Wolvie Femmes * Khaki



















Eyes: green

Hair: Brown

Height:last height was 5í

Weight: 70 lbs

Occupation: 11 year old

Mutant ability:Khaki has the ability to channel electricity in the air into lightening and charges. Being so young her charges donít last very long but are very powerful just the same. She is learning through Xavierís tutoring to create an electronic field around her for defense.



Background:Khaki doesnít remember much of her life before the labs. She does remember most of her procedure that gave her he awesome ability.


††††† Khaki the disarmingly sweet adolescent was found at the Adams lab. The away team found her when she was left there to starve. Afraid of most of the mutantís that found her because of their appearance, she became taken with Wolverine. She is not afraid of her ability and tries if often. She has a childís view of the world and befriended the resident Ms. Thing (Imp AKA Jordan) and found she too could teach as well as learn.

†††† Follow the sparkly, energy filled Khaki as she joins our ranks in Catís Eye.