Logan woke the next day very early. He couldn't sleep in for the feeling he was forgetting something. Something was missing. He was looking for Ally and he found her everywhere he looked. He found her toothbrush, he could still smell her perfume lingering in the air and he knew the biggest reminder was Amber and Michael. It was hard not to think of them with their growth spurt. His mind wandered once again to Ally when he thought of how she would handle it. He couldn't stop thinking about her; she had been ripped from him too many times already.

He was one of the few who was awake and it was still dark. He fought the urge to check on the twins at such an early hour and found himself outside with a cigar. He could smell the trees and the mornings were becoming cooler.

'Fall Aint far,' he thought to himself but the change of the season only made him long for his family to be whole again. He made his way to the trees and pulled himself into a large tree while he clenched his stogie in his teeth. He soon made himself a comfortable seat in the branches and put his feet up.

He looked over to the school and noticed there were only a few lights on. He knew whose rooms a few of those lights belonged to and Ororo and Hank were among those. Beast was known to early to bed early to rise but Ororo was not always the first up. He did notice the professor's light was on and he couldn't help but wonder if they had heard him, if they had other things to do, or if they were just wondering about their missing friends.

Logan looked over to the places below the school grounds untouched by machines and unspoiled by man. The rays of color began to peek over the shorter trees and the horizon.

'Ally always called it Nature's TV.' He thought as a smile passed quickly on his face and then he took another long breath. He looked down at his cigar it was nearly gone.

'Must have lost track of time.'

He jumped from the tree landing squarely and easily on his feet and began to stroll towards the school when he noticed that the whole school seemed awake now. He hoped he saw some familiar faces to divert him from thinking about his wife.

As he pushed the door open to the school he could smell Rogue and he knew she wasn't far.


Rogue had woke up early, she heard Wolverine making a lot of his noise in his sleep again. He had nightmares before but from what everyone had said they had stopped when Ally got there. She had got up to see if she should wake him but by the time she got to the door she heard him walking past.

She sighed and knew that she was now awake. She began to move quietly and began to dress.

'Maybe he wants to talk.' She wondered. She looked out her window without turning the light on and saw him walking across the lawn. 'He is on a loner mode.' She mused to herself as she looked at herself dressed for school. She grasped a couple of schoolbooks and marched out anyway.

'I will just study until he comes in,' then she moved quicker down the halls and found a hallway window where she could spy him climbing into a tree. He looked so sad, so lost. Her heart went out to him, she wished to could comfort him some how. She sat perched in the window watching him and the sunrise in the distance. She hadn't seen many sunrises and to see the day seemingly break over Logan's should made him seem untouchable. She had to catch her breath.

'He is married and will never think of me as a woman,' she sighed to herself. She felt her attention grow and he jumped down from the tree and began to make his way back to the school. Her heart jumped and she ran to meet him at the kitchen door. She could help herself to a drink and hope he would assume she had just got there.

Rogue skidded to a halt but still slammed into the other young woman and as books flew across the hall both young women fell to the ground.

"I'm sorry," Rogue mumbled quickly as she began to pick up the books and couldn't face the other student. She knew her face was turning more than one shade of red.

"You're Bobby's friend," A very pert friendly voice said.

Rogue looked up at the other girl and really took in her pretty features. She had an Asian look to her like the triplets. She didn't have deep, dancing; blue eyes but she did have warm, friendly, brown eyes and sunglasses on top of her head. She had a big grin and an olive complexion framed by a heart shaped face.

'She is very pretty,' Rogue decided.

"The girl that hangs out with the guy with the claws." The sweet girl went on.

Rogue finally realized she had been staring. "Uh, yeah, You mean Wolverine?"

"The guy who got married here? With the kids?"

"That's him." She smiled at the thought of him.

"I'm Jubilee," The shorter girl said and stuck out her hand sharply.

Rogue was taken back by her directness and stared at her hand a moment. "Oh, I am Rogue,"

Jubilee began to walk on with Rogue and she seemed to watch Rogue as carefully as Rogue watched her.

