They were in the infirmary as they put the children back in their bassinets. All the X-men and Alex looked at Ally's still sleeping figure. They began to discuss why Mystique had posed as the doctor the professor had sent for. She had been known to do things like this before but not when she was putting herself at such a great risk. They knew she wanted the babies but why? For herself? For Magneto? Was she going to kill them? Were they that much of a threat? How could she get past them for so long without anybody knowing?

Scott spoke up. "It had to be the metal cap. Blocking us from knowing who she was. Logan should have smelled her a mile away."

Logan grunted as he sat next to Ally.

Alex looked far away as she suddenly sat up straight.

"Who would want to induce Allyson?" Scott wondered aloud. "And why?"

"Magneto." Alex whispered.

"What?" Logan looked at Alex's concentrated stare.

Jean had a vacant stare as she was trying to pick up on this.

"Justice is with Magneto and Sabertooth." She was talking but not looking at anyone as she spoke. It was as if she was talking to an invisible friend.

Logan sat up. "You found him?"

"He found me. They need help. There is a powerful telepath there."

Jean began to pick up on what Alex heard.

"Sabertooth is attacking him." She mumbled she silently wished she could be there.

She finally stopped and looked at them, as the quick contact was broken. "I have to go" She began to run out of the room.

Hank grabbed her arm before she could flee stopping her gently. "We are here too. We won't let you do this alone." His eyes were almost pleading with her. He seemed sad at her actions.

Ally moaned softly and opened her eyes. "Justice?" she said softly. Logan squeezed her hand. Then she reached for her belly and sat up. "Where?" She looked at Logan's smiling face.

"I have somebody I want you to meet." Logan went over and picked up the their baby daughter, Amber. Then he placed the small child in Ally's arms.

Ally looked at the child in awe. She rubbed her nose against the tiny baby's nose. "Hey little princess," she called sweetly. The infant opened it eyes at its mother and yawned.

Rogue was watching them with fascination. "Can I hold one?" she begged.

Logan gestured to her from the other side of the bed, where he was holding his son. "Come here"

Rogue cuddled the little boy. "He is so small." She whispered her words were not much more than a breath of air.

Alex went to Ally. "You did so good sis." She kissed her on the head.

They began to fill Ally in on what had happened with Mystique.

"We need Professor X." Scott looked at the ceiling where the upper levels were for the school and sleeping quarters.

Ally blushed, she knew it was her fault. She held the baby who was asleep in her arms.

"What are their names?" Jean smiled hoping to lighten the mood.

"Rogue is holding Michael." Logan gestured towards the little infant wrapped in a simple white receiving blanket.

"This is Amber." Ally said and a shadow crossed her face as she spoke her name. Then she smiled as she touched the little girl's cheek. She was also wrapped in white like her brother. Their faces were very similar and it was hard to know whom while they were wrapped in their blankets.

Alex walked to Ally and put a hand on her arm. Logan caught on quickly, 'What were they hiding now?'

"Ally can you contact Justice." Alex was almost pleading

"There is nothing there." Ally looked close to tears. Then she laughed. "I need a cigarette."

Jean had tried to contact Justice too. She wasn't as strong as Ally or the Professor but she had to try too.

'Why was it that Alex, Hayley and even Justice seemed strong with their telepathy? They didn't use Telepathy as any first attack, yet it was very strong in them. Was it because they were related? Alex certainly couldn't read Fletcher as easily as she searched for her siblings. Jean had an easier time ready Fletcher, that was when Mystique kicked her in the throat.' She put her hand to her neck at the thought. She would have to learn more hand to hand if she were to help in the future. She felt sure that the helmet blocked Mystique's identity. She only got enough from her to know she had planned to kill Allyson against someone else's wish. Jean sighed. 'Ally smoked too, Not another one.'

Ally tossed her feet over the side of the bed and offered the small child to Jean to hold. Jean took her and smiled at the child. 'Hayley was right.' Jean thought, 'What was it about babies that made you smile?'

Jean surprised herself wondering about the loose cannon. Maybe it was because she and Logan were so much alike. She wondered if Justice or Hayley roamed through anyone else's mind.

Ally hopped to her feet and grimaced slightly. Logan stood up quickly.

"Are you okay?" his face didn't mask his concern.

She smiled. "Yeah, you know women had had kids long before us." She held the gown she wore away from her body and brought it back again quickly and kept doing this, using the gown as a fan to cool her off. "It gets hot in that bed." She smiled ruefully. Then she stopped and looked far away; her eyes began to glow slightly. "Justice," She said quietly. "He's hurt." Then it was gone. She looked at Alex and Logan "We have to go him."

Beast had been sitting quietly, then stood. "You are not going alone."

Ally was surprised at him.

"She's NOT going" Logan cut in as he cut Ally a sidelong glance.

Ally's eye's narrowed at him. "FUCK OFF, LOGAN" she yelled at him.

"You just gave birth, Al." He said calmly.

"Well, I sure don't feel like it." She looked to Alex for help.

"She can find them, I couldn't get a location." Alex said plainly.

"In Ally's defense," Hank spoke up; "She has your healing factor. She could be completely healed by the time we get to them. Remember how she healed herself and Hayley after the danger room attack?"

Rogue blushed furiously at the memory. Alex put a hand on her shoulder.

"What about the twins?" Logan looked at Ally. He knew neither of them was very comfortable Leaving them.

