Wolvie Femmes * Intrusions 






    Remy slowly opened the door so as not to wake his sister.  After letting his eyes adjust to the darkness within, he looked to the bed.  She wasn’t there.


      He flipped the light on and took some strides further into the room.  “Rayne!  Where are you?”  His heart pounded, thinking she had bolted.  ‘She promised me she wouldn’t leave.’


       Much to his relief, he heard a rustling noise.  He spun towards the sound and found that it came from under the desk.  ‘Merde!  She’s under dere again!’ 


       Exasperated, he stomped over to the desk and pounded his fist on the top.  “Get outta dere!  You’re not some bug dat crawls under de furniture.”  He slapped the top again.  “Get out a dere, aseteur!”


       “I yi yiee!  Remy, Tais toi!”  Rayne kicked a leg out from under the desk.


       Gambit quickly reached down, grabbed her foot and then proceeded to pull her out.  “ Don’t tell me ta shut up, girl.  Ah’ve had enough aggravation tonight.”  She kicked free of his grasp and crawled back under the desk.  He pitched forward onto the desktop and cradled his aching head in his hands.  “Petite, please come out of dere.”


        “No.  Go away.”


        Remy entertained the thought of reaching under the desk and dragging her out, but the throb in his head suggested otherwise.  He groaned, trying to think of a way that he could get her out without using physical force.  Then, from nowhere, a thought came to him.  He recalled again when he had first met Rayne.  He didn’t know her name then and to call her to him he had made up his own name.  “Lil’ Criquet.  Please come out from under de desk.”


       Rayne started at the name.  It had been many years since she had heard it.  He used to call her by that name a lot when they first met, before she chose her own name.  She never knew what her real given name was. 


       Slowly, she slid out from under the desk and looked up at her brother.  “Ah had all but forgotten dat name.”  Then she noticed how he was holding his head.  “You hurt Remy?”  It took only a minute before she was up and dragging him over to the bed.  “Sit and let me have a look at yo’.”


       He sat on the side of the bed.  “It’s just a headache girl, stop fussin’.”


       “Ah’ll fuss all Ah want, where you are concerned, ya fool.  Now, hush and sit still.”  She checked his head for any visible signs of injury.  He looked like he had been in a scuffle of some sort.  “What happened?  Did the ‘Brotherhood’ come back?”


       “No, Ah was tryin’ ta keep Ally from hurtin’ herself, is all.  Don’ worry about it.”  He moved to get up but Rayne eased him back down.


       “Remy, did ya really mean it?  Do yo’ really want ta leave here?”


       He didn’t understand her hesitation.  “Don’t yo’ want ta leave, chere?  Ah’d thought you’d be more’n happy ta leave.” 


       She gingerly fluffed his hair with her fingers,  “Well, it’s just dat.”  She sighed deeply,  “Just dat dis place is kinda like a home now, almost, and well…Ah don’ know.”


       Remy couldn’t help but laugh.  It wasn’t long ago; that she was doing everything she could to leave here.  “Yo’ really like it here, mignon?”


       “Ah reckon it’s the best place Ah’ve been in since Tanti’s.”  Her hands began to gently massage his head, neck and shoulders.  “You need a good long rest Remy.  Your muscles are all knotted up.”


       To that he scoffed,  “Like dats gonna happen.  Listen, dat’s why Ah want ta leave here.  So we can get some rest.”


       She snickered,  “Like Hayley would let ya get any rest, hahn?”  She stopped and looked at his face.  “Seriously now.  Are yo’ sure we should leave here?”


       “Ah’m very sure.”


       “But where will we go?  What will we do?”  Rayne sat on the bed next to him and fidgeted with the sheet.


       “Just trust me, ok?  Ah’ll take care a you.”  He put an arm around her shoulders and felt her tremble.


      “But Remy,” She took a steadying breath,  “Ah just don’t know.”


      “Don’t know what?”  He studied her face that was a mixture of fear and confusion.


      “Don’t know if Ah can.” 


       His heart leaped to his throat,  “Can’t trust me?  Yo’ can’t trust me, chere?”  He felt sick.  Had it come to that now?  Was Rayne so hurt that she could never believe in him again?  The thought made his head swim and he felt like throwing up.


