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      Gambit heard the door shut quickly behind him and the footfalls quickly after, he knew they would go to Rayne as soon as he left the room. They would fix her up, but he needed a way or a reason to keep her there.

       Lost in his thoughts, Gambit found the ground coming towards his face. He had fallen over something, but what? He turned quickly on his guard to face a child, who had balled herself up on the floor.

      The girl straightened herself up to face him and she carried a very curious but hurt look, “You stomped me.” The child pouted.

      He found himself smiling despite himself. “wha’s yo’ name, chere?”

      Jordan gave him another curious glance, “What?”

      He sighed, “yo’ name, chil’”

      She listened closer to his thick accent, “Oh,” she laughed, “I am Jordan.” Then she promptly produced a little hand for him to shake.

      He smiled and kissed her hand with exaggerated gestures, producing a very giggly child. “I’m Gambit, but yo’ can call me Remy.”

       She laughed so hard she couldn’t answer him but was caught in a fit of giggles.

       “Chere, yo’ got pa’ents?” he asked her, as he looked around for his own answer.

       She gave him an odd look, and then looked over his shoulder.

       He turned to see the lovely brunette he had met before. He scrambled to remember her name.

        “He wants to know if I have pants.” Jordan said to Hayley as Fire-cat crouched down to hold the child, and Imp scrambled in her lap.

       “What?” Hayley laughed.

        “No,” Gambit insisted. “Her PAHRENTS,” he trying to enunciate each syllable.

         Hayley felt her bad mood lifted at the sight of her niece, especially now that she knew she was her niece. Hayley stood up, not even the wild Cajun could damper her spirits now.

       “She’s my niece,” Hayley said proudly.

       Gambit looked at her surprised. “Nice t’ see yo’ still around.” He taunted her.

        Imp looked at the two, and then back to Hayley, “I was looking for daddy.”

        “I haven’t seen him yet,” Hayley looked at Gambit, “Have you seen Justice?”

         “Jus’ice? Dat’s his chil’?” Remy looked at Jordan a little harder now, and very surprised.

        “Yup, Imp’s his,” Hayley said looking at Jordan’s tell-tale eyes.

         “Dere’s a lot of him in her, non?” Remy said as Jordan moved closer to him, seizing him up carefully.

         “I guess,” Hayley mumbled, not wanting to admit she really didn’t know Jordan that well yet.

          Jordan touched his hand lightly, “Have you seen my daddy?”

          “Oui petite but he in der’,” Gambit indicated to the Infirmary’s door. “Dey busy, Ma’be yo’ wan’ to go wit’ Gambit?” he smiled at her, realizing she was taken by him.

         “I don’t know about that,” Hayley interrupted. She didn’t bother to hide her protective feelings for Justice’s daughter.

         Jordan already had a hold of his hand and was walking away with a smile.

         Gambit’s laughed echoed, “Den yo’ better follow us, non?”

        Hayley could only laugh at the infectious attitude Imp had bestowed on them. She took to the air to catch up to them, and began to wonder what it was about Gambit that had bewitched her niece.



         Ty grabbed his sides laughing as Bonsai brought Bobby, Rogue and his brother up to speed on what had happened. They sat in the recreation room, as Bonsai absorbed the after shocks of the tales of the away mission.

          Ty wiped a tear from his eye. “Aubrey thought you were me?”

           Bonsai didn’t seem to find it as funny and kept his firm expression. “Yeah, it’s hilarious.”

          Unfortunately for Bobby, Bonsai’s stern look only made him laugh harder. “Sorry, man.” He apologized half-heartedly.

          “It’s not funny,” Bonsai corrected them.

          “Tell us again about the naked Australian guy,” Rogue joked.

           Ty straightened his posture again, trying hard to be serious for his brother. Thoughts of Aubrey wafted through his mind, “Let him alone,” Ty dismissed the stories quickly. “I have better things to do than tease sour puss,” Ty joked.

          Bobby knew what was up. “Going to see Aubrey, huh?”

          Ty began to stammer inaudibly, and ran off before they could start in on him too.

