Wolvie Femmes * Newsworthy:








        Ally and Aramis unpacked the groceries they had.  "I guess I will unwrap all the things Justice had packed in the nursery."  She sighed at the cleaning lady Justice had still working there.


       "I can do it," Aramis sighed.


       "The cleaning lady bothers you?"  Ally cocked her head wondering why Kim had become so quiet.


         "I feel her emotions and her anxiety over money," Aramis sighed.  "I wanted your job because your family is calmer."  She shoved the milk in the fridge wondering if she had made the right decision.


        They looked at the sun porch that held Logan and the twins while they played.  He lead them outside into the sunlight and began to point the animals out, there seemed to be no shortage of them.


        "I can ask her to go."  Ally suggested lightly.


        "I think she will be gone soon enough," Aramis sighed.


         Ally watched Aramis distance herself from the woman who was vacuuming the living room.


         The phone rang and startled her and she smiled knowing it had to be Justice or her sisters.


        "Hello?"  Ally couldn't help but to smile at answering her own phone.  She and Logan had wanted it to be just them for so long and she finally had her wish.


       "Ally," Alex said quietly, "Have you seen the news yet?"


       "No, we're still unpacking," Ally could feel herself frowning. "Why what happened?"


       "Well, I don't know if you would get it up there," Alex said and Ally could tell she was pacing with the phone.  "But it may be national news by now."


        "What is it?"  Ally's heart sank.


        "Everyone is ok, Ally," she could hear Alex take a deep breath, "but Justice shook up a court house today and the news is all over him."


         Ally groaned, "Again?"  She pulled the phone away from her with a sigh and put it back to her ear.  "What did he do this time?  It's not the seeing eye dog case again is it?"


         "No," Alex laughed at the memory.  "Well, it appears he was supposed to defend Williams, the guy whose wife was killed in an alleged robbery and Justice got wind he was really guilty and stepped down."  Alex took a breath. 




         "Yeah, He said he was playing a hunch but there had been no formal statement from him yet."  Alex said as she moved closer to the TV and Ally heard it in the background.  She took a deep breath, "have you heard from him?"


         Ally was taken back, "No, you are the first to call."


        Alex was silent for a minute, "I’m sorry Ally to be the first call with this kind of news."


        Ally looked into the family room and sighed, "It's okay because he's on the night time news here," She saw her brother on the extended nightly news and sighed.  "Let me get the media's take while I can and I will call you right back."


        "Bye," was all Alex said and Ally moved to the TV in the family room as the television began its speculation over Justice and the situation.


        Ally sat in front of the TV almost growling and Logan came in the kids on each hand.


       "Nothing good on the television?"  Logan joked weakly.  Then he saw Justice's face in the corner box as the twins began pointing.


         "Unca Jusice," They smiled pointing to the TV.  Ally and Logan traded a worried look.


          Logan took out his cigar, "Now, what did Junior do?"  He sat next to Ally and she put her head on his shoulder listening to the telecast.





        Storm and Jordan were unpacking their clothing, "Do you like your room?"


       "Yes," Jordan smiled, "It's like a Princess's room."


       Storm was impressed at the 'apartment' because it was huge and very roomy.  She was also touched that Justice had a 'buyer' doing shopping for him.  She had found fresh flowers just about everywhere and her favorite perfume on the dresser.  The fridge was stocked with fresh fruit, juices, milk and anything they could imagine.  She had blushed seeing the lingerie in the closet.  Imp had thought the ‘little things’ were for her and Storm had to assure her the lingerie would fit her and not Jordan.  She smiled now at the idea of Justice coming home and finding his daughter clad in the sexy clothing meant for her.


       "It is nearly dinner time," Storm sighed.  "Should we make dinner for your father?"


       Jordan smiled with a nod, "I can make peanut butter and jelly."


       "Perhaps," Storm smiled hoping her suggestion would go over, "fish."


       "Fish stinks," Jordan made a fish.  "Can we make it sushi?"


       "Sushi?"  Ororo hugged Jordan and pulled her off the Jordan's pink little bed with a hug.  "Let's cook the fish, ok?"


        Jordan ran ahead checking out all of the videos her father had put in the apartment, grabbed the little mermaid, and met Storm in the kitchen, "Can I put this on the kitchen TV?"


        "Certainly," Storm took the DVD and looked at the three in one TV unit not sure how to use it yet.  "I am not accustomed to a television in the kitchen," she mumbled and found the switch to turn in on.