       She saw him swoon and held onto his shoulder,  “No Rem you silly, Ah trust yo’ plenty.”  Her hands wrapped around his arm,  “It’s just dat, Ah’m afraid.  So much has happened and Ah’ve been on ma own for so long.”  She snuggled against his arm.  “It’s just that Ah feel a little safe here.  Know what Ah mean?”


       “You can stay here if yo’ want to chere, but Ah’d like it better if You’d come along with us.”  He pulled her into a hug as he yawned.


       “Your tired Remy, lie down and go ta sleep.”  She smiled at his sleepy looking face.  “Traiteurs orders.”


        Gambit lazily grinned back,  “So your ma sister and healer now, eh?”


        “Ah’m serious now.  Lie back and close your eyes.”  She pushed him back and then rolled him over towards the far side of the bed.


        “What’s dis all about?”  He eyed her suspiciously.  “Ah can go ta sleep in ma room or Hayley’s.”


       “She’s spendin’ de night just where she ought ta be.  In de infirmary.”  Rayne shoved Remy back down when he tried to rise off the bed.  “An you, my sweet, stupid brother.  Are going to get some good sleep if I have ta stay awake all night and pounce on anyone dat tries ta disturb you.”


        Remy laughed again,  “Ah t’ink you’d really do dat.”  He flopped backwards and fluffed the pillow under his head.  “Alright chere, but where you gonna sleep?”


        She grinned at him and snuggled to his side,  “Right here where Ah can keep an eye on yo’.”


        The day’s troubles bore down on him then and his eyelids became heavy with exhaustion.  He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  “G’night, Criquet.”


       “Night Rem.”  Rayne watched as he quickly drifted off to sleep.  After he began snoring, she put her head on her own pillow and fell asleep.








       Justice kicked lightly at the sheet, restless, listening to the monitor that Beast had him hooked to.  Ally was dressing to go back to her room.  Justice sighed and looked at the ceiling noting every detail.  He was bored and upset and needed to talk to Storm.


       Ally came out dressed in clean clothing with a smiled, went right to Justice, and kissed his head.


       Justice smiled and pulled his sister to him feeling her sigh.  He loved his sisters but being the only male was hard sometimes.


       "Don't scare us again!"  Ally said quickly pulling from him so he could see her eyes.


       "Scare?"  Justice mocked.  "They can't kill me that easily."  He scoffed.  "Besides, if I died who would scare the straights?"


       Ally raised an eyebrow and they both laughed as they sad in unison, "Hayley."


      "Think you could get me my pants?"  Justice winked.


       "Nope," Ally smiled brightly.  "You're stuck until released."


        He slumped down a little, "I want to find Storm," he looked a little dejected.


        "Oh?"  Ally realized what he meant.  "We should talk about something else."


        Justice noticed her change in tone and began to search her thoughts quickly for answers.  Ally jumped back feeling his probe and felt violated but once she realized what he was looking for she relaxed.  She hoped the information wouldn't hurt him too much as he realized the truth about Chloe.


        When he had finished he looked at Ally with solemn look, "it can't be true, Al."  He whispered.  Ally nodded slowly and he sighed remembering hadn't believed it either and had used Cerebro to find the truth.  He shook his head, "I need to find Ororo."  He pulled away from Ally gingerly feeling a little spooked.  He looked at her again, "You sure?"



       Beast came humming into the room and spied the duo with shocked sad expressions.  "Is something amiss?"  He looked at them curiously.


      Justice shook his head not really wanting to speak to anybody but Storm. 


     Ally gave him away though, "He just scanned me to find out why he thought Storm was pregnant."  Justice gave her an upset look.


      Beast moved to him with a sigh, "My good man…." was all Beast started to say but Logan busted in with Joshua by the back of his shirt and pushed him down to the floor.  Henry arced an eyebrow, "Problem, Logan?"


       Logan extinguished the stogie in his hand, "the kid has a confession to make."  Josh made his way to his feet.


      Justice sat up in the bed sharply, he knew it had something to do with him and he tossed his legs over the side.


      Ally cast a sad look at Josh understanding immediately and Justice caught her look.


      "No," Justice mumbled watching his sister but she kept her sad look and Justice shook his head looking back at Josh, "What did you do?  Was it Chloe?"  He had to know and he wanted to hear it from him, not read it.


      Josh couldn't meet his eye, "I didn't know what she was going to do with it."