          Rogue turned to Bobby and Bonsai and they mirrored her curious glance.

          Despite Bonsai’s bad mood he found himself smiling for his brother, finally.

          It was Rogue bit her lip because she worried for the brother’s future.








          In the infirmary, people began to go about their business. Xavier had most of the new mutants gathered and was debriefing them about what had happened with Oliver and at the labs.

         Josh kept his hostile glare the whole time but they could see something had changed about him, he wasn’t as angry as he was.

         Aubrey sat on the bed letting her feet dangle, taking in the difference everyone felt with Oliver’s death.

         “I am glad we were of some service,” Xavier addressed the  group. “You have been through quite an ordeal. We would like extend our welcome and see that you get hot meal and a bed.”

         “What about Willow?” Minnie whispered as she landed on the arm of Xavier’s chair.

         Xavier took a deep breath and addressed all of them when he spoke, “Tomorrow will be her funeral,” Alex, Ally, Justice, Jean and Beast knew this was a touchy subject and joined the discussion. “It will also be the funeral for the memory of my brother, Oliver Adam’s” Xavier paused for a minute registering the astonished glances of the new comers. “I don’t condone what my brother has done, but I do mourn for the man I once knew. Just as we all mourn for your friend, and fallen companion.”
        “Yer brother?” Reggie pondered as he rubbed his jaw. “What are all of yers related here?”

        “I am Charles Xavier brother to Oliver Adams, the man who was responsible for your pain.” Charles knew this wasn’t an ideal time, but they deserves some answers, “Allyson, Alex and Justice are my niece and nephew. Jean was at one time one of my first students here.”

         “He was your brother?” Sassy said letting her temper take over.

         “We have no control over where we come from.” Xavier said hoping to relax them. “Just as we had no control over who Oliver was or what he did.”

          Ally’s watched Sassy carefully as she morphed into her wolf shape, and approached Xavier. She stopped in her tracks frightened.

         “I, I can’t move.” Sassy cried to Minnie, Reggie, Kodiak, and Khaki.

         “You won’t be able to move until you cool down.” Ally said as she watched her with glowing eyes.

          “His brat would have the same ability,” Sassy sneered.

          Jean sighed, “Haven’t you listened to a word we’ve said?”

           Aubrey felt her face get hot as she watched the situation take place, and it seemed very familiar. She remembered Josh’s first encounter with the X-men.

          A quick glow and a bear walked cautiously to Ally. Kodiak had morphed and joined Ally’s side. Logan greeted Kodiak with an Adamatium reach but Ally held her hand up for Logan to back down.

         “I trust them, and I think you should too.” The bear said.

         Sassy became astonished at the young man who never spoke, and quickly morphed back into a woman.

         Justice who now stood next to his sister watched in amazement. “I was about to call you ‘Silent Ed’” he teased the youth.

         “I know who Wolverine is,” Kodiak said ignoring Justice, “I am surprised you all don’t” The bear took a deep breath daring them with a giant howl. “Wolverine wouldn’t side with people who mutated him. I think we need to trust them.”

         Dom who hadn’t had been asleep in the coat Gambit had worn, began to stir when he heard the howling. The coat fell of the stretcher and everyone stared at it once again on guard.

        Minnie flew up with a grin. “Its just Dom.”

       “Dom?” Xavier answered quickly.

        Beast laughed lightly forgetting the leprechaun had stowed away in Gambit’s cozy pocket, and bent down to pick up the floundering coat and it’s occupant.


        Dom thrust the coat off of him with the blue guy’s help and looked around at the new surroundings.

        “What have we here?” He announced looking at the familiar faces, and taking in the new ones. He looked straight at Allyson confused. “Lass, does your hair change colors now?”

        Ally had relented her grip on Sassy, so she didn’t scare the little man with her glowing eyes. Ally tilted her head slightly confused, “I have always had red hair.”

        Alex laughed, “He thinks you’re me.”

        “Saints preserve us, there’s more than one of ya?” Dom laughed.

        “No,” Ally said a little annoyed. “There is three of us and we are all our own person.”

         “Three?” Dom repeated.

