Little Men:






Gambit looked down the long metallic hallway that the ghost of a woman led him and Scott to. It looked well kept and hardly seemed as scary as he would have been lead to thought. Still, something rang familiar but he couldn’t place his finger on what it was. Gambit found Scott amusing with his stiff posture and strict demeanor but his attention was kept on Jump. Remy was skeptical to rely on somebody that had worked for this man and had put the fear into so many other strong mutants. Gambit made sure that his staff was in hand and though he presented an air of calm and confidence he remained on yellow alert.


     Scott stopped in front of a door with a shiny clipboard but couldn’t make out the writing scribbled across the charts attached. Scott heard a noise in the room and began to eye the locks for entry but his eye was caught by Jump who ventured on down the hall.

    “We are supposed to stick together Jump,” Scott called to her and she continued her own search but she seemed to pause and hesitate. She turned around to face Scott slowly considering the other direction as she kept glancing back at the door at the end of the hall.

     “Then come on,” She called with a smile

     Gambit even gave her an even look and Scott began to lose his temper.

     Scott took a deep breath. “We may be able to find some help in one of these rooms.”

     Chloe tilted her head thoughtfully looking at the door they stood in front of.

     “We might find someone in here,” She said walking closer to the door, but instead of stopping she walked through the door leaving Scott with his mouth open and grabbing for her.

     “Fantômes,” Gambit mumbled as he held back a laugh at Scott’s miffed expression.


     Scott sighed as he reached for his visor, blasted the lock and opened the door slowly. It was Gambit who pushed his way first into the dimly lit room.

    There was no sign of Chloe but they had the feeling they weren’t alone either.

    “Gambit don’t like dis,” Gambit mumbled with his staff ready.

    “For once Remy I think we agree,” Scott sighed.

    “Well, if you done agree-in’ maybe you would see fit to get your foot off me?” A tiny voice called by Gambit.

     Gambit was taken by surprise and jumped back exposing a little man standing on the ground but he recovered his composure quickly.

     Scott stared at the little man in astonishment. “Who are you?”

    “Who am I? Why who are you?” the little man demanded.

    “I am Scott and that’s Remy.” Scott said evenly then fixed his gaze. “Now who are you?”

    “Dominick,” The man said proudly.

    Remy, was impressed by the little man, because he didn’t cower like you would expected him to. It would seem this Dominick wasn’t afraid of much.

    “Did Adams do this to you?” Scott asked

    “Sure, he did.” Dominick said putting his hands on his hips. “I called him a little man for what he did. This is what I get for sticking up for meself.”

     Remy started to chuckle at the little man.

     Scott cut Gambit a hard stare and knelt down to Dominick. “Did you see a woman come in here?”

     “No,” Dominick said quickly. “Saints preserve us, I did see a spirit though.”

     “Oui, Dat is her, homme,” Gambit said quickly.

     “French are ya?” the little man exclaimed.

     “You are Irish?” Scott said finally addressing the little man’s thick accent.

     “Well, I wasn’t but the fool turned me into a leprechaun,” Dominick said.

     Gambit lost it and began laughing uncontrollably. Scott couldn’t help but to chuckle as well and then offered Dominick his hand to stand on.

     “An’ see if I make ye a pair of shoes,” Dominick yelled as he jumped onto Scott’s hand.

     Jump came in through the wall and noticed them with the small man.

      She laughed at him, “Yellow stars, green clovers, Dom?” she laughed at her old friend.

     Through a facade of anger Dom laughed, “And what have the Irish ever done to you?”

      “Grizzly’s in here” Jump said quick an indicated to the wall in Dom’s room.

     Scott and Gambit exchanged quizzical glances.

     “I’m not here to fight,” Dom said to Scott, “Have you a quiet place for me to sleep?”

      Scott looked at his black uniform with dismay and then he glanced at Remy’s coat.

      Gambit put his hands up in effort to block the advance, “No,” Remy said quickly.

      Jump crossed her transparent arms. “Gambit just put Dom in your pocket and let’s go.”

       Gambit quickly relented and took the tiny man and placed him in his pocket as he swore in French.

       Scott laughed, “What else is here.” It was like a fun house and he was hoping they wouldn’t have to run into anybody to prevent the rescue of mutants.


      A blood curdling scream pierced the air and everyone picked their heads up in worry and wonder for the other teams in the labs.

       Remy’s face fell as the scream struck a cord in his head and only one thing went through his mind. ‘get there.’  Remy ran past Scott and through Jump letting them stare in wonder as he left them behind.

