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Ally was in the shower as she thought to herself about the events that she and Logan had been through and what was to come. She moved closer to the water grateful to be alone for once. She seemed to constantly be followed by her sisters or an X-Man. She sighed a little at the thought of her shower being a safe haven. She was tired and thoughts of Hank telling her shouldn't be overdoing it drifted through her mind. She had been through a lot and Logan's healing factor helped her greatly but she wondered how much longer she would have it, if at all. She glanced at her now flat stomach gratefully. 'Was that because of Logan's healing factor or good genes?' She loved him and their children but she knew if she wanted them safe, she had to face her father. She felt a slight cold breeze as she heard the creak of the door and she let her telepathy feel for who it was. She smiled to herself a little as she touched Logan's mind. She began to shampoo her hair and she heard the water to the sink turn on.

She noticed her hair had grown while she had been pregnant. 'Now is has to be cut to match Alex's.' She heard the shower door open and she turned in time to see Logan peering in at her with a mischievous grin. "You are taking too long."

She turned to rinse the shampoo out of her hair. "Sorry," she mumbled. Through closed eyes she could still see what Logan was up to as she felt his hands around her wet waist. She threw her eyes open wide as she glared at her naked husband. "I am all soapy…." She began but her protests were drowned out as Logan brought his mouth down on hers. He was kissing her very needy as he held his body close to hers. He seemed to be waiting for an approval to move further. She pushed her hand behind his head as she began to give in. He lifted her on top of his hips and awaited the familiar pleasure of her body. She pulled away as he entered her and gasped in his ear. He pushed one hand on her butt and the other on the back of her head.

She began to move with him, slowly at first. Then she could hear him grunting in her ear and could feel his breath on her neck and her want for him grew.

He pushed her back against the shower as he savored their closeness as he moved as closer to her. Logan never felt closer to another person. When he wasn't with her, he thought of his feelings for her as his 'wuss' side. He could feel her heart beating quickly against her chest and he dismissed his 'wuss' thoughts. He knew this woman, the mother of his children and fighter he respected who had stood by him. He stopped moving and pulled back to kiss her softly as he let his emotions take over and he touched her face lightly. As he began to think of how easily she had been taken from her, he realized Ally was trying to get his attention. He had begun to sweat as his anger had consumed him. He understood this as he looked upon Ally's concerned face.

He must have scared her because she touched his mind. 'Relax, I'm here.' She told him mentally. He grabbed her head and pushed it into the nape of his neck as he held her. He only wanted to hold her but Ally started their passionate rhythm again. He started to resume but began roughly and Ally gasped loudly. He stopped and met her eye. "I am okay" she whispered. He resisted the urge to start again and watched her evenly.

"I love you, Ally" Logan said quickly and he surprised himself at his words.

She watched him tenderly and let her fingers brush his face and relished the feeling of the electricity between their skin. Then she wiped the hair from his face. He let her go from the embrace as he looked very far away. They had made love before but never like this. She began to unwrap her legs from around his waist as he lowered her to her feet slowly. She seemed to understand the emotions that passed between as she bent up and met his face as she brushed his lips with hers. He pulled her into a tight hug and held onto her wet curls.

He didn't speak for fear of inability to verbalize his thoughts. He had known Ally a long time and trying to convey his emotions didn't seem to be any easier now. Maybe it helped that she was telepathic. He laughed lightly as she began to soap his chest.

She knew he would probably never tell her he loved her like that again or let the emotions pass between them like that. She sighed at Logan's silence and then smiled as he kissed her head lightly. She let her cheek touch his chest as she brushed past him to exit.

He grabbed her arm to stop her retreat and she looked at him expectantly. He gave her a weak smile. He took a breath; "I didn't do this to obligate you, Al." She looked at him some what surprised at this. "I will be there today and I know I can't stop you from facing your father."

She waited for him to say more and he picked up her hand and simply kissed it. She turned up a corner of her mouth as she found a towel on her way out of the shower. 'Why was it so hard for men to verbalize feelings?'






