Josh AKA Death Angel



Real Name: Joshua Collins

Eye: Green

Hair: Blonde (if he had any)

Weight: 170 lb.

Height: 5'8"

Occupation: Student


Josh or Death Angel was a normal student until his sister Aubrey began strange things with her voice. He found her a Professor who could help Aubrey with her mutation but what he actually found was captivity along with torture. Joshua was put through mutations when he went looking for his older sister. He was giving the ability to harbor and create a poison in his body. His poison is so toxic it effected even Sabertooth many times. He became angry and callous at the world when he learned that he and his sister were no more than mutant slaves, waiting to be bought and paid for. He was even more disappointed to find out that some one did pay for them and wanted them trained as assasins. When he met Tyler AKA Kamikaze he began to think there was some good in the world, until Josh found out what happened to Ty's twin.

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