<P Align="CENTER"> Jordan AKA Imp

Jordan AKA Imp


Eyes: blue

Hair: Blonde

Weight: 40 lb.

Height: about 3'

Occupation: Resident 4 yr old

Ability: Telekinetic and some telepathy are all she has shown so far.




Jordan was nicknamed Imp by Wolverine. She is definitely taken with mysterious man and in return she has stolen his heart. He has a weakness for the mischievous kindred spirited child. Imp has a face that could make anyone smile.

Brought by Professor Charles Xavier, Jordan, Justin and baby Tyler live with the X-men and students. Everyone realizes that Imp does not keep her abilities secret but they still are not sure who she is or where she and the other children came from. Jordan has the power of telekinesis and telepathy and uses it very recklessly but she shows great promise for a child of her age.

If asked Imp will tell you she knows who her parents are but doesn't offer the information. With tousled blonde curls and dimples, her face dances with excitement and she captures hearts.

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