Hank watched Alex getting ready out of the corner of his eye from behind the computer screen. He wanted her but he was afraid it would overwhelm her at this point and he wasn't very comfortable with it when she was going to be facing her father in a matter of hours. He still felt as if he had stolen something from her and he sighed as he looked back at the computer screen.

She turned at him her gaze searching his face. "Can you tell Ally from me?"

He looked at her quickly then back at the computer, "I think I will be all right, Alex." He began to press the keyboard quickly.

"Well, I am ready to go." She sighed a little as she kissed his head. She wasn't completely sure about this because her father scared her, he always had. She felt for Ally's mind but only found a wall. She easily found Logan's mind and he seemed uncharacteristically cheerful. She broke the contact and began to blush wildly.

"What?" Hank noticed her crimson cheeks.

"Should Ally and Logan have relations right now?" she muttered with out looking at him. "They seem to do so every time they get the chance."

He crossed his arms and removed his glasses as he watched her reddened face, "Well, if she was a normal person I would have to say flat out 'No' " He sighed and sat back in the chair. "We aren't normal though. I did see her body heal itself as I watched." He looked at the computer screen avoiding Alex's eye. "Even so, She should respect herself more because she has been through a lot."

"I agree," She blushed a little more. "I am going to see if Ally or Hayley is ready yet." She gave him a quick hug. "We have to get there to help Justice finish setting up and get into costume." She kissed his head and stood. He seemed oblivious at the moment as he stared at the computer. "I will see you there." She called.

Engrossed in his work he continued to stare at the computer, "Most definitely." He mumbled. Before she could walk out the door he realized she was leaving and he popped his head up to catch her attention. "Alex, please be careful," He said with a serious look as he placed his glasses back on.

She nodded and walked quickly before she could get emotional over long goodbye-s. A new wave of fright came over her while she thought of her father. She was afraid he would kill Ally or Hayley would kill him. She was also scared of father because of all he had done to them in the past. He father had always intimidated Alex in her youth with his expectations and hopes for the triplets. What pushed her to the point of fright was all that her father did to his own offspring and to nameless innocents. She sighed again as she thought of the innocent people like Amber that she had seen suffer. The though of her ability to make the difference gave her new strength. She felt pride in knowing they would be able to stop him, no more death. As she began to walk faster and she felt reborn with hope and a new conviction. As Alex felt like a new person she charged down the halls like a woman possessed, then her thoughts turned to Hank and how much he was hurt last time she had fought. She felt humbled again. 'How was it Hayley was able to let go and just go with the flow. Everything seemed much easier for her.'

'Hank.' How would he deal with things if she were injured again? She dismissed the thought quickly it would be worth it if she could help one person. Hank was a Xman and he knew that his friends and associates were in daily danger, he would deal with it.

She knocked Logan's door with her new resolve. 'Fun was fun but they had to go.' The door flew open to reveal Imp standing in the doorway. The impulsive child smiled up at her, "Ally looks like you." The wide-eyed child watched Alex carefully for a response.

"Yeah?" Alex smiled at Jordan. Alex spied Ally on the bed wrapping her wet curls into a French braid. She took a tentative step in the room past the curly topped child. "Well," Alex laughed at Imp's big eyes. "She sure does look like me." Alex knelled to the child's eye and gave her a quick hug. As she stood up she noticed Ally met her eye. "Where is Wolverine?" Alex asked while she knocked the wrinkles out of her clothes from kneeling.


"We have to go." Alex nervously looked around nervously for Logan.

Ally smiled at her sister; "I want to wait for Logan."

"Is he going with us?"

"Doubtful, He likes to drive and I get the feeling her wants some time alone."

Alex nodded. 'Nobody really had any time to think anyway. Everyone needed time alone.' She heard the bathroom door fly open and Logan stepped out quickly. He obviously he didn't know that he had company because all he had on was a towel wrapped recklessly around his waist. He looked as if he had been about to say something until he saw they had company, then he retrieved some clothing from a dresser and walked back into the protective privacy of the bathroom.

