Wolvie Femmes * Killer

As they began to search for a way out, Ally and Remy saw that Rayne was staying put as well as keeping the other rats in check.  Remy looked at Rayne sitting there watching them.  Well, dat’s one way ta keep her in one place at least,’ he thought bitterly.

Ally levitated up to the air vent in the ceiling and tugged on it hard but it wouldn't budge.  She pushed her legs against the ceiling to give her more leverage but it still wouldn’t give way.

Remy looked up at her.  "Yo’ find somet'in’ dere, petite?"  He called to her.

Ally stopped and lowered to the ground a little winded and landed next to him, "An air vent."  Then she looked him over, "but I don't think you will fit."

Remy looked up at it not sure if he should let her go alone.  He sighed knowing she was the final sister for Magneto to get a hold of but he couldn't leave her here for them to experiment on her either.

      A high pitched shriek sounded from a speaker and made up their minds for them as Ally and Remy grabbed their ears and hit the ground hard.  All the rats ran wildly around but Rayne jumped at the offending noise trying to make it stop.

      Remy looked at Alex wishing he could comfort her realizing this was intended to keep them off balance.  'Dis sounds lik’ da noise Rayne made in da garage the day Magneto attacked de mansion?'  Remy wondered as the rats scampered wildly about the room.

     Ally pulled her head out of her lap and looked at Remy's pain filled face and she only hoped she didn't look as pained to him, however, his pitiful glance to her made her realize she did. Ally let her ears go as she spied the speakers and touched Remy's mind.

     'Charge this,' Ally said simply and slowly trying hard to concentrate as she placed a paper tray Remy's hand.

      He cringed having to let go of an ear, charged it and watched Ally levitate it at the base of the speakers.  He smiled glad one of them kept their head.  He saw how slowly she moved the item and hoped she would get it there in time.  He knew she must have a hard time concentrating with the ear piercing noise.

      Ally felt like her mind would melt and she became tired from tightly channeling her ability to levitate the tray and trying to weed out the sound from her mind.

      The speakers blew up quickly, they both sighed and the rats began to calm down. The largest rat looked particularly grateful with it's glowing amber eyes.  Even though she wasn’t affected by the sound as they were, it was still disconcerting for her. 

      Ally stood regaining her thoughts and trying to think again.  Remy grabbed her shoulders.

      "We got to get out of here before they start again," He said sizing up her condition.

       Ally nodded watching him run to the door and start to pick the lock carefully.  She watched the rats that surrounded her and looked to Rayne for a clue of what they wanted.  The largest rat danced about excitedly.  Ally walked over to Rayne touching her head lightly.  Rayne gestured to a small, formed opening in the wall that was concealed to look like part of the wall.

         "Remy," Ally called to him as he fumbled with the magnetically fused lock, "I think Rayne found us a way out."

         Remy ran over, hit the ground next to Ally and Rayne, and pushed his finger where the indention was.

         Ally watched Remy's large fingers trying to fit in the small crevice.  She sighed and her eyes glowed wildly as she began to move the wall with her telekinesis while Remy continued to fight with it and his fingers scraped along the stones to move it.  Ally sighed feeling it open and cut her glowing eyes so Remy wouldn't see.  The wall moved so quickly that Remy almost caught his finger in it this time.

         "This is where Alex went."  Ally looked into Remy's eyes feeling taxed now.  "I am sure of it."

         "Dis a telepathy or a twin thing?"  Remy sighed noticing she was starting to look tired, "If it femme feelings Ah am not sure about goin’ chere."

         "Remy, I’m sure of it," Ally sighed.

         "You look tired, Chere," he would have to hold her back a little.  He touched Rayne's head still amazed at the transformation.  "Yo' comin’, Petite?"  He inquired of the large rat.

        The rat raised its head defiantly and pushed past both of them as if to tell them to follow her.

        "Ah reckon so," Remy smiled back at Ally who he pushed in after Rayne in the narrow passage.

     Justice stood with Storm and felt stronger now but he could feel what Ally was seeing and being put through and he felt his anger growing more.  Suddenly a magnetic force ripped the rest of the inducers from the others.

       "Guess they know we're here," Justice sighed keeping Storm close to him



       Wanda a Pietro knew better than to try to take the entire group on alone and there were only a few here that their father really wanted.

      Pietro sighed when he noticed his sister's sight didn't waiver from Justice Adams.  He knew she had a crush on the stronger man because he was an enigma to her.

      She finally turned to him and smiled.  "I have an idea," she held a small box to him.

      "Father's passages?" he asked quickly.

      "We'll need him alone after all."

      "How about the Wolverine?"  Pietro lowered his gaze. "He has a huge price on his head."

      "Let Vic handle him," she sighed.  Then tossed her brother a challenging look, "unless you want to help Vic out."  She pointed to Logan who stood with a angry look.

      "Yeah right," he scoffed, "Just get him alone and we'll put the helmet on him."

      "Once he gets away from that woman and closer to a wall," she whispered in fear of being found yet.

       Justice couldn't lean on Ororo any longer.  He knew he was too heavy for her timid frame and he didn't want to wear her out as well.

