New Mutations:



The bigger man turned to solid rock as Justice's face turned to recognition.

'Him, the rock guy,' Justice thought to himself. It was the same guy that sacked him at the cottage with Godilocks and at the gates of the X-mansion.

The small man laughed crazily and they could see the big guy was surely in control. "Pyro, fry them." The big man barked.

Hayley jumped in front of the little man's flames before he could reach the rest. She hoped she could absorb his flame like a sort of battery. 'It tickles,' She smiled to herself.

The Adams eyes began to glow their radiant blue and Warren watched the quartet, sure this was how they began their attack. He kept his eye on the rock man as he thundered towards Justice. Warren flew up grabbing the man by the arm in a feeble attempt to lift the man off the ground and he couldn't budge him.

Pyro noticed his friend's attack and threw a fireball straight at Warren but Hayley countered by jumping in between, inhaling Pyro's flames.

Pyro's smile stopped as he became could and joints were too rigid to move, soon he became a block of ice.

Warren jumped higher in the air to avoid the rockman's grasp and watched in amazement as he saw the gigantic man thrown by an invisible force. Warren looked in the direction the assailant had seemed to come from and Ally stood there, threateningly with her fists balled at her side. Warren felt Hayley, in his mind, telling him to fly clear quickly and did so in time to see Hayley attacked the rockman with a giant fireball of her own. There was no mistaking that whatever quarrel the Adams had with this rockman, it was personal.

Hayley stood in awe as her flame had no effect on the big man. He began to run full speed at Hayley and Justice grabbed him with his strength only slowly him down. Warren Grabbed the attacker by the head hoping to distract or stop him but the man kept moving towards Hayley with the other two men in tow. Ally stopped him totally with a mental grab.

Alex laughed as she walked toward the rock man confidently her eyes were shining vibrant blue as she held out her empty palm for all to inspect. The rock man could only watch Alex's display and Ally was straining to hold the tremendous weight.

A blue ball appeared in against Alex's palm and began to grow ominously in her hand. She bent down to it and blew on the ball sending it into flight and it grew bigger still. The ball flew towards the rockman as it hit it him gently, the sight of his joints and body becoming stiffer was very evident. Finally Justice, Ally, Warren and Justice released their grasp on the gargantuan man leaving him frozen to his spot as was Pyro.

Ally retrieved Warren's coat and handed it to him as Justice grabbed his aching shoulder.

"We have to hurry, there could be more," Justice said as he looked around for other mutants.

Warren smiled at Alex, "Pretty cool," he laughed.

"UGH," The triplets groaned at the joke but Justice laughed.

Alex and Hayley shook Warren's hand before getting into the car.

"Assassins?" Warren asked Justice and Justice nodded in agreement, "For me? Or for you?"

"Us, I suppose. We have met one of them before." Justice shrugged.

"They are alone," Ally said quickly she had gotten a few random thoughts from one of their minds. "We need to all move now. Please be careful Warren, I read them and they WERE after you." She shook Warren's outstretched hand and dove into the car. 'He certainly was a gentlemen if nothing else,' she thought.

"Warren, Alex's ice won't last long and I think somebody called the police." Justice listened to the distant sirens coming closer.

Warren nodded at him and the jumped into the air with the coat and maps in hand. He waved quickly and disappeared into the evening sky.

Justice got into the car and kicked it over clicking he seat belt in place while Hayley stomped her feet on the dash. He gave he a hard look and she stopped, feeling like a child reprimanded.

Justice finally hit the road and they all felt relieved to be away from the battle scene as Hayley amused herself with the radio. She found a song and began to sing along laughingly, "She talks to Angels" she belted in tune loudly, "Yes they know her name……"

Her siblings laughed loudly finally amused by Hayley.



Beast sat in the lab unsuccessfully trying to take his mind off Alex. She was everywhere he looked her unfinished work, research held her writing and the notes she had left him in files about her data.

