Minnie Aka Gina


Eyes: Brown

Hair:  Blonde

Height: 6”

Weight: N/A

Occupation: Student

Ability: Flying and some power over earth and plant life.






      Gina was once a good student of the arts but like many of Oliver’s volunteer’s she was in need of money. She befriended a young girl who sported a red streak in her hair and the two of them became close friends. When Tabitha (Willow) went missing on day Gina tracked her to a glorious home only to come face to face with Willow’s kidnapper.

      Unlike Willow Gina never made it out of the labs and met up with Deanna Jones. Deanna was empathetic to Gina’s want to help her friend but once Gina tried to escape she was also was made “better” Like many of Oliver’s experiments she was about to be sold to the high bidder. Thoughts of escape and her family push this pint size lady through her day and bring her new hope.

     Minnie as she became known, found he smaller size affected her strength and her ability to think. She found herself wanted to go to the forest and the green earth as far as her newly given wings would carry her. Minnie found her abilities are not fully expanded yet and hopes to understand why she casts a luminous glow.



   “Fairyland was NEVER like this”    Tommy Steele

And special thank you to person who inspired this character J


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