"So what is it like to hang with all of the grown ups?" Jubilee asked with a sly smile.

"I don't know." She said slowly, she hadn't realized it was such a big deal. Jubilee reminded her of a younger Hayley. She didn't seem to second-guess her words, very sure of herself and didn't hold back.

"I mean you answered the door when that new guy got here, you came in the school when 'Wolverine' did and you were there when that other redhead like Ms. Gray got here. You seem to be at the center of all the action." Jubilee said almost all in one breath.

Rogue just smiled, "I guess,"

Jubilee grabbed her sleeve, "C'mon let's go met Kitty, she has some new music CD's"

Rogue smiled broadly then she remembered Logan, "I really have to check on a friend." Jubilee gave her a questionable look, it dawned on Rogue to invite her and she smiled, "Do you want to meet Wolverine?"

Jubilee nodded a little awestruck but then Rogue jerked away sharply as Jubilee's hand slipped a little off Rogue's sleeve.

Rogue gasped. "Jubilee, don't," she pulled back quickly before Jubilee could touch her skin and noticed Jubilee seemed taken back a little by her defensive move. "It's not you. It's just something bad happens when people touch my skin."

"The Wolverine touched you," Jubilee said as she relaxed a little more with the explanation.

"Yeah, but that it because of his mutation is healing, I borrowed his power," Jubilee's jaw dropped and Rogue enjoyed Jubilee's admiration a little, "I have to be careful, the Professor says I could kill somebody."

Jubilee still looked confused at her explanation. She was some of Rogue's classes but they hadn't really talked before. She had wanted to meet the ill-famed girl who had gotten so much notice and attention by every adult and student there. Her abilities were spoken of and it seemed that nobody was quite sure what she was capable of after she lived through the wolverine's stab in the chest. Then she remembered how much she and Kitty had talked about her.

"I have to meet Kitty soon," Jubilee said slowly, "but I should have enough time to meet Wolverine."

Rogue nodded with a small smile, "Okay."

Logan came in through the kitchen and held back a strong feeling to wake the babies and check on them but when he looked at the table he saw a strange face that caught his attention.

Logan eyed the blonde guy suspiciously as he took in his appearance. He had two long wings that screamed for attention as they just about touched the floor while he sat in the chair at the table. The man smiled at him and looked at him as closely as Logan was watching the new comer, Logan knew he must be wondering what his mutation was. Logan wandered over to the coffeepot and poured a cup as the door flew open and Hank walked in smiling at them.

"Good morning gentlemen," Beast called to them

They both looked at him uncomfortably and beast picked up on the mood easily. "Have you two met?" Hank asked as he gestured between the men.

Warren who seemed the more curious of the two jumped at the question, "Not yet.

"Warren this is Wolverine. Logan this is Warren," Henry offered to the awkward men.

Warren got up quickly offering Logan his hand very politely and Logan emptied his hand of his coffee mug and shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you," Warren said with a business like grace.

Logan mumbled a greeting but didn't quite seem that interested.

Beast cleared his throat; "Warren is the chap who met up with our Ally and her siblings on the road." He hoped to relax the mood as he poured himself a glass of milk.

Both men re-evaluated the other once they knew who the other was.

Beast took a deep breath and looked pointedly at Logan, "You will also be working with Wrren in the danger room today."

"Why I am working with these guys?" Logan stared at Beast.

"Perhaps to help you busy your mind or to let the others benefit from your keen fighting skills," Hank smiled mischievously, "Or it could be to help you to learn a little more teamwork."

Logan looked like he would argue but only put his mug back down on the counter, "Have those four contacted anybody yet?" He said as nonchalantly as he could.

"No." Hank said and a shadow of worry passed Hanks' face too.

Warren sat back listening but gave them a half smile, "I wouldn't worry too much," Both men looked at him, "They aren't exactly the weakest mutants."