      Storm felt him pull away, "Stronger?"  She smiled at him.

      He nodded hoping to fool her and squeezed her hand.  He did feel stronger moving more but he found himself eyeing possible sleeping places along their journey for his sisters.

     His eyes began to glow wildly and he turned to them with sapphire filled eyes.  "They're torturing Ally and Remy."

    Logan moved to him quickly, "She's caught?"

    Justice shook his head, "No.  She found them but they tortured her using Alex against her." Justice stood straighter and felt stronger as anger got the better of him.

    "How are they using Alex against her?"  Scott asked worriedly.

    "They altered those helmets."  Justice sighed walking with a stronger pace.

    "Fascinating," Beast mumbled.

    The rest of the group let Justice lead knowing he was angry and not sure how to handle him without his sisters.

    Justice moved closer and quicker looking for the metal door Ally's mind had described until they all heard an ear piercing sound.

    Everyone covered their ears, and Logan screamed in pain from the torture to his sensitive ears.  Justice could feel Ally's pain as well when she heard the same thing.

    Justice shook his head and began to look for the source of the screeching sound as his friends mirrored his pained look.

    Justice pushed further onward to scale the wall for the speaker and just as he reached the offending device quieting it with a smash, the wall shifted and he fell inside the new opening.

    Storm looked up to see Justice tumble through the trick opening and new that he was trapped on the other side somewhere. "Justice!"

    She ran to the wall and her eyes went platinum as she let her lightening and wind fly at the wall, which she knew held him.
      Scott blasted at it and they seemed to cancel each other out.

     "Let's approach this scientifically," Beast said in wonder at the wall that swallowed his friend.  "Logan would you please use your claws to open the wall?"

     "We are like rats in a maze."  Scott shook his head.  "They have Remy and Ally and now Justice."  He was upset that one his away missions seemed to be failing.  "Magneto is toying with us."

    Logan threw his claws at the wall and sparks flew at the connecting metals but it didn't give.

   "Adamantium," Hank mumbled.  "Like your claws.  This is not a favorable happenstance."

   "Scott was right this is a trap and who will know who will be taken next." Ororo rubbed her arms together worried for Justice.

    Beast put his arm around her shoulders, "We will find him, Storm," He whispered as the other began to examine the wall for a weakness.


    Justice found himself sliding down a long passage, metal and very slick so he couldn't get a grip on the walls to stop his fall and he was falling head first into the void.

   He tried to push his body and arms to catch himself but the slick walls didn't help and he found the end of the passage. He fell into a dirt-floored room and stood up slowly hoping he didn't send Ally one of his scattered signals that he hadn't been controlling. He jumped for the opening but the smooth metal didn't allow his grasp and he fell back down to the ground.

    He pushed his hair back and began to look for an opening in the room.

   Wanda watched the group with Pietro carefully as their friend disappeared.  She pointed to Storm.

   "I bet they are lovers," She smiled at her brother.

   "So?"  He was a little tired of his sister's game.

   She pulled the wrist contraption from her pocket, "So I was right."

   "What do you want with that?" he crossed his arms and began in the direction of the room to gather Justice.

    "I used my instincts and had Deanna program this thing."  She said eyeing the thing gratefully.

    "Get to the point," Pietro grumbled looking for the controls to the room Justice was in.

    "Nothing is fast enough for you," she grabbed his hand short of throwing the switch.  "Don't drug him yet."

     He sighed waiting for her to explain but she simply put the contraption on her wrist and pushed the button and it jumped to life transforming her into Strom.  He narrowed his eyes at her.  "You're going to fool the rest of the group you should look like Justice."

    "It's for Justice," she cooed.

    Pietro rolled his eyes realizing his sister wanted some fun with Justice first.  "Wouldn't you rather," he stopped short of saying 'give yourself to him honestly,' but thought better of saying something so sappy.  "Wouldn't you rather wait for father to tell you to do this?"

    She laughed, "I just want some fun."  She shrugged.  "After father has him, he may never be the same guy."

    Pietro sighed realizing she would do what she wanted.  "Then you had better act like her."

    She nodded and ran off to slip into the room with the handsome man.

     Justice pounded a fist against the wall trying to help it give but he knew the metal was strong.

    'Adamantium?' he wondered slowly.  He notice rat droppings and blood on the floor and walls and wondered what had happened here.  He heard a noise and saw Storm ejected into the room and the door she came through slammed behind her.  Justice tried to catch the door before it shut but he had been taken by surprise and it fell shut.

    He sighed grabbing her into his arms.  "You okay?"

    Storm nodded and pushed her head on his chest. Justice pulled her face away from his and looked at her lovingly.  "You got caught looking for me?"

    "Yes," she said quietly then pushed her lips to his.

     Justice felts tears sting his eyes.  He was prepared for what they would do to him and he knew all too well the abuse they would put them through but wasn't ready to accept it happening to Ororo.  He kissed her back and hugged her tightly.

     His eyes looked around the room again and the door she had come through.  "We have to get you out of here."

