Wolvie Femmes *  Mutant No More








      Alex made her way to the infirmary hoping Remy didn’t pick up on her odd mood.  She watched Bobby and followed him silently.


    He turned feeling the silence, “If I can do anything…”  He trailed off, “I mean your family tries to do so much for everyone.”


    Alex nodded, “you admire Justice don’t you?”


   “And you,” He added quickly with a little blush.


    Alex slowed.  “Bobby, they did something to my ability.”




     “They stopped it some how,” she stopped and tried to freeze the table in the hall.


     Bobby stood there trying to make sense of it.  “Your power is gone?”


     She nodded, “Guess I am just a normal person now.”  She sighed, “I won’t be able to help you with your ability unless I have a good memory.”


    “What about Hayley?  Or Justice?” he asked curiously.


    “We will know when they wake up,” she mumbled.


     He knew he had hit a soft spot and caught up to her, “I did not just admire you for your ability.”


     She smiled and looked at his light blue eyes that were too much like her tormenter and turned away from him.  “That’s sweet of you Bobby.”


     “I mean it,” he smiled.  “You are a strong woman and not having your powers won’t change that.”  He stepped closer as their pace slowed again and took her hand, “you will get past this better than anybody, because of who you are.”


     Alex met his eyes and quickly wished she hadn’t.  Her mouth opened to say something but she found her hands on the side of his face and her lips on his.


     Bobby couldn’t have been more surprised; he had a silent crush on her for a time but had kept quiet. Now she was kissing him.  He returned the kiss letting their tongues mingle and his hand gently touched her neck.  He was glad she was shorter than he was and kissed her neck as he felt her shiver.  “I won’t hurt you,” he said in between breathless kisses.


   Alex was lost in his grasp until she heard a voice that wasn’t Pietro’s saying the words he had said.  She jumped from Bobby as if she had been burnt.


   Her hand flew to her mouth as she looked at Bobby’s confused expression, “Oh my Goodness!”


   Bobby touched her hand again to pull her back to him but her spooked expression stopped him.  “Alex?”


   “Bobby?”  She said as tears fell again and she fell to the ground into a ball.  She felt him pick her up and hold her to his chest.  He planted little kisses on the top of her head as he carried her into the infirmary.









   Scott looked up from talking to Reg at the sight of Alex being carried in by Bobby. “What happened?”


    Bobby shrugged and looked at the now quiet Alex concerned, “She fell to the ground crying.”  Bobby swallowed hard thinking it might be best not to mention the kiss until he knew where he and Alex stood.


    Scott tried to take her from him and she wiggled down to her own feet.


   “I’m fine.”  She brushed a lock of hair out of her face.


    Scott looked at her concerned.  He knew she had been through a lot and he didn’t even know the half of what happened.


    “You sure?”  Scott looked her over.


     She nodded and went to check Reg out.






    Remy came out of the shower a little more cautiously and peered around the corner of the bathroom door to make sure there was only Hayley in the room.  He shook his head and continued to dry off as he found his pack of cigarettes and lit one.


     He was glad he was finally alone to do what he wanted and he sat in the chair.  He rested his cigarette as he watched Hayley with a sigh.  He was worried she would have the same reactions Alex did.  After a bit he wandered to the dresser to find some boxers and pulled them on and then, put his cigarette out.


   He dried his hair a little more and made his way to Hayley in the bed.  He smiled as she rolled over on her side still asleep.  He slid into the bed and under the covers, watched her sleep, and sighed.  He touched her hair and looked at the satin two-piece pajama set her sisters had put on her.  He touched her lips half wishing she was awake to hold and moved closer to her so he could wrap an arm around her sleeping.  He could feel her warmth against him and something thumped against his arm.  He looked at her belly and it thumped his arm again.


    ‘De bebe?’  He lost his breath.  The large abdomen had become more than and obstacle for them to push past during sex, it now showed Hayley’s baby was it’s own person.


    He pulled back, thought of this child, and put his hand on her belly.  It kicked his hand again and he smiled.  He let his mind wonder to what his and Hayley’s baby would look like.  He planned to be around her a long time and he would be a mentor to this child as well.  Visions of a playful child like Imp floated through his head.  If he and Hayley stayed together, he would want a child of his own with her someday. He had wanted a home and a family before and he was surprised to think he still did.