"If I don't go Magneto may use Hayley and Justice next to try to steal them. I have to leave them if I want them safe." She looked at the children and sighed. "You can stay but I have to go Logan."

"You are not going without me." He said quickly

"I will stay with the babies." Jean offered. It would probably be wise for Jean to stay so she could fill the professor in when he woke. Plus she was telepathic and thought she might be needed there. "The professor will be here too." She added quickly.

"I am in." Scott looked at Logan and Ally

"Alex and I are too." Beast said quickly

"Hank, no" Alex's look softened. She wanted him to stay safe.

"You will need the help."

"Bobby and I will stay here." Rogue offered.

"I am in too." Storm said sharply to catch their attention. She had been so quiet during the conversation that some had forgot she was even there.

Ally looked at Amber as Jean held her. She knew that Jean would take care of them. Jean put the sleeping child in the bassinet; Rogue mimicked her movements with Michael. Ally went over to them and looked down at them. "I will bring back your Aunt and Uncle." she winked at her babies.


Ally and Logan were in his room. She had complained she wanted to shower and change into something anti-hospital She came out of the shower looking a little more like her with a towel wrapped around her. She pulled a pair of shorts on her body under the towel as Logan watched her appreciatively. She wasn't usually so shy in front of him but she didn't want to get him started. She had a hard time refusing him sexually. He lit one of the cigars he had passed out to everyone as the left the infirmary. It was funny to give all the non-smokers a stogie. If he had any more kids he would get chocolate or something. He watched Ally concealing herself as she dressed after her shower.

"Al, I am not going to start anything. Get dressed." He sighed 'Not after what I saw come outta there earlier.' He laughed to himself. He had to respect her after all she had been through.

She smiled and pulled off her towel and pulled a halter black halter on. Then she grabbed one of Logan's shirts over it. She still had a belly but nothing like before she wanted Logan's shirt to hide the fact she wasn't the same size she was before she got pregnant. Hank told her it could take some time to get back to her normal size. She had snagged a pack of Hayley's cigarettes from the room she stayed in. She lit one of them and took an appreciative puff.

Logan was very quiet he was choosing his words carefully. "Al," he started. He had a fixed look. "Please stay this time, you're pushing too hard." He didn't tell her he had a bad feeling about this.

"Hey now, I feel fine." She smiled at him.

He stood in front of her and held her gently. There had to be more than one way to talk her out of this. "Come on take it easy." He kissed her. Maybe she needed to know how much she meant to him because she almost looked like she would surrender.

"I will be careful but I have to go." She sighed. "There is a strong telepath there and I know I have to be there. You know it too. I won't do anything to jeopardize coming back to our family."

He nodded. She was going. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.


Hayley looked around she could see Justice he was unconscious. The smell of blood made her a little dizzy with nausea. 'What had that ass done to Justice?' She saw blood near Justice as he lay on the floor.

She was just waking up again and had no idea what happened that put Justice in such bad shape.

She could hear Alex and Ally they hadn't been caught. They were coming after her. She was horrified. 'NO! She screamed. It has to be a set up. We will get out of here on our own.' She broke contact. They will be killed. She hoped if they were crazy enough to come after her that they at least brought Logan.

Sabertooth came into the room with a pudgy blonde lady. She had a lot of make-up on, as she got closer Hayley could see it wasn't make-up. 'Great it's Braveheart and her cat.' She thought to herself. She had markings that must have been part of her mutation. She noticed no dog tags around her neck.

Sabertooth looked at Hayley as the woman approached her. "Can you read her, Crystal?" Sabertooth asked the blonde.

"Crystal?" Hayley repeated, "like in a crystal ball?" she laughed

Crystal shook her head. She couldn't read Hayley. "Why can't I read her?'

"Because you are lame." Hayley responded She knew she could read the blonde easily with out her helmet hat on.

Sabertooth hit her hard.


Ally was crouched next to Logan, "Justice is hurt bad." She whispered. They were outside of a large lodge. This is where Ally told them they were but hardly what everyone had expected to find. They were all crouched in the bushes waiting for a good chance to attack.

Alex looked at Ally; "Can you heal them like you did Hayley?" Alex sat perched on the other side of her sister.

Ally nodded, "I can try."

"You need to hold back a little Al." Logan hissed at his wife. "I know that look. There will be plenty of time to kick ass later."

She rolled her eyes.

"He is right." Scott nodded "We need to get Hayley and Justice and get out." He sighed. "Let's have as little blood shed as possible." Scott was usually in charge of away missions. He wasn't very confident about this one. Ally and Alex were stubborn they couldn’t see past the fact that their siblings were hurt inside. He was worried because nobody was rested or ready to fight them. He was responsible in his mind for every one of them and they left without the professor's knowing about the mission.

Scott motioned for everyone to join come closer. "Stay in pairs, it will make it harder for Mystique to pass herself off as one of us."

He sighed. "Logan you're with Alex. Storm you are with me. Beast you are with Ally. I want you as back up only Ally." He looked at Ally

Ally and Alex looked at him, "Odd teams." They said together.

Scott looked at Ally again. "Back up" he raised an eyebrow.

Alex wiped some dirt from her knees. "When are we going in?" she was impatient to be reunited with her brother and sister.

"When it looks like a good time." Scott scolded her.

Ally and Alex looked at the others. 'How did he know when was a good time?'

Thunder struck and it began to rain.

"Now seems like a good time." He smiled at them ruefully.

Storm eased her rain slightly. 'Scott took to long.' She smiled to herself.

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