Logan and Hank exchanged amused glances, they knew they sounded like worried spouses but they couldn't help it any.

Hank cleared his throat as he kept Logan's eye, "How are the kids? Is anything new? Are they awake?"

"I was on my way there," Logan started towards the door and turned to Hank, "Let me know if you hear anything, huh?"

Beast nodded and Logan disappeared through the door quickly. Hank smiled at Warren's somewhat confused stare at his juice.

"You will learn to love Logan," Hank laughed.

"He seems friendly enough," Warren picked up his dishes and brought them to the sink.

Beast noticed Warren's wings and was secretly please that Warren didn't seem to be hiding them anymore. "You will be training with Logan, so if you would like I will show you the danger room."

Hank grabbed a banana as Warren joined him at the door.


Ty cut them short as he almost collided with them.

Ty eyed the new comer but seemed preoccupied and looked at Beast. "Have you seen Logan?"

Beast smiled at Ty's single-mindedness. "He was on his way to the nursery." Before Ty could flee Hank gestured to Warren. "Ty this is Warren, he just arrived yesterday, Warren this is Ty"

Ty shook Warren's hand and seemed oblivious as Warren jerked slightly at Ty's grip. "They also call me Kamikaze."

"Hell of a grip you have there." Warren said while he shook his aching hand, "They also call me Angel."

Ty nodded as he studied Warren a little more interested. "Cool. Can you fly with your wings."

Warren nodded with a smile. He wasn't used to not being embarrassed about them and seeing somebody really admire them was very rare.

Beast watched Warren still gripping his hand. "Ty is partly robotic and still doesn't seem to realize his own strength."

"Dr. McCoy, How long until Ally and the rest get back here?" Ty said with a look of longing and it caught Warren's attention.

"We are not sure yet, Tyler. There is no prescribed time for them to return." Hank lowered his gaze a little

Ty nodded and then looked at Angel, "Nice to met you."

"You too." Warren watched the young black man stride off with his mind elsewhere. He looked at Beast, "Is one of those girls a relative to him?"


Warren chuckled, "Then, he has got it bad for one those ladies."

Beast watched Warren a little curious as they began to make their way to the danger room. "What would make you say that?"

"That is a boy with a crush."

Dr. McCoy looked at Ty's figure, as he became smaller making his way down the hall quickly in search of Logan.

'Is Warren right? If so, who was he had a crush on?'


Logan hadn't gotten far from the kitchen when Rouge's smell became extremely strong. He saw her coming at him with another girl tow and big smile on her face.

He sighed at the sight of the other girl she had a look on her face he knew too well. She was and excitement hound, like Hayley used to be or like he used to be. He pushed the nostalgia away so he didn't let the memories take him over. Ally wasn't around to help and he didn't want anything weird to happen.

The girl with Rogue looked Asian and had sunglasses on her head as her gaze seem to travel up and down Logan's body.

"Logan," Rogue called and she jogged a little closer with a smile. She gestured to her new companion.

"This is Jubilee, we have some classes together."

"Hi," Logan said but he was looking at Rogue. He was glad she was getting to know the other student finally but why did she bring her this girl to meet him?

"Hello," Jubilee smiled.

"This is Wolverine or Logan," Rogue smiled at Logan.

Jubilee took the shorter stocky man in. 'Wow. How can Rogue know such cool people? And how can I not know these people.' She knew they were always off doing something much cooler than schoolwork and she wanted to be a part of it.

Rogue realized Logan wasn't particularly happy to see them and remembered him in the tree earlier.

"Jubilee, can I meet you in library?" Rogue whispered.

Jubilee nodded and ran off looking back at Rogue with the mysterious man.

"Making some friends," Logan smiled despite of himself.

"Yeah," She smiled back happy to see him a little like himself and she felt a little like a heel putting him on the spot with Jubilee. "Are you okay?"

"Yup," he raised a corner of his mouth to convince her.

He gestured to the hall he was walking in, "I was going to check on the kids."