    He sighed watching her sleep and thought of a future together.  It had been a long time since he had been in love and it seemed to be Hayley’s first time.  He shut his eyes wondering how she had bewitched him.  His eyes opened again as he heard her moan lightly in her sleep and he watched her moving gently on her pillow.  He smiled as she finally opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile.





   Hayley felt something soft against her face, and it wasn’t the itchy sheets from Eric’s but a soft pillow.  She felt warmer and wrapped in softer things.  She opened her eyes to see two red ones staring back at her and smiled.  ‘Remy,’ her heart jumped.  Had it been a nightmare then?  She still felt some stiffness and knew it hadn’t.  Remy touched her face lightly and seemed skeptical to

 move closer to her.


    “Chere?” he said quietly.


    “Remy?” she croaked and took a deep breath and cleared her throat.  “How did I get here?”  She sat up but a persistent ache in her pubic region nagged her to move slowly.  Remy noticed she reached below for the baby.


     “Are you all right?” he sat up with her despite he body tugging at him for sleep.  “De bebe is all right?”


     Hayley looked around, smiled to be in her bed, and looked at him thoughtfully.  “How did Martha Stewart dress me?”  She looked at the pajamas under the covers.


     Remy chuckled, “Alex and Ally cleaned you and dressed you.”  He pulled her to him feeling a little more confident about her.  She snuggled against his chest with a light sigh.  He put his hand under her chin and tilted her head to his.  He looked into her eyes and let his lips find hers.  He held her tighter as she seemed to relax and his hands lightly touched her face.  He gasped for breath, “I missed you.” He hugged her tightly.


     “Remy, I missed you too, but I was afraid for you,” she placed her head on his chest again.


     He touched her back and smiled, it was like it was before, “Ah still love you chere.”


     She laughed, “You better, because I’m not going to end up heart broken.”  She felt him pull her closer and pulled he covers up to them both.  Then she felt his slight erection and her eyes open wider and she became afraid he wanted sex.  She felt the tears well up as the reason for her ache was remembered, Sabretooth.  He had raped her again, and as before, he hadn’t been gentle about it.


     Remy felt the tears hit his arm and bent down to see her eyes, “Chere, what’s wrong?”


     “Remy, I can’t…,” she sat up and pushed away. “I really need a bath.”  She jumped from the bed and before he could argue.


     He shook his head but followed her and watched appreciatively as she removed her pajamas and turned on the water for the bath.  He moved to her slowly as she removed her bra and bent to inspect the water temperature.  He chuckled and touched her butt letting his finger play with the g-string underwear she had.


    She turned quickly and her eyes were wide, but she noticed he was still in his boxers.  “Remy, I can’t …,” she stepped back, “I can’t make love to you, because I hurt.”


    “I thought Reg healed you,” he looked confused, “but I didn’t want sex.  I just want to be with you.”


    “I was healed?”  She kept her confused look, “how badly was I hurt?”  She stepped closer again.


    “You are better now, Hayley,” he held her but pulled her back to look at her, “What hurts?  I don’t see any marks.”


     She didn’t answer but removed her underwear and stepped into the tub.  He smiled and removed his boxers and got in behind her.


    “You hurt because you were raped again?”  He said simply but felt like crying.


     She turned to him accusingly, “What makes you think that?”


     “Yo’ had a mark left on your leg,” he didn’t know he had shed a tear for her until her soapy hand touched the tear and his cheek and he pushed his face against her hand lovingly.


     She turned around a little happier his body gave no indication he wanted sex, and sighed knowing she might as well tell him before he found out another way, “Sabretooth has something against me.” She tried to say plainly but she ended up crying.


    “Yo’ still hurt,” he sighed and tried to change the subject, “dis bath is too cold for us, chere.”


     She smiled and tried warming it up, “that’s odd,” she laughed and tried again.  “REMY.” she turned to face him and the water sloshed as she moved, “it’s gone!”


     He tried not to laugh at her facing him in the tub on her hands and knees, “What is?”


