Lab Rat:                                                                                         



Scott made his way numbly to the Infirmary. He took a deep breath as the doors slide open in greeting. Scott let his eyes adjust to the room and glanced around half expecting to find Jean buzzing around helping Hank. Instead his eyes fell upon the small group that was gathered with their own eyes fixed on the Professor.

     Scott noticed the beds and he saw the flame haired mutant first and let his mind wander about who she was for a minute fixed on her breathing as he mulled over what he would say to Hayley. He turned his sight to the other beds and spied Hayley’s sleeping form and his heart jumped. He looked at her as if for the first time and he felt like a heal admiring her beauty. He loved Jean and he would always love her and he felt like a heel for even having the slightest bit of pride about a child but it hard not to be enamored by Hayley.

    He moved to Hayley slowly watching her slow even breath with her eyes shut as he found his way to her side and he felt a little mesmerized by her. What they had shared one night had become something much more but would that be a good thing or a bad one. He was almost relieved at her calm sleep, it would mean he would have time to think more about this. His eyes went to the extra monitor and he remembered it from when Ally had been pregnant with her twins in the infirmary.

     Hayley? Pregnant? She is too wild to be a mother.’  He thought to himself with a sigh. Scott began to move away but her eyes fluttered open and he felt a swell of pity for her as her hand went protectively to her abdomen.

      She tried to regain her composure as she looked over at Scott expectantly.

     Caught.’ Scott thought ruefully and he planted his feet next to her.

     “How are you?” He asked Hayley politely. Hayley rolled her eyes at him and Scott assumed she must still be in some pain even thought she showed no marks of the battle.

     Hayley watched Scott stumble over the words and rolled her eyes at the clumsy male.

    Men,’ She laughed to herself, ‘Why doesn’t he just tell me he knows and let me sleep?’   She sighed and remembered that sometimes doing the right thing meant biting your tongue.

    “Just peachy.” She groaned as she tried to sit up to locate the news thumping sounds. She gave up on sitting up but located the source quickly. The machine was measuring her child’s heart rate and her heart jumped. She was humbled quickly because now it seemed even more real to her. She realized Scott was looking between her face and the machine too and she sighed at the thought.

    “I am sorry I didn’t say something sooner.” Hayley mumbled trying to make some sense of it with her hands.

    “Then it is me?” Scott asked quickly and he seemed to abandon the façade of playing it cool.

    “Pretty sure,” Hayley looked away a little upset, “There is another possibility” She said and lowered her voice sensing his want to keep things private as he kept glancing to the small group. “We were together first.”

     Scott merely nodded. ‘What am I expected to do now?’  

     Scott finally verbalized his concerns, “What can I do?” He hoped she felt he was trying to relate to her.

     “Nothing,” Hayley said blankly, “Don’t hurt yourself, Ruby Red. I don’t want anything from you. I just thought that you deserved to know. I can take care of everything.” Hayley felt a pang of regret as Scott stepped away looking a hurt and dismissed like a badly tipped waiter. Before he could move too far she grabbed his hand. “Thanks.” Hayley managed a smile for his benefit too.

     Scott watched the brave woman and couldn’t help but wonder if the circumstances had been different with Jean would he be happy about this? Would Hayley be? He knew Hayley was a good person deep down and he truly wanted to help her. He finally realized she was watching him because he had his mouth open and he smiled briefly.

    “I will let you sleep,” He sighed. They both knew he had every intention of taking care of his responsibility, “We can talk about this when you feel better.”

     She nodded and watched his gaze fall on the door. She was perfectly fine on discussing it but with all the people in the infirmary, she realized Scott was uncomfortable with it and respected that. She watched his retreat and the people coming in the sliding doors. She smiled inwardly at Alex and the group that was assembled on their way in as they caught Scott and began to point him in the direction of the small group.

She lowered her gaze at the sight of the Cajun and the diplomatic angel they had met on the roads.


    “Homme, de wan’ you non?” Gambit tossed a cocky grin at Cyclops and he indicated to the professor.

    Scott heard Gambit but looked to Alex or Warren for an explanation as if to overthrow Gambit’s words.”

    “We are to be part of some away team on clean up after this fight.” Warren shrugged. “Seems pretty simple.”

