Rogue sat in the infirmary as she watched Afterburn with interest. It was hard for Rogue not to feel tied to her after having absorbed so much of her memories and abilities. The other new mutants were amazing to her and she watched the scene with great interest.

           Bonsai was so close she could feel his breath on her neck, “We have to go back.” He whispered to her. “There are others there.”

           Rogue turned to face Ty’s twin. She bit her lip in a nervous gesture because she knew what he was proposing and because this identical stranger was a little scary to her. Bonsai might look exactly like Kamikaze with a strong physique and cocoa brown eyes but that was where the resemblance ended.  Ty’s eyes held a small smile to them and Bonsai seemed to where a shadow of distrust across his features. Bonsai didn’t smile like Kamikaze nor did Bonsai seem to have Kamikaze’s friendly demeanor. Rouge had tried earlier to start a friendly conversation but only found he was a very one minded guy. Even her memories of Bonsai seemed to be pain filled and full of longing, she felt sorry for him. She liked Kamikaze and was fond of him but was sure she would never become as close to his twin.

           Rogue watched Bonsai’s expectant look at her now. She could still feel him running around in her head, his thoughts and his ability. His gallant sense of honor nearly had her on her feet at the mention of other people in need. What held her back wasn’t Afterburn’s spirited sense of adventure but it was Willow’s and Jump’s level headed thinking and her own sensible boredom of fighting.

         Rogue restlessly let her borrowed telepathy burro into Bonsai’s thoughts as she relaxed and concentrated.

         What others?’ Rogue asked Bonsai mentally.

         Bonsai turned to her with the ghost of a smile as he realized Rogue was a small part of him.

         There are other mutants, scientist and doctors involved. We need to help the innocent now,’ Bonsai had a strong sense of duty for his part in Oliver Adams mess.

          Kamikaze could feel his twin’s conversation and he felt the bond that Rogue now held with them and he knew what this was leading to. He marched over to where they held Rogue and Bonsai held their intense stares.

         “Hasn’t there been enough blood shed? Stay put Tyrone and don’t drag Rogue into it.” Kamikaze said in a hiss to them, could care less to be discreet at this point.

         Rogue and Bonsai didn’t look ashamed but caught.

         You mean let them stay and die?’ Bonsai said in his twin’s mind quickly.

         Tell the Professor and let him deal with this,’ Kamikaze said telepathically as he gave in to the mental conversation and Rogue’s head stared in between them.




         Ally’s head perked up as she picked up the mental conversation. Her telepathy had certainly seemed to have doubled since her father’s addition to her abilities. Ally stared into Logan’s eyes and gestured with her stare to the trio who kept exchanging odd looks.

        Logan knew something was up and Ally understood it so he moved out of her way as she purposely got to her feet. He watched her as she pressed her lips tightly together and folded her arms as she marched over to them. He knew this look and he stayed a half a step behind her.

      Ally eyed the trio over as a mother would reprimand a child.

      “What do you think you are going to do?” Ally asked the three with a scolding look.





       Justice had ventured away with Jump so that he could rediscover her. He watched her with a mixture of longing and sadness as he kept a respectable distance so not to crowd her. He had longed for her for so long and now she was just a reach away.

      “Can you become whole?” he asked her quickly

       She shook her head sadly and it was obvious she was expecting the question.

       Justice looked at her expectantly, “Have you tried?” Justice asked but he knew he sounded desperate and regretted saying it right away.

       “I have tried Justice.” She answered quietly as if she was obligated to answer him now. “I used to be able to become solid but it stopped when the mutation increased.” Chloe met his eyes but they both knew they wanted to hold hands and hold each other. Jump gave him a grave stare as she met his sad face. “Justice, I have to go back.”

       “What? Why?” Justice felt as if he had been slapped in the face.

       “Your father’s death won’t stop the experiments.” She sighed. “I know we had to get the injured here quickly but there are others who need to be found.”

       Justice knew his face registered the shock her felt but he didn’t mind that Chloe saw it because he never could hide much from her. “Others?” Justice furrowed his brow, “You mean other mutants?”

     “Yes,” Chloe whispered, “but I have a score to settle with another scientist”


     “Deanna” Chloe let her held breath go, “She did this to me”

      Justice could only shake his head. “Not more.”

     “Yes, I know there was many more mutants than this.” Chloe said quickly. “Wolf will be back and who knows what she will do when she sees that.” Chloe moved away from Justice a little. “I have to go back.”

     Justice rubbed his jaw thoughtfully, “More mutants?” he mumbled. Then he looked at Chloe as it dawned on him. “You aren’t going alone” then Justice jumped to his feet as if he was expecting a fight over it.

    Chloe smiled lightly, “Okay,” said and Justice seemed surprised she agreed so readily at first then he remembered she was not as stubborn as the triplets. “We would have to ask for some help. You are not in the best fighting condition if anybody like Omega Red remains.”

    Justice nodded as he watched her and every word she spoke reminded him of their past relationship. The thought of his wife within arm’s reach but he couldn’t hold her was almost maddening, until suddenly he remembered someone special to Jump.