          Others seemed interested in the resemblance now.

          Justice rolled his eyes. “They are triplets, just different hair color and texture.”

          Some seemed to recognize what Justice had said and make the connection of whom they were.


         With the quick slam of a door, a young green haired mutant wandered into the lab. Riptide skidded in to a halt.

          “Apesadumbrado, soy atrasado pero tuve que hacer pis.” He exclaimed quickly in Spanish. “Um, I had to pee.”

          He was a welcome site for Aubrey and Josh, and Aubrey quickly ran to him to hug him.

          “Sure,” She laughed. “You wanted to stick your head in the tank right?”

          “Some help I am,” Jason Scoffed, as he looked at the scrambled scene. “Who’s the bear?”

           Minnie eyed him. “You are from the labs too, right?”

           “Yeah, Professor Adams used me to fight against his children.” Jason looked at his feet a little embarrassed at the memory now. “You guys might want to get those chips removed from you heads too.”

           “What chips?” Reggie mumbled, but touched the back of his head absentmindly.

           “The one you are messing with.” Jason laughed.

            “He has a point,” Jean said. “If we don’t get the chips out, somebody might use them against them.”

            “Of course you have chips in your heads,” Dom yelled.

             Xavier stifled a laugh at the comical man stomping about trying to make himself known.

             Ally bent down to the little man, “Now how would you know that?”

             “I helped put them there after all,” Dom sighed. “I used to work for that weasel too.” Dom yelled as he shook his fist in the air. “I know about you girls and your brother, he used you didn’t he now?”

             “You could say that,” Justice folded his arms, reluctant to keep discussing the past.

             “He was accustomed to using people and throwing them out.” Dom began to pace. “He never told me, the subjects weren’t willing. Most were already drugged and not able to fight back.” Dom rubbed his eye, as he still woke up. “I found what that Bastard was doing and this is what he did to me.” Dom gestured grandly to his small physique. “I know he mutated you children as well when you found him out. When you try to kill your own child, it doesn’t go with some chatter.”

             “You worked for him.” Alex asked. “Then you can help us take these chips out.”

             “You don’t hate me then?” Dom said dubiously.

             Ally picked Dom up and placed him on a table gingerly. “Maybe hate was our father’s way, but it’s not ours.” She said quietly.

             “If we can all just take each other for who we are now, and not our past entanglements, we should be fine, “ Alex agreed.

             Justice smiled, “Does that mean, I can’t show Dom the cereal with the cartoon leprechaun?”




             Hayley, Gambit and Imp stopped along the now deserted pool.

             “It’s quiet, non?” Gambit had guessed it would be full of activity.

             “Guess everyone wanted to see the new arrivals first.” Hayley mumbled

             “More mutants?” Imp turned to Hayley.

             “Yeah, Imp,” Hayley smiled, and let Imp’s hand go. She folded her arms over each other a little cold in the night’s breeze.

             “I want to go swimming,” Imp exclaimed running at the pool. Hayley and Gambit ran after her, but Imp was already throwing her little body into the deep end of the water.

             Hayley took to the air, and grabbed Imp’s arm before she fell all the way into the water. “Not tonight, Imp.” Hayley laughed as she dangled Imp’s feet over the water playfully.


            Gambit watched Hayley holding the child, there was no refusing he was attracted to her. Out of the Cats, Hayley was the one that was alive. Her eyes danced mischievously, as she seemed to forget he was there. She dipped Imp’s feet in the water and pulled her out again, and Imp laughed loving the attention.

          Gambit sat in the lounge chair, and lit a cigarette. He remembered how dangerous she was when he met her, and the fire that danced around her. She had the same zest for living he was used to, she reminded him a little of Rayne.

          He noticed Hayley as she began to maneuver her flight, so Jordan could just touch the water to watch it ripple as Hayley flew. She was carefree enough, and he wondered what she thought of him.


         Hayley was still tired but she didn’t want anybody to know she had any weakness. She felt Gambit’s eyes on her with Imp, and she met his eye but turned scarlet. All her time around men how could she not realize this smooth talker was attracted to her? Was it because she wasn’t ready for a relationship? It could have been because she was too mad at Cyclops to notice. Then it dawned on her, if he knew she was pregnant he wouldn’t have anything to with her.