    “I tried to make the bath warmer but it wouldn’t work,” she held her hand out but nothing happened, no blue eyes, no dancing fire balls, no telepathy.  “I can’t read your mind either.”


    He cocked an eyebrow at her, “maybe your just tired,” he sighed at her worried look, “let’s take yo’ to Beast after you get cleaned up.”


    Hayley touched his face, “Remy, this is scary to me, I have always been mutant.  Even if I only had telepathy.”


    Remy kissed her and pulled her to his chest, “Remy’ll take care of yo’, chere.”


    “Ally would love this,” she mumbled, “she hates being a mutant.”


    He let his hand roll up and down her back, “We will work through dis.” He felt the fatigue hitting him and shut his eyes as Hayley held on to him as if he was the answer to what happened.


     She loved this man dearly, “Remy?”  She heard him snoring lightly and looked up to him.  She smiled and shook him, “You can’t sleep in the bath.”


     He laughed and kissed her neck, “Non,” and he stood to get out but Hayley stopped him with a long kiss. “I thought you didn’t…,” he shook his head, “Ah don’t understand femmes.”


    She reached for the water and made it warmer using the faucet and kissed him again.


    “So mebbe you got ta be a normal woman for a while,” he kissed her neck, “Remy’ll take care of you.” He rather liked the idea of her not using her mutant powers to fight.  “Ah love you, not your ability.” He kissed her neck.


     She nodded, “I will meet you back in bed,” she laughed at his sleepy expression, “You are too tired.”


     He agreed with a wink and started out of the tub but a set of small eyes made him stop short.  He saw Imp standing there watching them, “Yo’ wan’ somet’ing, little one?”  He would have found the situation funnier, but he was very tired.  In addition, he still felt bad for not thinking of Alex’s emotional condition earlier.


      Hayley turned to see Imp with her mouth open, “Jordan?”  She sank into the water so her breasts were hidden under the bubbles from the child’s view.


      “He’s NAKEY!  REALLY NAKEY!”  Jordan screamed pointing to Remy.


      “Oui, Nakey petite, and Ah’m starting to feel violated by de whole family seeing my….”


      “Jordan,” Hayley cut the angry Cajun off with a laugh but couldn’t help but want to comfort him and ran her hand up and down his leg.  “What do you need?”


      Jordan kept looking at Remy with her mouth hanging open.


      Remy sighed loudly, “Imp go in de other room, now.”


     Jordan snapped back, listened to him, and quickly left.


     Hayley knew he was upset and pulled him into a kiss and he pushed her back,


     “Hayley, we need to talk,” he growled wanting her but he had a good guess why Jordan was there, “First,” he touched her belly to her surprise.  “What do yo’ think about a baby?”




       “Mine and yours,” he smiled, “Not now and not soon, but Ah’m gonna want my own.”  He sighed and rubbed his chin.  “If you are not going to give me one, Ah’ll jus’ have ta ask another femme,” his eyes twinkled wildly.


        “Remy, I don’t know,” she looked at him and knew he was serious, “I haven’t had this one yet and it could change your mind then.”


        “Yo’ sayin’ no, then?”


        “With you anything has been possible and I think it always will be,” she smiled and kissed him again, “Let’s see after this one’s born, ok?”


         He pushed her back, “Yo’ don’t want ta make love, den don’t tease me chere.” He sighed kissing her head.  “Ah love you but don’t like to be….”


         “Teased?” she finished for him, “I didn’t mean to tease you, I want it then I can’t.”


       He smacked his head and remembered she was like this back at her house before she was captured, “Dat’s cool, but don’t start unless yo’ gonna finish, alright?”  He pointed a finger at her playfully, “’cause when you get a Cajun started, yo’ ain’t gon’ get dem ta stop too easily.”


       He sighed and she settled back.  “Other thing is, chere. I think I know why Imp is here.”




       “Lookin’ for her Papa.” He rubbed his temple.


       “Oh,” she laughed,  “so just tell her where he is.”


       “Chere,” he forced her to look at him, “Justice was hurt in de rescue and he’s in surgery.”


        “What?”  Hayley faced him, “Remy,” but her tears started.


        “Come on,” he grabbed a towel and handed it to her.  “Let’s go see how he is.”