Wolvie Femmes * Last Dance









      Jason saw Rayne and her brother enter the room and his heart leap into his throat.  Afterburn saw them too and came over to him.  “Ok, I’ll go over and distract him.”  But before she could take a step they saw that Gambit walked over to Hayley and Rayne walked to a corner and sat down.


       Afterburn slapped Jason on the back,  “Now’s your chance, go get her!”


       “I’m not a cowboy after a heifer, chica.”  He shook the tension out of his body, steeled his resolve, and then walked towards Rayne.


       The room seemed to close in around him as he came closer to where she was sitting.  He noted how sad she looked as she watched her brother from across the room.  That made him feel sad as well and he wanted to hold her and make her pain go away. 


       Before he knew it, he was standing awkwardly next to her.  His throat tightened up and sweat beaded on his forehead.  His nerves failed him then and he took a step back.  He looked over to Afterburn who was veritably dancing in place waving him onward.


       To his shock, when he turned back around Rayne was looking right at him.  “I can’t do this!” he thought.  He felt faint, but mustered one last ounce of courage.  “Hi.”  He held his hand out towards her.  “My name is Jason.”


       Rayne nodded slightly,  “So you’ve said before, chere.”


      Jason’s legs felt weak.  The lilting sound of her voice and her use of Cajun French made his head spin as well.  Her eyes shone like Baltic amber, and seemed to pierce his very soul.  “I-I want to start over.”  He kept his hand held out and cleared his throat,  “Bonjourno…um, no.  Hello, no no wait.”  His mind was a war and he couldn’t think straight.  He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate.  ‘She’s going to think I’m an idiot!’


       “You wanted ta ask me out?” 


       Jason swallowed hard.  “Yes, yes I did, er, I do.  Is that ok?”


      “No harm in askin’, chere.”  She said with a slight gracious smile.


       “Did you and your brother talk?  Is it ok then?  Will you be able to go?”  He was glad that she was finally talking to him and that it seemed to be going well.


       “Remy an’ Ah have not yet talked.”  Rayne noted how the young man looked like he was about to collapse, and she motioned to a seat nearby.  “Make yourse’f comfortable, chere.”


       He pulled the chair over next to hers and quickly sat down.  “So, what does that mean?  Do I have to wait until you talk it over, like he said?”  He was nearly frantic.


       Rayne laughed slightly and folded her hands together on her lap,  “Ah don’ need his permission to do what ah want.”  She looked at him from the corner of her eye as though she were sizing him up.


       He saw her look and it made him uncomfortable.  It felt like he was under a microscope.  His mouth felt dry and he wished he had something to drink.  “So, does that mean you’ll come?” 


       Rayne dropped her gaze and said nothing.  He seemed to be a nice guy, but she wasn’t sure she was ready for this.  Anxiety rose within her and threatened to smother her.


       Jason didn’t know what to do.  She wouldn’t answer, and seemed distant.  Did that mean she didn’t want to have anything to do with him?  Did she think him that lame?  He rose from his seat and cleared his throat.  “Maybe I should just let you have some time to think about it, huh?”  He needed to go to the bathroom and throw some cold water on his head.  He felt nauseated.  He took a step to go, and felt a hand lightly touch his arm.


      “Forgive me Jason.”  Rayne said in almost a whisper,  “Ah’m not sure Ah can.”


       He didn’t understand.  “But I thought you said you didn’t need your brother’s consent to go.”


       “Ah don’t,” She said with her head held down.  “Ah just don’t know if Ah can.  Go with you.”


       Just then, there was a loud commotion as Justice entered the room.  Jason’s heart sank further then he thought was possible.  He looked to Afterburn who nodded and started off to keep the man away from Jason.  He turned back around and saw that there was an empty chair where Rayne had been sitting.  He looked for her quickly and found that she was hugging Justice tightly.











             Hayley smiled seeing Remy making his way to her and she got to her feet but he waved her to sit back down.  He seemed as happy to see her.


      "Alex said you helped with this?" Hayley looked at him surprised.


      His blush and smile gave him away, "it was your uncle's idea, chere."


      Hayley looked at the bassinet that she had been told was from Remy, "and that?"


