley watched Mystique's graceful fall and the seemingly effortless tuck and roll that landed her safety to the ground and back on her feet. She checked to see what Hayley was doing. Her evil smile grew wider when she found herself face to face with the Weather Witch, Storm instead of Hayley.

     Mystique dramatically fainted to the ground faking injury, knowing that the X-man would keep her attack in check if the opponent were injured. 'The X-men's compassion is their worst failing.' She laughed to herself.

    As if on cue, Storm touched the limp body before her and gently rolled Mystique on her back.

    "Storm, She's playing possum," Jean yelled as she ran for Ororo, but she was too late.

     Storm looked at Mystique's now opened yellow eyes and realized Jean was right. Storm paid her penalty and soon felt Mystique's foot next to her head.

     Jean increased her pace but she was too late Mystique had already taken the form of Storm.

     Mystique saw Jean and Hayley rushing to help Storm and she quickly morphed to Storm's identity and an evil plan took form as she held back letting Ororo win their hand to hand battle. In the confusion they would never know who was who.

    Mystique screamed in a voice that rang above the din as Storm struck her palm against Mystique's face. The pain was more than bearable but Mystique fell to the ground as if she was dying. Mystique watched as Jean grabbed Storm with her telepathy.

    "Jean, No!" one of the Storms yelled.

    Jean was sure she had Mystique and held the impostor tightly in her mind's grasp. "Hayley!" Jean called to the descending mutant.


    Hayley's eye grew blue and she held her hand towards the battle. She knew Jean wanted her to help hold Mystique but Hayley had lost more than once chance to deal with this bitch her own way. She let her power go with a wry smile.

    Jean knew Hayley was out for blood but didn't realize it was hers until Hayley hit Jean with her lightening. She looked to Hayley for explanation and found Hayley's horrified face.

    Hayley landed next to Jean dumbfounded. "Jean," Hayley said as she scooped the red head into her lap.

    Storm was now able to move and found Mystique smiling at her. "Too easy" she coo-ed, and kicked Storm hard in the stomach. Storm doubled over with the wind knocked out of her.

     Mystique wasted no time jumping to her feet and bringing her elbow behind Storm's head. Storm fell to the ground helpless and plummeting into her own personal darkness.

    Mystique joined Hayley innocently donning Storm's graceful poise. "How is she?"

    Hayley looked at her confused, "I don't know what happened."

    "We need to help the others," Mystique pointed at Allyson as she kept a child in arms running toward the mansion.

    Hayley nodded and followed what she thought was Storm's lead, and leaving the real Storm on the ground not far from Jean.

      Alex's eyes fixed on the mutant that stood between her and her father's memories. She threw and ice ring at mutant but the mutant leapt easily into the air avoiding the attack.
Alex's eyes grew wide as the mutant landed in front of her. She had brown curls that flowed down her back and big eyes that held a lot of anger, eyes that seemed very familiar to Alex.

      The mutant eyed her as 'easy prey' and threw her hands to her side, and the familiar sound of metal rang into many people's ears. The 'snikt' sound turned heads as she produced claws. She was oblivious to the stares at her claws as her attention was focused on Alex.

      Alex's mouth dropped open seeing this mutant up close, "Amber."  She couldn't believe it. "Claws?" She said softly.
     Beast listened to Alex but his eyes were still on the threat at hand, the mutants. "You know her?" Hank said without taking his eyes off the clawed mutant.

     "Yes." Alex said numbly. Then she appeared to wake as she held her head up high and moved closer. "Amber, I have always been your friend."




     Amber cocked her head in doubt and seemed to be thinking things through for herself. She jumped when she heard Quicksilver join her side at his lightening speed. He put a hand on her shoulder and smiled coyly at her.

    "Don't let them confuse you," he whispered as he ventured closer to her ear. "They are the ones who killed him. They mourn him only to make believe that they feel sorry for what they did."

    "I do think I know her," Amber said but kept her gaze at the blonde and big blue guy that was approaching them. She knew the blonde's defenses were down but the blue guy was watching her protectively. She was sure she would have to deal with him before she would the blonde.
    "They murdered your father Amber," Quicksilver said quietly in her ear. Then he found the button Wanda had called the panic button, it was the one of the button on the remote. He pushed it with his famed speed before anybody could see him do so.

     Amber's eyes changed to venom, as she looked the approaching duo over. She threw her other hand out, and with a 'snikt' her other hand was now clawed.

    Alex and Beast noticed the difference in her look and slowed their approach. Amber was suddenly hard and cold again.

