Wolvie Femmes * Kidnapped






     Deanna strolled into the viewing area for the brotherhood's training room. She watched Amber moving gracefully through the obstacles, cutting down any targets thrown at her. She sighed as she looked at Pietro, who sat there watching Amber with his hand on his jaw rubbing it lightly lost in thought.


     Deanna cleared her throat as she sat down next to him, "How did the attack with Xavier go?" she finally asked, "No one has told me about it."


     "We got our ass's kicked," Quicksilver said sitting up, "We were severely out numbered."


      "I gather Eric was taxed heavily, because he is still recovering," She fought back a grin.


     "Yes," He sighed, "And Amber wasn't as much of a help as we thought."


    "Well, she needs more time and training," Deanna sighed, "She is struggling still and anything that might have reminded her of her past could set her off course."


     Quicksilver nodded at the thought of her encounter with Wolverine, "So, if she ran across her past again, it would happen again?"


    "More than likely," Deanna said as she watched as Amber finish up. Wanda gestured towards her. Amber stripped off her gloves and walked slowly to Wanda and Pietro. The young man seemed to watch every movement she made.


    Deanna smiled, taking note of his weakness, "She is great isn't she?" She said coyly as she bent down to his shoulder.


     Quicksilver shifted uncomfortably, "She's a good fighter, but still a handicap in the field."


      "Is that all it is?" she chuckled, "You seem to take great interest in her physical prowess."


      "You mean am I attracted to her? No, I am not!" he scoffed, "She's a thorn in my side." Deanna touched his shoulder and he turned to see her smile, "Of course she is."


      He lowered his gaze and pushed her hand off of him, "She is."


     "When's your father going to be up and about?" Deanna said simply, now a little afraid she had pushed too far.


     "Soon, I hope," he exhaled hard. It was easy to see he missed his father.


     "When's the next attack for the children, scheduled?" she said and sat down next to him.


     "Soon," He growled, "He wants those kids pretty badly."


    "And the others?"


    "He wants as many of the cats as he can get," He hissed.


    "You don't want them?" Deanna asked.


    "Not really," he grunted, "They will only end up betraying him. Or you wouldn't be able to control them well enough."


     "Your so sure that‘s true, aren‘t you?" she raised an eyebrow a little offended, "What about Amber? I‘ve done a pretty good job with her. And she hasn‘t betrayed your father."


    "Yet," He challenged her back, "Besides, telepaths are harder to control."


   The door flew open, catching their attention and Wanda and Amber walked in. Amber ducked back out and Wanda waved to them to follow her.


    "Come here, quickly," she begged. They followed her to the television.


    There was an emergency news broadcast on. Pietro gave a low whistle, "They just attacked a restaurant? I didn‘t think the X-Men did such things. And one of them tried to kill a human?" He shook his head in disbelief.


    Wanda scoffed, "You can’t trust the news completely Pietro. When have they ever told the truth about us and what we are trying to accomplish?"


    He grinned roguishly, "Good point."


    "What's it all mean?" Amber shrugged with a yawn. Wanda turned to her, "Magneto wants these mutants badly, and I want to get them for him."


    Pietro rubbed his jaw in contemplation. He thought about the last battle and how it was a dismal failure, "I don't know Wanda. If we failed, he would be really pissed."


     "The broadcast said there was only four of them. Two women and two men.  I’m betting that the two women were cats," She pointed out to her brother.


   "So, who were the two guys? Justice?" He laughed. He did not want to take him on again so soon. "Wolverine?" he sighed, "I don't know, Wanda."


    "Well, I'm going," she poked him in the chest, "with or without your help." Then she sighed heavily, "I was going to bring Sabertooth to even things out in case Logan was one of them. But without you to help me keep Sabretooth in line, I guess I’ll take Pyro and Toad." She taunted him and knew how to play her brother.


    "Alright, I'll go," he gave in finally, "Wait. How are you going to locate them?"


     "Easy," Wanda produce a homing device, "Toad installed trackers on the vehicles in their garage during the fight. So, we look for a car that is not at Xavier's and we follow it."


