Logan's Sister:


Logan stood in his room donning the same suit he had worn not long ago. He had worn it under different circumstances though. He had worn it for his vows with Ally now he waited to hear her eulogy.

He wiped a single tear. He felt like she was still with him but he contributed that to the fact he wore her wedding rings around his neck. It made him feel close to her. The babies seem to notice her smell on the rings too. He looked and them, her wedding band and the engagement ring he had given her before were next to his dog tags. 'Why hadn't they found her dog tags? Why was Hayley still so insistent Ally was alive?' He took a deep breath as his eyes clouded up again. He had to keep it in check for Amber and Michael, stay strong for them.

A quiet knock came at the door. He mumbled a 'come in' and knew it was Justice he could smell him a mile away.

Justice also looked as he did before the wedding in a Dior or Amani something or other. He sighed; it wasn't helping his mood that so much reminded him of their vows. He smiled as he remembered why they kept calling it vows. Ally had told him she felt like it was a shotgun wedding and X was holding the gun on her not Logan, as if Logan were Xavier's son.

Justice held his head down and grabbed his ribs lightly. He was still recovering from the beating they took.

Logan turned to Justice when he saw him in the mirror grabbing his side. "You okay?"

"Yeah" Justice said but he didn't meet Logan's stare. Logan knew he probably needed some more time to recover.

Justice looked at him, "How are you doing?How is Storm doing?"

"Fantastic." He said and pressed his lips together to try to force a smile for his brother-in-law. Were they still related now? "Storm is doing very well, although she is very shaky still. It will be a while before she can go after any 'Baddies' for a while." Logan got Justice to smile when he used the word Ally had for the enemy.

'Baddies' Justice thought with a small smile.

Xavier's voice came over the speaker system in the hall. "Today is the day we will observe a moment of silence for Allyson or Ally Adams alias Ally-cat our fallen friend. Classes will end at noon while we observe her memory in a service for her as she was struck down in her prime. Her family has asked that instead of flowers or gifts to please donate to your favorite charity in your or her name but in her memory. Her family and I thank you for the support you have shown."

The silence between the two men was deafening. They both missed her.



Logan stood by her grave. He looked at the plaque by the urn. It read the name she had been given from the experiments and her own name. It said Ally-cat then it said Allyson Adams and had her birth date.

Logan held his tiny daughter calmly as she began to fuss at her mother's funeral. He held a single finger to her and she began to suck on it then quieted down. He felt tears as the hit tiny Amber's baby dress. Surely those weren't his tears but he knew they were. The child looked at her father as if she was going to say something very profound. He felt like he could use the words of wisdom right now.

Hayley stood next to him red eyed holding Michael and looking very bored. She still refused to believe her sister was dead. Hank and Jean said she was just going through denial. Alex, Justice, Jean and the professor had told him they couldn't feel her at all.

Justice kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He looked at Storm in the wheelchair; she was still so weak. He looked at Alex who cried softly on Beast's chest. Jean and Scott held each other's hands as Jean lay her head on Scott's shoulder. Rouge stood next to Bobby and they both looked overwhelmed. They probably hadn't known anyone who had died before. Charles hung his head down as if in silent pray.

"Ashes to ashes." The religious man who had married them said slowly. On the small gravestone sat the urn that contains the remains. Everyone stared at it with mixed emotions.

Logan knelt to the urn; he balanced Amber in one arm close to his chest. He placed a pink tulip on her gravestone and then two white roses from the twins. Logan wiped his eyes as Amber fussed slightly. He touched her gently to comfort and she nested in his arms. He stood up slowly so not to disturb Amber. 'When I get a hold of Sabertooth, he will look like a salt shaker.' Logan thought.

Hayley chuckled. Logan looked at her. 'Had she heard him? Was Hayley playing in his head?'

Logan could smell something odd. Something wasn't right. He could almost smell another person among them. As he walked away from the grave the smell decreased and much more meant sense to Logan.

Everyone else walked away once the man finished the service.

Justice followed his brother-in-law from his sister's grave. He wasn't sure how he could face everyone. He kept thinking of how she helped heal him and gave up her strength after giving birth. She had fought for him and Hayley. Then he had watched helpless as she jumped into battle with Logan. She had once told Justice that she would give her life for Logan but that was years ago. Justice looked at Logan's mournful shape walking a little in front of him. Did he remember that Ally had said that? Or that she had meant it? He sighed. Maybe Ally loved too much.

Justice carefully touched Logan's shoulder as Logan held his small daughter.

"You okay?" Justice asked him.

"I am fine Justice, but that wasn't her."

"Logan," he looked at him. "I know this is hard."

