Wolvie Femmes * Nightcrawler   






      Ally sat in the infirmary with Jean and Rayne as her leg was being stitched back together.


      Jean sighed, worried as well about the attack and looked at Ally, "You're lucky he didn't sever any muscle."


      Ally smiled wryly not really wanting to talk.


      Rayne watched Jean work, "Ah could do dat if yo’ wan’."


      "Thank you, Rayne but I have it," Jean watched their trouble faces and she was afraid they would take off for their loved ones the first chance they got, "With Alex away we might need some help later." Ally sighed holding back tears. Jean watched her, "Am I hurting you Ally?"




       "With any luck you won't have as much pain tomorrow," Jean smiled.


      Ally thought about the healer Reg. If he healed her leg it would allow her to join the away team, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to ask that of the new mutant. He had been through a lot lately.


      Ally's eye glowed and Rayne sat up wondering what the news was, "They found Remy, but Hayley's no where to be found."


     "How's Remy?" Rayne turned all her attention to Ally.


     "They aren't sure," Ally met her eyes uneasily, "He responded to Justice once but wouldn't a second time."


     Rayne leapt from her bed and began to pace around as Jean watched her suspiciously. "Don’ worry none. Ah’m not gon' anywhere," Rayne told Jean as she continued to pace.


     Jean crossed her arms finished with Ally's leg, "I certainly hope not. I wouldn’t want to have to sedate you."


     Storm came in and looked at them expectantly, "Any news?"


     "They found Remy but no sign of Hayley," Jean offered.


     Storm held out a small contraption to Rayne, "Justice had been working on this earlier. He wanted you to have it."


     Ally was confused, because she had thought they were being intimate earlier, not working on electronic gadgets. Storm smiled at Ally because she knew she must think they had been busy in a different way.


     Rayne took it cautiously, "What is dis?"


     Storm sat next to Rayne, "It is something that is used to change a person’s appearance." Rayne looked at the contraption carefully as Storm explained, "You could go anywhere and be accepted as human because they would see you has a normal human.


     Rayne's eye’s widened in surprise, "C’est vrai? Wit’ dis, people wouln’ see me as me’se’f but someone else?"


     Ally laughed, she knew about it all too well because Justice had discussed the dynamics of it with her and Alex when they left to retrieve Hayley, but she hadn't realized he had made a working model this morning. "That’s the idea. He's made one for Beast too," Ally smiled.


     "News to me," Jean said looking it over as Rayne held it and gingerly turned it around.

     "Does it hurt?" Rayne wasn’t sure about this gizmo, "Does it make you change?"

      "No," Ally could see the concern on the girls face, "It only makes you appear to look different to anyone that sees you. It doesn’t actually physically change your body. Think of it as a mask."

      Rayne nodded her understanding and thought about the possibilities, "Could ah look lik’ anyone ah wanted to?"

     "An appropriate image is programmed into the devise. While you wear it, you will look like what was programmed," Ally clarified.

     Rayne was intrigued, "Could dis be programmed to say, make me’se’f look lik’ Storm?"

     Ally wondered what the girl was thinking, "We would program it so that you could look like a different kind of you. Not someone specifically. We, wouldn’t want to confuse anyone by having look a likes about."

     Jean interjected, "Or use the devise to say, sneak out of the mansion." She looked at Rayne letting her know that she was going to keep a close eye on her.

     Rayne shrugged and handed it back to Storm, "S’cool."





     Justice lifted Remy easily but was afraid to move him too much thinking of his injury. He thought of what this man must have done to help his sister but couldn't help but to wonder if she was alive. The Brotherhood had left Ally near death and he thought back to how badly he and Hayley had been beaten in their capture. He heard Remy moan as he carried him to the infirmary.


      He took a breath remembering Rayne was in there and knew he would have to deal with her fiery Cajun temper.


     He was the first in with Beast on his heels he didn't look at Rayne as he placed Gambit on the bed.


     Ally jumped up as Rayne did to check on Gambit. Ally brandished a pair of scissors and began cutting at his shirt to give Beast access to the wound she knew would be under the bloodied garment.


     Rayne held his hand but he didn't move. "Remy?" She whispered softly in his ear, "Chere?"


     Justice stepped back making room for Beast and Jean to squeeze in. He saw Ally smile at him and knew the chest wound wasn't severe and he sighed.


     Rayne looked at him, "Justice, what happen’ ta ma Remy?"


     "Looked like he was pushed out of a window," Justice sighed to the worried females, "I think he took out some branches out on the way down."


      "Which window?" Ally asked making more room for Jean to look at the wound.


      "Hayley's room," Justice said plainly, "Hayley used to scale that tree all the time but the branches never snapped like that, so I got the feeling he was knocked through it or pushed."


       Beast nodded in agreement remembering the broken glass and branches around Gambit.


       Rayne's whiskers twitched not understanding what they meant, "Hayley's window?"