      Justice tried to bolt off the table but found Ally holding him with her telekinesis.  "Al, let go or you're going to have one hell of a headache."  Justice growled.


      Beast stepped in front of him, "Should I detain you then?"


      The fright in Josh's eyes was evident and before he could bolt Logan had him in a headlock.  Josh reached a finger at Logan threateningly and Wolverine let a claw pop out.


      "Wouldn't be smart kid," Wolverine hissed.


       Ally's eyes became wide and she glared at him hard, "if you do I will also turn Justice loose."  She threatened.


       "Let us please," Henry said quickly, "keep our senses."  He looked to Josh diplomatically, "we are X-men and will not harm you Joshua but we will need to know everything."  Beast produced a chair and Josh sat down with a deep breath as Logan let his grip go slowly.  Beast motioned for Ally to let he hold on Justice go.


       Ally shrugged and dropped her grasp only to see Justice bolt for Joshua.


       Justice's fame speed was a disadvantage for the young man.  Justice jumped on the other male with his sheet barely hanging around him but he didn't seem to care as he pushed his fist hard into Joshua's face.


      Logan pulled him off slowly seeing Bobby, Khaki and Reg disturbed by the noise.  "'nuff, junior."


       Justice had respect for Logan but met his eye, "hardly."  Beast ran to help restrain Justice as they pulled him back to the bed.


      Ally put a hand on Josh's shoulder, "don't even think of leaving."


      "Beast said I wouldn't be harmed," Josh complained.


       Justice tried to jump for Josh again, " 'I' am NOT an X-man."  His clenched jaw wasn't hard to understand.


        Beast met Justice's eye, "if you do not calm I WILL sedate you and it will be quite a while before you see Storm."


         Justice gave Beast a sideways glance and settle down sitting on the bed.  Logan tossed his sheet over him.


         "I thought he was recovering," Logan grumbled looking at Beast.  Justice seemed pretty hard to restrain and just as strong as he could remember.


          Beast replaced his glasses looking around at the other occupants, "he is, Logan."  He looked over to the beds to see Khaki under the sheet, head and all.


     Reg sat straight up watching them interested, "People aren't shy around here huh?"  He knew Justice was pretty mild mannered and if it had been enough to ruffle his feathers, it had to be really bad.


      Justice cocked an eyebrow at Reg, "well, when they TAKE your pants."  He watched Beast roll his eyes.


      "Joshua," Beast gestured for him to come closer.  "Justice will NOT hit it you again but we need to hear what happened."


      Josh made his way forward slowly with crossed arms, "it was a dare from Jump one night."


       Justice narrowed his eyes, "What was?"


       "She said she wanted to organize us," he shrugged.  "The failed projects the ones left behind."


        Khaki came out from under her sheet and looked to Josh and Reg got up intrigued.  They knew this concerned them and it scared Khaki, but then Jump and Josh scared Khaki.


        The child stayed next to Reg not willing to go too much closer to Josh.


        "She asked me my degree of control I had over my ability and dared me," he sighed.


        "To poison me?"  Justice felt Beast's hand on his shoulder.


         "No, just to show her what I can do," he shrugged letting his crossed arms dropped.  "I didn't think she would do anything with it."


           Justice felt betrayed by a woman he had loved long ago and a hard headache began.  "You didn't think about what she would do with it?" He sighed not believing the young man.


           "What would she want it for?"  Josh shrugged and then narrowed his eyes, "I trusted her."  Josh folded his arms, "her last name was Adams after all."


           Justice started for him again very angry at the taunt over the name but felt Beast's hand on his shoulder.


           "Do you feel it necessary to tromp about naked and fight?"  Beast gave him a stern look and glanced over to the needle Jean produced.


            Justice shook his head and sank back to the bed with his head in his hands, "He's lying," Justice callously scanned the young man's thoughts and his mouth dropped, "She told you it was for me?"


            Josh turned red and dared not lie any further, he had forgotten Justice was a telepath and that Jean and Ally were very strong telepaths.  He kept silent hoping they would just think he was offended.


