Wolvie Femmes * Lost and Found





        Alex smiled at Bobby's quick control of his ability. He could do shapes and other tricks but he still needed to control how much he gave and when.


       "What about being transparent?" He asked eagerly.


       Alex calmed herself and let her eyes glow and transformed into her ice shape.


       Bobby's eyes grew wide, "Awesome!" He noticed he could see her eyes and reached forward to touch her, "You are all ice?"


       "Yes," She laughed a little.


       Bobby took a hard breath and stood. He watched how she had done it and he was determined to follow suit. Alex watched him with trepidation, not sure what would happen if he tried it. Everyone's mutation was different. She watched as he turned into solid ice and hoped he would be ok. The ice cat could see the boy as clear ice and when he began to smile at her she knew he was all right. "Can you see me?" He asked excitedly.


       "Very well," She laughed, "Good job!"


      "Why is your ice so clear compared to mine?" He complained, "I look like a giant ice cube." He grumbled looking at his hands.


      "Why do my eyes show and little else?" Alex sighed heavily, "Or when we contact each other with our telepathy our eyes glow?" She walked up to the young man, "Our mutations are different, even though our general power is the same."


      Bobby tried not to look too disappointed in not being more invisible, "This could be a good look for me," He joked.


      Suddenly, Alex's eyes glowed and Bobby caught her as she stumbled forward. She looked at him with fear and concern in her eyes. "I have to go," She said turning back into flesh.


      "Why?" Bobby teased and playfully knocked her hair with an icicle, "We were just getting started." He continued to antagonize her until she began her own assault as she made her way to the door. In just a few seconds they had an all out snowball fight going on.









      Justice and Remy made their way to the danger room to find Alex. It was surprising that she hadn't joined her siblings yet. Remy opened the door and ducked quickly avoiding a flying ice ball. He looked back and saw Justice just stopped short of getting hit as well and as expected from the amount of snow and ice being tossed about, they both were hit with a multitude of snowballs before they could recover.


     "Guess she just got caught up in her training," Justice offered with a smile as he and Remy dusted the snow from themselves.


     Remy kept his comment to himself as he was still a little upset that Alex was here and not gathering to help her sister.


     Justice took a careful step further into the room and Remy kept on his toes and dodged more snow and ice. They both spied a man built of ice sparing with Alex and she was fending him off as quickly as he dished it out. Justice came up behind them and turned up the lights hoping to make the room hotter to melt the ice that covered both floor and ceiling. Alex and the ice-man stopped and looked at them. Alex ran to Justice and hugged him.


    "Don't forget to disable that simulation," Justice pointed at Bobby.


     Bobby laughed and transformed back to normal, "I'm no simulation - I‘m a formidable snowman!"


     "Yo’ look more lik’ an Ice-man ta me," Remy said with a grin.


     Bobby joined them, "It's my fault she's still here, I wouldn't let her go. I was really getting into this practice."


     Remy and Justice nodded still amazed of what Bobby had done to the room. "Yo' need ta clean dis place up now, homme," Remy laughed and the adults all left the danger room quickly.


     "I hear you need help rounding up a little Fire Cat," Warren's voice called from behind them as they walked quickly down the hall. They all turned to see him walking up with Scott who held an angry expression.


     "Why are you organizing a mission without notifying me first?" Scott said quickly.


     Alex met his eye, "She's our sister so we wanted to handle it ourselves."


      Scott's eyebrows shot up in mock surprise, "Then why are you taking Remy?"


      Justice gave Scott a hard stare, "That our business."


      "Why are you people so stubborn about accepting our help?" Scott went on, "We could go to the Professor and ask him to locate her."


      "Why complicate things?" Justice almost growled.


      "We are his niece and nephews, Scott. He might try to go along," Alex crossed her arms.


     "Or send other people," Justice jumped in again, "This will be a simple thing if people would stop slowing us up."


     "Scott," Alex sighed, "I take it you want to go?"


     Warren smirked knowing he did and Scott nodded, "I am the team leader."


     "Not of us," Justice countered.