Imp's face was huge with surprise. "Logan's nakey!" she shouted at the sisters as if Ally and Alex had never seen Wolverine come out of the bathroom. Alex and Ally began to laugh heartily at her surprised face.

Ally regained her composure slowly, "Imp knew I wasn't you," Ally smiled at Imp a little proud.

Alex watched the little telepath, "How can you tell?"

"I dunno I just can." Jordan shrugged her shoulders slightly as she watched the bathroom door for Logan. He finally came out of the bathroom and noticed Imp's stare and gave the child a small grin. Now dressed in shorts and hair combed he looked like the Logan they all knew. He found a cigar on the table and picked it up as he watched Jordan steadily.

"Hey, Imp," he said as he slowly brought out a lighter for his cigar, "I am going to smoke this smelly thing so you have to leave."

Jordan set her jaw as she watched his cigar go flying by her mental telekinetic tug. Logan made a mad grab for it as it went sailing. He let a low growl of frustration as he realized a child was toying with him.

Ally caught it mentally from Imp's grasp and sent it back to Logan. It landed in his hand and Imp watched Wolverine with a hurt expression.

"Hey" was all the child could stammer, "How did you do that?" She watched Logan's cigar, as if it had a mind of it's own.

Alex stifled a laugh; "Ally did that?"

Imp watched Ally evenly with her hurt face, she hadn't thought about Ally countering her. She turned her back to Ally as she watched Alex defensively. "Can you move things too?" the child asked Alex slowly.

"No, I can do other things though." Alex looked down the hall in the direction of the distant chatter. She noticed Bobby wandering around lost in the corridor. She caught his attention, "Are you looking for someone?"

Bobby sighed as he heard Alex he didn't have to be telepathic to know she had Imp with her.

Jordan heard Bobby and started to run and Bobby caught sight of her and was in hot pursuit. Ally jumped up and caught sight of Imp as she ran from Iceman. She lifted Imp telekinetically into Bobby's waiting arms as he blocked Imp's fists and feet from hitting him. He looked at Ally gratefully. "Thank you."

Imp watched Ally betrayed. "That wasn't fair." She bellowed as Bobby carried her away.

Ally watched Logan dressing slowly. "Hey, I have to get going."

Hayley ran into the room in a flash as if to announce she was there. She stood arms crossed watching the amused looks of her brother in law and her sisters. "C'mon, " Hayley scowled as she watched Ally. She saw that Logan wasn't ready and shook her head. "Bloody hell, we have to go already." She watched Logan's surprised looked as Hayley used the 'familiar Hayley expression'. "If we have to wait for Logan….." Hayley growled a little as she pointed her finger accusingly at Logan until Alex began to drag her out of the room by her arm.

Logan shook his head as he watched Ally gather her cell phone. She held it out to him and he took it curiously. He cocked an eyebrow in wonder as he stared at the phone in his hand. It must have been for one of the triplets 'What Ifs.'

"Everyone else has their cell phones and all numbers are programmed in" she explained quickly.

She touched his face as she kissed him and as it deepened he grabbed her and pulled her closer. He gave a little growl as he pushed her onto the bed and covered her body with his. She let a giggle as she broke the kiss, "Let's not start that again." She whispered to him softly. They both reluctantly got to their feet and Logan looked at her with a little growl, "Watch your back until I get there and don't separate from Justice or your sisters."

She laughed a little at Logan's uncharacteristic worried sound. "I will be okay."

He sighed a little, he knew she could take of herself but in Logan's eye that didn't count when she had to face the mad man. He worried that he wouldn't be able to be seen with her because they were usually each other's protection and who would watch her back? He kept his worried look not totally convinced by her casual demeanor. She kissed him lightly and ran out of the room.