    "We will," she said dreamily and pushed her hands through his hair.  She grabbed his head in her hands and kissed him hard she was surprised when he didn't respond right away but then she was swept away with the feeling of his kiss.

    She sensed his hesitation but pushed forward letting her hands find the zipper in the one piece he wore.  He didn't seem to realize she was fumbling with his clothing until she began to caress his bare-back and chest. He pulled away abruptly and she looked at him spooked.

     Justice shook his head but smiled a little, "Ororo are you all right?"  He shrugged his clothing back over his shoulder.

     "Justice if they kill us," she whispered.

      He looked at the floor knowing it was possible and understood what she meant.  He sighed, "'Ro, I am not like Logan," he hugged her lightly.  "Anger doesn't make me want sex and neither does fear."

     She kissed him hard again, "Justice appease me."  She begged him.

     He pulled back and stared at her, "'Ro…."   He didn't know what to say to her.  He loved her, and he wanted her, but not then but he didn't want to reject her.

     He sighed as she kissed him harder this time.  He felt her hands continue to travel along his back pulling his outfit from him as she pushed him against the wall.  He shook his head not remembering Storm to be so insistent about sex and worried she must really think they would die.  He felt strange like a spell was wrapped around him but he wasn't swept away.  As she laid bare his chest, he sucked a heard breath not sure if he could go through with this but for the moment she seemed happy with fondling his chest.

   She pulled the top of her uniform down to show her breasts and he felt himself kissing her back until she began to push his uniform away from his pelvic region. He grabbed her hands securely and looked at her as he shook his head.

    "I can't 'ro and I have a hard time believing you can right now," he said sympathetically.  She didn't answer but kept struggling seductively and he narrowed his eyes. "Storm."

      "Justice," her voice pleaded but his grasp on her hand had revealed something his eyes hadn't.  He touched the image inducer lightly.

      She must have felt it too and began to move faster tugging at his groin.
      Justice pushed her back hard but held on to the strange object around her wrist and he watched her transform into Wanda.

     He stood angrily and rushed at her with his uniform still up to his waist.

     "Justice," Wanda said seductively, "You will die anyway."  She moved to him slowly sure of herself and keeping her top half naked.

    "Not with you," Justice hissed but seemed glue to the spot dumbfounded.  She moved closer to him until he could grab her, "Where's Storm?"

      "Not here," Wanda whispered into his ear and let her hand wander over his groin again.  She was surprised to find his body really didn't want her and looked at him angrily but she found Justice's hand in her face.  She fell to the ground hard with the slap and became angry at the hit but angrier that she didn't get what she wanted.  She bounced to her feet and grabbed him by the shoulder as he began to pull his outfit over his arms.  She knew he was headed to the door she came into and had to stop him.  "What afraid you will like it?"

    Justice scoffed at her disgusted and tossed her a demeaning glance.  "Hardly."

    "As much as your sister liked my brother," she taunted him wrapping her legs around him but charging to strike him.

     Justice tossed shook her off but she was like a second set of skin and he heard her speak of Alex and saw red. He turned and knew she had every right to be scared by the look in his eyes.  Justice knocked her away from him and against the far wall.  He gasped realizing he threw her so hard she bounced off the wall leaving a blood mark against the wall as she hit the ground. Justice shook his head and moved to her to check her injuries.

    She didn't offer any sign of life but Justice didn't seem to notice the door flew open and Pietro ran in to his sister pushing him aside.

    Pietro touched his sister and found his hand soaked with blood and looked to Justice with hate.  "Why my father wants you, is beyond me. " He hissed and rushed Justice catching him off guard enough to grab Justice's collar.  "She didn't hurt you."  Pietro spat at him.

     Justice came to life grabbing his uniform and some skin and pushing Pietro back.  "Like you hurt Alex?"  Justice hissed.  "We have a score to settle."

    "I didn't hurt her," Quicksilver yelled quickly.

    Justice knew a liar and the almost believed Pietro and that took him back, "What?"  Justice narrowed his eyes challengingly and relaxed his grip.

    "You tried to kill Wanda," Pietro looked at his blood stained hands and took advantage of Justice's confusion and ran full speed gathering Wanda in his grip.

     Justice knew he had hurt her badly and he hadn't meant to throw her that hard. He watched Quicksilver gather his sister and run from the room and Justice ran after him.

    Justice knew Pietro must be upset because he didn't bother to trap Justice in and Justice flew into the hall and straight into Wolverine and the rest of the group.

       Storm threw her arms around his neck, "Are you all right?"  She looked him up and down for injury.

      Justice hung his head and nodded thinking of Wanda.

     "What is wrong?" she touched his face.

      Hank and Scott looked alarmed Justice wasn't please to be away from capture.

     Justice sighed, "I think I just killed Wanda."

     "Oh dear," Beast mumbled but Logan urged them all on.

     "Good for you, kid," Logan grunted.

      "I have to follow Quicksilver," Justice sighed.

      "Don't break the group," Scott said quickly but before he could, Justice was moving in the direction Pietro had gone.

       Scott put a hand on Storm's shoulder, "He's not a killer Storm."

       She nodded as they all began to follow where Justice had run to at top speed.