     "Too many people could make Hayley nervous and bolt for good, Scott," Alex began to back away hoping to end the conversation.


     "‘specially yo’ hommes," Remy pointed to Warren and Scott.


     Scott turned a little as Remy whisked away. Scott thought it would be easy to drop these feelings for Hayley's unborn child but he still felt protective of her and didn‘t like that Gambit was romancing her now.


     "Scott I am sure my Uncle knows by now anyway," Alex said quickly, "I think he is respectfully letting us handle it."


     Scott looked dubious. Justice wanted to leave and end this conversation. "Only her family and their significant others are going," Justice gestured to Warren, "We asked for Warren's help because he is a strong flyer."


     Alex held her hand up, "This is done, Scott." She turned to catch up with Remy. Justice laughed at Alex's normal demeanor gone when provoked by the leader of the X-men. He gave a little wave to Scott and followed them.







     Ally found Logan in the gym and she stopped to watch him moving through his slow martial art routine. He turned his head to her and smiled. He grabbed a towel and met her at the door.


     "Kids all right?" He asked quickly noticing her serious expression.


    She nodded watching him, she still felt her heart skip at the sight of him, "I was just thinking how lucky I am to be married to you," She smiled.


     He grinned, "What's wrong?"


    "Hayl's gone," She blurted out and threw her hands up.


     Logan looked up, "With Vic out after her?" He growled at Hayley's bad judgment. "What's she thinking?"


     "I think she's scared," Ally said quickly but she knew Hayley tended to run from her problems and didn't care if they followed her, "There was a short telepathic call then nothing."


     Logan grabbed his shirt knowing Hayley wasn't in the best fighting form, "I'll go."


     Ally pushed her hand on his bare chest, "Not alone, Justice, Remy, Storm and I are going too."


     Logan swallowed hard, "You should stay."


     Ally crossed her arms, "How are you going to find her then?"


     He sighed she and Hayley had some of the same spirit all right. He looked towards her feet and touched her belly.


    "You should stay," He kissed her head, "We could get Chuck to locate her."


    "He is still getting over being very ill and shouldn‘t be taxed," Ally argued and pointed her finger at him. "I am going. Hayley is more than my sister, she's a part of me."


     He pulled his shirt on over his head feeling defeated, "What about Gumbo? She going to be ready to see him?"


     "I don't know but she will have to face him sooner or later," She shrugged, "If we don't bring him, I think he will go after her alone." He grunted knowing he would do the same.







      Hayley woke to see a furry blue face looking at her and sighed. She wasn't sure how she had gotten back to the infirmary but she was somewhat thankful.


     "Beast," She mumbled, squinting her eyes to try and see clearly, "Nevermind. I'm all right."


     "Beast?" The unfamiliar voice almost laughed, "Who is Beast?"


     Hayley's eyes shot open wide realizing that wasn't Hank. She became hot so the unfamiliar person would let go of her. She moved back to inspect her attacker. She found that he was another furry blue mutant dressed in plain clothing. Unlike Hank, he had thin pointed ears and brilliant yellow eyes and a blue tail that whipped around behind him. She concentrated and let a fireball go at his feet. She was surprised when he disappeared and came up behind her.


      "I won't hurt you, Fraline," He said softly, "It is not my way."


     "Why should I believe you?" She turned quickly tossing lightening at him but once again he vanished and appeared elsewhere.


     Three furry fingers grabbed her shoulder quickly, "We can learn trust together then." Before Hayley could argue she smelled brimstone and felt her stomach turn over. She opened her eyes to find herself high above the mansion. Then it happened again and she found herself a foot above the waters of the lake below.

     She was becoming sick to her stomach with the strange mode of travel and she closed her eyes against the wave of nausea.


     She heard his voice, "Open your eyes."  She popped one eye open and looked into he blue smiling face. He seemed friendly enough but,  ‘If he takes me on one more trip I might have to hurt him,’ She thought as her stomach still churned.


     "How do you do that?" Hayley sat up and looked around to see they were under the willow tree again. She grabbed her stomach feeling queasy, "Does it make you feel sick?"