        "That's daddy," Imp shouted pointing to the news.


        Storm looked at the local station and felt a headache begin, "didn't he just start back to work today?"  She wondered how he could be in trouble already.


       Jordan leaned on the counter listening to them using the legal terms and big words but mostly the picture of her father.


       "Are they mad at Daddy?"  She interrupted Storm's thoughts.


       "Jordan," Storm wanted to hear what happened, "Please wait."


       Jordan sulked letting her head fall in her hands watching her father dodging the press in the bathroom. When it went to a commercial, she looked to Storm to see if she could talk now.


       "They are not angry at your father but he did a good thing," Ororo smiled at Jordan, "and everyone isn't sure why."  She sighed wondering if this would normal way of life.  "Perhaps, we should go to your Uncle's until the press has forgotten us."


        "But daddy wanted us here the first night," Jordan didn't want to leave her new bed.


         "Let us call him on his cell phone," Storm searched through the papers for the number to his cell phone.  Everything was so new it took her 10 minutes to get a dial tone or a piece of electronics to work right.


           She finally had the phone dialing his cell and listened to it ring wondering if he was there.


          "Justice," He mumbled through the traffic noise.


          "Justice?" Storm sighed, "Jordan and I just saw the news."


          "What news?" he said through the static.


          "Of your court work this morning," She sighed hoping he heard her.


           He laughed a little, "It made the television?"




           "They are blowing it out of proportion already huh?"  He sighed.  "Was it anything I should be worried about?"


          "I am not sure," Storm bit her lip.  "Will Jordan and I be bothered by this?"


           Justice was silent for a minute, "Go into the family room and look in the parking lot."


           She walked into the lavish room with a sigh and parted the blinds to see the street.  She saw white vans with cranes on top of them, double-parked.  She noticed some had station names on the sides but all had people with microphones standing outside looking at the door to the entrance of the building.  "I believe those are news vans."


          "Shit," He cursed quickly.  "Sorry, I didn't do anything that newsworthy.  It must be a slow day."  She was sure he was very close to throwing the phone, "'Ro sorry for bringing you into this."


         Storm smiled he was a good man, "Perhaps this is best not discussed on your cell phone."


         He sighed thinking of them tapping his cell, "Agreed."


       "You shall need another way in past the press," She sighed.


        "I am used to this," he assured her, "I will be there in a half."


         "We are making dinner now." she smiled.  She had pictured family life like this minus the press.


         She heard him sigh in the phone, "I can't wait to see you both."


         "Please take care with the press," She continued to watch them milling around below with their equipment.


          He laughed as if it was not too unordinary, "I will, bye 'Ro."


         Jordan still watched the people below, "Are they all coming for dinner?"


         Storm sighed, "No, Jordan."








       Scott sat in the large dining room listening to Alex talking about Justice and the allegations as well as the late breaking news that a Mark Goodby’s body had been found at Jared William’s house.


        Beast and Jean watched Scott sit down and Warren wasn't far but he sat down with a chuckle.


        Alex wrinkled her brow, "What is so funny?"


        Warren pointed to Kitty, Jubilee and Aubrey who were obviously eavesdropping.


       "Is it that interesting?"  Warren had no idea what they were talking about.


         Beast stifled a chuckle, "It is intriguing."


         Alex shook his head, "He had done this before."


         Warren chuckled as Nightcrawler joined them, "I do remember something from a few years ago about a seeing-eye dog." He smiled broadly.


           "It's not that funny," Alex rolled her eyes.


            Night crawler sipped his tea; "I see you are talking about Mr. Adams on the news?"


            Scott smiled remember the seeing-eye dog trial, "News, Kurt, and yes, Alex it IS funny." He chuckled but he felt Jean's hand on his and Alex's irritated look.




           "Busted," Kitty sighed as the 'adults' talked in hush tones now.


           Jubilee smiled, "I am SO watching the news tonight."


           Aubrey sighed, "He's a grown man."  Then her eyes went to Jason who was now in his normal clothing.


           He sat down with a smile at the three, "I heard Rogue and Bobby are a couple now."


           Jubilee popped her gum, "Duh!"


           She didn't diminish Jason's good mood, "News to me."


          "How can you be so happy after Rayne slept with Justice Adams?"  Aubrey sipped her soda.


           Jason took a deep breath, "She didn't."  He smiled, "I asked her what happened and she told me."


          Kitty nodded, "Rogue and Bobby heard most of what happened outside of Rayne's door."  She smiled, "Rogue said Justice was as naked as a jay bird."


