Ally jumped up from the couch where she sat next to Jean. Bobby sat in the floor with the three children playing horse.

"What is it?" Jean asked her. Then she heard it too. A mental distress call from Hayley and Rogue was with her.
They ran into the hall leaving Bobby to stare after them. Justice and Alex were already running towards the doors to meet them at the gates. Cyclops and Storm were already on the way too. They all worried for Rogue who wasn't not trained enough to fight back yet.


Rogue sighed at the site of the gate; they were almost home. Storm and Cyclops would stop them. She glanced in the mirror and saw the car was gone. Somebody stepped in front of the car and Hayley must not have had Justice's reflexes because she flew the car right off the road.

When Rogue opened her eyes, the car was okay but Hayley wasn't moving. Her head was against the windshield and she was facing Rogue with closed eyes as the rest of her was lying across the steering wheel. The car wasn't behind them anymore. She gasped. 'Where did it go?' She could see Logan's jeep coming up the road.
She turned in time to see Sabertooth standing next to her. The scream did not come when Rogue told it to, it stayed dormant in her throat. She reached for Hayley quickly and pushed her bare skin against her face and Sabertooth was taken back slightly by this. He reached for Rogue but she was too hot to touch. She looked at him with a small smile as her eyes glowed back at him.
Magneto himself stood behind Sabertooth.


Ally took on new speed as she realized Hayley was hurt. Her eyes began their usual glow. Then she felt a weird sensation that rocked her so hard it was a jolt and it knocked her to the ground, Alex went down too and Jean knelt by them. They began to stand slowly and they knew if they were both effected, Hayley was in big trouble. Their attention went to the brilliant light in the sky and they all realized it was Rogue.

While Hayley still lay unmoving, Justice tackled Sabertooth out of now where. Logan leapt at Magneto knocking him back with his feet planted firmly in Magneto's chest.
Logan sat on top of Magneto and popped his claws out moving as quickly as he could until he couldn't move from an invisible force. "Fool" Magneto hissed at him.

Storm watched the horror, not sure where to help at first. She finally jumped into to the air after Rogue.

Ally stopped short when she saw Rogue. 'I have to help her.' She thought. Rogue was flailing about throwing fire wildly. Ally saw Logan as he was flying at her. She caught him telekinetically and lowered him to the ground. She heard a scream and saw Storm come flying down at them fast. Ally and Jean caught the falling woman together with their telekenisis. Ally relaxed her grip and yielded to Jean. They could both see she was badly burnt and unconscious and Ally tried to reach her mind. Rogue must have Hayley's telepathic ability too because she blew Storm's mind. She sighed and looked at Jean. "I am going after Rogue"

Scott tried to take a shot when Justice came flying at him and crashed against the gate.
Ally eyed her brother. Her eyes began to glow brighter than ever before as she raised herself from the ground and into the air after Rogue.

Logan lifted an eyebrow in surprise at his wife. Then he looked at the others. Alex was just as surprised to see Ally in the air. Logan was knocked to the ground quickly as Sabertooth raised a clawed hand above his head. They became locked in battle a battle for blood.

Justice shook his head roughly and got up in time to see Ally in the air. Then he caught another person's gaze on her.
Magneto watched Ally with prideful evil smile on his face. He looked as if he owned her.

Ally got to Rogue and calmed her mentally as she brought Rogue gently to the ground. She knelt beside Rogue with Rogue's head on her shoulder. They said no words but Rogue seemed to be listening to Ally mentally with ease.

Storm lay unconscious as Scott and Justice started to move at Magneto. Magneto laughed and threw Logan's jeep at them and laughed again as they jumped out of the way.

Hayley moved slowly. Her head was pounding. She could hear her sisters and Justice in her head but there seemed to be another sibling, like another voice of sorts. She looked over to where Magneto was and he did not seem to know she was moving. Her eyes began to glow as she threw her fire at Magneto.
Magneto was on fire and he began to writhe in pain as he fell to the ground. He knew of only one who could do this to him. He saw her coming towards him looming over his head as he was on the ground trying to put this fire out. He began to throw metal from the gate at her but she ducked quickly. Then the fire stopped quickly, as Mystique landed her foot next to Hayley's head.

Alex tossed an ice cage around Magneto. He began to laugh at it and it shattered under a strong magnetic field.

Jean mentally grabbed Sabertooth from Logan as Justice used his strength to throw him into the waiting trees.