      Ally sat in a chair because she could no longer stand, "Our home, Rayne. She went to our home that is not too far away and Remy followed her there."


      Rayne smirked at the thought of him being in Hayley’s room because Remy was Remy after all. She knew how fond he was of the femmes. Sex to him was as necessary as food and water.


      A small moan from the blue furry elf caught their attention.


      Justice gestured to the others that he would take care of the newcomer. He walked over and helped Kurt to sit up.


      "Happy New Year," Justice joked.


       Kurt's eyes flew open wide, "New Year?" He looked at the new surroundings, "Mien Gott! How long have I been out?"


       "Not long, actually," Justice added seriously, "Just wanted to see if you were with it." He smiled playfully.


       "I was with Hayley when we were attacked. Is she ok?" Kurt said as he looked at Justice carefully. "I know you," He said looking at Justice.


        Justice panicked, a little worried of just who this man was and how he knew him, "Yeah?"


        "You," Kurt said making himself more comfortable, "Are a lawyer and Hayley’s brother." Kurt narrowed his eyes in challenge to Justice.


        "Yes," Justice was guarded, "How do you know me?"


        "I follow the news casts," Kurt smiled, "Don’t worry, I am a friend." He smiled reassuringly to him and spied Allyson in the chair recognizing her from the diner and her previous career. He disappeared and reappeared next to Allyson.


         He offered her his hand with a smile, "I am Kurt Wagner, also called Nightcrawler."


         Ally shook his hand politely, "Allyson."


         Logan chuckled from his view by the door with Scott standing next to him, "So you know the Adams, Elf, What's it to you?"


         Kurt looked at the stocky man, smiled and shrugged to him, "I am here to see Xavier, Hayley was walking me back here."





      Remy felt like he was caught between reality and dream. Something had bounced him up and down for a while then finally set him down. He was vaguely aware that someone pulled his clothing from his chest and he heard voices. He willed his eyes to open but they wouldn’t comply and the shallow voices continued speaking of him and Rayne randomly. He thought of his younger sister and fought to open his eyes again.


      'Rayne needs me,' He groaned. He heard an unfamiliar voice speaking about Hayley and Ally and he panicked at the sound of Hayley's name as the haunting scene of her with Sabretooth floated through his mind.


      "Hayley?" He said in a small voice and finally managed to open his eyes and saw Rayne's concerned amber eyes staring back at him with concern. His head pounded and his heart skipped as he remembered Magneto and Sabretooth's attack. He tried to sit up but regretted it immediately.


       Rayne smoothed his hair from his sweaty brow, "Remy?" She said sweetly, "Jus’ lie still and let dem finish, chere."


       He smiled back weakly, "Don’ worry petite. Ah’m all right." He knew it was a lie and that she would know it was too, but he didn’t want her to be upset.


      Beast began to shine a light in his eyes, checking for any neurological or vascular damage. Remy groaned at the light and pushed himself to sit up despite his throbbing head ache. He wrapped his sister into his arms and looked around at the busy infirmary and the occupant's solemn faces.


      What caught his attention was the blue man who sat next to Ally. He looked at Justice for answers, "Where's Hayley?" Justice looked at the floor sadly and couldn't meet Remy's eyes.


      Remy became upset, "Justice, answer me." Justice made attempt to talk but no words came and Ororo pulled him into a hug. It was plain to see he was very upset. Remy became angry and tossed his legs over the side of the bed but Beast pushed them back up and Ally blocked any exit and Rayne held on to him tightly.


      Ally met his eyes and knew it hurt not to know the truth, "They took her Remy, she and Alex. But don’t worry, we will get them back."


      "We, Chere?" Remy rubbed his forehead trying to free himself of the painful throb. "Yo' can't even stand, How yo’ gonna fight, hanh?" He gestured to her slightly levitated figure next to him, "Gambit will bring her back."


       Rayne shook her head violently, "Yo' aint gon' after her dis time, chere." Her eyes glowed showing her ire and she held onto his waist.


       Remy looked at his feisty sister amused, "yo' gon' stop me, little one?"


       She nodded with tears dancing at the rim of her eyes, "Ah will, somehow." She was afraid he would be caught too, "Remy, yo’ can’ go ta dat place. If dey catch yo’ dey will do horrible t’ings to yo’." She shuddered as Remy hugged her back.

       Remy was curious about the labs, and worried about what might happen to Hayley now that she was caught, "What did dey do ta yo’, petite?" Rayne trembled and for a minute he though she would collapse, so he decided now was not the time to press her for information, "Never mind, m’chere. S’ok."

       He pushed her back far enough to look into her eyes, "Rayne girl, Ah have ta go get her. Ah can’t stay ‘ere while she could be tortured over dere." He looked at his sister’s face and could see that she understood but it caused her great pain.


       He whispered into her ear, "Ah love her, chere."