           Jubilee's mouth dropped, "In Rayne's room!  Shut up!"  She looked to the other who nodded, "I should bronze the sheets!"


           Jason blew his soda threw his nose and began to mumble in Spanish to himself.


           Bobby and Rogue sat down, "I hear Alex will be teaching here."


            "What subject?"  Jason wondered if he would have her especially since he had just started classes.


             "English," Jubilee slumped down, "I had her this morning and she knows her Shakespeare."


              "I thought Storm taught English," Aubrey sighed.  She had just started her classes too.


             "She is teaching foreign language right now," Kitty smiled.


             "I hear that Alex might go X-man," Kamikaze sat down next to Aubrey with a smile.


             "Things change so fast," Rogue wondered how Logan was doing and sighed loudly.  "It will be quieter around here with them all gone."


             Khaki ran to the table with a little smile at the idea of hanging with the 'big' kids.  "I heard Justice is all over the news for doing a good dead."


             Charles's entrance was noticed by all as everyone hushed and he joined his niece and the others at the table.


             Kitty and Jubilee traded looks listening intently and the younger table heard the voices were hard to hear but they heard them.



            Scott looked alarmed, "Gone?"  He looked at the others as they mirrored his look.


           "I understood they were not doing well but to leave so abruptly," Beast shook his head.


          Nightcrawler kept silent but Alex wasn't as docile, "I guess I would after poisoning somebody but I thought Bonsai had more sense."


        "I suppose it was to save face," Jean did worry about them though.



         Charles inhaled deeply, "I believe there will be others," He looked around at the students eating, "They have been through a lot and being asked to trust their tormentor's brother must be hard."


         Alex sat lower in her seat reminded of the incident and missed her sisters.  She was sure they would know how to help.







         Kamikaze scowled hearing about his brother's dumb mistake and stood abruptly.  Aubrey's hand on his didn't even stop him, "Excuse me." He mumbled and left abruptly.


         Afterburn bumped into Kamikaze, "Jason I thought of some American terminology you could use for your date."  She tossed her full tray on the table and took Ty's spot to sit.


          Jason green hair highlighted his blush, "Yes?"


          The others looked at Jason, "What date?"  Jubilee jumped in.


          Afterburn was running late, "With Rayne." she mumbled her mouth full of food.


          "Oh," Kitty jumped, "let us help."


           Jason didn't want all this attention and sighed.


           Aubrey wanted to stick by the others that had been bothered by Adams.  "I wonder if she would like somebody to do her hair and make up."


            Kitty, Rogue, Jubilee and Afterburn smiled broadly, "Make over!"  Jubilee giggled.


            Kitty jumped up, "I am going to Miss Adams for the number there and see if Rayne wants help."


             "Is this date for the night we’re all going out?"  Rogue smiled.


              Jason nodded, "her brother wanted her to have an escort."


              Jubilee snorted, "Big brothers."


              Kitty returned with the number and a smile, "Who is going with me to call?"


              Jubilee and Aubrey jumped up and Jason looked miserable, "Why is everyone making this such a big deal."


              They watched the other girls go and Afterburn shook her head, "Let's work on the appropriate phrases."


             Bobby shrugged, "You might want to go over the inappropriate too."


              Afterburn laughed at the thought and Jason watched her, "I hate your eyes Afterburn, they don’t show what you’re thinking."











              Hayley and Remy were unpacking in their new room, glad that Hazel had left and they were all finally alone, even Rayne seemed happy.


              Remy had just looked in on Rayne and found her on the floor with headphones on listening to a CD called Cajun Dance Hall Special, while happily typing away on her computer.


              When he walked back through the house, he noticed Hayley was in the kitchen.  Hayley looked to him with a smile, "Do you want some juice?"


             "Ah t'ought some wine would be better tonight."  He smiled at her.  He thought of the bottles he had found in the basement.  "Justice did a good job getting dis place together."


              Hayley smiled wondering how long Justice had planned this, "I need a drink."


             Remy watched her walk out and his heart skipped; he was there with Hayley and Rayne, his women. He smiled inwardly watching Hayley's seductive walk and groaned.  He jumped up following her but then thought of his sister and marched back to Rayne's room.


             He smiled seeing the door opened and Rayne holding the cricket as she danced around to ‘T’en As Eu’.  He stifled a laugh and knocked lightly watching Rayne jump a little but she smiled anyway.