    He looked at the device, "What are the cluster of red lights?"


    "Xavier's school and the cars Toad mark," She smiled coyly. He looked harder at the one that was wide and outside, "So that's them?"


     "I suspect it is," Wanda smiled. He tossed his hand on his sister's back, "Sister, you might have your use yet." She tossed him an exasperated look, began to lead him away then stopped.


    She looked at Deanna and pointed to Amber, "Take her back to her room."


   Amber's eyes grew wild, "Am I some sort of dog?"


   "Might as well be, around here," Deanna worried about the other mutants that were in that car. She didn't want any more people added to the brotherhood. She sighed, knowing she needed to do something, "Let's get you to your room."





    "What happened?" Xavier asked Beast.


   "We only know what we’ve heard on the news," He removed his glassed to look at his friend, "Can you contact them and find out more?"


      "I will try," He sighed. "Do not push yourself Professor or you may be in here longer," Beast advised.


    "What about Alex or Jean?" Xavier said quickly.


    "They are finally asleep after a rather exhausting night," he sighed loudly, "I am afraid that even if we woke them they would be of little help."


    "And Justice?" Xavier felt he should try to feel for his nieces.


    "Justice fell to the same fate as you did," Beast replaced his glasses on his face, "I’ve already asked him. It was a no go." He smiled ruefully.


    Xavier closed his eyes, began to channel his energy and let his ability float over him like a blanket.


    Rayne watched intently with her eyes wide and wondered if Remy was all right. From the description on the news it was him all right.


    She thought about things a minute then she smiled, "Dey never gon' catch dem. Remy’s doesn’ get caught dat easily," she offered with a smiled and inwardly she hoped it was true.


    Hank smiled at her then looked at Xavier who had fallen asleep and he sighed, "So much for that idea."


    He looked out the doors of the infirmary and saw Warren walking in. "Warren would you please gather Alex for me?" he asked quickly.


    "Sure," He turned to leave but stopped to regard the whiskered girl that was staring at him with her jaw dropped open.


   "Warren the quicker the better please," Hank urged him. Warren smiled then left quickly.

"Ah’ve never seen a real angel before," Rayne said as she kept her eyes on the door that Warren had just left through, "Den again, ah haven’ seen any angel b’fore." Then she laughed, "Ah’ve only seen red-eyed devils, like Remy."

     Beast was glad to see the girls spirits were lifted a little, "So, your Remy’s sister?"

     Rayne tilted her head as she looked at Hank, "Mostly, Remy an ah were orphans. Lef’ on da streets ta fend for ourselves." Her voice trailed away and she stared blankly at the floor.

     Hoping to keep the conversation going he said, "Storm was an orphan as well."

    Rayne’s face perked up, "She was?"

    "Mmm hmm. She use to be a pick-pocket and thief.

    Rayne scoffed, "Storm?"

    "Yes, our dear Ms. Munroe was once a street urchin."

    Rayne furrowed her brow in thought for a while, then she blew a low whistle and turned on the bed so she could see Hank better, "Remy taught me all ah know ‘bout da streets. Ah woulda died if he hadn’ been dere fo’me." She smiled as she recalled how loving that rascal could be, "He took care a me jus’ lik’ he was ma brother."

     Hank was curious about this strange relationship, "So, He isn’t a brother by blood or law then."

     Rayne looked angry and hurt, "Remy is ma brother. He will always be ma brother. An nothing’ will ever change dat!"

     Beast had forgotten how quickly the girl could loose her temper, " I apologize, my dear. I didn’t mean to insinuate that Remy wasn’t your brother," Hank sighed yet again hoping that he had successfully evaded an upsetting problem.

     Rayne stared hard at the Doctor for a minute then her face went pale. That alarmed Hank and he quickly got up and went over to her, "Do you feel alright?" He felt her forehead for signs of a fever then checked her pulse. Her pulse was erratic and sweat beaded her brow, but there was no sign of a fever, "Is anything wrong that I can help you with?"

    Rayne shook her head no, "Ah jus’ have an awful feelin’ dat somet’ins wrong. She looked at Beast and he saw fear and panic in her face, "Ah hope Remy gets back soon."