Rogue stood with a new strength as her eyes began to glow as the triplets were now.

Magneto strode confidently towards them, "Ah, the CATS and a loyal Justice." He smiled. Then he directed a horrific look at Ally, "Join us or I will destroy you."
Logan was in evident pain but was on his feet quickly at the threat made.

Alex was pissed off and ice shot from her hands and she looked at it surprised. Then channeled it at Magneto in the form of ice rings. They had such force they tossed him against a tree.

Hayley was still in pain but went to Rogue. She now knew who the other voice was in her head and knew that Rogue would need her. Hayley started helping her and then Rogue followed Hayley's lead in directing the fire towards Magneto. They started to help Alex in the attack.
Mystique leapt at them knocking them over. Hayley eyed her and her martial arts moves. "Bring it on, Bitch." She hissed at her knowing that very well she could scorch Rogue, if she tried too much heat at this close.

They were too many people in the way and she couldn't chance Rogue scorching someone. "Get away kid", she barked at Rogue as she jumped to her feet.

"Hayley," Logan called he knew Mystique was good. Then he went to the ground again as Sabertooth took him and Justice to the ground hard. He hadn't realized Justice was next to him, until he went down too. He must have been going to help Hayley and Rogue.

Hayley tuned a beautiful spin kick even in her weakened state was a formidable opponent for Mystique. She landed her kick on the side of Mystique's face. Mystique realized her mistake in going after Hayley and took a flying kick at Rogue but hit Alex in the back as Alex pushed Rogue away. Alex started up ignoring the pain in her back.

Hayley came up behind Mystique and swept her legs under her, rocking Mystique to the ground quickly. Mystique jumped up to face her, realizing her worthy opponent wouldn't let her touch anybody else until she dealt with her first.

Ally went after Magneto. She grabbed him mentally holding him up and tossed him hard. He looked at Ally with pure hate for it.
Jean was next to try a mental attack on him but didn't realize Mystique could get in the way so quickly. She hit Mystique squarely and missed him.
Hayley tossed a very control fireball at her to taunt her back to her.
Justice ran for Magneto with a strong force abandoning Logan with Sabertooth. He stopped short as Magneto tossed a magnetic field that threw Justice off balance. Then somebody grabbed him from behind and it went black.

Hayley saw Mystique coming at her with a flying kick. She countered easily like she saw Logan do earlier. She caught her leg and brought her weight down on it hard. Bones seemed to strain as Mystique howled in pain and Hayley knew she had to protect Rogue now. The power she had absorbed from Hayley must have been too much because Rogue fell to ground as she clasped her head. Then she lay there unmoving.

Logan left his claws out as he and Sabertooth did their dance. Sabertooth blocked Logan and reached for him cutting his side. Logan growled and leapt for him claws ready for a sheath. Sabertooth ducked and caught him. Until Logan surprised him with a kick the knee and watched him go down.

Ally called to Jean in her mind and they made a plan together. They combined their telekinetic power to throw Magneto with such force he disappeared from view.

Justice made his way groggily up and saw his attacker. He tried to use his weight to throw the attacker off balance. His attacker went flying. Justice sank to his knees in pain.
Alex took a hit on Sabertooth freezing him and freeing up Wolverine to go after Magneto and Mystique.

Magneto must have known the attack was failing, he appeared in a magnetic glowing sphere to shield him from attacks.
Ally tried to break the magnetic shield and bring him down. He could feel her attempt at disrupting his field. He lifted her in the air as he had done to Logan before. He carefully controlled it keeping everyone's attention as Ally's face contorted in pain.
"So, this child has its father's genes." He smiled.

Hayley swallowed hard, she understood now. He was holding Ally by the baby or babies adamantium skeleton. She could see Ally trying to fly to loosen his grip. Then cried out in pain.

Logan started to leap for Magneto and found himself unable to move. He was held still, by his own metal frame. He growled at him, waiting for a chance to jump at him. Then he glanced at Ally who seemed to be barely conscious.
Magneto eyed Justice who was trying to sneak attack him. "Come closer and I will separate the child from the mother's womb." He smiled as he continued to hold Allyson in the air. "Release them now!" he demanded as he gestured to his mutants.

Alex's eye's glowed and Sabertooth stood up. Sabertooth and Mystique ran to Magneto like wounded dogs. He raised his magnetic shield with them now in tow. Nobody raised a hand to touch them, They knew Magneto would make good on his threat and small children were not going to be sacrificed.

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