             "Do yo' wan' some wine with dinner?"  He offered as she smiled him.


             "Nah," She smiled.  "Ah don' like ta drink none."  She looked down to the stuffed cricket, "T'ank yo', chere."  She was all smiles as she jumped up and hugged him around the neck.  J’taime ma couer.”


            "J’taime aussi, ma migcriquet," He set her down and looked around the room.  "Like your new home?”


              Oui, mais, it feels like de others are still living here, it feels weird somehow.  Like ghosts.”


             “Ah know what yo’ mean.”  He looked at the posters of various scenic views of New Orleans hanging on the wall.  “We gon' eat pretty soon."  He felt a pang of homesickness, "Hayley wants ta cook dinner."


              Rayne looked dubious, "She cooks?" Hayley looked too pretty to do anything as serious as cooking.  "Ok den, call me for dinner."  She moved to the stereo and changed CDs.


               “Ah haven’t heard this stuff in a long time.”  Her fingers ran down the tracks to the CD’s.  “Belton Richard, D.L. Menard, Eddie Lejeune, Jimmy C. Newman, Jo-el Sonnier,  C.J. Chenier,  Buckwheat Zydeco, Bruce Daigrepont, Ah love his ‘Arc en Ceil,’ She sacheted along with the atmospheric guitar work of David Doucets’ ‘Balfa Waltz.’ 


                “You’ll have ta thank Justice for everything he’s done ta help yo’ feel welcome.”


                “Ah know dat Rem, an’ Ah will.”  She grabbed his hands and led him into a two-step as another song began.


                 The room was large enough to accommodate them and so they danced through to the end.  Remy laughed feeling lighter hearted then he had in a long while, then he looked at his sister seriously.  "Ah'm gon' ta ask her soon."


                Rayne wasn't sure if she should be upset, "yo' mean yo' gon' ta ask her t’marry yo' already?"


                "Oui, an' Ah'm gon' need ta get de ring," Remy smiled.  "It bother yo' any?"


                "dat yo' want ta marry her?" Rayne snorted and sat on the bed, "Ah can't stop yo' anyhow."


                "Yo' never gave your blessing," he sat next to her, "an dat means a lot to me, petite."


                 She hugged him and thought how Hayley was earlier; she was nicer without her sisters.  Maybe it took Hayley to be alone to be her own person.  "Ok, Rem yo' have it, but yo' gon' need Poppa's too."


                 "Ah’ll get dat wit' de ring."  He smiled hugging her back.


                 "Earlier Rem, dat cleanin’ woman," Rayne wrinkled her nose, "She Hayley was a dancer?"  She tilted her head.




                  "A famous one?"


                   He nodded, "Ally an' Justice too."  He laughed, "just not Alex, an' Alex said dat Justice was de only one who didn't use another name."


                  Rayne gave a shout, “Justice was a dancer?”  She laughed and rolled back on her bed.  “Ah can’t wait ta get him on de dance floor.  See if he really knows is stuff.”  After that fit of laughed subsided, she sat up again.  "De woman also said dat Hayley has another name?"  She wondered if there was more to this woman she didn't know.


                    He smiled, "Ally does too."  He stood up again.  "Stage names."


                   "Ally danced too?"


                   "Non, Ah thought she was a model but somebody said she was a gymnast."  He cocked his head at her.  "Why yo' wan' ta know all dis?"


                   "Dis house," She shrugged, "It’s a rich peoples house.  De Adams really have a lot of money, eh?"


                  "Yup," Remy walked to the door.  “Remind me ta show yo’ my house when we are in N’awlins.”  They both heard the fire alarm going off and ran to the kitchen.  Remy used his agility to jump over the stairs in record time.


                   They both ran to find Hayley had the stove engulfed in flames and as they came in, they same her take her device off her wrist and begin to absorb the flames.


                    Remy ran for the fire extinguisher and Rayne grabbed the faucet's extension squirting it with the water from the sink.


                    It was out in moments and Remy looked Hayley over for damage.  "Yo' all right?"  He didn't see a scratch.


                    "I don't know what happened," She looked to the stove as if it was traitor.  "I just turned the burner on."


                Rayne reached over and turned it on to see the same thing happen again as flames licked the stovetop fan and hood.  "Sacre!"  She yelped and ran back to the faucet to run cold water on her scorched hand.


                Hayley absorbed what she could and Remy shook his head, "guess we havin' take out."


                "It's never done that before," Hayley looked at it questionably.


