Oliver Adams



Eyes: blue

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lb.

Hair: Completely bald (very little hair)

Occupation: Scientist


Oliver Adams is the father of Hayley, Ally, Alex and Justice Adams. He lead his children to believe that all the work that had completed for him were in theory only. He was actually experimenting on mutants as well as normal people. Once he met Logan, he realized the potential he held and eventually mutated him. At this point the experiments were partly government funded and they were very interested in Logan. His children found out the truth and they were also experimented on as punishment for their disloyalty. Professor Adams has no need to keep all of the people he has helped uncreate; he sells them to the highest bidders. Being partly funded (now) by Magneto most of Oliver's mutants are sent to him, as were Professor's Adams disloyal children. Unfortunately for Magneto that the siblings could not be held by the chips in their heads. They freed some mutants and fleed their home and the labs, leaving Olver once again alone.

Oliver's wife was part Japanese and very kind. Once she died the better part of Oliver died with her. He became callous and cruel even to his own offspring. Oliver is indeed a complex individual.

The experiements aka Weapon X on the government side of mutations, broke funding with Adams once the Wolverine was underestimated and went into a rage and wrecked the labs. Highest bidders were welcome for the many mutants to come. Olvier became feared by those who lived through the experiements once they saw what these experiments did to those who did and did not survive.

AKA by his children "nutty professor, mad scientist," or as Hayley calls him Olly or nair man.

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