He began to whistle with the radio in a feeble attempt to stray his mind from his missing her. He soon gave up as he began to whistle louder but the tune reminded him of Alex. He sighed deeply and put his pen down. He could hear Jean in his mind calling to him mentally to join her immediately.

"I get no dizzy spells," He sang half-heatedly as he began to walk the long halls and curiosity of why Jean would ask him to the nursery ASAP sped his step.

He got to the nursery to find a shocked Aramis, and Jean. Bobby and Rogue sat quietly with Jordan, Justin and Tyler.

He kept hope there was nothing wrong. "Jean, Kimberly," He called cheerfully to the startled faces.

Jean turned quickly, "Hank," she sounded relieved as she gestured for him to join them at the twin's cribs. He looked down to find two children staring up at him but they were not the newborn children he had gotten used to. In their stead was two much older looking children who were sitting up and smiling at him while they made sound much like talking. They had the same complexion and eyes as Amber and Michael but they were much closer to a toddler now.

"How?" Beast stood there with his mouth open, "Bobby this is no joke," Hank turned to scold the resident jokester.

Aramis was the one who defended Bobby, "Nobody has done anything to the babies,"

Jean looked at Beast expectantly, "It seems to be some kind of advanced growth syndrome."

"Perhaps a factor from their father's healing ability," He said absentmindedly as he touched his jaw in thought.

"Where is the father?" Armais asked quietly.

"He is training with Storm and Gambit." Jean looked at Henry, 'Was this okay? Was it normal? There was no precedent over children with healing factors.' She couldn't help but to speculate to herself.

"Our eloquent Cajun friend?" Hank looked up a little surprised. "I wonder who will lose their temper first."

"Well," Jean smiled as she ignored the comment, "Let's get some tests done on these two." She scooped a much heavier Amber up in her arms.


Logan stood in the danger room now sweaty and slightly out of breath. It felt good to do something besides stand around missing Ally and a good work out made him feel energized.

"Good job, gentlemen," Storm's regal voice called over the intercom. "I will met you at the door."

Logan eyed Gambit, he was barely winded and was easy to fight with. It was almost like working with Ally or Hayley, he acted quickly and didn't second guess himself but most of all he was very accurate with his cards and staff. Logan contained a chuckle as he caught sight of the Cajun, he certainly was agile enough for a tall guy. Gambit had almost won some of Logan's respect with his fighting ability.

Logan gestured to the door where Storm would meet them and Gambit strolled over slowly watching Logan carefully. Gambit now had a new respect for Wolverine's claws after he had seen them take everything down quickly and his cuts had healed almost instantly. Gambit eyed his own leg and the angry red stain and gash he had gotten taken from the danger room. He would be thinking twice before inviting thoughts of taking Logan on. Ty had done Gambit a favor by jumping in between them earlier, he knew that now.

Gambit realized Logan's fighting style was a lot like Fire-cat's had been and he was glad to be on the other end of that.

Gambit turned up a corner of his mouth as he pointed to the door they would see Storm at. "Dis a wife too?"

"Storm?" Logan asked as he tried to keep from laughing in Gambit's face because he knew Storm was interested in Justice. "Keep it in your pants, Gumbo" He raised an eyebrow at Gambit, 'Who does this guy think he is. First Hayley, now Storm,' but Logan wondered if he was jealous. He thought of his lost relationship with Hayley and his mind wandered on to her pregnancy, 'She better be takin' care of herself for once,'

Logan grunted audibly as Gambit looked at him sizing Logan up again as if he was re-evaluating Wolverine. Gambit felt a smile creeping to his face, 'How did dis one get dat red headed woman? What did she see in him? Would a night wit' her be worth fighting dis Wolverine? Would she give in to Remy? Dat other Cat,' He laughed to himself. 'Keep it in his pants? Only if dey say non.'

Logan held a cigar as he waited for the doors to open and he wondered what the Cajun was chuckling about this time.