                 "Ah'll call Justice an' we can take it apart."  Remy looked at it hoping for a clue.


                "I wanted to call him anyway," Hayley's eyes opened.  "I wanted to hear about that court thing."


                 Rayne's eyes widened, "Oui me too," she looked out side at the lights in the garden and smiled.  "Ah'll be back."


                Remy laughed, "Ah t'ink she’s gonna be fine here."  He moved closer to Hayley from behind and ran his hand along her hips.  He knew Hayley wanted to clean the mess she made but he felt like 'christening' every room.  He felt her laugh bubbling in her.


             "I hope so," Hayley started to laugh too hard to scrub and turned to find a mischievous look in his eye, "Remy…."  She started to scold him but they both gave in as he pinned her to the cabinets.  She heard his ragged breathing and he lifted her on to the counter. Hayley was surprised he wanted to do something so bold with his sister near by and pulled back to see his eyes which only encouraged her.


             He rubbed himself between her legs and nuzzled her neck; he smiled hoping to finish before Rayne came back in.  He moved his hand to Hayley's skirt and started to lift it when he heard Rayne clearing her throat.


            "Dat's so nasty," She scolded as Remy lowered Hayley to the ground and both held guilty looks.  "We got ta cook an’ eat in here."  She wondered if Justice would let her over tonight.


            Remy looked at her with a shrug, he was sure he had done worse and been caught but Hayley looked at the floor, "Sorry, Rayne."  She apologized quickly.


             Rayne was taken back by her instant apology, "Yo' different here too, hanh?"


             Hayley laughed, "No."


             The phone rang and Hayley grabbed it as Remy searched for the phone book and began looking for places to deliver food.




             "Um, Rayne?" the smaller voice asked timidly.


             "No, this is Hayley," Hayley thought the voice sounded familiar.  "Who is this?"


             Rayne and Remy looked up in wonder at her as they realized the phone call was for one of them.


            "Miss Adams?"  The voice went on, "This is Kitty, May I speak to Rayne?"


             "Yes, hold on." Hayley smiled and held the phone out.  "It's for Rayne."


              As Rayne took the phone Hayley smiled, "It's Kitty from school."


             "Hello," Rayne said slowly.


              "Rayne?  It's Kitty," Rayne could almost see the pretty girl smiling on the phone.


               "Oui," Rayne said slowly.


               "Jason said he was taking you out Friday to the movies with us and we were wondering if you wanted us to come over early and hang out."  Kitty took a breath, "We could help with your hair and stuff before the boys show up."


               "We?"  Rayne wondered exactly who was coming.


                "Oui as in yes or are you asking me who else wanted to come?"


                "Who else?"


                 "Rogue, Jubilee and Aubrey," She said quickly.


                 "Please hold de phone," She covered the mouth piece and looked at Remy and Hayley who finished cleaning the mess, "Dey wan' ta come over Friday before the movie."


                   Both smiled, "Dat's nice, non?"  Remy said as he began to open the wine.


                  "Am Ah allowed ta have people up?"  Rayne wasn't sure on the 'rules' yet.


                 Hayley nodded, "You do as you want Rayne."  She was sorry she hadn't explained things yet.  "This is your home too and you’re not just a guest."


                  Rayne smiled, 'ma home?'  Then she uncovered the phone, "Sure, chere. Ah see yo' all Friday."


                  Kitty laughed a little, "Cool, bye."


                  "Bye," Rayne hung the phone up and Hayley picked it up to order Pizza.


                  Remy looked at her as Hayley ordered the pizza, "So, what was dat about?"  Rayne jumped in his arms and hugged him hard.


                 "I t'ink you’re right."  She smiled and kissed his cheek, "T'ings gon' be different here."


                 Remy narrowed his gaze, "Soon, we gon' ta N'awlins."  He smiled, "An' we gon' be a real family den, Criquet."


                Rayne nodded but made a face after hearing Hayley order pizza, "A pizza for dinner, Remy?"


               He chuckled, "Actually two," he watched her curious stare.  "Well, Hayley had de craving for anchovies on hers."  He watched Rayne’s eyes light up.


              "Oh, I LOVE anchovies!"  She said hopping up and down.


              “Since when do yo’ like anchovies?”  Remy ruffled her hair. 


             “Since livin’ in L.A.," She stood still and looked out the kitchen window.  “De food is good dere but not de same as Louisiana.”  She sighed, “Ah want to call Justice later." 


             Remy nodded and gave her a hug.  "Just remember yo' MY sister," He winked.