Wolvie Femmes * Lessons and Lies:



      Imp woke up to a familiar face and she smiled. "Mommy!" the child threw her arms around her mother’s neck.


    Chloe smiled back at her daughter, "Good morning."


    Jordan looked suspicious, "What did I do?"


    Chloe's laugh filled the room, "Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you." Chloe was almost in tears at the thought of Justice with Storm. She had gone to Justice's room that morning making her usual entrance through the walls. She had been upset to see him making love to the lovely woman and was glad they didn't see her. She knew he was in love with the weather witch but hadn't expected him to figure it out so soon.



      Justice hadn't moved as quickly with her. Now she needed time alone to sort her feelings and she didn't think she could do it in Justice's uncle house. She could now manage to stay whole at will and wanted to give her marriage to him one last time but that was when she found him and Ororo naked together.


      "Mommy?" Jordan said as she made her way to the bathroom. Chloe watched her daughter and had to admit she didn't feel like her mother. Certainly Storm had lived with the child and knew the girl longer than she did. Chloe had wanted a child with Justice very badly and when she had conceived they were overjoyed. Her tears became a waterfall as she remembered being the woman in Justice's life, and she recalled all the beautiful nights she spent in his arms.


       She smiled for a minute wondering if she should follow Imp into the bathroom. Her daughter was more like Justice and quite the clumsy clown. Yes, he was a bit of a clumsy clown, but never when he was needed not to be. In the courtroom he was a tiger to beware of but he always knew when to bring Chloe flowers. Chloe chuckled.  But that was before she found out he was a telepath. Imp looked relieved as she walked slowly now back to her mother.


      "Can I help you with something," Chloe offered lamely.


     "Are you going to tell me about Daddy and Storm?"




     "You were thinking about daddy and Storm," Imp cocked her head much like her Aunt Hayley, "What about them?"


     "I forget you are a telepath," Chloe said a little sad of her daughter's intrusion. "Is Storm going to be my new mommy?"


     "I don't know baby," She said sadly, "Would that matter?"


     "Well, she was always nice to me before daddy came," Imp said searching her drawers for her sock. She triumphantly pulled a pair and smiled, "Especially when I made Rogue angry." She pulled a sock on, "So, I guess it would be okay."


      "I have to go away now Jordan," Chloe said, "I will be leaving after I talk to your father tonight."


     Jordan stopped as she pulled her other sock on, "Did I do anything wrong?"


     Chloe shook her head. "No hon. It’s just that I don't belong here."


    "You were happy when you knew you were going to have me?" Jordan said sadly and she started a new search in her drawers for underwear. Imp had pulled at her mother's memories again.


     Chloe was losing her temper at her daughter's intrusion into her mind, "It's not polite to go uninvited into somebody's mind," She scolded.


       Imp stopped her search and turned to face her mother. "I know what you are thinking," She challenged her, "You don't want me because I am grown and you want a baby."


     Chloe stood, feeling bested by a young girl and then smiled because this was her daughter, "I did want you very much and I do love you still."


     "I love you too Mommy!" she pleaded with the teary eyed grown up. "I just don't belong here now and I will talk to your daddy before I go," Chloe sighed, "I will be back for you, but I think your father is closer to you now so he would be the best choice to care for you."


     Imp put her hands on her hips feeling rejected, "You better come back."


    "I will baby but I need to learn who I am right now." Imp didn't smile at her mother because she knew what her mother wanted and what she had planned.


    "Don't do it," Imp said quietly as her mother stood.


     "Do what?"


     Imp's glare challenged her mother, "It might hurt daddy."


     "No," Chloe said. "I will just make him miss me," She smiled as she bent to kiss the girl on the cheek. "You must not like Storm," she sighed.


     "I will come visit you and your father," Chloe said as she walked from Jordan without turning to look at her. Her child. How could she leave her? She didn't get to know her and Justice's father was responsible for that.


     Imp watched her go. She clicked with her father right away but her mother was another story. Still, tears hit her nightgown as she flung herself on the bed, and she wondered if she should tell her father her mother's plan to win him back. She buried her face in the covers and continued to cry.


    Then the prodigy had an idea. 'I won't tell him about Mommy,' she sighed to herself. She sat up satisfied with the idea that she had, so that her father wouldn't be upset with her nor not listen to her as most of the grown ups tended to do. She heard people rushing for breakfast and hurried to find her father before anyone else did.


     Remy kissed Hayley's head as he left the bed. Hayley tilted her head to him for another kiss before he got to far and he laughed to return it and she pulled him back into the bed. He laughed and pinned her beneath him.


    "I'll be back chere," he smiled and made his way to the bathroom. Hayley sighed and let him go then she heard the shower turn on. With in minutes he emerged and Hayley was surprised to see him with a smile as he sat in the chair and lit a cigarette still naked.   


    Hayley stifled a laugh until he pulled on his boxers and pants quickly. She furrowed her brow and eyed him, "what are you doing?"


