Oliver Adams:

They ran to Justice and found him in the TV room.

"You two need to stay here for a while." He looked pointedly at his sisters.

"What?" They asked in unison.

He didn't answer instead he looked at the television and turned on the VCR with the remote in his hand. "I just taped this. I think you might find it a little enlightening."

It was a news report. Allyson's face was in a corner by the newscaster's head.

"It was reported today that ex-olympic gymnast" the reporter started. " Was raped and left to die."

"What?" Logan was almost yelling. He stared at the TV.

"Oh, God" Hayley said quietly as she sank into a chair.

A policeman stood on the TV now near a wooded area. "We found her clothes torn and her body mangled." He started blankly. "The coroner said they tore her up pretty bad. She had been raped and left to die. A wild animal eventually mauled her."

Logan who now held Michael in one arm was losing his temper. He popped his claws in his empty hand and he was gritting his teeth. The calmer Logan that had walked the floors seemed to be gone. There was now a much quieter angrier man in his place.

The reporter who was interviewing the policeman spoke up. "If her body was so badly mangled how did you recognized her?"

The policeman smiled dumbly. "You can't mistake those eyes and her signature hair. Although I knew her more from her modeling."

The reporter now sat at the clean desk. "Allyson Adams was one of triplets. Her triplet sisters and older brother Justice Adams, (who has a prestigious law firm) Has yet to be reached. Hayley Adams used to dance with her now deceased sister at benefits that her brother's firm would help to fund. Hayley Adams had done a benefit not long ago." The reporter was gone and there was Hayley dancing gracefully at the benefit.

Hayley looked at the TV. 'Had there been reporters. Had they missed Ally because she was a cashier?'

"This family has gathered a lot of national attention and all but one has been available for comments." The reporter went on relentlessly. " Their father Oliver Adams did comment earlier"

Everyone in the room was astonished.

A bald man came onto the screen. He was handsome and he wore glasses and a very expensive looking suit. He reminded them of Justice dressed for work.

Logan recognized the man immediately and he knew he would trigger memories.

Adams spoke solemnly on the television. "We encouraged the triplets and our son to pursue their dreams and they outlived my expectations." He looked nostalgic as he looked at the camera straight on.

Hank watched him with amazement. "He reminds me of Charles." He mumbled.

" He is nothing like Xavier." Hayley shot at him.

On the television Adams took a more serious look. "We will find her attackers and have them punished with every possible way with in our power." Then he looked away slightly.

Logan watched the Television with intensity. He remembered their father now and how he walked and talked.

Hayley sat there with her cigarette in hand opening and closing her mouth with astonishment.

Logan popped his claws in one hand as his anger at Oliver Adams got the better of him.

Logan felt a light touch on his hand, which hung by his side. He retracted his claws when he saw Imp. She looked a little scared but smiled weakly. He smiled back at the little girl.

"Hey," He kneeled to her.

Justice turned the tape off quickly. She didn't need to see that.

She began to try to get a look at the small infant. "Can I see your boy?" she rocked to her toes to see him sleeping in his arms.

"Sure" he held Michael to her.

Alex motioned to the child to sit on the couch and as Imp got closer she saw that Alex held another child. Alex held the child out to the anxious child. "This is Logan's daughter" she told the Imp.

She looked at Logan. "You got your babies." She laughed. "They look alike and the gots lotsa hair." she observed. Everyone laughed a little.

"Yes they do." Alex smiled.

"Where is Ally?" Imp looked at Logan demanding answer.

His mouth opened but nothing came out. 'What could he say?' It hurt to have Imp asking him about that right now.

"Is she dead?" Imp said with a small pained expression. "The man on TV said she was dead." She truly seemed to want to know.

Beast walked over to her. "Isn't it past you bedtime, young Madame." He smiled at her." You should have been asleep." He held out a hand for her. "Come one sweetie."

"Can't Logan take me?" She pleaded.

Hank smiled and took Michael from Logan reached down to hug her and she climbed in his arms with a wide smile. He carried her on his hip down the hall. "G'night" she waved over his shoulder to the others.




Logan tucked her in and he smiled at her. It was hard to stay in a bad mood with her around. "Maybe you should get some sleep huh?"

She nodded to him. "Is Ally a ghost now?"

His eyes clouded over a little "No I don't think so."

"I am sorry you are so sad." She frowned back at him.

"Me too, Imp."

"Can I tell you a secret?" She looked at him with her eyes dancing. 'She just doesn't want to sleep' he thought.


"I don't think she is dead." She quickly.


"Ally still talks to me. She helps me sleep and I tell her about you." She smiled at him. Then she looked serious. "She is very sleepy though."

He looked at her.


Everyone in the TV room was waiting for Logan to return. Justice was talking with his sisters.

"Justice I know you want it business as usual but the press will jump you the minute you go to work tomorrow." Hayley argued.

"Won't be the first time." Justice mumbled.