     Scott followed their lead to Xavier, grateful for their interruption with Hayley and glad they had not been witness to his conversation.



    Justice ran in the room at his top speed and flattened most of the group. Gambit and Alex were spared the run down. Alex’s telepathy told her to move and she did so with assume timing. Gambit Jumped clear with his quick agility and his eyes flashed a warning as he watched Justice.

      Gambit pulled a card and held it between his fingers and it took charge as he aimed it Justice’s running form to the Professor.

     “No,” Alex screamed at Gambit missing him with her Ice ring in attempt to protect Justice.

      Warren had been about been ready to tackle Gambit but Scott was still making it to his feet and stood in the way.
Gambit's body felt lighter and he became light headed. He looked down at his stomach that was in turmoil and when he saw the transparent form protruding from him he gasped loudly. A woman or a ghost was running through his body and he hadn’t an idea how to attack it and his card fell to the floor as the charge went off near the group.

     Scott saw Bobby by the card and jumped from the floor tackling Bobby and letting them both fall safely at the distance from the card.


     Gambit said nothing but pointed at Jump whom stopped and looked at the Cajun who was already staring at her. Justice stopped and looked over at Gambit from next to the Professor.


   “Um Gambit, that is Jump, and the guy who rudely ran past you is Justice,” Alex glared at him coolly as she breezed past him as if she was personally insulted that he had meant to attack Justice, “My brother”


   Bobby laughed lightly as he made his way to his feet. Warren who had simply stayed on the sides just watched amused and walked on.

    “De Fantôme” Gambit Mumbled as he pointed at Jump with a confused Expression.


     Xavier sighed as the rest made their way, “Ah, Scott,” The professor greeted him politely and Charles seemed to relax at the sight of his pupil. “We need to organize an away team for the Adam’s home.” He watched the faces of those who had just joined him and went on, “There may be more mutants who will need our help and there may be other scientist and doctors about.”

      Jump glared at the Professor. “I want in,” she demanded. “There is a certain doctor I want to see.”

     “I don’t think this is the time for vendettas,” Xavier said calmly.     
     “Fine.” Jump nodded, “but you will need me to find them”

     Everyone looked at Jump warily they knew she was right but they knew they should be worried about who she would find. She certainly seemed to have her own agenda and it didn’t sound friendly.





       The Adam’s home had been many wonders to Jump but the last wonder she had when she entered the elegant walls was if she would live. Now she found herself pushing others through the labs back doors. Bonsai, who had been Adam’s errand boy, hadn’t seemed to know about the entrance.

      She watched as Logan, Warren, Scott, Gambit, Justice and Bonsai slowly made their way. She was glad Alex would be on the blackbird with Beast in reception for the ill and/or injured because she wasn’t sure who would be left.

      Logan followed up the rear as he senses were assaulted by the scents of everyone that had fought against Adams before. The scents seemed to mingle but some seem new in the undiscovered territory. He wasn’t in total control and felt out of his element following Jump’s and Scott’s lead. He took a deep breath as he looked at the remains of the battle and took in the smell of death as the now unfrozen wolf parts lay on the ground. He noticed Warren, Scott and Gambit glancing around in wonder at the tattered room and it’s occupants.

      Scott stood over by Jump. “I take it that was Willow?” He said in a low voice. Jump nodded at him with pity for Willow in her eyes. “She deserves better than this.” He sighed.

     Warren nodded as well finally realizing what they were talking about.

    “Glad you feel that way Warren.” Scott tossed him a rueful smile. “You can prep her for transport home.”

    Gambit moved on slowly but Justice grabbed his shoulder.

    “We are sticking together, Gambit.” Justice said sternly.

    Gambit laughed. “Non. Gambit don’t need help.” He smiled at him and soon realized that Justice wasn’t impressed by his Cajun charm and became amused at Justice’s strict tone, “T’ink you gone stop Gambit non?”

     Justice let’s his eyes glow, “I know I can Remy”

     Gambit laughed and produced a card, “Gambit charge de’ card, Gambit tro de’ card and de problem gone non?” He stared at Justice pointedly.