           Justice shook his head wrapping the sheet around him tightly and walked up to Josh a little calmer than before, "she attacked me."  Justice pointed to the angry looking scare on his arm where Chloe had attacked him.  Justice felt pale thinking of how she must have seduced him that night which would explain her pregnancy.  His mind roamed what seemed to be a thousand miles an hour.  He shook his head at Josh, moved back to the bed, and simply sat down.  He couldn't bring himself to tell Joshua that because of his reckless behavior, Justice would be a father and once again, the child would not see its father when born.  He couldn't look at the poisonous young man and that was all Justice could see him as.  "If he doesn't get away from me I might rip every appendage from his body."  Justice said between clenched teeth.


          Logan grabbed Josh's shoulder, "You need to chat with Xavier, kid."  Wolverine gestured for Bobby and Khaki to follow him as well to allow Justice and the family some privacy.


         Josh stood reluctantly and realized this was much more involved than he knew, "I'm sorry Justice," He really was and he didn't know that she would attack Justice, only that she would get him drunk, "She was holding something over my head."


         Justice turned sharply, "Yeah, well she has something over my head now, as well as other people."  His eyes began to glow in attempt to control himself.


         Beast gripped Justice's shoulder tightly now, "Joshua, this should be discussed again once tempers have calmed down."  Beast sighed, "and not in here, this is a medical facility."


         Logan pulled Josh with Bobby and Khaki, "Come on, kid."


         Josh looked back to the Adams with the glowing eyes and knew he really messed up this time.  He was sure of it when Aubrey caught up to him just outside the door with an accusing look.  She stopped him just outside of the infirmary with her jaw set.  She didn't speak; instead, she slapped his face.


         "Why?"  She choked out.  "They were our friends."  She turned her back and ran indirection of the room before he could reply and before her tears could spill.


          Josh had felt bad about what he had done but now he felt it struck him in the heart to see Aubrey so upset and angry over it.  He now hung his head as he followed Wolverine to the Professor's office.









             Justice ground his teeth thinking of what Jump had done.  He had loved her once and had hoped they could be friends but now she had sided with the brotherhood. He thought of what he had seen with Rayne and how personal that must have been to her, he felt that way about Chloe.  He knew he had to talk to Rayne because of what he had done.  He knew it was because he had been ill and out of control but he knew how Rayne must feel right now, exposed.


          He wanted to call to Storm with his telepathy but he wasn't sure she would want to talk to him or if he would be able to talk.  He thought of what he had gotten from his sister's mind, he thought of Chloe and his unborn child.  He couldn't believe the same woman he had once loved and married had done such horrible things.  He thought back to that night, when Jump poisoned, attacked and seduced him, and he felt gullible.  She had tried to get him to have sex with her before that and he had denied, he had told her he loved Storm and they were different people.  He tossed a hand against his head, still not able to remember that night.


      He was so submersed in his own thoughts that he hardly felt Ally touch his shoulder.  He looked at her eyes, eyes that matched Jordan's, "She's Jordan's mother, Al."  He looked like he might cry but Ally pushed her head against his strong chest and hugged him.  Justice felt a slight pain in his chest but wasn't sure if it was healing pains or heartache.


     "She's not the same person Justice," Ally sighed.


      "I will have to find her," Justice shook his head but hardly believed Chloe could be capable of such things.  "How did you guess?"


       Ally pulled away from him, "Gambit did."


       Justice scoffed, "not much gets past the Cajuns, does it?"


       Ally sat down next to Justice and shook her head, "Quite a few people had memories taken from you," She looked at the floor, "you ran rampant and shared them with inappropriate people."


       "What could be worse than what I showed about Rayne?"  He raised an eyebrow, it had been the last one and he remembered it very well.


       "Everyone saw our mutations, even Logan," Ally shrugged it wasn't worse but just a hard one and she watched Justice's jaw fall.  They had been very gullible against their father and the image of Amber laying dead was very vivid. "Rayne's was worse," she sighed.  "Will you speak to her?"



        Beast interrupted, "We will have to remove your sisters chips," he sighed.


        Ally nodded she had expected it but Justice's eyes flew open and he looked to Henry with a thousand questions in his eyes.


        "We had hoped that it would subside but it would seem that maniac still has them under control."  Henry sighed.  "We need to save them from themselves."


         Justice looked at them and followed Hank's sad look at Alex, "does Remy know Hayley is going in?"


         "We have not had time to contact him as of yet but I could ask Jean to do so," He sighed looking at Alex, "I am sure he would want to know."