      He felt caught with all three sisters looking at him.  He wanted to make the child feel welcome and didn't mind pampering it, or Hayley but he wondered what Alex and Ally must think.  He could see a Cajun baby in it too.  He didn't have a chance to answer but felt Hayley pull him to her in a deep kiss.  He touched her face and wanted to lose himself in the kiss but was keenly aware of the eyes on them, especially when he heard her sisters say 'awwww'.


       He hugged her and kissed her neck then cleared his throat, "De diapers," he pointed to the bundles, "dey from Rayne."


       "Awwww," Ally said and her thoughts went to the three of them living together.  "How kind." Ally thought that a lot when she thought of Rayne.


       Remy chuckled, "Rayne said somet'ing about makin’ it easier for me."


       Alex's punch came out of her nose noisily and it drew more laughter.  “I want to be there the first time you change a diaper.”


      Remy wrapped his arms around Hayley feeling like things were just beginning for them.


      "Remy you are going to be doing enough for the baby," Hayley returned his hold.  "You didn't have to buy it anything."  She could tell the basinet wasn't as modest as it could be and wondered how he could afford it.


       "Justice gave me de catalog," he shrugged trying to dismiss it.


        Ally touched Remy's shoulder and she looked tired already.  Remy looked a little concerned, Ally wasn't as far along as Hayley so Hayley should get rest soon.


        "Logan's chasing me to bed," Ally kissed his cheek.  "Don't you take her off before I can say goodbye."


        They heard a somebody scream Justice was coming and everyone grabbed blowers.


        The triplets traded a look but they were sure what had kept Justice, the bond between the four was very strong that night.


        He seemed to cautiously peer in as if tipped to the party and Hayley groaned but they all started yelling at him.  Remy began yelling something in Cajun and they knew he had a bit much to drink already.


       "NORM!"  All three girls called on cue.  They would scream this at him when he had first started drinking and Justice would be greeted as the portly gentleman from cheers by his sisters, much to his father's dismay.


        Remy chuckled at it but his eyes still didn't wander far from Hayley, he touched her hair light enough she didn't feel it and leaned in to smell the perfume on her.  He felt like he just met her and was trying to build memories and he couldn't be close enough to her tonight.  He finally caved in and bent to kiss her again.  He caught her off guard and he felt her chuckle as their lips met.  He had to control himself at his temptress until he realized that Ally was trying to say goodnight.  A strong hand grabbed him and pulled him to face him.


        Logan didn't look too happy, "How's her stomach taste?"  Ally pulled at his arm to lead him away but Logan was planted.


        "Yo' wouldn't know anymore homme," Remy narrowed his eyes.  He was sure he was right and that Logan still loved her and wasn’t over her yet.


       Logan ignored the quip, "You mistreat her or let the rat do so and Al and I will be knockin’."


        Ally rolled her eyes, "he won't hon." Ally pulled his arm to get him from Remy.  “And Rayne’s not going to mistreat anyone either.  She’s a sweet girl.”


       If Remy didn't have Hayley pulling him into a chair with her, he would have faced the nasty tempered man with a charged card, "We gon' be fine, Wolverine., without you."  He hissed but Ally came over and hugged him again.


       "Not here Remy, please," she begged in his ear and Remy felt his face melt.  She was like Hayley but she had tenderness like Rayne.  To him Hayley had Rayne's fire and Ally was like her heart.


       Ally kissed his cheek again as his face relaxed.


        Remy laughed hoping Logan would get the hint and kissed Ally's cheek in return, "Don' worry none, we ain’t gon' leave without saying 'au revoir'." Ally smiled and Remy smirked.  "Chere, yo' got Hayley's smile."


       Ally laughed, "I was born first, she has my smile."


        Alex had Logan cordoned off as well as she wrapped arms around him in her own hug.  Logan couldn't resist his sister in law and softened a little, as she hugged him but his look was still venomous in Remy's direction.


        Remy laughed as he began to kiss Hayley again but he wasn't sure if he was laughing at Ally or Logan's feeble attempt to scare him.  He knew to be afraid of the powerful man but he also knew he wouldn't and 'couldn't' do anything here. He watched Ally pull Logan in the direction of Justice and Storm where Rayne was now talking with a smile to them.