As Logan watched her go he found himself shaking his head again. How was Ally had such a power over him? He realized he was smiling as he thought of holding her in the shower. She would take him to the top of a mountain and then he found himself alone at the bottom again. He would be holding her one-minute, then his arms would be an empty void. Justice was wrong, he wasn't trying to lasso a goldfish. He was trying to catch the wind.





Justice smiled as the familiar faces came into sight. They were a sight for sore eyes, then he realized that he only saw two of them and his stomach jumped a little with worry. He could make out Hayley's Dark hair but couldn't tell who the blonde was with her. He watched the blonde with her calm stride and eyes at her feet and knew it was Alex. She was holding a copy of the program for the benefit. She held it towards him demandingly towards him as she came closer.

"Why is my name on this?" she asked as she stuffed the paper into Justice's hand and he was now sure that this was Alex. She lacked the venom that Ally could have when she was angry and Justice could tell Alex meant business. Alex wasn't very angry often, she told everyone that Hayley and Ally took care of that for her but when her temper did flare you didn't want to be there.

He knew she wasn't extremely upset so he met her stare dead on, "Whose name would be on it?" He raised an eyebrow knowingly at her. Alex relaxed a little with the quick explanation.

Hayley laughed at her brother trying to look laid back when he was full of sweat, "Maybe you should take a break?"

He was already staring past Hayley to a bald man walking towards them with a confident glide. Hayley and Alex followed Justice's disapproving look and saw their father's mouth turn up into a cocky smile at the sight of them. Hayley held clenched fists at the sight of him and Alex looked petrified.

"Aw, shit. He's early," Hayley said through clenched teeth.

Justice grabbed Hayley's arm roughly to get her attention, since they had no psychic link. "Where's Ally?" He hissed at her just above a whisper.

Hayley eyed him quickly but turned back around to keep her stare on the advancing threat. "Well she couldn't really be seen with Alex now could she? We split up and I have no idea."

Justice jerked her to face him. "Is she with Logan?"

Hayley was dumfounded, she knew he was right to be worried and she only shook her head as she flipped around to face their father. Hayley could feel her father's familiar mind probing through he thoughts and feelings as if he had been invited. Alex stared at her and she knew they were being mentally violated too.

"I hope she gets here soon," Justice muttered but he was also keeping his eyes on their father's approach. Justice could see the rage burning inside Hayley and he was afraid she set him on fire. He silently hoped Logan wouldn't show but dismisses it quickly hoping their father didn't pick up on it.








Charles watched out the car door as the scenery changed and he couldn't help but to worry. He knew they had choreographed the attack so that nobody would be hurt but he still worried about the tempers of Hayley and Logan. He also worried about how strong Professor Adams was because Charles knew of the awesome ability this man possessed. This man had abilities equal to his on mental capacity. He wondered if Adams had evolved as he felt a headache that was laced with mental thoughts. He remained silent as he struggled not to let voice in head take over his mind. The Adams siblings were not entirely telepathic and for them to break their mental contact must have been much easier for them or it could have been the fact that he was a much stronger telepathic than Jean or the foursome. Jean seemed oblivious to the mental probe he was suffering through and he remembered Justice telling his sisters to only give in to their father's contact by shutting down and trying to keep their thoughts safely tucked away.

As Scott drove the car Jean sat silently next to him. Scott eyed the professor worriedly; he would usually discuss things he was mulling over before he would retreat into silence. He watched Xavier evenly from the rear view mirror as the older man stared vacantly out the window with a frown.

"Professor, I don't mean to second guess but are you sure about this." Scott finally broke the silence in the car.

Strangely the Professor did not turn his head to met Scott's eye but continued to look out the window. "Yes" was all he said in response. Scott shook his head and looked to Jean for consultation but she seemed quiet too.

"Is something wrong?" Scott couldn't disguise his worried tone.

Jean turned to meet his eye, "The closer we get to the park the worse this headache gets."

"Headache?" Scott asked her quick but the professor kept his gaze out the window.

"It's another telepath trying to overload my mind. I assume it's Professor Adams and if it is him were are in trouble." Jean looked a little pained.