      Gambit followed the screams and wasn’t entirely prepared for what he saw when he found Wolverine and Bonsai.

      The little attacker used this moment of confusion to her advantage and she scampered wildly towards Gambit then leapt straight for him. Logan cut her off before she could reach him and his claws tore through her side as she leapt. Cries of pain and terror filled the area as she thrashed on the ground. Suddenly she struck out at her tormentors. In a flurry of arms and legs she kicked and slashed at anything she could. There was a sickening crack as her ribs broke apart on the side where Logan had clawed her and she balled up in agony.  Though a haze of pain and sweat she saw the newest of the demons come closer to her. His eyes glowed an eerie red and she heard him gasp. "Rayne? Merde’, what have they done to you"? Her eyes were full of sweat and blood and she couldn't focus on his face.

      "Rayne, ma petite"? Gambit spoke to her as she shook her head trying to get rid of the pain and fear.

Logan stepped foward cautiously, "You know her cajun"?  Remy was on his knees now looking over the grisly scene before him.                             


       The young woman shakily pulled herself up to a semi-seated position and tried yet again to focus on the face before her. There was too much pain. She couldn't concentrate. That voice sounded so familiar. From long ago, was'nt it? She recalls a room filled with earthly smells. It was Tante' Matte's. She was schoolin' her in the use of herbs and spells? But that pest Remy was there and he was distracting her. "Rayne girl say somethin' t' me". 

"Leave me alone Remy, go away "!

Gambit hesitantly touched her blood stained cheek, "Rayne, why are you here? Why have they done this to you?"

She turns her eyes to his and her brow furrows in thought. "I can' think, I - where am I"? She hears her voice as if it were in a far off place.  "Remy?" She finally sees Remys face, then nothing.
Gambit watches in shock and horror as the small figure before him collapses completely on the floor.                                                                                        

       "NO! Mon dieu No!" He pulls her limp body onto his lap. Tears start clouding his vision. ‘Please don't take her away from me again PLEASE! DON'T!’ His body heaves with a great sob and he grabs at her torn clothes and trembles.

       Bonsai feels the tremendous sorrow and attempts to comfort Gambit. "Um Gambit, I'm so sorry man".

       Wolverine put a hand up to silence him. He looks back to Remy, "Who is she Cajun?”

        Remy picks his head up slowly, "She's my sister Logan". Carefully and gently Remy picks her up and heads off to find Hank. ‘I jus’ found you. I can't lose you ‘gain.’
       Bonsai watches Gambit leave and turns an expectant look on Wolverine. "Don't look at me, kid" Logan shakes his head, looks at his bloodied claws and retracts them. They both then silently follow Gambit.




       Justice and Warren were making their way back to the blackbird when they heard a yell. Justice glanced at Warren only quickly enough to know Warren was right behind him, then Justice let his telepathy flow to find the two other teams. He only found confusion with Scott but with Gambit, Bonsai and Wolverine he found turmoil. He knew there was a battle and he quickly realized that an innocent mutant was less than cooperative.

       Soon more screams fills the empty halls and Justice picked up his pace to find the tormented soul who had been left here, before Logan lost his temper.

      Justice stopped short when he saw Gambit coming out of the maze of hallways with a small mutant that was bloody and unconscious. Justice now realized she was more than part of the mission to Gambit. He pushed Warren to the side to let Gambit past them.

      Once Gambit made his way out of the narrow hallways he glanced at Justice with a forlorn look and surprisingly enough Justice seemed to understand.

     “I can get her to Beast quickly, Gambit,” Justice offered.

     Gambit glanced down at Rayne and made a quick decision. He gave her to Justice and watched as his sister disappearing from view. He sighed, but he wasn’t sure if it was because he knew that she would get the care she needed, or if it was because she was only feet away now. Remy looked over his shoulder one time before he ran off after Rayne.




        Ally sat next to Hayley’s bed wondering how long she would sleep and she often looked down at her own injury and the stitches she had in her forearm. She touched Hayley’s hand lightly and moved on to help Jean some but her heart and mind weren’t on the injured files or the tidying up.

        “Jean, you mind if I check on the kids?” Ally asked with a quick smile. “If you have everything under control?”

         Though Jean kept her gaze on Hayley she said to Alley, “Sure, nothing earth shattering happening.”

         “Jean? You okay?” Ally asked but continued to wonder what was bothering Jean and how did it entail Hayley? Ally was trying very hard not to let her wonder turn into a mental intrusion.

         “Fine,” Jean smiled and indicated to the door to dismiss Ally.

         Ally knew very well where the nursery was and couldn’t wait to hold her children.

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