Mind's Eye




Hayley sighed at the changing scenery, 'Somebody's gonna loose a limb if I don't get some junk food soon,' she laughed to herself. She stretched her feet onto the dashboard, her legs felt like they were twisted into knots from being in the car so long. 'Justice doesn't make many stops.'

Justice sighed they were almost lost, he had gotten as far as he could with the cryptic directions his father had given him at the benefit. He clicked his cell phone on and dialed the number his father had given him. He frowned at the phone as the busy tone sounded. He dialed again and got a recording about a cellular customer. 'A cell phone? He certainly didn't take chances on being found.'

He let a low sigh as he looked over at Hayley's scowl. "Al, maybe you ought to contact dad, I am just getting a busy signal now."

Alex looked alarmed, "Do you think that is wise?" she challenged her brother.

"If we don't find him then the war is won before it's fought." Justice smiled, "Besides Ally can get into another telepath's head undetected, not even dad can do that."

Hayley scoffed, "The only reason we know Al was in our heads is because she told us, so how do we know dad can't to it too?"

Ally hid a smile as her eyes began to glow in firm concentration.

"Shut up, Hayl." Justice growled a little annoyed.

Alex laughed heartily at the interaction.

"Don't worry I am on it," Ally said quietly and she began to guide Justice to a grand home that sat on top of a hill. It resembled their old home they had known before. At the bottom of the hill was a large gate at the entrance of the driveway.

"He created the same home we had." Ally whispered as if she didn't believe it herself.

"What a dellusionoid." Hayley mumbled.

"Ce qui dans le monde," Justice said slowly as he took in the nostalgia.

"Ferme-la, that Cajun was very trying on my French." Hayley scowled.

"You mean he understood your French?" Ally laughed.

"You want me to melt you to that seat, Al" Hayley laughed back.

"Chill," Justice turned as they got closer to the gate. "Remember obedient, loyal dogs. He is never wrong when you are with him." Justice gave each sister quick once over. "Hayl, fix your hair."

"This is not a dress rehearsal, " Hayley mumbled as she took the offered mirror from Alex.

Hayley dropped the mirror when she saw it. "Just, that is your car, your old mustang."

Justice's mouth dropped as he followed Hayley's gaze, 'My car.' It was the exact same cherry red convertible he had restored when he first started driving. He had a love for that car that not everyone could understand. It was his first car and he had spent every available moment working on it. He looked at it in the evening air as the light from the house caught it, he had kept it in the garage on carpeting and by the looks of it he was sure his father had only brought it outside for Justice's inspection. Justice had to leave it when they left before and he had missed the auto. He slowed the car as he continued to stare at his metallic old friend and fought the urge to get out and touch it.

Ally saw her brother falter at the sight of car. "Just, dad will try to give us everything. Remember what mom taught us?"

Hayley smiled, "No possessions mean more than life." She was nostalgic and thought of their mother easily at the sight of a home she had lived with their mother.

Alex stared at Hayley, "YOU remember?"

Hayley scoffed at her sister.

Justice pulled the car up to a large gate at the bottom of the driveway. 'This is new.' He thought to himself as a spotless man walked up to the car window.

"What can I do for you?" the man eyed the people in the car curiously.

"Hi, we are here to see Oliver Adams," Justice smiled.

"And you are?" the man retrieved a clipboard from the wall and looked at Justice for an immediate answer.

"Justice Adams."

The man looked the list over quickly, "Yes, of course." Then he looked back at Justice; "I will need to see your ID, Please."

Justice sighed and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket quickly and held it out exposing his license to the man for approval.

"Would you take it out of the wallet please?" the man smiled with out taking the wallet.

Justice sighed and removed it and handed it to him. Then the man shined a flashlight at Justice's ID looking it over carefully. Hayley rolled her eyes at the heightened security, she knew it wasn't for them. If they wanted to go after their father they could do so easily using their abilities to get passed this. Justice complied not wanting to make waves.

"Very good sir, he is expecting you" The man said handing Justice back his ID and pointed to the front of the house, "If you want to pull your vehicle to the door there will be somebody to help you with your bags."

Justice nodded, "Thank you," Then he drove on as he handed Hayley his wallet to put back together.

They all wondered why they would be directed to the front of the house when they had never really used it before. Justice corrected himself, this wasn't the old house it was hard to imagine it wasn't but just the same the front door was reserved for guests for parties or events not ever day use. The triplets and Justice often came through the kitchen or the garage, 'Why would he direct them this way?'

Two men were waiting there under the canopy of the front door. Hayley quickly handed Justice his wallet as the men held the doors opened and guided the girls from the car and each triplet was greeted politely.

Justice stood up and pushed his wallet back into his back pocket as he noticed a familiar face racing out of the front door. Justice's eyes lit up with recognition.

"Mr. Wilkens?" Justice called to the older man.

Hayley and Ally recognized the man who had played a large role in raising Justice; he hadn't changed at all except for the new gray hair.

Justice was dumbfounded but he reached forward to shake the man's outstretched hand cheerfully.

'Dad missed nothing to hook Justice. Why was he concentrating on Justice? Was he trying to buy Justice hoping he would drag us along with him?'

"Master Justice," the older man eyed Justice up and down, "You have grown into a fine young man, sir"

"Just call me Justice," Justice smiled a little uncomfortable with his old mentor treating him like a diplomat.

Wilkens smiled and turned his attention to each sister and greeted each but name. They were each surprised he remembered each of them so easily, even Ally with her hair not entirely red now.

He guided them into the house and they could see the inside of the house was replicated to look like their old home too. The lay out, the furniture, the pictures on the wall even down to the greenery that was placed was identical to their old home.