"Yes, Jean it is their father and he is stronger than I remember." Charles looked at them solemnly. "I am afraid you are right about trouble and we can hope that his children keep him busy."

"Ally is strong but not that strong, "Jean argued.

Scott was trying to keep his attention on the road but he was worried, "Does that mean that your plan won't work?"

"Not necessarily, the objective is to get Oliver Adams to trust his children again." He stared back out at the trees passing by, "They should know how to handle their father and I hope they do. All we can do at this point is remain back up."

Scott sighed. He was used to being in control of away missions and he felt feeble and out of control, he wasn't used to that.





Logan looked for his wallet and he found it on the night table. 'Ally must have put it there.' He grinned to himself as he thought about rediscovering her. It was almost as if they hadn't separated at all. He wished he could have stayed with her but they knew the press would be watching her. It wouldn't have been wise to show at the benefit with Logan and have the press catch them.

As he began to search the closet for his cowboy hat his mind began to wander a little. He knew his mind was like Swiss cheese but he wasn't sure if he ever remembered Ally saying he loved him. He wasn't sure what surprised him more, the fact that he told Ally he loved her or that he knew how much she meant to him once he had said it.

He grabbed the hat and walked with a quick pace as he started down the long hall. He could feel somebody's gaze on him and he glanced back a little to see Ororo coming up behind.

"Logan could you please give me a ride to the benefit?" She watched him slow and she feel into stride next to him.

"Sure," he tossed her a roguish grin, "What about Hank? I thought you would ride with him" He knew Storm wanted to talk to him privately. Why else would she ask him for ride. She could get a ride with Hank, Scott, or even drive herself. For her to go out of her way to speak of must have been very private matter.

"Hank is not sure when he will leave because he is working on a program for Professor Adam's computer." She couldn't meet his eye at their quick pace.

Logan had a slightly amused look, "I thought Alex had done that already."

"I suppose she asked him for help."

"Why do you want a ride, Storm?"

She was taken back by this and stopped slowly and folded her arms, "I was hoping to talk to you."

"C'mon I want to get there."

Storm had the same awkwardness that the triplets had when he had met them and he was sure she was attracted to Justice. His mind wandered again in the silence while he marched on with Storm next to him.

They had been very nonchalant about talking to Logan but Justice hadn't been that was the difference with infatuation. Justice and Logan had found a common ground while Logan had been dating Hayley and after Hayley and Logan split up, they still remained good friends.

Once he remembered coming over to meet up with Justice to go to out to the bar and Justice wasn't ready……………..

Logan had shown up and found the pool tranquil and quiet, aside from the triplets and their radio. He looked around expectantly for Justice and found Hayley's intense glare.

Hayley scoffed as she placed her sunglasses on her head in attempt to isolate herself. "You are around now more than when we were dating."

Logan's face went blank. He didn't want anybody uncomfortable. "Hey if you want me to go." He gestured to the door.

"Nah, it doesn't really matter. "Hayley mumbled as she tossed her glasses into her lounge chair. Then she jumped into the pool.

Ally watched him with new eyes. There was something she hadn't seen in his eyes before and it intrigued her. They heard a guitar quietly playing from an upstairs window as the music mixed with their 80's pop rhythm.

Logan looked up toward the beat. "Is that Just?"

Ally nodded, "He must have forgot he was meeting you." Alex disappeared to the other side of the pool where an older man brought sodas on a cart.

Logan looked at Ally flirting at her shy stare, "Seems like there is always music around here."

Ally beamed. "Music is an important part of who were are."

"Justice told me he joined a band."

A shadow crossed Ally's face. "Dad isn't pleased with that, Logan. So it would better not mention it." She warned him quickly.

Logan leaned towards her a little she was talking low and hard to hear. "I will watch my step." He smiled.

She returned his smile. 'Had Logan always been so handsome? Had his eyes always been that sexy?' Ally could feel a blush taking over her face.

