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     Ally sat in the nursery. Her children were finally lulled into sleep with their mother near by.


      She perked her head up at the handsome sight that was her husband who had appeared in the doorway.


      "Missed the action?" he cocked and eyebrow at her.


     She sighed and stood, "No action. Aramis just had a problem."


       He nodded but she knew he had more on his mind.


     "You know you can't go after Amber. Not right now anyway." He cut her a strong look. "Use your tactical sense, they will have her heavily guarded." She approached him.


      He knew she was right but what difference did that make to him.


     "I will go with you when the time is right and we will get her," She wrapped her arms around his waist and he folded his arms around her to hug her back.


       "I know."


      "We won't let you go alone," She pulled back and looked at him.


      "You're talking time."


     "Yes, hit when they least expect it," she sighed. "To get her back we will have to do what they did today."


    "Direct is better."


     "Is it?" she challenged him. "Why do you think they attacked?" He knew the answer before she said it. "He wants the twins," tears threatened to fall from her eyes.


     Logan sighed because he knew they wanted the Adams too and he couldn't leave Ally right now. He understood, but he didn't like it.


      "We will get her." She promised. "You aren't the only one who loved her. She was close to all of us."


      "I need to get you and the kids outta here."


     "What?" she was shocked.


       "First place he looked for you." He motioned her just outside the nursery door and lit a stogie. "We were going to leave anyway and I don't want you fighting while your pregnant."


      "Where? Where do you want to go?"


      "North. I want to leave this week, quietly." Ally didn't want to leave her Uncle and family and opened her mouth to suggest they bring at least Justice with them.


     "Maybe," He cut her off before she spoke. "We can bring somebody to help you with the kids."




      "If you think she is safe."


       Ally nodded. "So we leave." She smiled as she got used to the idea of it being just they. ‘Finally living like a family,’ She thought, and it sounded very good to her and she smiled at him.



      Chloe walked into the infirmary to find her husband holding a vigil by Storm's side. She shook her head sadly and walked over to him.


      "Justice," she said quietly and touched his back lightly.


      Justice looked up as if he had been caught. "Chloe," he said quickly. "Where have you been?"


      "I needed time to think," Chloe said plainly but she didn't look upset. "You made your decision I see."


    "It's not what you think," he pleaded. Beast pulled the curtain to give them privacy then he and Jean walked out.


     "Oh, it's what I think," she laughed. "Or don't you realize you are in love?"


     His face became a new shade of red and he looked guilty.


    "Justice, I understand."


      Justice watched her sit down but couldn't find any words, 'Was she right?'


     "It's been too long for us and too much has happened," she met his eyes. "At least you won't have to mourn me any longer." She put a reassuring hand on his.


     It took Justice a moment to realize it as his mouth dropped, "You're solid!"


      She smiled, "Yes, I think I have it under control now."


    "What about us?" Justice asked looking sad.


     "Justice you were here with Storm," she looked at the white haired beauty, "and not looking for me." She stood up, "I know you well enough to know where your heart lies."


     Justice stood with her. This couldn't be true. She was the mother of his only child and the woman he had promised to be faithful to. He wasn't a cheater. He did what he wanted to do when he first saw Chloe.


      Justice wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled him to her. To his surprise she didn't resist his kiss. He waited for the old familiar fireworks to start, but he found that his thoughts traveled to Storm and what she would think if she woke up. He pushed the thoughts out of his mind and let his kiss trail to her ear and down her neck but it reminded of when he woke up next to Storm before he went to Canada.


     Chloe gently pushed him away. "If she wakes you will have a lot of explaining to do." Chloe smiled and brushed her lips to his and walked out leaving him behind the curtain, alone with Storm.


     'Go figure,' he thought to himself. He leaned over and kissed Storm's head lightly and sank back into the chair very confused.







      Kamikaze stuffed his hands in his pockets searching for a place to think on his own and found the poolside an empty welcome sight.


     He found a folding chair and sank into it as he let his thoughts wander to his brother and the conversation they had earlier when they were on their way to the nursery. He thought back to why he and Bonsai had been late getting to the scuffle with Aramis, and he felt bad. Not only for being late but for the words spoken and unspoken between brothers.