          Ally held a hand up, "Didn't you say Uncle Xavier send him to sleep because he had a headache?"


          Justice shrugged, "It's a headache, Al," He was sure Remy would want to be there, "If was Logan, you would want to know too."


         Ally nodded but felt that Remy was hiding more than a headache.  She remembered back to the small room they had occupied at Magnetos, he had seemed to have a 'headache' there too.  She wasn't convinced he had completely healed from falling out of the window, since he had taken off before getting the proper care.  She pressed her lips into a tight line as Justice contacted him but she was sure he was probably right and Remy would want to be there.


      Jean noticed Ally's concerned look and cocked a head at her, "You should relax a little too," she pointed at the Ally's pregnant belly.


     Ally sat on the bed watching Justice get up with the sheet wrapped around him tightly.


     "I need some pants please, warden," Justice asked Henry as he stood by Alex, as if making peace.


      "I do not think that is a wise idea on my behalf," Hank sighed.


      "Well, I don't plan to walk around here like Caesar all night so unless you want me to drop the sheet," Justice trailed off.  "I won't go far Hank but I need to be near my sister right now."


        Beast relented with a sigh and nodded as he retrieved Justice clothing, "Did you reach Remy?"


        Justice nodded, "he said he would be on his way."  He took the clothing and made his way to the bathroom to change, after Chloe and the recent events, he felt enough people had seen him.  He looked to Henry gratefully and tipped the sweat set at him like it was a hat.  "Thanks, Hank."


         "Please do not make me regret giving you pants."  Henry smiled wryly.






      Remy heard Justice’s voice in his mind telling him that Hayley was about to be operated on.  His eye’s flicked open and when they finally focused he saw Rayne sitting at the foot of the bed staring at him.  “Yo’ been watchin’ me all night, chere?”


      “What do yo’ mean, all night.”  She tucked her feet under the blanket.  She had just gotten back from the bathroom and her feet were chilled.  “It’s still de nighttime.  Yo’ need ta go back ta sleep.”


      He sat up and rubbed his eyes, “No rest for de weary.  Justice told me Hayley is in surgery now.”


      “Justice told you?  When?”  She crossed her arms and her eyes faintly glowed.


      “Jus’ now, in ma head.”  He shook his head thinking that he would like to get away from all these telepaths.


      Rayne growled,  “You need ta stay in bed Remy.  Dey can take care a things down dere without yo’.”



      “If it were you down dere, you’d want me ta be wit’ yo’, non?”  He dragged his legs off the side of the bed and shifted to get up, but before he could rise, Rayne had him pinned back against the mattress.


      “Ah’m not down dere and you are not goin’ anywhere.”  To accentuate her point she shoved his shoulders further back.


      Remy pried his arms out and moved to place his hands on her shoulders to move her aside.  His breath caught when she bit one of his hands.  “Damn girl!  Don’t bite me.”


      “You’ll get worse if you don’t stay put!” 


      He looked into her now fiercely glowing amber eyes and wondered how far she would go to try and keep him there.  His head began to pound again and he lost all patience. 


      Rayne yelped as he flung her off the side of the bed.  “Ah don’t have time for dis.”


      She leapt to her feet breathing heavily.  “You tossed me!”  She snarled,  “You worthless Creole crapaud!”


      Gambit didn’t understand why she was making such a big deal.  He simply wanted to go see Hayley through her surgery.  “An’ you bit me!”  He yelled back,  “One turn deserves another, Ah’m thinkin’.”  He stood quickly and started for the door.


      “Take another step Remy, and so help me Ah’ll…”  She tamped her feet on the floor and balled her fists up.


      “Or you’ll what?  Bite me again?”  He scoffed,  “Been dere, done dat, chere.”


      Remy couldn’t believe what he saw next.  His sister went crazy.  She slammed into the chest of drawers and then proceeded to pull out and toss every drawer in it, across the room.  Next, she scattered everything off the nightstand then picked it up and threw it towards him.  While he dodged that, she jumped on the bed and started ripping the blankets and sheets off.


      “Fine, have your tantrum.  Ah’m leavin’.”  He took two steps in the hallway and heard an ear-piercing scream.  It made his head swim and he leaned against the wall.


