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       Deanna sighed hoping her smoke screen would be enough to prevent her from being followed and allow her to sneak back into the labs.


     She knew Eric was up to no good and she had helped to prevent it. She wouldn’t be a pawn any longer and now she was doing something about it. Eric kept such a close eye on her that is made it hard for her to fight unless Eric and the rest of the brotherhood were present so they couldn’t keep track of her.


    She shook her head at the thought of Amber. All this time she had thought Amber was nothing more than a solid mutant who hated humans like the Brotherhood and like Oliver. Looking at her battle with Wolverine and watching Quicksilver lead her by the hand through the battle convinced her something more was there. She could almost see a softer side to the adamantium mutant.


    Deanna froze as she crept in an upstairs window.


    ‘Back finally,’ she thought to herself and did a double take of her surroundings. She didn’t notice the usual chaotic noise of Sabertooth or Toad or the quiet mayhem of Mystique and Eric.


     She ran to the nearest bathroom and began to strip of her lovely costume and began to push her arms through her lab clothing. She straightened her hair into a stately sight again and began to hide her brilliant smile.


    ‘I knew I could beat him,’ then she rethought the battle, ‘I did have help but I beat Eric.’ She was proud but knew if all of the mutants were after her at once she wouldn’t have lasted.


    ‘I would love to have a conversation with that man in the wheelchair.’ She thought then began to solely concentrate on her work at hand for fear of one of the lab’s psychics touching her mind.


     ‘Plenty of time for that later,’ she sighed as she entered the familiar surroundings of her lab and started to her work.


      She could hear loud sounds of Eric and the others clambering up from the lower levels and tried her hardest to ignore as she began to push her pen across the paper.











        “Chloe’s nowhere to be found,” Bonsai and Kamikaze said as they ran into the infirmary slightly winded but they looked upset. They looked from mutant to mutant who had been brought back after the scurry outside. Of course everyone suspected Chloe had become upset with Justice because he was paying so much attention to Storm rather than Jump.


        Justice looked up from his place next to Storm in the chair by her bed.


       “She’ll show up soon,” Alex said but her gaze was on Beast who was in the infirmary bed.


       Xavier sat on the bed across from and caught the worried looked of the young men. “Is there a reason to concerned?”


      “Well,” Bonsai crossed his arms, “I wouldn’t want to be the one who pissed her off.”


      Every eye turned to Justice and his face tinge crimson.


       “Just, What’d you do?” Hayley said in a sing-song voice as she enjoyed her brother being the center of the dating drama for once.


       “I didn’t” Justice said quickly. “I didn’t do anything. She thinks….” Justice trailed off but his eyes wandered to and from Storm involuntarily. Justice put his head in his hands. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”


      Jean touched Imp’s shoulder lightly. “She didn’t say anything to you, Jordan?”


     “Nope,” Imp kicked her feet back and forth while she sat on the bed. “She just left.”


     Ally sat on another stretcher watching Logan’s saddened face. “Can you smell her Logan?”


    Wolverine shook his head.


     Aubrey and Josh sat in a corner alone not wanting to get involved.


    “Well, after that battle she’s sure to be far from here.” Dom laughed, “An sure, I would be if I could.”


     There were a few scattered laughs from the new mutants.


     Beast climbed off the bed once Alex seemed satisfied by his condition. He gathered a few things and made his way to Xavier as people began to mumble among themselves.


     Xavier took a deep breath and looked at his friend.


    “Nobody was seriously injured Charles,” Beast smiled at his friend hoping to reassure him.


      Charles nodded but his gaze went to Aramis and some of the other mutants who were making their way out of the infirmary with all of the children.






      Aramis snuggled one of the twins to her wanting to get away from the others as quickly as possible.


      “Jordan would you like to come to the play room with us?” Aramis called to the little blonde.


      “I want to stay here with everyone,” Imp smiled at the Nanny, “Not the babies.”


       Justice perked up, “ I will keep an eye on her.”


       Aramis rounded the kids out of the room as quickly as her own deft feet would carry her.







        Hayley watched the empath and knew she was an enigma. She sighed not sure if she liked Aramis or not.


       A small groan from the bed she sat next to caught her attention. She jumped to her feet and looked at Remy’s now open eyes.


       “Remy?” Hayley said quietly hoping not to disturb him too much but she couldn’t help smiling at him. He seemed to focus his eyes on her too and smiled weakly.


      “Hayley?” he choked meekly as he watched her face for answers. “Ma’ head feels like de floor after a fais do do,” he touched his head lightly and then seemed to take in his surroundings as the memories flooded back.


      “Well, Rogue’s done that to plenty of people.” Hayley laughed. She saw Beast run over and begin to examine Gambit.


      Remy’s head perked up, “Whe’s Rayne?” he asked Henry almost accusingly.


    Hayley looked around the room for answers. True she hadn’t missed Gambit’s sister calling her a slut in the past couple of hours but she was injured and needed care. She could see Ally and knew she was searching for Rayne as was her Uncle.


     Remy jerked up even more but Beast’s hand forced him back down. “Now, do you really feel the urge to be up right yet?” Beast smiled. He knew Gambit must be weak and he kept the bluff hoping to keep Remy there longer.



     Remy’s rolled eyes gave everyone an answer and a little laugh. “Ah need t’ find Rayne, homme.” Remy’s eye held certain urgency. “She leave if she aint watched.”

Then Remy pushed himself up to sitting. He saw Hayley looked sympathetic.


       “I smelled her earlier.” Logan said and caught Gambit’s attention.


      “Where?” Remy pressed as he jumped off the table.


      “Lower levels,” Logan grunted but he seemed preoccupied with something else.





     Hayley jumped to. “I will go.”


     Alex hit Justice’s shirt. “We’ll go with Hayley.”


     Justice looked at Alex with a disappointed glance and it was clear he didn’t want to leave Storm but nodded encouragingly to Remy.


    “I can organize a team on the upper levels.” Scott said dutifully but gave Jean a quick frown.


     She only smiled back, “Imp and I will be fine with the others.”


     Bonsai and Kamikaze looked at each other and made a decision without words. “We’ll go with Cyclops.”


     Xavier nodded proud of the mutants and their selfless chore of finding Rayne but he wondered if she wanted to be found.


    The teams were cut off by the clergyman’s entrance. “Sorry to intrude but if it would be possible to finish this service so that I may leave.” He smiled at Xavier but his eyes told another story and they knew the man was scared.


      The faces became solemn as everyone realized they still needed to bury their dead.


      Cyclops looked at the other team. “We will start the search and you can join in when you’re” He paused realizing nobody really seemed to hear him. “Done.”


      The twins followed him slowly filing out the infirmary doors.