   "So do I, Rayne," Hank was now more worried then ever. He knew from talking to Xavier that Rayne had intuitive powers that were a part of her other heightened senses, "So do I."


     Ally woke up in the car with Logan's eyes looking at her with concern. She could feel the searing pain on her jaw and she touched it lightly and winced, "Ow."


    "Does it look as bad as it feels?" She smiled.


    "You've got a nasty looking’ bruise, darlin'," Logan wished he could have gotten his hands on that scumbag that hit her.


     Remy and Hayley heard Ally talking, and both glanced at the backseat.


    "Oh Al! You have a huge bruise," Hayley exclaimed and Ally narrowed her eyes at her, "really?"


     Ally touched it again, lightly, "It’s not healing huh?" She sighed, because had thought she might still have a healing factor left or was gaining one from her pregnancy. After all, Hayley could heal herself now.


     Remy glanced at her in the rearview. "Gambit t’inks yo' did good, chere," He smiled, "Yo' saved dat man's life. Even if he didn’ appreciate it."


    Ally looked confused a minute and then remembered, "Oh, that's right, we’re on the lamb now." She frowned and looked out the window, "Where are we now?" "Lost,"


     Logan grunted and chomped on his cigar. They had refused to let him out of the car to try and smell out the direction of the school. They had him so turned around that he needed to get out of the car to find his bearings.


    "Really? Ally laughed, "No way," Then she noted their serious faces, "No shit?"


    "Hayley got us lost," Logan chuckled a little.


    "Hey! I was trying to get as far away from there as I could," she said quickly, "Direction didn't matter then. Only speed and distance."


     Ally sighed wishing she were back at her uncle's and then she began to look around the car for her purse. "My cell's in my purse," she smiled and assumed Hayley must have it.


    Hayley turned around confused, "so call."


   "Where's my purse?" Ally asked her.


    Hayley's hand flew to her mouth, "The restaurant!"


    "You kidding right?" she said laughingly but everyone avoided her look, "My wallet was in there and my Id's!"


    "With the name of Adams," Hayley sighed, "I hope Justice can get a job at Micky Dees after this."


    "It's not funny Hayl," Ally was afraid it would ruin her brother, not to mention, put her at the scene of the alleged crime.




     At the restaurant a young man sat alone in a booth as 'Flo' brought him his coffee.


    'Flo' craned her neck to see his face better past the man's oversized hat and trench coat, "Can I take your hat and coat for you." She smiled wondering how good looking he was.


     He shook his head no and when she was gone he took a tentative drink and produced the purse he had seen left on the seat, once the so called mutants had been chased out.


    He looked at the cell phone, which had received a number of calls on it already. He flipped through the display to see most were from Justice Adams and he almost laughed at the name. He recognized it quickly. Mr. Adams was a partner from a very large and expensive law firm. Why was he calling this cell phone?


   He found the wallet and looked at the Identification. Allyson Adams was the name that had matched the face of the woman the red-eyed man had carried out of there. 'Brother and Sister?' He wondered to himself.


      He looked further and found pictures in the wallet. There was a picture of the other woman that was here at the restaurant. 'Adams?' he almost laughed recognizing the brunette now. 'They’re all mutants?'


     His mind had a million questions as he thought of a news report not that long ago, 'Allyson Adams was presumed dead.' He sighed looking for further clues. He found her credit cards and her money and pushed the wallet back in the purse but a picture of two small children had fallen out.


     He looked at it and remembered what the clawed mutant had said about attacking pregnant women. He sighed, hoping it hadn't come to that. He had only just arrived at the restaurant when he heard somebody scream mutant and he would have surely been pegged for one. He had been trying to keep a low profile, waiting for the media and police to leave. He felt bad for not being able to help the couples but they didn't know him and might have attacked him.


     He was sure he would have made matters worse and he didn't like confrontations anyway. He settled back in his chair, pushed the purse back together and looked at the media trucks and vans. He hoped that they would leave soon.




      Justice looked at Storm. She had finally gone to sleep and he smiled.