It hit Logan like a stone that he was attracted to her as he watched Ally's pretty face tinged pink. He was still close waiting for her to speak again. "Do you want me to go?" he taunted.

Ally met his eye and she knew he was attracted to her too but he had dated Hayley. Ally was sure they had sex as, well so it didn't feel right. Even so Ally didn't want him to go. "No, please stay." She blurted out quietly. "I mean it's fine" She sat up straight trying to break the spell.

Alex came back over as she noticed the guilty expressions, "Did I interrupt?"

"No," they both jumped together.

Alex felt a smile creep to her face. She knew she had interrupted something and she knew it. Alex sighed as she sat with her soda and watched them rejoin their conversation. Hayley had made an effort to stay inside when she saw the cozy couple and when Justice saw the unspoken attraction he knew His and Logan's plans were canceled. There was no argument from Logan when Justice told him he would be inside on the guitar. Logan nodded as he watched Ally. Justice hit him in the shoulder and winked at him as he walked away. Logan chuckled but he felt a little guilty at the attraction that was growing stronger by the minute for Ally. He felt like he had betrayed Hayley but she had dumped him.


Later that afternoon he was finally alone with Ally. Away from the others Logan found Ally a little more talkative and he was genuinely attracted to her personality. She didn't have to put on glamour or radiate a scent like Hayley to keep his attention. Their conversation turned to the similarities between gymnastics and fighting techniques. He and Hayley had trade a few playful punches before so he knew that she had some training but she was too headstrong to be very effective. He watched Ally and wondered, "Do you know any self defense?"

His eyes seemed to pierce through her with a stare of intensity. "Sure, Justice taught us." She smiled at him. She gestured to a bare spot under the tree. "I can show you what I know."

He held his laughter at her, she was tiny compared to him. Like her sisters she had a tiny waist and perfect nails and long silky hair. They looked like they were pressed with irons, how could they be a threat or know any street moves?

He let her lead him to the spot under the tree and he followed her wondering if she really wanted to fight. She tried to take a fighter's stance and she stood gracefully but lacked the threatening conviction. Logan chuckled at the sight. He stopped laughing halfway through when she landed a lucky punch to the back of his head.

They landed a lot of play punches but once Logan got carried away and Ally went flying to the ground. He quickly realized his mistake and knelt down to help her up. He sighed with relief when he saw her unhurt and laughing. She grabbed his mid-section with her legs catching him off guard and threw him back. He stood laughing but he was a little impressed at her taking the initiative. She reminded him of his sister. He watched her figure still laughing on the ground and reached down to pull her up. Her didn't account for how light she was and he pulled her into his body hard.

Ally looked at Logan she was face to face with the man she had been thinking about kissing for the last couple of days. He didn't pull his face from hers and their close stare lingered. She felt weak suddenly.

"You okay?" he asked her in a voice not much above a whisper. He was so close she could feel his breath on her neck. He glanced around at her checking her injury.

"I'm fine," she whispered. He made her light headed and she felt so dizzy, she thought she might fall over. She put a hand on his shoulder for balance and Logan wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She turned her head up and looked at him.

He watched her and he knew they wanted each other. He knew she would flee if he didn't move before the spell would break. He brushed his lips to hers and pulled back. He watched her for approval and pulled her closer for another kiss. He could feel the leaves from the tree hit them as they made their way to the ground and maybe it was the cool air but Ally pushed her body to his. He could feel her shiver against him and he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her. She didn't give off the smell like Hayley but she smelled of a tangy earth and rain to him. He deepened the kiss but Ally pulled away. 'Did he do something wrong?'

"Sorry," he jumped back. "I didn't mean to" he stammered.

"Why didn't you mean to?" she watched him. "I liked it." She tilted her head at him. "After Hayl it might not be the best timing though."

He stepped closer again, "Did I offend you?"

"No," she laughed. "Not at all, but Hayley…….."

As she let her thought trail Logan grabbed her and kissed her again. Ally pulled away abruptly and ran away.