        Gambit sighed, taking out a cigarette and lighting it with a slight smile.  Things would be different when it was just them and the night seemed almost magical to him. He was enjoying himself in watching everyone celebrate together.  Everyone truly cared about the other and that was family, related or not.


      Remy bent down to Hayley touching his face to hers, and when her dancing eyes shown up at him.  he breathed to her, "Ah love you."  Hayley smiled at him.


     She finally set her mind to it, "I love you too, Remy." She said softly and he was astonished she had told him so without a fight.  "No games," she seemed to have new a resolve.


      Remy nodded and kissed her head he could feel Logan's eyes on them, 'it will be a lot better without all these prying eyes.’  He knew Wolverine only wanted what was best for his sister in law but he wondered if even Logan understood how much Logan hovered over Hayley.







        Justice moved slowly to dinner with his arms wrapped around Storm and his lips playing at her neckline.


        "You sure you don't want to go back upstairs?"  He smiled feeling a little intoxicated by being around her.


        "Justice," she laughed a little at his prying hands.  It was quite the change between now and earlier, "Are you going to be able to control yourself for dinner?"


        He rolled his eyes, "I think my sisters will be happy if we were like this the entire meal."  He smiled and pinned her to the wall in a long kiss.  His hands trailed down to her waist and he found he responding as well.  He heard her groan a little and he pushed his pelvis to hers until he remembered and pulled away from her.  He had forgotten precautions because they had been caught up in the moment and now he was mentally kicking himself.


      Storm sighed at his change of demeanor.  "What is it?"


      He bit his lip, "We didn't think."  He groaned.  He narrowed his eyes at her, "this morning."


       Storm's eyes grew wider because she hadn't remembered either.  "I am sure it will be fine."  She pulled him by the hand.  "We will be late."


       Justice's eyebrows shot up, "late?"


      Storm silently cursed his lawyer mind for catching her slip.  She rolled her eyes, "they do expect you before midnight." she pushed him to the doors and let the party go-ers great him.


       It was the triplets decked in balloon hats and crepe paper who began to scream the loudest but at the top of their lungs they yelled, "NORM!"


      Justice laughed at the idea of it and turned to Storm who smiled.  "This is why you brought me here."  Storm laughed.  Now, he had wished he had taken a longer shower.  He looked around to see everyone but his eye settled on a duo at a table.


      Justice felt alarms going off when he saw Rayne sitting in a chair and Jason was sitting next to her.  She looked uncomfortable like she would run any minute.  Justice felt people slapping his back and mumbling to him and he was sure he answered them but his mind was on Rayne and if she was all right.  He heard Aubrey talking and only caught part of her sentence and he knew he smiled at her when she mentioned, "Japanese fighting pen."


      Justice ruffled Aubrey’s hair, "You won't have to worry about that anymore now."  He saw Rayne slip past Jason and run to him.  He kissed Storm on the cheek and he met Rayne's eyes.


      "You knew about this?"  Justice narrowed his eyes teasingly wondering if she was an accomplice.


      She laughed and shook her head and threw herself against him in a hug.  She still marveled at the size difference between Justice and Remy.  She wasn't used to being in a man's arms and Justice was a big guy. She was growing used to him now, but now she had be separate from him.


      Justice laughed at the tiny girl in his arms as he spied the banner, "This is for you too y'know?"


      Rayne nodded moving back a little, "Oui, but Ah don't know why?"


      "Because you and Hayley might kill each other soon and they want to say their last respects," Justice said seriously but Rayne slapped her hand against his stomach.  "Ok, maybe that's not it?"  He chuckled but met her eye as he looked to Jason who was leaving the table slowly.  "What was that about?"  He tilted her chin so he could see her Amber eyes clearly, "You all right?"  He looked her over as one would a treasure.


       "Ah'm fine," she kissed his cheek as Storm made her way to them and Kitty ran up to them with news.  Kitty grabbed Rayne's arms and ushered her from Justice.


       "Girl, you just have all the fine men all on you tonight," Kitty teased.


       "What do yo’ mean?"  Rayne was confused.


       "Justice Adams?"  Kitty looked at him a little dreamy, "Who wouldn't want time alone with him?"