    He dialed Ally's cell phone, got her answering machine again so he clicked the phone off. 'Why isn't she answering?' he was becoming more worried and tried his telepathy but his headache prevented him yet again. He didn't understand it. Even with a hang over he had been able to use his telepathy.


    Storm rolled over in her sleep and made a slight noise. He kissed her head and touched her soft hair. He was sure she had stayed up all night with him. He strolled into the bathroom and began to disrobe.


    He felt stronger but his telepathy was off. He grabbed the soap wondering if his abilities were gone. He squeezed the soap and it crumbled to powder easily. He ran to the dresser at top speed but crashed into in with his head throbbing. He finished pulling off his pants and pulled on his jeans glad he didn't wake Ororo.


    She wouldn't agree with what he wanted to do. He looked out the window and the falling leaves and hoped his sisters had brought warm enough clothing with them. He laughed, he had always worried about the triplets like he was their dad, but at the same time he seemed younger by his comical nature. As the oldest and the only male among the four of them, he felt responsible for their well being.


     He toyed with the idea of waking Alex. Would she stop him? He thought better to wake her after the ordeal she and Jean had been through, she probably would be too exhausted to help.


    He sighed as he dressed, putting on a heavy shirt and pants that would surely get in his way if he had to fight. He took a last look at Ororo and he smiled taking in her lovely features but shook his head. She would stop him too.


    He sighed as he slipped into Alex's room and 'borrowed' her car keys as she slept. He made his way to the lower levels and ran into Warren who told him that he was on an errand for Beast to go and wake Alex.

     Justice told him to go ahead and wake her and Warren took off down the corridor. Justice had an idea. He straightened his posture and walked to the infirmary. The doors slid open and he found Beast staring at him questionably. His eyes went to Rayne who had a worried look on her face.


     "Justice!" Beast exclaimed and motioned him to the bed next to Rayne, "I would like to run some tests on you as I did your Uncle." Beast grabbed a chart, "Do you mind?"


    "Will it take long?" Justice tried to focus on him but he still felt a little disoriented.


    "It will take longer to prepare then it will to run," Beast assured him and began to write on the chart. "If you would kindly keep Miss Rayne company for me, I shall go and make the necessary preparations."


    Justice smiled, "Sure thing Doc." Hank moved to the other room quickly hoping Justice wouldn't change his mind.


    Rayne eyed Justice, "yo' don' look so good." Then she smiled at him knowingly, "What are yo’ up too?"


     "I'm fine thanks," He lied, "And in answer to your question, I’m going after my sisters and your brother."


     Rayne's heart jumped and she hopped off the bed, "Ah'm goin’ wit' yo'."


    "You feel strong enough?" He had doubts about this plan, but she certainly looked better than he had seen her since she had gotten there. And she looked more than willing to come along. She nodded quickly not wanting to miss this opportunity to help her brother.


    Justice sighed and rubbed his jaw not sure if inviting her was a good idea. If something happened to her, Gambit would kill him. However, she was his best hope right now of being able to locate her brother, and where he was Hayley and Ally were too. "I will take you on one condition," he raised and eyebrow at her and she nodded and folded her hands anxiously, "You have to keep as calm as possible, not exert yourself, and stay out of trouble."


     "No worries Monsieur, ah'll be good, non?" she tried to fake him out with a grin that matched Remy‘s cocky smile.


    Justice scoffed, "I have three sisters young lady, so I know a little bit of how the female mind works." He turned a corner of his mouth up. Thinking of how much her stubbornness reminded him of Hayley, "If you don't promise to behave then I’ll leave you behind." He jumped off the bed that Beast had sat him on.


    Rayne was sure she could help find them, "Ah’ll be good, ah promise."


    Satisfied, Justice offered his arms to her but she looked at him like he was crazy. He laughed lightly, "If I carry you, I can get us to my sister's car very quickly."


    Rayne walked up to him a little skittishly. She could smell the poison that was working its way through his body. Would she be safe with him? She shrugged. It didn’t matter as long as she was helping Remy. She took a step and felt a breeze, "Oh!" She looked at her hospital gown, "Ah need some clothes."