   "I don't know who you are," She growled at Alex.

    Alex screamed as she leapt for her and threw and un-timed ice ring. Amber almost had her neck but Beast grabbed the clawed mutant in mid-flight.
   Alex sighed and thankfully turned to Beast, and then she saw the crimson streaks across his chest.

         Alex stood dumbfounded holding her hand over Hank's wound, as she fell to the ground with him. Amber held back her attack but kept an unsheathed hand above Alex's head.

             Gambit heard Alex scream and he turned in time to see a 'wolverine like' mutant attacking them. He relaxed a bit when he saw that Beast easily intercepted the woman's blow. Then noticed Beast was injured when he saw him drop to the ground with Alex beside him.

      Gambit grabbed a card and charged it. He knew the clawed mutant was intending to strike Alex and Hank and he wouldn't let it happen. He narrowed his eyes, took aim at them and let the card sail out of his grasp.

      As the card exploded, Gambit's mouth dropped open at the sight of the ensuing mayhem.

     Wolverine had passed the child he was holding to Reggie who had been coming to offer his help.

     "I don't know how fight like you people do," Reggie admitted quickly eyeing the child briefly, "But I do have some useful training, mate."

      Logan eyed the man and made a quick decision. Reggie reminded him of somebody he had known before. Wolverine nodded to him.

     "Keep 'em safe huh?" Logan mumbled as he noticed the other clawed mutant that leapt for Alex and Beast, and he realized she was out for blood.

     He ran for Alex and Beast and finally jumped into the air tackling the lithe woman. Logan and the woman both felt the sharp pains of the beautiful cherry glow from Gambit's exploding cards that had struck the ground below.  He felt her fall on top of him and pushed her off of him trying to decide what had happened and how to react. He noticed his shirt was soaked with blood as the woman moved off of him slowly with a smile.

     Amber quickly dismissed the man as injured, and as no further threat. She quickly changed her mind when he made his way to his feet staring at his stabbed shoulder as if he had a splinter. His wounds healed in front of her and she felt her own hand fly to her shoulder.
      Then she noticed he threw his hand to his side and popped identical claws to her own.

      His eyes were those of a killer, hard, cold and locked in. He raised his head and met her eyes. She gulped but didn't show her doubt to him. She was surprised to see his expression change. He stared at her as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

     "Amber," the man said slowly.

    "More tricks," Amber growled and leapt for the man not knowing he was her brother.

     He easily dodged her attack but another flying card exploded near her and she fell to the ground, her claws retracted.

     Wolverine pointed a finger at Remy, "Back off, Gumbo," he yelled.

    "Don' you wan' ma help? S'alright, homme," Remy laughed and looked at the woman on the ground as he joined Logan. "Dis femme's a handful. She lik' you, non?"

    "Next time you attack my sister Cajun, maybe I should hit that Rat sister of yours," Logan hissed.

    Remy's jaw dropped as he watched the woman on the ground recover quickly.

    Amber stood up and met Logan's eyes. "Logan?" she mumbled as she raised her hands to embrace her brother.

   Before her happy tears could strike her face, Logan's face contorted in pain and discomfort as a bolt from a Wanda struck Wolverine.

    "Wanda!" Amber yelled and began to run for her brother's attacker but Quicklsilver cut her short.

     "What are you doing?" he shot her a warning glance.

     "Get off me," she warned and narrowed her eyes at him.

     "They killed your father," Pietro pushed her over to the coffin. "Look!" he demanded.

    Amber looked at Oliver with sad eyes. "How do you know this?" She touched Oliver's cold flesh with a brush of her fingers. "There isn't any sign of his death. Anyone could have killed him."

     Magneto strode up next to them, "He was stabbed in the back my dear," Eric coo-ed. "With claws much like your own."

     "Why would my brother kill our father?" Amber challenged him crossing her arms.

     "He wasn't his father," Eric said lightly and pushed the expired Oliver Adams forward to expose the deathly wounds in his back.
      Amber's face fell when she saw the reason her father no longer breathed, and she knew they could have been her claws.


    "But why?" she stepped back. Her calm exterior didn't show her internal struggle. Eric made sense but how could this be?

     Eric knew he was losing this mental battle with her and pushed a button. "They are trying to trick you," he reassured her.

    Pietro grabbed her shoulders firmly, "Isn't there a job you should be doing?"

    Amber's face went blank until it dawned on her what she had forgotten. "Yes." She nodded at Magneto.

    She caught Xavier in her sight and began to run for him.