        "He’s Storm’s, chere."  Rayne said a little protective of her older friend as Kitty eyed him talking to Kamikaze.


         Kitty turned to her, "What about Jason?"  Kitty watched Riptide talking seriously to Afterburn.  "He could have had Afterburn but he wants you."


         Rayne shrugged, "What’re you getting at?"  She crossed her arms.


         "I heard him ask you out," Kitty’s eyes looked to her drink.  Jubilee bounced over to them, "you turned him down?"


         "Turned who down?" Aubrey said as she walked up.  Her eyes were wide wondering what the gossip was.


         "She turned Jason down," Kitty was still trying to understand Rayne.


          Jubilee's mouth dropped, "NU UH!"  She watched Rayne for confirmation.  "You did?"


          Rayne was losing interest in their words but watched them curiously, "So?"


          Jubilee eyed Jason, "I wonder…?" She smiled and then looked at Rayne, "If you do want to go with him, I might see if he still has plans."


          Rayne shook her head, "If yo’ want to," She watched Jubilee flounce off in Jason's direction as Justice also went to Jason talking in low tones.  She turned her head to the side wondering what Justice was doing.






         Justice waited for the moment that Storm went to his sisters and he made way to the green haired lad.  He tapped Jason's shoulder and almost smiled as Jason rolled his eyes at him.


         "Yes, Amigo?"  Jason rolled his eyes again at the older man.


         "What, you’re not glad to see me?"  Justice chuckled.


          "Not after you threatened to castrate me, dude."  Jason met Justice's eye.


           Justice's eyebrows flew up, "I had a reason to," He gestured to the table Jason had occupied with Rayne, "Rayne didn't look too happy when I got here."


          Justice took a deep breath but noticed Jubilee standing there with her mouth opened.  "Can I help you?"


           Jubilee had her mouth opened wide and stared at both realizing she had interrupted.  "I wanted to talk with Jason."


            Justice nodded but leaned to Jason, "Do not even think of hurting her.  Got it?"  Justice didn't think it was possible but Jubilee's eyes grew wider and he knew he had been too loud.  He smiled at Jubilee and faced her, "you." he crossed his arms,  "stay out of trouble."


           Jubilee looked to Jason after Justice was pulled away by Xavier himself, "Did he threaten you?"


           Jason nodded, "more than once now."


           "But, WHY?"


           "Rayne," Jason mumbled and then looked at Jubilee.  "He warned me not to hurt her."


            "Oh," Jubilee stared ahead.  "So are you dating?"


            "She turned me down," Jason looked around the party.


             "I heard," Jubes played with her sunglasses, "So, do you need somebody to go with Friday?"


              "No, I think I will stay home and protect my boys," Jason joked feebly.


              Jubilee laughed but couldn't believe he shot her down, "Well," she punched his arm, "bye tiger, and guard those jewels!" She called as she wandered off.




              Ally ran to Justice hugging him as he spoke to Charles, "I am off to bed."


              Justice looked disappointed, "Already?"


              "I wasn't late big brother," she teased.  Logan walked up behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist.  He began to play with Ally's clothing and didn't seem to notice the disapproving stares of Justice and Charles but Ally simply moved his hands away.


              Justice moved to Ally to save her the embarrassment and held her tightly, "Al, if you need anything, I'm there."  He brushed her hair from her face and kissed her forehead.


              "She'll be all right, Junior."  Logan held a deadpan stare.  He had been waiting all night to get Ally alone and his patience was wearing thin.  He could still smell the sex and Ororo on Justice and he cocked an eyebrow understanding why he had been so late.  His bored stared roamed around the room until his eyes landed on Hayley and Remy talking softly and he surpressed a growl.


             Ally and Justice traded a look, "he won't hurt her Logan."


             Logan looked at Justice but Justice smirked, "More like Hayley's going to drive him nuts like she did to you."


             "They seem to be happy enough and that should be the focus of this gathering," Charles sighed feeling a little in the middle.  They all stared at him with nods but Logan still tugged Ally's hand to get her out of there.  "I will miss all of you and hope you will return as much as possible."


