Following your dreams isnít what itís cracked up to beÖ.

One: Truth.
Bobby and Josh find themselves face to face with the truth.

Two: Intrusions.
Rayne speaks her mind and Justice sill fumbling with news of Chloe.

Three: Punishments.
Dealing with what people do.

Four: Revelations.
Eyes wide open.

Five: Dynamic Duos.
Unlikey friends and more bonding.

Six: Threats.
Protective brothers and looking to the future.

Seven: Last Dance.
Tears and a farewell.

Eight: Reshuffle.
People can't stay still and Rayne learns a true friend's love.

Nine: Exposed.
Justice has egg on his face and some explaining to do.

Ten: Strayed.
Everbody is finding their own paths.

Eleven: Parting.
Goodbyes and open roads as seperation begins.

Twelve: Defending Your Life.
Justice shows his style at his job, sort of.

Thirteen: Adjusting.
Rayne, Hayley and Remy find their new home.

Fourteen: Newsworthy.
Justice's dust is still settling and Jason talks about Rayne.

Fifteen: Voices.
Justice's family dinner and a rogue voice in the night.

Sixteen: Normalcy.
Jordan joins school and Justice gets a mysterious call about Rayne.

Seventeen: Neighbors.
Ally and Logan meet their neighbors and Rayne faces her past.

Eighteen: Spies.
Uneasy feelings among friends.

Nineteen: Procrastination.
Rayne's refusal to go on a date and Ally's neighbor.

Twenty: Scars.
Scars that heal and some that won't.

Twenty-One: Dates.
A busy Friday night.

Twenty-two: Coming Home.
Remy leaves for New Orleans and he's followed there.

Twenty-three: Old Faces.
Remy's old life.

Twenty-four: Assassins.
Underestimating the Bayou.

Twenty-five: Bayou Brawl.
Hard to kill.

Twenty-six: Sentences.
Keeping codes.