Alex was speeding along the long elegant corridors, as fast as her feet would carry her. For a moment she wished she could fly like Hayley or even Ally. She felt a stitch in her side as she ran through the long halls of the house. She stopped so suddenly that she almost started to skid. She wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to pull herself together. She knocked at the door.

     Hank opened the door and smiled as soon as he saw her. Alex felt the tears stinging her cheeks again.

     "Alex" he stepped out of the doorway to let her in the room with him. She walked in very slowly. "What is it?"

    "I have to talk to you about my father." She was calming down. "If you want no more to do with me after I tell you, I will understand."

    They sat on Hank's bed as Alex told him everything about her father's work and how everyone was involved.

     Finally Beast stood as he placed his book and glasses down. "He experimented on the four of you and you are still trying to make amends," Hank sighed. "Alex you are nothing like your father. He is a calculating monster you are trying to stop but to have children such as you, there must be some good in him."

     She sighed, "Thank you." Then she smiled at him. "You give me a lot of strength." She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

    "I have never met anyone like you Alex." He pulled her slowly away to face him. " I think I might be ……" he sighed and hoped she understood his meaning. He loved her but he knew she would be gone and he felt telling her at this point would make her feel obligated to stay. He couldn't do that to her.

     She looked at the kind man she knew as Dr. Henry McCoy. 'Had he been about to say he loved her?' She looked at his warm eyes and knew it was true. "Hank, I ….." She started. He kissed her gently. She gave in to his kiss and felt a wave of feeling for him. She knew as this feeling deepened that it could lead to their making love for the first time together. They had spent the night together when she was upset but it was only for companionship. As he pulled her closer to him, she knew she would not regret giving herself to him.






     Allyson had fallen asleep again. When she had woke the young black man was with her. He looked at her concern. She knew he wasn't going to hurt her. He couldn't have been more than eighteen. He smiled as she blinked awake. He was waiting for her to awake completely.

    "Are you professor's Adam's daughter?" he asked quietly and he helped her sit up. She noticed her restraints were gone.

    She nodded. "Did he hurt you?" she looked at him for a clue, she wasn’t used to having to rely on her instincts for answers. He looked normal enough, was he mutant? She sighed she knew looked normal enough too though.

    "Yeah " he looked down "I guess so." He mumbled.

    "I am so sorry." She whispered and he could tell she really was.

    'She seems nice enough' He decided with a small sigh, He had been counting on her to be a good person.

"They are going to kill you, if you don't join them," his eyes grew big as if he was scared for her. She nodded to him. She didn't seem to surprise, just upset. "If they kill you, they will just use you to catch your sisters. We have to get you out of here." He took a breath he was talking a mile a minute. "They want you to teach us telepathy". He went on.

     She looked at him evenly. "Are you telepathic?"

    "A little." He smiled. "My brother was better at it." He looked far away at the mention of his brother. "I am mostly robotic now."

   "Are you going to oppose me?" She did not want to bring up his brother it was clearly a bad subject for him. "Or my friends?"

    The blue haired girl and the other another young man with a faint shadow of hair walked in the room quietly.

    "Is she awake?" She peered over his shoulder.

    "Who are you?" Ally asked. 'Was she even at Magneto's now?'

    "He paid for us. We have the chips in our heads. We are stuck here too." The blue haired girl explained.

    "Are you all mutant?" Ally asked them as she looked around for a way out.

    "Yes, " the young white guy with almost no hair spoke up. "I am Death Angel or Josh. This is my sister Aubrey." He smiled as he gestured to his sister finally.

   "I am Ty. That is short for Tyler." The friendly young black man introduced himself. "OR Kamikaze"

    She smiled at the friendly trio. "What makes you mutants?"

    Ty glanced at her. "Aubrey sings and it does something weird to people. Josh kind of poisons people. I was a telepath, then I was given robotics."

    Aubrey looked at her, "We were sold to him, and we can't leave"

   "You know who my father is?"

    The motley three nodded.

    "What do you want from me?" Allyson looked at the innocent faces.

    "You can stop him Ally-cat." Ty was smiling. "We know about your sisters and we want to help. We know you three can stop your father. You can get out of here the chip doesn't effect you."

    Allyson shook her head. This was a little overwhelming

   "We have to be careful with Crystal," Ty said. As he looked over his shoulder to his friends

   Aubrey nodded her head in agreement. "I think she wants Ally-cat out of here." Aubrey sighed "Crystal seems taken with Magneto."

   Ty caught on to her thought. "And he seems to wants Ally-cat." Ty whistled lowly.

   "Call me Ally okay?" She reached towards her head. "Can you help me get this thing off?" she gestured to the helmet like thing on her head. She sighed as she smiled at them.



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