    "I need t' talk t' Rayne," he sighed as he put his cigarette down to pull his shirt on.


    "This early?"


    "Rayne's got a problem, chere," he mumbled under his shirt. He knew what Hayley wanted but his mind was back to the vision of his sister throwing sticks at him from the trees.


    "Let me get dressed then," she smiled, "I can go with you."


   He emerged from his shirt to give her a disapproving look. "Not a good idea, chere. Rayne an' you…," he shook his head at a loss for words.


     "I know," she sighed. Hayley really didn't want to see Rayne either but she didn't want him to leave so quickly. She smiled when she thought that many a man had said that about her before. She laughed and quickly jumped out of bed as an idea formed.


     Remy eyed her when her attitude changed and sighed deeply before making his way to the dresser mirror. Rayne and Hayley's disapproval of each other was going to drive him nuts. He grabbed the comb and began to push it through his hair.


       He strode to the bathroom to find the door cracked and Hayley in the shower. He stepped in to brush his teeth but as soon as he turned the corner his eyes found Hayley's siloette as she scrubbed her hair from behind the glass shower door.


    A corner of his mouth turned up as he made his way to the door. He gently pushed it open and watched Hayley. Her head was tilted back to the stream of water and her eyes were closed either in enjoyment of the water or thought.


    "Should lock de door chere," He grinned at her little jump, "Any ol’ body could jus’ come right on in," He laughed as his heart skipped a beat at the sight of her.


     Hayley was taken back a little because she had been thinking to herself. She watched the handsome man as his eyes traveled up and down her body. "It's getting cold," Was all she could think to say. She watched as the spray of the shower began to wet Gambit and dishevel his neatly combed hair.


       She sulked, "You showered so Rayne wouldn't smell me on you, didn‘t you?" She didn't bother to hide the hurt tone to her voice, "She will have to deal with me sooner or later."


     Remy didn't respond but kept his coy look as he shut the shower door. He had to catch his breath. He did a double take when he realized how his pulse was racing, and even the sight of her swollen abdomen didn't stop his feelings for her.


    He walked over to the sink and splashed cold water in his face, then looked at his face in the mirror. His wild eyes gave him a look he hadn't seen in a long time. His eyes told him the truth.


      'Remy, wha' you gon' do wit' love?' Rayne's voice echoed in his mind. 'Ah don' lik' dat woman Remy, somethin‘s not right ‘bout her,' Rayne's voice taunted him further.


     He angrily grabbed his toothbrush and let the toothpaste ooze on his brush and his eyes traveled to Hayley's form against the shower door. He spat the toothpaste against the sink and rinsed his mouth and his toothbrush out.


      Then a much younger, more naive Rayne’s voice sounded in his thoughts, 'Remy, yo’ got to learn ta trus’ yo' heart.' 


      'My heart,' He said to himself as he watched Hayley again and his heart jumped.


     'Hayley?' She was moody and could be very angry at times. He thought back to his first meeting with the baby bird and the gentle person who had flew her niece above the pool.


      He sighed and stripped off his shirt and his clothing continued to fall as he opened the shower door. Hayley cocked her head at him as she reached for the soap in the tray. Remy didn't give her a chance to lather up, pinned her to the shower wall and kissed her hard on the mouth stopping Hayley's words before she spoke.


     She didn't seem to mind as she pushed herself back against the naked man and Remy felt one hand travel up and down his spine as the other grabbed his firm butt. Hayley's thoughts were jumbled when Remy took the upper hand.


      Their bodies definitely wanted each other and their passions were equal and hungry.


     But, 'Are we in love?' she wondered as Remy began to let his kiss trail down her neck and her heart skipped a beat and that scared her. The only other person she had done that for was Logan and she had broke up with him. And the main reason for the breakup was because she didn't want to be in love. Love was a weakness.


     Hayley pushed Remy away from her slightly, "Stop."


     Remy looked confused but stopped as his eyes searched her face. "Wha’s wrong mon amour?" he asked concerned.


     Hayley's heart skipped a beat again as she realized he really cared about her. "Nothing." Her fingertips brushed his face and he let his head fall into her hand like a puppy dog. "Remy, what are we doing?"


      He lifted his head and met her eyes and her confusion, and then they both realized that both of them had wrestled with the same feelings. Were they both so alike? Gambit didn't answer but began to move closer to her, closing the extra space between them.


      Hayley moved back until she was against the wall again. He sighed and put his hand against the shower wall right by her head. He gave her a cocky smile and dipped his head down to kiss her and let his hands entangled with hers. They finally parted breathlessly.


     He grabbed her above the waist and rested her on top of his hips and felt himself gasp as they joined and was delighted to hear Hayley gasp too. He was taken back and they both locked eyes that held a thousand questions.


      Hayley didn't want to let him know how emotional she really was, and neither of them seemed to want to admit that they might be in love. When Remy lifted her on top of him she offered no resistance. She was done with games. She loved being with him and the feel of his touch.