     He smiled at her, "No, but some people do feel ill when I teleport them." He looked at her hand and how it shaped her pregnant stomach, "You are with child?"


     She nodded, "Sorta, where are you from?"


     "I have come a long way, Fraline," He smiled, "I saw you and the others at the restaurant."


      "What?" She thought they hadn't been too noticeable.


      He produced Allyson's purse, "You are one of the Adams?" He sat next to her hoping to really talk with her now.


      "How do you know us?" She was a little more on guard at the mention of their normal family name.


      "Your family does not keep a low profile," He smiled hoping to relax her, "You are the dancer, your brother is a lawyer and one of your sisters was an ex-model presumed dead."


     "Well, you did your homework," She narrowed her eyes, "Why didn’t you help us in the restaurant if you saw us?" "You attacked me based on my appearance," He shook his head, "Would it have been any different then?"


      "No, those brain dead fools would have chased you out as well," She sighed. He was easy to talk to. "Who are you?" She smiled, "I'm Hayley." She offered her hand to him.


      "I am Kurt, Kurt Wagner," He shook her hand, pleased that she did not flinch at his three fingers, "I know who you are Ms. Adams."


     "Where are you headed?" She wondered how they had stumbled upon each other twice in such a short time.


    "To see an old friend," He smiled helping her to her feet, "He has a home near by and I thought he might know how to locate the owner of this purse."


    "Why would he know that?" Hayley stood next to him. "Xavier, can do many amazing things," Kurt smiled.


    "Charles Xavier?" Hayley's eyes grew wider, "I just came from there."


     "Vunderbar!" Kurt smiled, "Then may I be your company back?"


     "No, I am not going back yet," She shook her head.


     He cast a worried look at her stomach, "Traveling with child is not very easy or safe."


     "I need time to think and you don't really get that there," She sighed.


     Kurt stopped her from walking on, "Do you need to talk to somebody?"


     "What are you a bartender or something?" She laughed.


     "No, but I listen very well," Kurt smiled sympathetically.


     Hayley looked at the man and his expressive yellow eyes and she nodded, "Yes, I think you do."


     He smiled taking it for a compliment, "You seem upset about your pregnancy."


     Hayley became angry, "I didn't say that."


     He touched her hand lightly, "You didn't have to."


     She looked down at his hand. She felt like she could trust him, he reminded her of an elf.


     "I was born this way," Kurt offered. "My mother did not want me for that reason." Hayley looked at him sadly but didn't want to interrupt. "I suppose a child that will always be branded a mutant is not what a parent wants to raise." He sighed.


    "What about your father?" She asked feeling upset for the man.


    "I do not know of him," he sighed. "He does not know of me."


    Hayley touched her abdomen absentmindedly, "Maybe not knowing him was better.”


    He nodded, "I was called a monster, a demon and other hurtful things." He seemed saddened by the memories.


     "Why are you telling me this?" She sniffed trying not to be too touched by his tale.


     "You have doubts but still I think you love this child more than my mother loved me," he smiled. "Don't doubt yourself."


     Her eyes grew wide, "How did you know this?"


     "I didn't mean to scare you," he pointed to where he had teleported and scared her off balance. "But when you were out you spoke of your child. I could see and hear the concern and fear."


     "I did?" She was surprised. She didn't think the maternal instincts would kick in and now they seemed to sneak up on her. "Thank you."


     He looked at her stunned. "What are you thanking me for?"


    "Helping put a fear to rest," She smiled. "If you turned out fine there is hope."


     "Are you ready to go back then?" He gestured in the direction of Xavier's She nodded,


     "Yes, I think I have to face some people and some ghosts."


     "Very well," He said happily.


     "Do you have a mutant name?" Hayley asked but he hushed her hearing something ahead.


     She stopped frightened as Kurt went forward to investigate. She followed him slowly. She soon saw charged cards landing at Kurt's feet.


     Hayley looked around and her heart jumped, 'Remy?'


     She ran to Kurt knowing Remy wouldn't attack him if she were too close. She pulled his arms gently. "Kurt, are you all right." She asked the sleeping mutant. She sighed when he didn't respond.