      When his head cleared enough and his stomach stopped churning, he walked back into the room.  His eyes widened when he saw a large rat shredding and biting the pillow.  His jaw dropped.  “Rayne, why’d ya go an do dat, hanh?”


      The rat sneezed feathers off its nose then squeaked loudly.  An endless tirade of squeaks, hisses and other rodent type noises assaulted his ears and made his head pound more.  He moaned,  “Please stop chere.  Ah cant tell what your sayin’, an it’s hurtin’ ma head.”


      Rayne was furious.  All of her life she had been a victim of circumstance and she was fed up.  Her parents left her on the streets, Edval ruined her life, Magneto and Oliver Adams put her through unspeakable tortures and now Oliver’s son was messing with her brothers head.  Not to mention that the same son was responsible for showing everyone about her rape.  Rayne growled, hissed, and clawed the floor.  “It’s not fair!”  She screamed, but the words only came out as noisy gibberish.


      Remy sat on the tussled bed and held his head between his hands.  That was the last straw in Rayne’s book.  These people were hurting her brother and she wasn’t going to stand for it.  She was going to give them a piece of her mind.


      Gambit groaned as he saw his sister bolt out the door.  He rose and began to follow.  “We have got ta get out of here.  Dis is getting’ ta be too much.”  He continued to hold his aching head as he sauntered off down the hall.



     Bobby was nursing his aching heart with some chocolate ice cream when he heard a scrambling noise coming his way.  He picked up his bowl and walked to the door to check on the noise.  Just then, a large rat with glowing amber eyes stopped in the hall at the entrance to the kitchen.  It looked at him and shrieked loudly.


      The young boy that appeared in the kitchen doorway startled Rayne and when he just stared at her, it made her mad.  “What are you looking at, hanh?”  She squeaked at him.  If she had been in a better mood, she would have thought it funny when the boy dropped the bowl of ice cream and stood with his jaw hanging open.  But she was very upset and had someplace to be so she continued on her way to the infirmary.







      Xavier was in his study when he heard the same noise that Bobby did.  He missed seeing the rat and just caught the back of Gambit as he rounded a corner.  He did note that Gambit appeared to be upset so he decided to follow.


      Remy passed the kitchen door, stopped, backed up and regarded Bobby who was still standing with his mouth open.  He figured he had just seen Rayne.  “Which way did she go, homme?”


      Bobby weakly pointed the direction and squeaked out, “She?”


      Remy didn’t have the time or inclination to explain so he continued on his way.


      Xavier found Bobby in the same pose.  The melting ice cream was spreading on the floor towards the boy’s shoes.  “I think you had better clean that up Mr. Drake, before you track it through the mansion.”


      Bobby nodded with his jaw still hanging as Professor Xavier wheeled off down the hall in the direction of the previous two.  He blinked then looked down at the mess on the floor.  “Great, that was the last of the chocolate.”  He froze the mess, and then picked it up tossing it into the sink with a sigh.






      Rayne crawled into the elevator maneuvered onto her hind legs and pushed the down button.  She saw Remy run for the door as it closed, and heard him pound away as the lift dropped.  Soon, the doors opened and she scampered quickly down the corridor.  Her mind was a flurry of thoughts that continued to feed her anger.  How dare those telepaths just pop into a person’s head without their leave.  She considered it rude and beneath the kind of people that the Adams’ were reported to be.  She had intended for Remy to get a good sleep to help him heal, but a telepath woke him up. 


       “Rotten, sneaky, telepaths!”  She growled as she hit the first of the med lab doors, swinging them wide open.  “Who do you people think you are!”  She shouted as she entered the waiting area but did not consider that it was only in squeaks and squeals that she spoke.







      Justice had thought he felt someone coming and he reached his mind out just as Rayne came through the doors.  He quipped,  “Sneaky telepaths, eh?  That’s a fine howdy do, considering it came from a professional thief.”  He raised his eyebrows and whistled.


      Rayne was no mood to find anything funny in his attempt at humor.  Rayne dashed across the room, tossed herself against him and pinned him to the wall.  All the while, a stream of squeaks filled the air.


      Justice attempted to defuse the situation by saying something else witty but it backfired and he had one very perturbed looking rat screaming in his face.  He used his telepathy to try and talk to her since he didn’t know rattese.  “Do you want to talk this over?”