       Rayne wanted to cry, she knew it meant her brother would be going head to head with the dangerous mutants again. She wouldn’t, couldn’t live if anything happened to him there. "Dere’s  plen’y other people goin’ after her, Remy, Please don’go," Rayne reasoned as she gestured to the others.


       "Ah need to go, petite," He sighed hoping she would relent and give her blessing. He hated to have to leave her like this, not knowing what might happen to him. But he had to go after Hayley. He was going to rescue her.


       Rayne looked up at him with a very serious expression, "If yo’ go, den ah go. Ah’ll not be lef’ behind."

       Beast frowned at her as he cleaned Remy's wound, "You, young lady, are in no condition to go anywhere."


       Rayne just shrugged but Remy could tell she had made up her mind, and once his sister had her mind set on something, it was like getting blood out of a turnip to get her to change it. He was going to have to make sure that she did not follow them.


      "Nobody's going anywhere until one of them contacts me," Ally almost barked hoping to establish that she was going for her sisters.


      "Dat’s crazy, why?" Remy narrowed his eyes, "We can’ wait aroun’ here ‘till one contacts us. We got ta go, now!"


      "They can't use telepathic abilities with those helmets on," Ally sighed, "We have to wait until they find some way to tell us where they are."


       Justice grumbled lightly, "Their link should still work." Justice was worried that Ally would feel obligated to go. He couldn‘t blame her for wanting to go, but he worried about her, "They’ve had it since they were young, and with it Hayley contacted Ally and Alex when we were held by Magneto." He met the curious faces of the others. "It's not a mutation per se' so the helmet won't work on it," He shrugged. "I’ve never been able to hear them when they use their private line," He joked. He had never understood the triplet's inborn link into the other's mind, but had been grateful for it when Magneto had caught them before.


       Remy looked at Ally and sighed. She was in no condition to fight or go along. He was concerned that Magneto would go for her first thing. He truly liked the Adams and wanted them safe as he did his sister. He sighed wondering how he had become so close to one much less four others.


      Until he fell for Hayley the only other people he had felt close to was his own family, especially Rayne. He held her close to him grateful that she was here and safe, but worried that she would try and go along with them. She could be extremely hard headed and stubborn. Not to mention sneaky. Remy would never forgive himself if she found a way over there and was injured, or worse, "Rayne girl, promise me you will stay here when we leave."

      She looked at him then shrugged, "Ah make no promises, Rem." When Gambit’s face showed his anger, she flashed her teeth and growled, " Ah will not let you go ta dat place wit’out me. Yo' don' know what dey do dere, Remy! Ah wan' ta be by yo'r side, whatever happens," Tears fell unhindered from Rayne’s eyes, "Please Remy, don’ leave me!"

      Remy didn’t know what to do so he looked to the others for help.
Remy looked at Ally and sighed. She was in no condition to fight or go along and he worried Magneto would go for her first off.


      He held her hand tightly grateful she was safe. Remy spied blood on the borrowed clothing she wore, "Sacre, Rayne girl yo' bleeding?"


      Rayne looked at it and pointed back at him, "Dat's from you, chere." Remy looked at the cut across his chest and began to remember the events of how he got the injury. He swallowed remembering trying to get away from Magneto, and how Hayley had been silenced by the helmet. She had told him to run even though he knew she was still scared of Sabretooth, she wanted him to save himself. He growled thinking they would have taken him too.


       Remy met Ally's eyes and looked away when they reminded him of Hayley's, "Dey gon' kill her?" He stared at the sheet for an answer and then looked up to see indecisive faces.


       "Not, while she's pregnant," Justice offered but he thought killing her at that point would be more humane than what they had put he and Hayley through last time and the turmoil she went through when Sabretooth put a hand on her.


        Remy narrowed his eyes. He knew Justice wasn't telling him everything. The Brotherhood had taken him captive before and Justice knew all too well what they had done to him.


       Logan sighed tired of seeing Ally levitating and scooped her into his arms. "If she gets a message, I'll bring her back here." Ally cut him a look but readily agreed.


       Justice watched his sister and knew she was up to something but decided to keep quiet until he found out what. "Let's give the infirmary some peace," Justice took Storm's hand. Justice planned to head Ally off and get details.


       Remy didn't notice the siblings as Rayne squeezed his hand worried for him as the two couples slipped out.


       Beast sighed hoping Ally would tell them and include him. He needed to be there for Alex and he wanted to. He gathered his sutures and supplies and headed to Remy. "You are best to sit down, my dear," Hank said to Rayne ushering her to her own bed and pulling the curtain as he settled into the task.


       The others filed out slowly leaving the patients with Jean and Beast.


       "Dey gon' find her," Rayne said when she noticed his worried look. She pointed at Beast working carefully on Remy's cut, "Yo' need to stay behind."


        He stared at her and realized she didn't understand how he felt about Hayley, "I'm fine." Remy mumbled but didn't meet her eye.


        Rayne crossed her arms defiantly, "Uh huh."