             Justice nodded, "We won’t be far.  Storm will continue to teach here and Jordan will be in and out as well."  Justice looked seriously, "but if you need us, just call."


             Ally nodded in confirmation, "We will be in Canada but can be here in a matter of hours."  She felt as if she was the one truly abandoning them.  Hayley would be close by, Alex would be living here and Justice's apartment was as close as the house was.  Why did Logan insist on Canada?


            "Perhaps, one day I might take you up on that," Xavier smiled knowing the future was but one thing, uncertain.







           Jubilee fell into the chairs at the table that Rayne, Kitty and Afterburn were talking next at.  They all stared at her while she fought to catch her breath and Jubilee smiled as Aubrey joined them too.


           "He threatened him!"  Jubilee laughed.


           "What?"  Rayne sat up a little curious, "Who?"


           "Justice threatened Jason if he bothered you too much," Afterburn cut Jubilee to the quick as she looked at Rayne.


             Jubilee looked annoyed at Afterburn’s interruption as she watched the other's expressions.  “How do you know?”


            "Jason told me this morning," Afterburn said a little bored.


             "He threatened him this morning?  Well, he just did it again," Jubilee said quickly, trying to recover her gossip crown.


             "Justice threatened Jason?"  Rayne looked at Jason and how uncomfortable he looked now.  She felt sorry for him and wished she wouldn’t have left him like that, but she was scared.


             Kitty was in awe, "to have somebody like Justice putting up for you over a hot guy like Jason."  She tapped Rayne's hand.  "I would just die."  She sipped her soda thoughtfully as her eyes looked Justice's well-built body.  “You are sooo lucky!”


         Rayne snorted,  “Oh dat’s right, Ah’m lucky sure ‘nough.”  She felt anything but lucky.  She felt miserable.  A cute boy had asked her out and all she could do was run from him.  ‘How much more screwed up can ma life get?’  She wondered if her entire life was going to go this way.  She longed for the time when she and Remy shared a carefree life together.  But that was way in the past now, and it would never be that way again.  Anger welled up in her then.  Her life was ruined by just one thing, just one thing!  And that thing was Edval Debasterach.


              Afterburn looked Justice over as if he were a desert, "Wonder how serious he is with Storm?"  She smiled coyly.


                “Dey serious, chere."  Rayne hissed.  “Leave dem be.”


                Aubrey sat next to Rayne, "you seem like you know him pretty well.  What’s he like?"


                Rayne let her finger travel along her glass.  “He’s sweet and funny.”  She looked over at him talking away with others and she sighed unhappily.


                "You are going to miss him the most huh?"  Jubilee said feeling pity for Rayne.


                Rayne nodded.  “Oui mais, he said Ah could come stay with dem anytime Ah wanted.”


                A collective ‘wow’ ensued as all the girls, minus Rayne, eyes traveled to Justice as ran his hand through his strawberry blonde hair while talking with Alex.  Kitty let out a sigh that left Afterburn, Aubrey and Kitty giggling but Rayne wanted to tell them to leave him alone.  As they mooned over him, she found herself tearing a napkin.


               'Let him be,' Rayne said to herself.  'He's my friend.'  She noticed that Justice looked up and waved at that moment and she waved back.


               The other girls giggled uncontrollably as they watched him, and Rayne stood up a made her way to Justice who was now laughing at Remy.  They all caught their breath when they saw Justice smile adoringly at Rayne and hugged her to him. 







      Jason, who was now sitting in a corner by himself, put his head between his hands and stared at the floor looking totally miserable.  Rayne saw him and her heart broke.  She caught Justice’s attention.  “Why did yo’ threaten Jason?”


       Justice wavered a moment feeling the effects of the drinks, then leaned in to her.  “I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.”  He nodded his head then stood back upright.


       Rayne wasn’t satisfied,  “But why did yo’ threaten him twice?”  She was grateful that he wanted to protect her but she thought he was carrying it a little too far.


       “Because he needed it twice.  Some guys need to be put in their place early on.”  Justice swirled his nearly empty glass.  “My glass is empty.  If you’ll excuse me, chere.”  He sauntered off towards the make shift bar.