     "We’ll pick some up for you along the way," He picked her up and almost laughed when she recoiled at him, "I won't hurt you." He smiled. She frowned at him not sure if she wanted to be toted around like a sack of potatoes. "Trust me, okay?" He felt sorry for the frightened girl and gently pressed her head to his chest missing his own sisters. To his surprise she cringed at his gesture of security and tried to wiggle out of his arms


   "I’m sorry Rayne, did I scare you?" He let her down gently.

   Rayne looked torn in two, "Ah-ah wan’ ta go wit’ yo‘ ta fin‘ Remy, an it‘s ok if yo‘ carry me, but don‘ touch me, alright?" 

   Justice felt horrible that he upset the girl, "Ok Rayne. Believe me young lady, I hate to have to take you along with me in the first place. There could be trouble. But I need you to help me find them. We‘ll work together on this, ok? And I‘m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable."

  Rayne nodded her consent, "S’okay, really. Jus’ some t’ings bother me." She let him pick her back up and she relaxed a little. She had good feeling about this guy. She had watched him before and knew he was a good person. He reminded her of Remy with his concern for his siblings.


    What worried her though, was that he was still very ill. She did trust this man and she would keep an eye on him too because she didn't want him killing himself.


    After they stopped and picked up some clothes, Justice ran at top speed to the garage. Rayne laughed inside the whole way, hoping that he wouldn‘t drop her or run into something.



     They pulled over to the side of the road when they saw the gas station. Remy figured it was a good place to stretch their legs and get their bearings.


   Gambit pulled the car up to the pump and Logan climbed out with his cigar in hand.


    Hayley fumbled in Justice's glove compartment and found a secret stash of money he kept there for emergencies. She bounced out of the car and kissed Remy lightly on the cheek.


     "I am going for some drinks, should I grab a map?" She offered.


     "Nah," Logan interrupted. "I can get us there now," Logan said taking a whiff of the air.


     Remy sighed happily, "How far den?"


   Ally got out of the car letting the air tickle her face.


   "'bout an hour," Logan grunted.


   Ally glared at Hayley, "How lost did you get us?"


    Hayley ignored the comment, shoving Ally back in the car, "You better stay in the car hon. That bruise makes you look suspicious. Like maybe Logan slapped you around some." Hayley winked but Ally didn't find the humor in it.


    Remy got a good look at Ally's bruise and felt pity for her having such an ugly reminder of helping somebody.


   He smiled and turned to Hayley, "Mebbe yo’ could get somet’in  fo’ dat bruise. Some ice mebbe."


    Logan marched forward, "Cajun, when you get married then you can take care of your wife. Leave mine ta me, bub."


    "Mais, mon ami! dat hurts her, non?" Remy gestured to Ally.


    Logan was beginning to like Remy, but didn't like the attention he gave Ally. As far as Logan was concerned Hayley and Ally were as different as night and day but to a newcomer they might only see the difference in hair color and more attitude on Hayley's part.


    Hayley and Ally exchanged a look. "Don’t suppose they sell raw steaks," Ally said with a small smile.


    Hayley pushed forward grabbing Logan's arm, "Keep a gal company, huh?" She pulled him with her to the mini-store.




    "I'm sorry," Ally mumbled and sat back on the seat of the car letting her legs hang out of the car door, "He's just staking his claim or some other macho crap."


    Remy set the gas hose to go automatically and knelt down to her looking closely at the bruise, "Beast prob’ly got somet'ing ta fix dat right up." He didn't like to see her hurt anymore than Rayne.


     Ally grabbed his hands, "Rayne's lucky to have such a wonderful brother." Ally smiled, "Thank you for your kindness Remy."


    Remy chuckled and kissed the top of her head, "Anytime chere." He stood again and watched the gas pump.




    Hayley let her eyes adjust to the darkened atmosphere of the store, "Looks like we hit Amityville."


    Logan chuckled and grabbed some sodas and bottles of water from the refrigerated shelves.


     Hayley's eyes twinkled, "So what do you think of Remy?"