      When they were supposed to be helping dutifully, Bonsai had pulled him aside in the hallway and poked a finger in his face.


     "Look, bro." Bonsai said quickly. "I know you are holed up here but I don't plan to be." Bonsai looked around quickly for eavesdroppers. "These are powerful mutants here and they have very powerful enemies."


      "What do you mean?" Kamikaze said quickly wanted to run and help the others.


     "I'm not sticking around here waiting to be jumped because of who I hang with." Bonsai's look cut him short. "We're still a team, right?" He said quickly.


     They heard footsteps running in the direction of the others. Once the foot falls ceased Bonsai continued his guilt trip on his brother. "Some of the other mutants are talking of banding together," He hinted. "It's probably best to keep our noses clean until it is all worked out."


      "There are others who need us now," Kamikaze indicated to where the footsteps ended. Reluctantly Bonsai followed Kamikaze's lead to help the others but they had both gotten their points across.


       Kamikaze also recalled the confrontation between Bonsai and Justice.


    'Was he trying to get the X-men to throw them out?' He sat by the pool now watching the lights from the mansion trickle across the dark waters like fireflies or fairies barely touching the surface.


     Ty thought of everything again and sighed. 


    He knew Justice didn't offer resistance and knew Justice could tear his brother up he wanted to.


     'Has my brother been altered some other way than his robotics?' He thought about how his brother seemed angrier than he had remembered.


    He felt a hand on his back while he sat lost in his thoughts. He didn’t bother to look up. His thoughts were too consuming.


     "Lost?" Aubrey melodic voice rang out.


    Ty pulled his eyes from the dark water of the night pool and face the siren.


    "Long time." He smiled at her.


    "We missed you," she said slowly not letting her eye contact go from his, "Josh and I." She added quickly.


    Adding Josh to her message threw him back but he cocked a smile remembering something, "Is that why you kissed my brother?"


     Aubrey went red quickly. "Well, you are very identical."


    "Why did you come out here Aubrey?" he taunted her. "You weren't so easy to find last night?"


    "You were looking for me?"


     "Yeah," Ty mumbled thinking back, "I found the dang leprechaun."


     "Dang?" she said surprised. "Such a potty mouth."


     "Cuss around here and you get 'time out'," Ty smiled ruefully.


    Aubrey couldn't decide if he was kidding or not and let it go. "Josh is organizing our own group," She said quickly, "a peaceful one."


     "X is peaceful," He stood up for Xavier. "Yes, but he is a bad karma magnet or something," she laughed, "Where angels go, trouble follows.  So maybe you should hang with the non believers."


      Ty laughed. He had missed her, "I need training and so does Bonsai." He turned to face her and found himself nose to nose.


    Tyler's heart raced at the thought of her being so close and he knew she was more than a friend. He reached for her soft blue hair and inhaled her personal fragrance. His hand pushed the back of her head and pulled her lips to his.


      She returned the kiss eagerly pushing her closer to him and let the romance of the dark pool fall over her. She had always loved Ty and had waited a long time for this moment. They finally parted and she smiled coyly. "Are you with us then?"


    He was taken back, "I am not leaving, Aubrey. Not for a while. I need training." He said pointedly, "and so do you. Don't leave now," He sighed, "Don't do it for me but do it for you. This is too early."


     "We aren't leaving tomorrow," She laughed, "We are just organizing."


     "Ask me again then," Ty nodded. She touched his face lightly, "you ARE impossible. You know that?" She gave him a brilliant smile then she initiated another kiss with him.





     Jean watched Alex and Beast talking fast and furious. "Hank, I can't stop them and neither can you," She sighed, "Their minds are made up and they are going. Ally can get hardheaded like this."


     Beast crossed his arms, "Who else is leaving the sanctity of the mansion?"


     A chuckle came from Justice as he raised a hand.


    "You would," Hank countered the jokester.


    "I want to make things as normal as possible for my daughter," he crossed his arms, "I can't do that here. If we have to we'll be back."


    Alex looked at the ground, "Is Chloe going with you?"