       Rayne frowned as she watched him walk away.  She had two overprotective ‘brothers’ now and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that.  She looked back over to Jason who was still sitting with his head between his hands.  She walked over to his chair,  “Ah’m very sorry dat Justice threatened you, chere.”


       Jason sat bolt upright, he didn’t hear her walk up.  His eye’s searched the room quickly for signs of Justice coming to beat him up.


       Rayne sat next to him, “Don’ worry about him, mon amis.  He’s just bein’ protective.”


       “Easy for you to say, he likes you.”  Jason wasn’t sure he wanted to confront Justice Adams again and he had thoughts of leaving the room entirely.


       Rayne could see how upset he was and she wanted to make him feel better.  She knew firsthand what it was like to feel like an outsider.  “Listen,  Ah’m sorry Ah left you earlier.  Ah shouldn’t have done it.”  Her eye’s traveled to the ground.  She heard Jason groan and she looked up to see Justice heading their way.  Fortunately, Storm caught his arm and escorted him to the opposite side of the room.  Rayne sighed with relief. 


       Jason stood up,  “Maybe I should just go.”


       Rayne was torn in two.  She didn’t want him to leave like this, all upset, but she didn’t want to encourage anything either.  “Jason.”  He turned and looked at her,  “Thank you for asking me out, chere.  It was sweet of you.”


       He nodded, smiled slightly then turned and walked away.  Rayne heard giggles and sighs coming from the table she had left previously.  This new life of hers was topsy turvy.  She wasn’t sure of anything anymore and that was something considering the life she had just left behind. 


      “Goin’ from de fryin’ pan into de fire, girl”  She got up and headed for her brother who was still mooning over Hayley.   She thought about what Remy had said about going to New Orleans and her heart leaped for joy at the possibility of going home.











               Hayley watched Remy talking with her brother and wondered when the last time he had family like this. She loved him and was glad he had told her he loved her because maybe that meant she hadn’t hurt him that greatly. She saw Rayne walking over to them and sighed.


            ‘Happily ever after?’ she bit her lip, ‘with Rayne along?’ She still was unsure at how Justice and Rayne had become such close friends. She pulled herself to her feet and made her way to Justice and Alex joined them too.


            Ally waved to them right before she disappeared out the door.


            “I feel like crying,” Hayley mumbled.


            Remy pulled her to him and he wondered how Hayley would be with out her sisters. He nuzzled her ear not caring what anyone thought, they would be gone in hours. He was heady from his drinks and he was happy at the new life they would all lead.


           “She gon’ be all right,” Rayne offered.


           Justice nodded, “If any of you need anything my number’s the same to the apartment.”


           Hayley stood straighter as Justice jumped to the older brother role, “We’ll be fine, Just.”


          Alex sighed watching the party break up as Beast, Rogue and Bobby came in. She was happy to see Rogue and Bobby were hand in gloved hand. “I know what Hayl means,” she looked back to Justice, “It won’t be the same around here.” She held a finger up and excused herself.


         Bobby looked at the people who were in small groups talking quietly and he noted that Allyson wasn’t even there, nor Logan. Beast met Alex as she approached the three with a big smile.


        Rogue looked around, “Did Logan leave already?”


        Alex nodded, “Just a few minutes ago with Ally.”


        Rogue looked to Bobby and Beast, “I want to talk to him.” She would always love Logan, she owed him her life after all. “Excuse me,” she said quickly and ran out of the room.


        Alex hugged Beast, “Can you give Bobby and I a moment alone?”


        Beast looked cautious and stared at Bobby meaningfully, “I will be speaking to Hayley and Justice.”


         Alex smiled at Bobby, “Rogue?” He  hugged her. “I am happy for you.”


         “Things will work out for the better,” he smiled but very quickly she began to feel uncomfortable and she pushed out of the embrace. “Are you all right?”


         Bobby felt Kitty, Jubilee, Aubrey and Afterburn watching them intensely as he looked to the group of adults for help.







           “So, next weekend you spend with us?” Justice asked Rayne


           “Ah don’t know,” Rayne sighed. “Ah don’t have a car so I will have to ask Remy.”


           “I guess we will have to straighten the cars out,” Hayley thought out loud. “My corvette won’t hold many people or a car seat.”