Warren landed at the large school's steps with as he drew his powerful wings in. He removed the maps and the phone the Adams had given him and rang the doorbell. He rocked on his heel slightly as he waited for an answer. He had found the maps useful but the cell phone didn't keep up with as fast as he could fly. He began to tuck his arms into the sleeves of the coat the Ice-cat had given him to hide his wings. He was glad he didn't tell the Cats about the other times he had been attacked on his way there, they seemed to have an important agenda of their own.

An image of the raven haired beauty that flew after him came to mind and he found himself smiling, as he wondered if she would return to the school.

The door popped open as a young girl stared at him with wide eyes. She was lovely with a startling white streak in her hair.

Warren sat in the large office the quiet girl had brought him to and he took in the stately appearance of the school. He sighed at the thought of returning the red headed Adam's phone to her husband.

As Charles came into the office he was already engaged in a conversation with a large, blue, furry man who held a clip board and a medical file. Warren almost laughed at the mutant that bore the tiny glasses on his tremendous face.

The professor looked at him with a smile, "Ah, Mr. Worthington," then Charles turned to the blue man, "This is Dr. Henry McCoy or Beast." Warren nodded, "Henry this is Warren Worthington or Angel."

Warren shook Beasts soft blue hand and smiled at him.

"Thank you for coming so quickly," The professor said as he looked at Warren pointedly.

"I can appreciate your concern and your cause," Warren smiled. "I met some friends of yours," he handed Charles Ally's cell phone.

Charles looked at the phone there was no denying it was Ally's, her name even appeared on the display. "You've met our Allyson." He smiled and Beast looked a bit surprised at Xavier's claim by calling her 'our Allyson'.

Warren smiled he had an amazing smile and like the Adams he seemed to posses the certain charm and political grace that came from a wealthy upbringing. Unlike Gambit's humble and conniving past, Warren reminded Xavier of his niece Ally and her exceptional up bringing and he was a little surprised that he missed her.

"Well, actually I ran into three 'Cats' and a peculiar Justice," Warren smiled again at the memory of Hayley's rash actions that acquainted them.

"The Adams Family?" Beast laughed a little at his own joke.

"Please enlighten us Warren," Xavier said as he made a cup of hot tea.

Warren sat back in his chair, "You might want to get comfortable too."

"Yes, very well." Charles smiled back, "I am sorry can Henry or I take your coat?"

"I am fine but thank you," Warren shifted his weight uncomfortably.

"Warren you need not hide who you are here." Charles said in hopes to help him relax.

Beast picked up on his cue, "Indeed, we are all mutant here and if not we do not judge."

Warren shrugged and he looked tempted but made no further effort to remove his coat. He took a deep breath and gave them a detailed version of his encounter with the Adams triplets and Justice.

Soon, Jean came into the room and she took in the blonde man's handsome looks. Beast and Warren stood up as she walked into the room and she noticed he was tall as she eyed his suspicious trench coat. He flashed her a bright smile and she thought he looked even better looking than before with his white grin. She couldn't help but to stare him a little because he was disarmingly handsome, not rugged like Logan, Or preppy like Justice, or even suave like Remy but he reminded her of a Grecian God.

"Jean," Charles called snapping her back to reality as she realized she had been staring. "Would you please show Mr. Worthington to a room?"

She nodded and he joined her quickly as he gave a final hint of a smile to Beast and Charles.

Charles was silently hoping that his friends would soon get their hormones under control. Charles shook his head and looked at Beast, "Do you think that the mutants were sent for Warren?"

"Don't you? Warren said Allyson read them." Beast said as he met Charles's curious gaze.

"I think they might have been but there was more to it than we know." Charles took a deep breath to continue. "The war against us is about to begin, I know it and so does Aramis."


Charles smiled at the thought of the sweet brunette. "Yes, Aramis has many more gifts than even she is aware of."

"Indeed," Hank stared out the window. "What about the Cats? Alex's ice attack, I have not seen that one before, or heard her speak of it."