          Hayley returned her attention to Imp, as she was whooping and laughing.

          “Look at the basketball court,” Imp pointed to courts where some brawny young students were wrestling for the ball.

          Hayley looked up quickly, and then she lost control. Then everything went black.


          Gambit was only half paying attention to Hayley, and played with the idea of going back inside.

Hayley wouldn’t have anything to do with him anyway. From what he knew of the Adams family, they came from a rich background.

          He flicked the ashes off his cigarette, and thought of Rayne. He wanted to talk to her but knew she was better with Beast, and she needed to calm down.

         He needed to think about what he would do to keep Rayne safe and being with Hayley wasn’t helping his decision-making. He stood up and stretched as he looked at the now darkened sky. He couldn’t help but to smile at the innocent child, she reminded him of how people should be.

        He squinted his eyes against the dark, ‘She not flying t’ well,’ he thought to himself. ‘Hayley lik’ Rayne, tired but aint gonna say not’ing.’

       He held his hand up to get her attention, “Chere, let’s go.” He called hoping she wasn’t as stubborn as Rayne. She never heard him though, as he watched her attention wander and she flew straight into the diving board.

        Imp’s Squeal caught the attention of he basketball players, but Gambit was already throwing himself into the dark water.


        Gambit welcomed the water as it encircled his body, and he peered through the water for one of them.

       ‘Over here,’ Imp’s voice called in his head, and he swam closer to where he heard the call.

        He felt a small hand grasp his and he grasped the child to his chest, and pulled hard towards the surface.

        He could hear other splashes and knew there were others to help him.

        When his hand reached the air he kicked hard until they both broke through to the surface.

        He looked Imp over for any marks, but before she could speak somebody was pulling her from his arms.

        Gambit looked around. “W’ere Jo’dan’s Ahnt?” He sputtered, and then he noticed the person holding Imp was Justice.

        “Hayley?” Justice said as he grasped his daughter.

        “She in da water, homme.” Gambit said but refused the hands to pull him out.

         “I can’t reach her,” Justice with his eyes glowing, and handed Jordan’s still sputtering form, to sweaty student from the courts.

         Gambit dove back under and charged a card for light. He heard another splash and knew it was Justice on his heels.

        Gambit felt Hayley’s hair and clutched it hard, he yanked her to him like he did Imp and raced to the surface.

        He was much slower pulling Hayley’s dull form and gratefully took a hard deep breath when they hit the air. Other arms pulled her from him but it was one strong arm that grabbed him from the water.

        Justice looked at Gambit confused, he didn’t take Gambit as much of anything but a ladies man.

       “She’s not breathing.” A young mutant boy with violet eyes, yelled to catch their attention.

       “NO!” Imp yelled grabbing Hayley’s arm.

       Gambit crouched down once again taking control, and he rolled Hayley to her back and looked at Justice who knelt beside him.

       Gambit cocked her head up and blew into her mouth, and then he placed both hands together on her chest pushing to start her breathing.

      Justice jumped to life. “Two man,” And Gambit nodded quickly as he puffed more air into her mouth.

      “Did anybody call Ms. Gray?” one of the young man asked as another went running for help.

      “I called her,” Justice said in between counting off to Gambit.

      Gambit pulled his mouth from Hayley’s and caught his own breath. “How yo’ get ‘ere so fast, homme?” 

      “Jordan called me telepathically,” Justice said quickly as Gambit tried to puff life into his sister’s body.

      Gambit didn’t let the surprise that the child was a mutant distract him, but Hayley coughed hard and sputtered looking at them.

       She tried sitting up now she had a headache and things spun. “Wha?” she coughed again to speak clearly. “What happened?”

       “Yo’ hit de boa’d.” Gambit gestured to the diving board.

       “Careless?” Justice accused his sister

        “Gambit pulled us out,” Imp smiled climbing in Gambit’s lap and hugging his neck.

