Justice Adams

Eyes: blue

Hair: Reddish

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 180 lb.

Occupation: Partner to his law firm

Ability: Extremely strong and super speed.

Justice Adams is the older brother of the triplets. Once he was married and lost his wife, Chloe and child died in childbirth. He is the leader and the deciding factor in the dynamics of the siblings. Justice has incredible strength and speed abilities; he also has some telepathy like his sisters. He has strong hand to hand fighting skills. He looks at the world knowing there must be a reason for what happens and doesn't question much. He is a lot of fun around his sisters but has a much more serious side alone and at work.

He feels he is a lot like his father and the thought keeps him awake at night. He wants to help the people and their families who were involved in the experiments. He believes that he and his siblings can put lives back together. He organizes benefits for charities funded by his law firm with his sister's help.

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