Logan cut him a look and started away.

Alex had composed herself and found them. She looked at Logan with sad eyes. "Logan, Ally had meant to talk to you about something."

Logan stopped in his tracks

Hayley was talking baby talk to Michael as she caught up. She held him up so he could feel the sunshine she felt on her face.

Logan sighed, "Ally was helping me with these memories." He said quietly.

"I thought you were doing pretty well on your own this time." Hayley said, as she was looking at the baby then she looked at him coolly.

The X-men and the others seemed to catch up slowly after each had placed a flower on the grave.

"What about my other family? My mother or father?" Logan asked blankly.

Hayley's mouth dropped and her eyes got wide. "You don't remember?"

Alex and Justice exchange an uncomfortable look and he knew they had been keeping it from him.

"Tell me" he hissed.

"You knew all about them when you first met us, you knew everything. " Hayley started.

"Don't you remember calling us kids? It was a long time ago." Alex laughed a little at the memory. "That had to be fifteen years ago Logan."

He looked at them slowly feeling the air the brushed against them. He was talking this in slowly.

"You made us promise never to remind you of them." Justice began softly. "The last time your memory was taken, we told you everything and it brought you a lot of pain." Justice said slowly.

Jean chimed in with half a smile."Just how old is Logan? She asked. She hadn't been standing there long.

"Ask Logan." Alex smiled, "He never told us." Then she looked at the twins. "I should contact the Nanny Ally had arranged." She sighed.

"We will help Logan." Rouge offered, as she seemed to appear out of no where. She and everyone else were in the conversation now.

Charles caught his eye. "If you need any help wrapping up her affairs, I am sure I can more than help" he smiled at Logan politely.

"She is not dead." Logan growled.

Justice became angry " You said the same things about Chloe" Justice snapped. "And your sister" Everyone could tell he regretted the words after he said them. He looked at a loss for words now.

Logan's eyebrows shot up and he opened his mouth slightly. Alex hit Justice hard.

"Sister?" Logan said the words as if he hardly believed them. He sat down in the cool grass with Amber. Hayley sat down next to him with his son. Justice looked upset and just walked off. Alex watched her brother's retreat. Then she sat down next to her sister and Logan. Beast crouched down and met Logan's eyes. "May I stay?"

Logan nodded.

Charles ushered the others away. Logan was very uncomfortable with an audience. He didn't need to be telepathic to know that.

Once they were gone Logan faced them. "What sister? I don't remember a sister." He looked at them hoping they wouldn't hold much back. "Did she die?"

"We knew your sister but nobody else in your family." Alex looked at him apologetically. "Logan I am sorry Justice blurted it out." Then she looked down.

"He is upset too." Beast nodded at the direction Justice had taken off in.

"She died like many mutants in our father's nasty experiments." Hayley sighed.

Logan shook his head. "What was her name?"

"Amber" Hayley said steadily. "That is what you both called her."

He looked at his daughter who was quietly watching him. She looked amused at him. "Why didn't Ally tell me?"

"Did you want to know? Is it hurting now? Logan you have been through enough." Hayley was almost yelling at him now.

"Justice and Ally were afraid that you would blame us for our father and in time you still may." Alex brushed some grass off her dress.

Hayley put down the blanket from the small baby bag for the little boy. Then she put him on it too sleep. He stretched out and settled down. Logan placed Amber next to him. She stared at everyone moving he arms and legs. Logan stood up and lit his stogie

"I don't think I could ever blame any of you." He looked at them then he looked away. Their eyes were so much like Ally's it hurt to look at them sometimes.

He stood there silent

"Do you remember your sister Logan?" Hank asked hoping to help.

Logan shook his head, "No." He missed Ally. He kept expecting her to bounce in with a smile on her face wrapping her arms around his neck. With her rings around his neck, he could almost smell her.

Hayley perked up "Justice is leaving. He is blaming himself."

"Results from her last lab work show that the healing factor was higher than before" He looked at Hayley. "She felt good. There is no reason he should blame himself."

Logan turned quickly. "What?" He crouched down next to Hank. "How could Sabertooth off her then?" He asked hopefully.

"She did a lot of fighting, Logan perhaps…." Hank started.

"Horse shit Hank." He stood up. And looked at Hayley. "You felt her. You told me so."

"I don't know." She looked close to tears. "Logan we miss her too. We would want nothing more for her to be here with you and the liter."

He gave her a weak smile. Hayley had a theory, Wolverines and cats had liters not singletons and so was the story with Ally and Logan. He was becoming more found of his sister in law.

Alex sat up straight and looked a little far away. "Justice wants us to met him inside quickly."

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