     Logan slapped Justice in the back of the head to get his attention and get him back to work. Then he looked at Gambit as he walked past, “Hey, Master card,” Logan cocked an eyebrow at Gambit and pointed at Scott. “Go with him, Gumbo.”

     Scott slapped Justice on the shoulder, “Since, you have a point to prove Just. You can help Warren.”

     Jump started away with Scott and Gambit but she let her heart guide her to the past and future of the Adams home.



      Logan grabbed Bonsai’s shoulder who stood by idly as a watch dog would. “Come Kid you are with me.”

      Bonsai smiled glad to be with somebody he had fought with and he knew what to expect. Like his twin, Bonsai found Logan’s cool confidence a trait he was very comfortable with.

     “Show me what you know kid,” Logan ordered in a quiet tone as he glanced at Warren and Justice at their gruesome task.    

     Bonsai merely nodded and made his way down the haunting corridors he knew that new mutants were placed in. He sighed and remembered how he had been placed in one until he had come to accept who he was and that he wouldn’t be a danger to the others.


     Wolverine looked at the God forsaken hall and the cell-like rooms in a row. The one door assaulted his senses and he knew that somebody had been left in there.

     Even though Bonsai was a strong kid Logan remembered he lacked experience and wondered if he should send him back.  Logan looked at the door that Bonsai was standing in front of. The other doors had shipping orders placed in a box attached to the outside. This door only had a scrawling on the outside of the box that read, Lab Rat.

     Bonsai answered his question by cocking his head at Logan and pushing the door open hard with his robotics and foolishly walked in before Logan could protest.

   Kid’s gonna get me killed,’ he chuckled to himself half heartedly. Where had he heard that before?


    Logan’s eyes adjusted to quickly but Bonsai was still squinting to see what was plain to Wolverine.


    The interior of the small room was dark. Tyrone couldn't see anything inside but he sensed intense fear. He was about to step into the room for a better look when something bolted from the darkness and ran passed him. 

    Wolverine had picked up the scent of fear when the kid opened the door and he was moving towards the opening when something hit him hard.Before he could fully register what had happened there was a flurry of claws ripping at has face and chest. Logan punched out with his hands and knocked the figure away from him. Squatting on the floor in front of him was a short female with faintly glowing amber eyes. She gathered her feet up underneath her and tamped them ready to spring. He noticed that her feet were bare and had claws as her hands did. Her face twitched oddly and he realized that she had whiskers. The scent of fear permeated the air and Logan figured she was just a scared young woman that only wanted to only escape. "S'alright kid, nobody wants to hurt ya". 


     Bonsai didn’t remember this mutant but took her docile moment as a quiet submission and reached his hand to her to help her up.  "Hi there. My names Ty..."  She reacted instantly to his movement by leaping straight at him and letting out a shriek. Before the kid had registered the movement he had claws slashing at his face and her feet were tearing at his legs. Bonsai back peddled trying to get away.

      Wolverine grabbed her and tossed her to the side. She tamped down and shot at him in a blur of movement. He felt her claws rake across his face. He tried to punch her off again but she held on to him and was now trying to bite at his face. He gave her a headbutt and her head snapped back with the blow. She let out a frantic yelp but continued to claw at her adversary. She was all teeth and claws and Wolverine was getting annoyed. "Stop squirmin' ya runt" He threw a couple of well-placed hits to her torso and it broke her grip on him. Followed by another head butt and she fell off backwards onto the ground. To show her he meant business now he popped his claws and growled. "I told ya to stop, now stop"! 
      Her head reeled from the second head butt and all she heard was his growl and what sounded to her like a threat. So she leapt back into battle. This was her chance to escape and she was either going to get out now or die trying.

     Wolverine grunted as he deflected her attack. Bonsai tried to calm her down with his telepathy but that only confused and terrified her more. She grabbed a hold of Logan’s arm and bit down as hard as she could. "Gah!" He hit her with a left to the head and she dropped to her knees. She shook her head then lunged foward and bit his knee. Her claws digging in to give her long front teeth a good purchase. Wolverine had had it. He used both arms in a downward slam against her back. And when she released her grip he kicked her to the other side of the hallway.

       Down but not out she slowly gathered up her legs and placed her feet underneath her for another attack.

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