      “Dis what Ah’m talkin’ about!”  She yelled back in his mind,  “You telepaths t’ink dat just because you can go into peoples minds dat it’s ok ta go anytime ya please.”  She reached over and scratched the wall.  “But it’s not ok!  You don’t ask or knock like everyone else, no, you just barge right into dere skulls!  Don’t matter if dat person is asleep or busy or at death’s door.  You just go right on in.”


      “Are you referring to me contacting Remy about Hayley?”  He was shaken that she was so upset. He knew she was irate but he was not sure how to speak to her with out his telepathy. He knew he could overpower her right now but he wouldn’t and he couldn’t do that to Rayne, she was his friend.


      Rayne made a peculiar hacking sound as her head tilted to the floor,  “Your not feelin’ well, right?”  She said a little quieter in his mind.  Then in a stronger voice she yelled,  “Well neither is Remy!  He needs rest to recover from is head injury, and what do yo’ do when he is finally asleep and resting?  Hanh?”  She looked back into Justice’s eyes.  “You call to him but in his mind.  You wake him up.  You take away what peace he has had for a while.  Just in one second he has it and you take dat away!  Don’t give anyone de chance ta tell you he’s sleeping and ta come back later, or Ah’ll tell him when he wakes.  No, you go and wake him up!  Shame on you!”  She dug her claws into the wall again.


      Justice didn’t know what to say.  He thought that he was always careful with his telepathy.  At least he tried to be. He wasn’t the reckless one that was Hayley. He was the well respected Adams and he hoped he was but did Rayne have a point? Had he become so lax under his Uncle’s safe haven? He wanted to reach Rayne but he wasn’t sure how and as upset as she was, he wasn’t sure how to approach her.


     At first, Ally watched patiently as Rayne held her brother pinned to the infirmary wall, but when Rayne scratched the wall and was clearly agitated, she felt it was time to butt in.  “Rayne, Justice was only doing what Remy asked us to do.  My brother is always careful with his telepathy.  None of us would go into someone’s mind without it being at their request, or to try and help them.”


      Rayne spun around to face Ally,  “Is dat so?  What about all de mem’ries he stole and forced into all our heads?”


      “He couldn’t help that.  His powers were out of control.”


      Rayne snorted then growled,  “And that makes it ok then?”  She hopped around the room swatting at the chairs and knocking things over.  “Why is it always ok for someone ta do somethin’ bad ta someone just ‘cause that person might have just been in da wrong place at de right time?”


      Remy came in through the doors and had to hop to the side to keep from getting a swat by Rayne.  “Girl, stop dis now.  Don’t go botherin’ dese people.  Dey have enough on dere minds.”


      Rayne staggered as if he had struck her.  He accused her of bothering them.  She was bothering them?  Her legs gave out and she landed on her belly with her chin hitting the floor with a thump.  “Dat’s it den, is it? Ah’m bein’ a bother.”  The same hacking sound came from her throat and Justice winced.  He finally realized that the sound was a sob.


      They were standing in silence when Professor Xavier entered the room.  He looked at the rat lying pitifully on the floor, then looked to the others for an answer.


      Rayne didn’t hear any of the conversation that was going on around her.  She didn’t care anymore.  She just closed her eyes and hoped something would take her far away.


      After listening to all the information, Xavier moved his chair closer to Rayne’s side.  “Rayne, may I talk with you?”  She shifted slightly but gave no indication that she actually heard him.


      Justice cleared his throat,  “She can’t talk.  It just comes out as noises.  Whatever you do Uncle, don’t use telepathy on her unless you have her permission first.”


      “Why is that?”  Xavier was glad he had tossed that bit of information to him, as he was about to do just that.


      Justice rubbed his chest where Rayne had slammed into him,  “She doesn’t like it.”


      “Ah.”  Xavier nodded his understanding.  “What would you suggest then?  How does she transform back to human?”


      “We don’t really know.  I don’t think even she knows.”  Justice rubbed his chin.


      Remy knelt down next to his sister, “De only times Ah’ve seen her change back is when she’s unconscious.”


      Xavier regarded the rat.  “There must be a better way.  I’m sure she doesn’t want to have to have someone knock her out every time she needs to change back.”


      Gambit touched Rayne’s cheek,  “Chere, do yo’ know how ta change back?”  She opened her eyes, as she shook her head no.