    "Chloe has her own path," Justice shrugged.


    "Indeed," Beast muttered.


   "When are you leaving?" Alex asked.


    "This week," Justice said with a sigh. He gestured to Henry, "I take it you are staying here."


      "Yes, and I think Hayley will stay on too," Alex smiled as she looked at the bed Remy had occupied.


      "What will Uncle X think of all the quiet?" Justice laughed lightly, as he sank back into his chair his eyes began to close.


     "Justice, go to bed," Jean laughed back at him.


     Justice looked at Storm solemnly.


     "We will be here with her," Hank assured him.


    Justice stood slowly as if he would wake her by leaving.


     Alex walked over and gave him a gentle push to the door, "See you in the morning, brah."


      He turned up a corner of his mouth and hugged his sister goodnight.








 Remy made his way slowly to Rayne and Hayley's rooms. He felt stronger now and was ready to check in on them. A smile hit his face when he thought of Rayne, but then he remembered she would probably ream him out over Hayley and he took a deep breath.


      He found two young women sitting in front of the door next to Rayne's and he greeted them with a nod and a flirtatious smile. They both giggled at the suave man but when he approached Rayne's door they both ran for him.


    "You can't go in there," the Asian girl with the sunglasses warned, and the other nodded in agreement.


     "S’okay Petite’s, Dis ma sister room," He laughed at them and reached once more for the doorknob. He didn't get the chance to touch it before a small fireworks spattered on his hand. He raised an eyebrow at them wondering which one had done it.


     "She is sleeping," the younger doe like girl said quickly.


      Remy tried hard not to laugh at the young girls and nodded at them, "Dats all you had to say, mes demoiselles."


      "We will keep an ear on her since we share the room next door," the one said and then pushed her torso through the wall, leaving the rest of her body waiting with them. She had passed through the wall easily and returned just as easily as she regarded him with an update. "She's asleep all right."


    Remy laughed because he wasn't used to the mutant powers of the younger people here yet. He gave them an exaggerated bow with a wink and a broad smile, and backed away from the girls as their giggles turned to laughter.





     Storm blinked awake, slowly trying to focus on the eyes staring at her. She finally decided it must be Beast because of all the blue framing around those eyes.


    "Henry?" she moaned. She tried not to sound disappointed but she had almost been expecting Justice to be there.


    "I see you found your way back to us," Beast smiled at her.


      Storm caught sight of Rogue and Khaki and gasped. They both had monitors hooked up to them and looked pale and wan.


    "Please, tell me I did not do that," Storm knew she couldn't remember most of the funeral but she did remember the attack.


     "No, my dear," he sighed as he looked at the younger mutants, "As ill as they may appear to the untrained eye, it is quite deceiving. In other words, they will be fine."


   Storm sat up and looked around at the quiet of the night and Henry chuckled, "Although, I guess that now I could say the same for you."


    "What time is it?"


    "Very late," he said as his eyes traveled to the clock. " I will be relieved soon," He mused quietly.


    "Do I need to stay here? May go to my own bed?" Storm said slowly.


    "Well, I think you would do better to be watched," he smiled.


    "Why I must I stay here?"


     "Here? Dear woman there is a young man who waited for you to awaken," Beast paused waiting to register the surprised on her face, "I am sure Justice would be more than happy to have the task of watching you."


    "Justice was here?" her heart raced but she hoped it wasn't evident that she had been hopeful.


   "Yes, and we had to make him leave," Beast chuckled, "I do believe he was going to make a bed in that chair."


      Storm looked at the chair Beast had glanced at. True, she hadn't noticed it before.


    "Storm, go put the boy out of his misery."


    She threw her legs over the side of the bed and felt stronger than she had in days, "Henry, he is my age." She smiled as she let her feet hit the floor and grabbed her robe.


  "Well, 'he' left your robe for you too," Henry smiled. He didn't bother to hide his jovial nature at his friend's happiness.


   Storm gathered her composure as she quickly made her way to the doors, but stopped and turned to face Hank.


     "Henry, Thank you," She smiled at him before leaving to find Justice.