Charles smiled at his friend's romance but he knew Beast was worried about Alex and that made things more difficult to speak frankly. She was an asset to the medical labs and the infirmary even if she was not a skilled MD. She had certainly had Hank bewitched and it made it a difficult task to discuss her theories and work with him now.

"It sounds like she had this under control," Charles felt for his friend, "You miss her."

Beast gave him a small roguish smile, "Why no, not at all. No more than Logan misses Allyson."

Xavier smiled, "They are good people," he looked at the cell phone in his hand and he held it to Beast. "Would you like to see this to Logan?"

Beast took it and glanced at the door.

Charles took a deep breath feeling uncomfortable about the topic, "Alex approached me about something and it might help you, maybe Warren as well." Charles sat back in his chair, "She told me of a device that may help mutants move about in different forms, human forms of course. Something small in appearance that could service as an illusion for the mutant wearing it. This is all still in theory, no one has come up with anything yet but Alex left her notes on it."

Beast sat down amazed at the concept and the fact Alex hadn't discussed it with him yet. "It is an amazing concept but why didn't Alex speak to me when she returned?" Hank looked far away, he and Alex had a lot to talk about when she returned.

"Alex," Charles started as he took a deep breath, "Alex was afraid she won't make it back." It hurt Charles to say that to Henry, he didn't like to be the bearer of bad news.

Beast looked like a sledgehammer had hit him in the chest. "What?" Beast eyes searched Charles for answers. He quickly wished he hadn't let Alex go at all now. "Why would she say that?"

"Female intuition I suppose," Charles attempted a weak grin. "My instincts tell me otherwise."

"What does Aramis say?" Beast sounded as if he was trying to play a desperate hand of poker. "Does she have any premonitions on this?"

"She had indeed."

"Her view was what Charles?"

He looked sadly at Hank, "She saw more than one death before the next couple of days are over."

"Why would you let them leave then if you knew this?"

"She didn't tell me until after they had gone." Charles knew Beast was grasping at straws now.

"I will return this to Logan," Hank said as he gestured to the phone he still held.





Hank found Logan just outside of the danger room with Storm. He took a deep breath as Storm noticed his approach and he gave them a look happier than how he felt.

"Hello, Henry," Storm smiled

Logan turned slightly to see Beast moving towards them. Beast held the phone out for Logan to take.

"I need to return this to you." He smiled faintly.

"Did Al forget her phone?" Logan looked at the phone curiously.

"No, it was returned by Warren or his mutant name is Angel." He chose his words carefully so he wouldn't startle Wolverine into running after them. "Ally and the rest of the Adams met up with him when they were attacked on the road but…."

Logan's look changed. "Is she okay?" he interrupted.

"She is very well, Logan. As a matter of fact they supplied Warren with a coat, maps and a phone," he pointed to the phone in Logan's hand. "Warren was a little lost and they were a help to him. Charles would know if they were not all right."

Logan looked a little proud of his wife and in laws handling themselves with ease and helping others and he knew his pride did show. He hoped his worry for his wife and unborn child didn't show.

Storm took a more diplomatic measure by changing the topic slightly, "How far were they?"

"They didn't have far to go." Hank smiled at them amazed at the time they had to making to get so far.

Logan took a breath, 'Here we go,' He wanted to see Oliver go down.

"Justice must be speeding," Storm laughed.

"If I was stuck in a car with Hayley I would be too." Logan cocked a grin at them.

Hank and Storm laughed at the thought.

"We hope to have contact from one of them in the morning," Hank said seriously. Then he lowered his gaze, "There is something I need to discuss with Logan," Wolverine looked up as Hank Crossed his arms. "The children have grown excessively within the last day."


"They are now too large to be considered newborns now." Hank kept his doctor like stare at Logan, "You wouldn't happen to know if there was any history of this in yours or Ally's mutations or backgrounds, would you?"

Logan shrugged impatiently, "They are in the nursery?"

Beast nodded, "They are with Aramis but they are in perfect health for their size and in no immediate danger, Logan."

Wolverine may not have heard him because he was already running very quickly I the direction of the nursery.


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