   “I would like for you to meet somebody special.” Justice smiled as he thought of the little girl who had stolen so many hearts.

    “Chloe nodded and followed him down the halls and away from their hiding place they had chose.


     Jean seemed to run into Justice from nowhere and through Jump’s translucent form. Chloe smiled a little until she notice Jeans upset eyes and tear stained face.  Jean wiped her face vigorously and forced a smile for the two.

    “Sorry about that Justice,” Jean turned away to leave quickly.

    Justice face became alarmed and he touched Jean’s arm lightly, “is it Hayley?”

    “No, she’s fine.” Jean assured him, “If you will excuse me.” Jean pulled away from the two as she retreated down the cool steel gray corridors and leaving Justice and Chloe with puzzled expressions.




     Scott stood in the game room with Gambit and Warren with pool cues in hand. Their friendly game of pool had turned competitive and spectators like Bobby seemed to be engulfed in it. Scott sighed again as he watched the other two men carefully, he knew they were both better than he was. Warren had referred to it as a game of ‘Billards’ but Gambit seemed to be a silent shark. 

    Scott shook his head with a smile as he thought of the score and he knew Gambit would surely win.

    It was Bobby who broke the silence, “So, Rogue is okay?” He asked Scott, when he noticed Cyclops’ far away look.

   “I think she absorbed more mutants than she should but Jean said she was fine.” Scott chalked his cue as he watched Gambit light yet another cigarette.

   “Why dey not invite Gambit, Homme?” Gambit said as he breathed out with the smoke and then he stifled a laugh at Scott’s pool shot.

  “It fell more along the lines of family matters.” Scott mumbled as he watched Warren moving around the table eyeing for his shot.

  “Dis Cat, she is hurt, non?” Gambit said as he let a smoke ring go lazily watching Scott and Warren’s annoyance with his cigarettes.

   Bobby watched Gambit with a mixture of fascination and awe.  He was amazed by Gambit with his smooth confident demeanor. He seemed to be totally opposite of what Scott and Warren were. Bobby watched Warren who said very little and Bobby assumed he was feeling the Xmen out. Warren had a confident demeanor too but his was one of a prep school up bringing and he seemed to look upon the others as if to say ‘why am I here?” Scott’s confidence was one that came from a teacher and mentor for many and it was very obvious that he didn’t have confidence when it came to pool.

      Bobby snort as he noticed Scott’s hand go to his visor as if he would blast the pool ball.

      Jubilee rushed in like the fresh breeze she was and she eyed the older gentlemen with her eyes flashing their worry. “Is Rogue okay?”

     “Chere?” Gambit smiled at the pretty young lady and let his eyes drink her until he decided she was too young for him. Gambit still gave her a sly smile when he noticed Scott and Warren’s disapproval.

     “She’s fine,” Scott said quickly but glad for the distraction, “I think you can see her.”


     Jean came into the room looking around until her eyes found Scott. She watched Scott instantly smiled at her and she found it made her feel a little better just to see him.


     Gambit knew Jean but he never got over how beautiful she was. He looked at her appreciatively, ‘Dat is a femme,’ Gambit said to himself with a coy smile and once again he let his eyes take in every detail or a female. Until Warren stood directly in his sight with a challenging look still holding his pool stick with a disapproving look.

     “Do you think of much else?” Warren said with a scoff as he folded his arms at Gambit.

      Bobby laughed at the sight of the two. “What is wrong with being flirtatious?”  he said with a grin.

     Gambit leaned over with his cigarette to Bobby, “Dis a crime with dem, homme.” Gambit winked at Bobby as he flicked his ashes in the ash-tray by Bobby. Then Gambit took a long puff and blew his smoke directly at Warren defiantly.

     “Mind putting that out?” Warren said as he fan the smoke from his face.

     Jubilee noticed Jean’s serious look, “Too much testetrone for me here.” She smiled at the others as she snagged a handful off popcorn and ran out the door with a quick smile.

      Jean looked a Scott meaningfully, “Scott I need to speak with you.”

      Gambit looked amuse at the idea of Scott being a kept man.

      Scott lost his temper with Gambit’s patronizing stare and cockiness and raised his hand to his visor and accurately zapped Gambit’s cigarette into non-existance.

      Gambit was on his feet looking a little violated.

      Scott handed Bobby his cue stick and winked, “finish them off for me huh?” and then he followed Jean out the door.

      Gambit shook his head at the sight as he lit another cigarette and let a laugh escape as Warren gave him another annoyed look when he spied the cigarette.

    Bobby smiled as Gambit’s amusement of Scott and Jean, “What don’t you have a girlfriend?” Bobby asked the Cajun as Gambit hovered the pool table looking for his shot.

      Gambit nodded with a big cocky smile, “Gambit get de femmes,” He laughed and sank the two pool balls easily, “But dey don’t ‘ave Gambit”

       Bobby laughed while Warren rolled his eyes and put out Gambit’s discarded cigarette.


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