     He lowered her onto him expertly and she let him enter her and she gasped with pleasure and happiness. She heard him utter the same noise and found his eyes searched her with the same questions. 'How alike are we? Are we really in love? Or was it just the sex?'  Yes, their bodies seemed to be made for each other but were their souls really touching on a much higher plane?


     They continued the stare hoping it would explain itself until it was finally Hayley who lowered her eyes, "I am sorry that I put you in the middle with Rayne. We both know she doesn't like me."


      Remy cocked an eyebrow at her timing for an apology and kissed her neck still on fire. He knew it wasn't like her to apologize and he should say more but he needed her. He thought to remind her of the position they shared as he moved his hips gently and Hayley's eyes closed. He began to pull himself closer to her as his kiss found her mouth.  


      They continued to be on fire until Remy broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. He thought his eyes said the same thing as hers, and that was love. Hayley closed her eyes quickly hoping to hide anything vulnerable about herself as Remy began to kiss her neck gently. Between the kisses and the rhythmic movements their bodies pushed tighter together desiring to become as one.


       Finally Remy and Hayley allowed themselves to collide bodily and emotionally. He heard himself grunting rhythmically in her ear and she grabbed his back and squealed happily. 


       After they climaxed she tried to climb down but Remy wouldn't let her. He held her where she was and she looked at him. "No, Hayley," He said breathlessly, "yo' can' run from dis." He began to kiss her again.


      His look stopped her retreat as he held a look that could only be taken one way and her heart jumped but she tried to be coy, "run from what?" then she narrowed her eyes at him and began to move on top of him slightly wondering if he wanted more.


     Then Gambit let her down quickly but gently and pushed his finger in her face, "Don’ do dis, chere."


     Hayley began to push past him to get out of the shower but his pull on her arm stopped her and he turned her around.


      "Chere," he whispered. He couldn't let her go, not now. Aside from Rayne there was nobody closer to him but Hayley didn't seem to realize that. "We," he said but couldn't find the words.  Hayley turned to face him but didn't meet his eye. He touched her chin and pushed it up until their eyes met. "I.." he said but couldn't find the words. "It's not jus’ ‘bout sex," he said firmly, "dere’s a difference 'tween dat and makin’ love," then to mask the feeling his voice had for her, he pulled her into a simple hug that turned into and embrace.


       They just stood there a while holding each other as the water turned cold. They would gingerly run their fingers over each other's bodies amazed the other was docile and not fighting the simplicity of it. Remy heard a strange clicking and grabbed the soap to charge it. He pushed Hayley behind him.


     "What is it?" she said a little upset their tender moment was interrupted.


     "Shhh," he hushed her, "Ah heard somet'in’." He still had the fine tuned ears of a thief. He noticed the sound deadened a little and turned to tell Hayley to stay still as it suddenly got louder.


      He frowned at the idea of somebody catching them at a vulnerable time and turned to see Hayley under the cold stream of water with her jaw moving as she trembled from the cold.


     He snorted loudly, "Yo' cold?" he felt for her, forgetting she loved the warmth like the sun did and must be freezing standing in the cold shower.


    "No, really?" she scoffed, "Yeah, I am because I am fire mutant. Remember?" She laughed. His look softened as he realized she with stood the cold so they could embrace. He quickly turned the water off then grabbed her from her feet into his arms. He let her on her feet when the got the warmth, back in her and grabbed them both robes.


     She smiled and grabbed him by the collar of his robe and pulled his mouth onto hers, "I know how to warm up."


     He laughed and picked her up and carried her to the bed. He was going to teach Hayley a lesson. He raised the corner of his mouth as he set her down. She began to remove her robe and he raised his hand.


    "Ah ! Leave dat on," He said and smiled at her confused look but got on the bed next to her still clad in his own robe. He watched her face as he rolled on his side and traced the outline of her lips then kissed her head.


     She lost her fingers in his wet hair letting the locks wrap around each digit and soon felt Remy kissing her ear. She was so confused but she enjoyed the closeness of him. She wanted to run but she felt compelled to the bed because he seemed to as much of part of her as her sisters and Justice were. And besides, she just loved his sex, period!


      'Justice,' her hand flew to her mouth as she remembered what she forgot to block from her siblings mind. She did remember Justice scolding her for sharing the info and Alex's lack of caring. Ally however had been half sleepy next to Logan and she was sure Ally used the idea for herself but she might have explaining to do still.


   "I have to go." Remy wrapped an arm around her waist not letting her leave.


    "Why?" he said upset she would leave now. "I have to speak with Justice," she lied.


       "An ah have ta speak t' Rayne," He countered as he rubbed his thumb along her cheek, "Dey can wait." He wouldn't have her run from this, not now. She hadn’t said she loved him yet. He knew she did. He kissed her letting thoughts fade away as she relaxed again.