             Remy only heard part of what they were saying his gaze fell on the conversation between Alex and Bobby as Beast approached. Remy remembered how Alex seemed a little taken back and at times promiscuous, most of the time she was very confused. Right now she had a look that didn’t show a comfortable conversation. He noticed how Beast made a point to keep his back to them as if to show he trusted her or he just did not want to know what was going on.


            Justice hadn’t caught on yet and neither had Hayley as they discussed transportation. “The only one with out children will be Alex,” Justice shrugged looking at Beast who seemed flustered almost miffed. “Do you think you would be comfortable switching cars with Hayley?”


             “That would be up to Alex,” Henry said with a deep breath.


              Everyone finally noticed Remy’s stare at Alex. He looked nervous and kept an eye on them. He watched Alex break the hug and almost run back to them.


             Alex smiled, “I’m fine.” She didn’t feel like going over what Pietro had done to her head again. “I know you were late but I am ready to go.” She frowned at Beast.


            Remy nodded looking at Hayley, “Oui, Ally went to bed and she not as far as yo’, Hayl.”


           Hayley didn’t bother to tell him that the indigestion kept her awake but nodded knowing the party was breaking up. Thoughts of she and Remy in the dark seemed pleasant.


          Justice and Storm wear moving out and the rest began to catch up as the students were asked to honor a reasonable bedtime.


          Rayne touched the table as she follow Remy, Justice and Hayley, ‘It was a nice party.’ She sighed inwardly and wondered where Jason had gone.











       Remy stood with Rayne outside ‘his’ bedroom door.  “Did yo’ have a good time tonight, Lil’ Criquet?”


       Rayne yawned and smiled,  “It was a fine party Remy.”  Then her smile faded,  “It’s never goin’ ta be like dis again yo’ know.  Everyone’s goin’ deir own way now.  It’s kinda sad.”


       “You’ll see dem again girl, don’t worry none, and Justice said you could come and visit dem anytime.”


       “Yes but,” She searched for the right words,  “Ah might not see de others again.” 


       “What others?”  He looked at her puzzled.


      “De others from da labs.”  She leaned against the door jam.


       Gambit nodded his head in understanding.  “Ah see, but you weren’t very close ta dem.  Ah mean, you hardly talked ta any of dem.”


       “True ‘nough, but…”  She fumbled with the doorknob.  “But dere’s Jason, and he asked me out an all.”  She flipped the door open and stepped inside the cool room.  “Ah reckon Ah won’t see him again anyway so Ah guess it doesn’t matter.”


       “Dat green haired homme?”  Remy recalled the earlier conversation with him on the lawn.  “We’re gonna start a new life tomorrow Rayne.  Don’t mess wit’ de past.  You don’t need ta worry about him, he doesn’t matter.”


       Rayne’s eye’s flared,  “Dat’s mean Remy!  He’s not a bad person.”  She thought of their conversation earlier.  “He’s a bit confused, de poor thing, but it’s not nice ta say he doesn’t matter.”


       Remy balanced a cigarette on his lip, “Sounds like you and him talked some.”  He wanted to light the cigarette but knew she would give him hell about it so he just bide his time.


       She fidgeted with the doorknob, “He an Ah talked at de party.”


       “When?” The cigarette almost tumbled from his mouth.  “Ah didn’ see yo talkin’ ta him.”


       She crossed her arms and huffed, “Dat’s because you were over wit’ Hayley.”


       “Listen girl, you best stay away from him.  We’re movin’ tomorrow and dat’s dat.”  He leaned in and kissed the top of her head.


       “Ah’m not a child Remy, Ah can do what Ah want to.”  She wasn’t sure she truly wanted to go on a date, but it made her angry that he was telling her who she could and couldn’t talk to.


       “’Nough said Rayne.  Get some sleep ‘cause it’ll be a busy day tomorrow.”  He sauntered off down the hall towards Hayleys room.


       Rayne stood in the doorway seething.  “He can’t tell me Ah can’t go on a date if Ah want to.”  She started at her own words.  Do Ah want to?’  A chill ran through her as anxiety rose up and engulfed her again.  “Damn you ta hell, Edval!”  She slammed the door, ran to the bed and collapsed in tears.