She began walking with him; "You know if you need to talk, Loganů" She trailed off.

"I know, kid."

"She'll be back soon."


"How are the kids?"

"Great." He picked up the pace a little more. "Your friend seems nice but she's a spark plug."

"How can you tell from just meeting her?"

"Just can." He knew she felt loyalty to him but he wanted to see the kids and he didn't want to keep her from her friends, "You don't want to keep her waiting."

She just nodded and clenched her books to her chest and began to walk quickly away.

"Hey, Rogue."

She turned around quickly at his voice.


She gave him a brilliant smile and turned back around to meet Jubilee in the library.


Scott knocked on the professor's door and entered quickly at the mental 'come in' the professor sent to him.

He saw him sitting at the giant desk with a lot of papers and a pen in hand but he looked up when Scott got closer. "How did your class go?" He asked him evenly but subtly reminding him. Scott had other duties and not really enough time to chase a conversation and the professor hoped it was an important visit.

"Fine. I have another class in twenty minutes." He smiled at the professor and found a seat.

"Something on your mind Scott?"

"I hope you don't mind my asking," Scott watched the Professor evenly, "Why are you summoning these other mutants here? We never had to really seek anybody out before?"

The professor sighed, "That was before we found out about Professor Adams and his labs." He sat back in his chair. "We need to find and give mutants an option before somebody else searches them out."

"Yeah, well you have done that before."

"Scott, Magneto is preparing for a long war and it would seem he wants Wolverine's twins as successors. We should give every mutant a choice before he does. Easy short cuts that he offers are more attractive. We need to be more aggressive in recruiting."

Scott was appalled, "The twins? You are talking about years."

Charles nodded. "We will need to expand the X-men. Once the Adams have returned and the twins are safe with both parents we will have to evaluate the newest mutants and hope they would join our cause."

Scott was almost offended. The team, they had already accomplished so much and been through a lot together. They were family and inviting others from the outside seemed absurd but there really weren't any students they could really consider for the X-men yet. It was overwhelming.

Charles watched Scott's conflicting emotions. "I have found another mutant not far from here and she is strong but I am reluctant to ask her to join us."


"Aramis knows of her as well and she has a family of her own but her telekinesis is almost equal to Jean's" he smiled at Scott's surprised look.

"We all have families though."

"She has a baby and doesn't seem to embrace the fact she is even mutant. Magneto doesn't seem wise to her and it would be wonderful to live outside of this war for her and her family."

"But?" Scott knew there was more.

"She would be an asset to us, Scott but she has a husband and child and her own business." the professor smiled. "She is not quite the loner that would usually embrace our school."

"Is that why you didn't seek Allyson out?"

"I wasn't looking for her but once I learned of Josh and Aubrey I realized if we don't start finding the other mutants somebody else will and I am not fond with them being used or killed by the brotherhood."

Scott nodded.

"I would like for you to start training with Gambit and Warren they need to learn more of our teamwork because Magneto will come for those children and we need to be ready when he does."

"Okay." Scott looked at his watch. "I need to get to my class." Cyclops stood but kept his eye on the professor. "You know Jean and I will do what you tell us but what about Wolverine and the rest?"

"We don't control them we can only offer." He picked his pen up and looked at the leader of the x-men. "We are the future Scott and how we approach things will always matter."

Scott nodded, "Who is this other mutant you are watching?"

The professor sighed, "Her name is Isabelle and she lives in Quebec and I will offer her a safe house if she is approached by the Brotherhood."

"What if she's not?"

"Time will tell."

Scott shook his head once outside the door. A war, a mutant war, they were involved in one now with the brotherhood and he knew the professor wasn't telling him everything. He knew there was a big war on the horizon that is why he had sent to for Gambit and Angel. 'How many others would he send for? Would Imp be in Jeopardy too? Jean was right, Magneto would kill Ally and take her children if he could.' He walked quickly almost running to his class as he thought of Jean. He would have to talk to her about this. He needed to talk to someone.

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