    Logan looked at her hard, "What should I think?" he bit down on his cigar tightly.


    "Well, I think he's nice," She sighed grabbing a bag of potato chips.


    Logan snatched the bag and put it back on the shelf. "I don’t want to hear you crunching on these things all the way home," He sighed, "He's seems to be a good man Hayl, but he's too cocky. Just like all the other lady killers. He likes to play games with people."


    "With Ally you mean?" Hayley slapped his arm, "just because 'YOU' don't get close to many people doesn't mean he has issues of platonic relationships with other people."


    He growled lightly as they made their way to the counter, "Paying for the gas on number 4." He listened to the register ring up the sale as the guy pushed the buttons. He tossed some bills on the counter then started for the door.


    "Who's that?" Hayley stopped and Logan crashed into her.


    He looked around her and saw some people around Justice's car, "Aw shit."




    Remy leaned against the car and then began putting the hose away, "Ready to go?" He smiled at Ally.


     "Very," She sighed but her eyes were on the brunette making her way to them.


     "Who’s dat?" Remy said as he saw the young man coming towards them. He reached in and snatched the keys from the car ignition so the stranger couldn’t steal the car. He dumped the keys in his pocket almost daring the man to try something.



     A female dropped on top of Remy before he realized she was there. She pushed herself against him pinning him to the car. Remy's eyes opened wide and he tried to put some space in between them. He looked at the brunette. She seemed familiar but couldn't place it.


    "Can I help you?" He squirmed from in between her and the car.


     She let her eyes lock on his and she pressed against him harder, "No, it's more like how can I help you, pretty boy?" She let her hand trail down from his waist to his crotch.


    Ally moved quickly and pushed the woman off Remy where she landed hard onto the pumps, "Remy, it's the Scarlet Witch." Ally turned to Gambit who snapped out of his shock.


     He produced a card, "Gambit don’ need yo’ chere. Ah got a lady already." He snapped at her.


    "The gas pumps, Remy. Be careful," Ally mumbled to him and they backed away slowly to a wooded area. Suddenly a gust of wind trapped Ally. The wirlwind picked her up and she disappeared into the woods.


     Remy narrowed his eyes, 'Quicksilver, non?' and began to run after her into the woods with the Witch on his tail.




     Logan and Hayley got to the store door as they saw Ally being carried off.


   "Lo'," Hayley stopped him before he could run and pointed to the other mutants who had been hidden. Sabertooth slinked after Remy and Pyro followed behind him, "It's an ambush."


    Logan nodded with a growl and ran for them with Hayley on his heels.




     Ally felt dizzy in the moving cyclone but she made a mad grab for a branch and was freed from it's raging force.


    Pietro stopped short when he realized she was gone and ran back, "Think you can escape that easily?" he sneered.


     Ally shrugged and flew up into the trees but didn't get far before he began his own whirlwind under her running in circles


    . Remy ran to him remembering Justice's trick and stuck his foot out randomly. Pietro tripped on Remy's foot and crashed violently into a tree.


    Ally landed next Remy and looked over at Pietro. "Is he dead?" she asked in horror. Wanda stopped her advance at Remy and went running to her brother.


    "Ah don' know, chere," Remy said and turned to lead her out of the wooded area. He found a growling monster stading in his way. The fanged beast hit Gambit hard in the face sending him somersaulting through the air.


     Ally grabbed him with her telepathy to keep him from being seriously injured, but Sabretooth seized her by her neck distracting her and Remy landed in a heap.


   Gambit shook his head clear and looked to Ally who was being attacked and stood. He grabbed a rock with top of his boot and flipped it to his hand. He charged it and sent it to Sabretooth's feet. The explosion rocked both mutants apart.


    "Sacre!" Remy hadn't counted on that happening and his eyes widened. He saw Wolverine run up to them as Sabretooth got to his feet. A ring of fire held Sabertooth at bay as Hayley advanced from the air.


    A hand on Remy's shoulder caught his attention and he turned guardedly. Wanda's eyes stared at him, "You hurt my brother," she hissed, "now, you will know his pain." She struck Hayley down from the air and the fire mutant started to plummet.