Alex laughed. "Are you going to use the press?"

"There is safety in numbers, Justice. You are safe here." Hank commented.

They saw Logan come down the hall and walk past them as if they weren't even there. He was headed down the hall that led towards the front door.

"Oh no." Hayley mumbled. She knew that look.

"Oh," Alex jumped as she waved her hand as she froze Logan a little. She gave Hank the twins who had been lying in her lap. Then she ran over to him with her eyes glowing and struggling to hold Logan.

"Where do you think you are going?" Hayley demanded.

"To get my wife." He growled at her. He was pissed they stopped him.

Justice was getting upset too. "C'mon Logan."

"How are you even going to get there? Sabertooth trashed your jeep." Hayley pointed out.

"Let me go Alex." He ignored Hayley barking at him.

"You know we love you Logan." Alex she said sternly at him and pointed her finger at him. "You have no fight alone when it involves Allyson."

"Let me go." He growled.

Alex and Hayley were quiet for a minute then Alex looked at him with a smile. "Okay."

Then Hayley knocked him out.


********** ************************************************ ****************

Logan woke up in his bed not really sure what had happened but his head hurt. He rolled over and looked for Allyson. All he found was an empty pillow and he touched it lightly. He sighed at the thought of her sleeping on it not that long ago. He remembered what had happened now, Hayley and/or Alex must have knocked him out mentally.

He looked over to the dark night window. He knew it was late and could hear the patter of the rain on the window. He sat up and looked to the nightstand for a cigar, then he saw a shiny object there. It was Ally's dog tags. He started to get up but his head said other things. He shook it off. As he got up he noticed that somebody had undressed him. He was clad in shorts only. He grabbed for the dog tags and instinctively reached for his own around his neck. He put Ally's bluish dog tags around his neck next to his own. He knew she had taken them with her that fateful night and that she had been wearing them. 'How did they get here? Did Ally put them there? Her scent was very strong.'

He could get some answers from Hayley. 'Why was she so much like him that he sought her out?. Enough of a history there to have a connection?' Then his thoughts went to the others that made his heart jump lightly. 'The twins. Where were they?'

He stepped into the hallway and smelled for the children. He could smell them in Jean's room. 'Why didn't Alex take them?' He could smell Hank in Alex's room. He started towards Hayley's room, he hoped to get some answers.

Then he heard it in his head. 'Logan,' it was Ally's voice.

"Al?" He said quietly. He wondered if he was going nuts. 'Could she hear him?' He looked around the hall. He knew he heard her. Now he heard Hayley's voice in his head she was calling for Ally softly. Then he could hear Alex and Justice calling Ally's name now. ' What the hell was going on? Was he becoming a telepath or just going mad?'

He was ready to knock on Hayley's door and he almost collided with her. Her hair was wild and her eyes were glowing. She must have been asleep.

"Whoa" He held his arms up to stop her from running or flying over top of him.

"Did you hear her?" She asked as her eyes began to fade a little.

They heard another door snap open and Alex appeared at the door putting on a robe, with her eyes glowing like Hayley's. Hank was behind her rubbing his eyes trying to wake up.

Another door flew open and Justice came out in his boxers looking at them in sheer confusion.

Logan gave them all a knowing look. " She is not dead."

They nodded at him and Hank just blinked.

"Who? What? What time is it?" Hank asked as he rubbed his eyes again.


They had gathered in Logan's room. Logan winked at Hank and found his cigar.

"Why can't we reach her? "Hayley wondered aloud.

"Magneto has her." Alex answered. "I am sure of it."

Hayley gathered her knees to her chest as she sat on Logan's bed. " I can only imagine what they have done to her." Hayley looked like she might cry remembering how Sabertooth tried to break her.

Justice looked at her. ' What had they done to her?' Was she raped?' He wasn't sure if Hayley would let him hold her or if she would run. He sighed; the thought of Ally in their company didn't make him happy.

Hank took Hayley's hand to stand. He could sense her worry. "We should all get some rest." He yawned at them. "Excuse me". Then he smiled at Alex and she cuddled to his chest with her very heavy eyes.

Alex looked happy but tired to Logan where as Hayley looked worried and very awake now. She probably wouldn't tell him what happened in Magneto's capture. It had to be bad he had never seen Hayley so strung out before.





Logan was alone as he was lying in the bed he thought of Allyson. He remembered how she had looked on the news earlier. Her hair had been in a French braid and she moved gracefully in her gymnastics floor routine. Her body was agile and graceful. The same body he had held and made love to. The same face, laugh and body that had their twin babies.

He finished the beer Hayley had gotten from the garage earlier. It was warm but he didn't care he needed it right now. He missed Ally, he felt like he couldn't breathe without her at times. A lot of his thoughts went to her. She had run to help him in his battle with Creed. She had loved him enough to take his pain. He finished the beer with a long swig. ' I will find her and bring her back to our children.'

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