      “Rayne,” Xavier pressed,  “can you try and concentrate on changing back?” 


      Rayne squeaked back,  “Ah don’t care if Ah ever change back.  Just leave me alone.”  Then she put her head back down on the floor and closed her eye’s again.


      They weren’t sure if her actions meant she was concentrating or something else.  An air of frustration filled the room that was currently full of telepaths.  Here they had the means to communicate with her and she wouldn’t let them.


      Xavier shifted in his chair,  “Remy, would you ask your sister, nicely, if it would be alright to talk to her using telepathy?”


      Gambit nodded,  “Criquet,  Dey only wan’ ta help.”


      “Et tu, Remy?”  Rayne said as she lifted herself up and began walking to the door.  She didn’t care if they could understand her or not.  It just didn’t matter any more.  “You can stay with dem.  Ah’m gonna find a hole ta crawl into.”


       “I take it that’s a no.”  Justice sighed.  He felt horrible about what his rampant powers had done.  Just when the girl was starting to trust him, he let her down. 


      Remy watched Rayne leave and was torn in two.  “How’s Hayley doin’?”


      Ally walked over and placed her hand on his shoulder,  “Remy, Hayley will be in surgery for a while, so you go and take Rayne back to her room.  Maybe you can get her to calm down enough to sleep.  Maybe that would be enough for her to change back.”  She raised her eyebrows at the skeptical looks.  “It’s worth a try.”


     Justice nodded,  “We will let you know, as discretely as possible, how things turn out.”


      Remy nodded his aching head slightly and left to catch up with his sister.  He found her waiting for the elevator.  She was sitting upright but had her head hung low, while one paw was slowly wiping over her face.


      As he was about to speak, the doors opened and she walked silently inside.  He hopped onboard and punched the up button.  Rayne wouldn’t look at him; in fact, she appeared to not even notice he was there.  “Don’t be too hard on dem, girl.  Ah agree dat telepaths can be a pain in the derriere, but they have their uses too, non?”  He took a deep breath and released it when she still wouldn’t acknowledge his presence.  “Listen, like Ah said before, we don’t have ta stay here much longer.  Soon we can be out on our own an do what we want.  And,” He added with a grin,  “dere won’t be any sneaky telepaths around either, mostly.”







      The lift came to a stop and when the doors opened, Rayne walked out and headed slowly towards her room.  As they neared the kitchen, they heard a commotion, and when they came within view, they heard a shriek.  “There it is again!”


      Bobby was standing there along with Kitty and Jubilee.  The trio watched as Gambit walked quietly beside the large rat.  The girls huddled together next to Bobby who looked as repulsed as they did.  Jubilee buried her face in her hands,  “Ewwww, I can’t look.  I can’t stand rats.  They’re so creepy.”


      Rayne stopped right next to her and stared at them.  Gambit scolded them.  “Your not bein’ very nice.”


      “But it’s a rat!”  Bobby gasped out,  “and a big ugly one too.”


      Remy grabbed his shirt and shoved him up against the wall.  “You better watch your mouth.”  He drew out a card, charged it and slid it into the boy’s mouth.  “Didn’ yo’ momma teach you any manners?”  He patted Bobby on the side of the face.  “Next time yo’ call ma sister ugly, Ah’ll blow your head off your ugly shoulders.”  Gambit let go and walked away with Rayne following beside him.


      It was a few minutes before Bobby took the card out of his mouth.  He looked at it and was relieved that the telltale glow was gone.  “Sorry,” he called to the empty hallway.


      “Oh my God, that was his sister?”  Kitty stammered.


      “Ew, his sister can change into a rat?”  Jubilee shivered and wrapped her robe tight around herself.  “I mean, I’ve seen her with whiskers and claws and stuff, but never seen her like that.  That’s so gross.”


     “We must always remember that mutations are random, and that the mutant has no control over what they are born with.”  Xavier said as he wheeled up to them.


      Jubilee flailed her arms,  “But Professor, she’s a rat!  That’s like, grotty.”


      Xavier frowned deeply at her,  “She is a person Jubilation, and as such she deserves the same respect due anyone else.”  He gave her a stern look, “Do I make myself clear?”


      All three of the teens nodded and took their leave to go to bed.  Xavier wheeled back to his study and closed the door.