        Justice held his arms out for Jordan and she happily stumbled into his hug. He caught Gambit’s eye and mouthed ‘Thank you.’

         “Yo’ a mutant chere?” Gambit asked Jordan, and she nodded her head happy to be with her father.

         Justice’s eyes were glowing. “I told Jean you’re ok, Hayl.” He looked at her meaningfully. “She said Beast still wants you there on monitors for a while, and he wants to look you both over.”

        “Just, I am fine.” She mumbled.

        “No chere, yo’ aint.” Gambit insisted.

         “Hayley, if not for you, for the baby,” Justice said as he stood.

         Gambit’s eyes widened in surprise, “Baby?”

          The students quickly realized the personal tone of the conversation and began to disperse.

          Hayley nodded and turned a little red, but then regained her composure.

         “Come on chere, Der som’body I wan’ you to meet.” Gambit smiled but he still wasn’t quite sure what to make of her pregnancy.

          “I am taking Jordan now,” Justice was anxious to get his daughter there, “Want me to come back for you, Hayley.”

          She shook her head feeling Gambit’s stare on her. It was intense and she was determined to find the meaning of it.

         “I will be right there, Just,” Hayley said touching her head lightly.

         “I make su’e she get dere, Jus’ice.” Gambit said but didn’t take his eyes off Hayley. He wanted to see Rayne and taking Hayley to the infirmary was a good excuse to go.

          Justice raised his eyebrow, ‘No, shit?’ but to Gambit and Hayley he mumble “Oh, okay.”

          In their departure, Hayley and Gambit could hear Jordan’s voice above the night-time sounds.

          “Is he going to kiss her again daddy?” Imp said sweetly.


           Gambit helped Hayley to a chair and they both laughed at the child’s comment.

           “Look, I will go, you don’t have to escort me.” Hayley smiled.

           “Wha’ yo’ afrai’ de Cajun gonna kiss yo’?” Gambit taunted.

           “I am not afraid of anything,” Hayley said squaring her shoulders.

           He laughed and pulled her to her feet gently, “Don’t worry chere, Gambit know yo’ shaky.” He gave her a reassuring smile, “I won’ do not’ing.”

            Hayley watched this enigma, and then she decided sometimes a good thing finds you.

           “Well, that’s good to know,” she laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck as she stood.


             Gambit fought the urge to kiss her or to push her too fast she was vulnerable right now. He couldn’t deny he had feeling for her, and he didn’t want to chase her away. He sighed because she was still a little shaky to stand on her own. He wasn’t sure if she would let him carry her or if she would take it the wrong way.

           “Let’s ge’ yo’ steady, on yo’ feet, Hayley,” He sighed realizing he used her name for the first time. “Yo’ wan’ me to carry yo’?”

            She looked at him with the dancing eyes that he had come to like. “Well, that depends.”

            He narrowed his eyes at her, and couldn’t have been more surprised when Hayley pushed her mouth on his. He felt his heart jump at the new feeling and holding this woman close. He returned her kiss with equal passion, but couldn’t help but to feel surprised at her.


            Hayley didn’t know what came over her because she had wanted to kiss this man all day. She felt like she was melting in his arms. She let her hands run through his hair and held his head gently. She let her emotions get the better of her and let a hand trail down to the waist of his pants.

              She was surprised when a breathless Gambit pushed her away gingerly.

             “No, chere,” he breathed in her ear sweetly, “Yo’ vulne’able righ’ now.”

              Hayley snapped backed to her guard but kept a reasonable voice, “Kids change things.” She pulled away from him, but Gambit rolled his eyes at her and pulled her back gently.

             “It’s not dat,” He made sure he was looking directly into her eyes, “Yo’ los’ in emotions, non?” He hugged her and took a deep breath, “Yo’ migh’ feel diffe’ent later.”

              Hayley was impressed but didn’t want to show it, “Maybe.” She said with a cocky smile.


             Gambit laughed and picked her up off of her feet, “Yo’ brudda is gonna skin me if I don’t get yo’ t’ Beast.” He laughed to himself and knew Rayne would give a guy a much harder time.

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