They followed him down a long corridor and realized he was taking them to the study that is if the ever part of the house's lay out was the same. Their father had all guests brought to the study before he met them.

The stepped into the tidy study and nostalgia washed over them and brought back memories of their younger selves. They looked to one another knowing the others were reminded of their past and realizing all to well what Logan must be going through on a daily basis.

A young woman bounced in with a tray containing glasses and a bottle of champagne. Wilkens thanked her and took the tray as he readied for glasses quickly and everyone else found a seat. She left quickly.

"Your father had hoped you would be here in time for dinner." Wilkens smiled as he handed Justice a glass.

"I had to finish some work before we could leave," Justice apologized.

"I am sure it is fine." Wilkens smiled again, "Your father will be down soon, he was sleeping."

Wilkens made his way to each sister and handed her each a glass as well.

"He doesn't need to wake for us," Hayley smiled sweetly.

Alex watched Hayley's performance and to hear Hayley sound so false gave her chills.

"I believe somebody has already woke him, Miss." The older man smiled as he fussed with last minute things.

They all looked at each other knowing he would down soon. Alex sipped the alcohol thoughtfully but Ally just set it aside and Hayley let hers remain dormant in her hand as a decoration. Justice walked over to refill his glass.

Oliver Adams walked in with a cigarette in hand, as he looked his children over gratefully. If he had just woke he didn't look it. He stood in a robe and his night clothing could be seen under the bottom of his robe but he looked wide-awake and alert.

They all stood as if to show him he was already in command. Hayley forced a smiled trying to keep her temper in check. They all bowed at their father's presence.

Justice stepped forward hand out for his father and Oliver shook it firmly eyeing his son.

"Late, eh?" Oliver watched his son carefully for defiance.

"I had business that ran late." Justice explained.

Oliver flinched. Lawyers made a good living but Justice was a defender not someone who Oliver would ever think to be in a powerful position and he didn't quite approve of Justices business. Oliver felt he should inherit the lab with all of its profits and work.

"Still the diplomat, boy," Oliver smiled challengingly.

Justice broke the handshake trying not to jerk his hand away. 'Boy?'

"You are all so quiet." Oliver smiled as he pointed to his head. "No, contact?"

"We are really just tired," Ally mumbled.

Oliver walked over to Ally with a smile, "Please," he smiled as he stopped a little short of stepping on her feet. He was testing her now as well. "Feel free to go right to sleep. We will be beginning in the lab at 7 a.m."

Hayley almost sighed but caught herself, 'What is this a slave labor camp?'

"A slave labor camp, Hayley?" Oliver used a reprimanding tone.

Alex, Ally and Justice all stared at her.

"Don't exaggerate, Hayley." Oliver said quickly.

Justice crossed his arms at Hayley's open mouth.

"Sleep well children tomorrow will be a hard day." Then he turned to Wilkens and gestured to the upstairs before turning back to his children, "You will be shown to your rooms"

"Thank you," Justice said with a bow something they had forgotten to do when they arrived. One of their mother's customs that their father had insisted they use.

The triplets followed his lead as their father returned the gesture.

Oliver gave Justice an impressed look before he quickly left.

Hayley let her breath go, she hadn't been fully aware she had been holding it and then sighed. "We can find our rooms ourselves" she smiled to Wilkens, "The lay out seems identical to our old home."

"That is quite all right Miss," He gestured to the door as they began to file out of the study, "I don't mind."

The home was completely identical and each could spy belongings they had to abandoned long ago.

They began to walk the huge stone steps as Alex ran her finger along the banister. "Why a home identical to the one we knew before?" she wondered aloud to the manservant.

They reached the room that was a copy of Justice's old one. His bags were set on the bed that had been in the car.

"The Professor liked things as the were." Wilkens smiles at Alex as he began to unpack Justice's suitcase.

Justice stepped forward, "No, please. We are really use to doing things for ourselves." He smiled at the old man.

"Of course," Wilkens smiled again, "You father has kept your things here clean and safe for you return." He explained as he backed away from Justice's bag and Justice snapped it close.

"What?" Hayley open her eyes wider now.

"He knew you would return one day and kept things about to make you feel at home." The man seemed genuinely happy; "Things haven't been the same around here since you left."

Ally was upset at the arrogance, 'Is this a set up?' she began to wonder to herself. She sank down on to the bed hoping the older gentlemen would take the hint.

"I'm wired," Hayley said picking up on Ally's cue, "Let go raid the fridge and hang out." She smiled sweetly at everyone and her gaze finally landed knowingly on Wilkens.

"Then I will leave you now but if you need me," He walked over to the phone.

'What is that? The Bat-phone or something?' Hayley laughed to herself.

He lifted to phone for effect pointing to the number seven. "Push seven for an inside line then hit five for me." He smiled.

"Thank you," Alex spoke up as the gentleman walked out.

They all looked at each other.

"This has set up written all over it." Hayley began to pace.

"It is overwhelming." Ally pulled her knees up to her chest.

"Well, they don't seem to realize that we are adults now," Justice sighed and then turned to Hayley's moving form, "Hayl, could you feel dad in your mind?"

She stopped with a frightened look, "Oh, yeah and he is strong maybe stronger than Ally."

Alex met Hayley's stare. "Conform, Hayley," Alex stared at her hard and Hayley opened her mouth to protest but only held her hands up as if to surrender.

"When will we contact everyone," Ally stretched across Justice's bed but smiled at the idea of talking to their friends.

"Let's give it some time. If this is a set up we don't need everyone in it." Justice stretched.

"If we don't contact them certain people could show here." Hayley pointed out as she lit a cigarette against her hand as she spoke.

"It will be soon but not tonight," Justice sighed. "Come on. Let's check your rooms out too." He smiled a little but they all knew fatigue was winning.




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